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Failed Coup in Turkey Ended Atatürk Secular Revolution
23rd July 2016|LecturesVideos

Failed Coup in Turkey Ended Atatürk Secular Revolution

Recently there was news of a military coup in Turkey. After a few hours, it was learnt that the coup failed and 3000 army personnel were arrested. 2500 army personnel were killed in an ISIS-style beheading. Everything happened in a weird way which does not suggest to common intelligence that this was a genuine coup attempt.

I raised my voice in favour of the military coup because I was sniffing danger. That danger was that if Turkey did not go under the military control, Turkey would become another ISIS country.

The world leaders made a blunder by supporting democracy in Turkey. A form of democracy which gives rise to extremism, fanaticism should not be applauded by world leaders. Although dictatorship by the military is in no way good, given the circumstances and as a matter of survival, a military coup was urgently needed in Turkey.

However, the government of President Erdagon was supported by world leaders. Now, after the failed coup, he is reshuffling all officials and the departments. Turkey, now under the rule of Erdagon, is going through a very rapid process of Islamisation.

Turkey is not running; Turkey is flying towards Islamisation. Turkey is in the making of a newer, extremist, fanatic, brutal terrorist country.

The Washington Post says ‘Turkey declares a state of emergency for three months.’

The world leaders are going to regret the way they supported democracy in Turkey. They cannot see how this scene was dramatised, how it was planned and who was going to be the beneficiary. By showing people the attempted coup, Erdagon is going to do many things. He is doing many things.

According to the Washington Post, ‘Turkey declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, a move that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said would enable the state to act faster against those who plotted a failed coup.

‘In a late-night televised address, Erdogan, who has been carrying out a large-scale purge of the country’s institutions, sought to reassure the country that the measure — which would be in force for three months — will protect democratic freedoms. But the move consolidates more power in the president’s hands, allowing him to rule by decree.

‘The United States and Europe have urged Turkey to follow the rule of law and maintain democratic order in the wake of the attempted power grab that saw a renegade part of the armed forces hijack aircraft and attack key military and government buildings last week. Turkey’s countermeasures have affected more than 50,000 people — judges, civil servants, military, police and others — as the country’s leaders seek to root out opponents and perceived internal dissent.’

The West — including United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada — is now urging Turkey to stop doing it or they will cancel its NATO membership.

However, now Turkey is on the way to becoming another Syria. This is alarming.

Erdagon is talking about Islam and he lives in a palace owned by him, worth £500 million. The world leaders should have supported the military coup. If they had done this, they would have nipped the devil in the bud.

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RE: How Can One Hear God?
12th July 2016|LecturesVideos

RE: How Can One Hear God?

In reply to Mohammad Shahid Ahmed from Jersey City, NJ, USA, Younus AlGohar explains how one can hear God’s voice through the spiritual sciences.

Main points:

– In order to verify everything in spirituality, you need to enlighten all your souls in the breast. Per the spiritual system, your thoughts travel to your heart and then the Obscure Soul (Akhfah), which is directly connected to the tongue. When thoughts cross the enlightened heart and the Obscure Soul, by the time you speak, the words will be enlightened and they won’t harm anyone.

– Mevlana Rumi said that God speaks through saints. He sends words to the heart. Then the heart transmits those words or thoughts to the Obscure soul, Akfah, which pushes them onto the tongue. This is how God speaks through saints.

– You cannot hear God’s word with physical ears. You cannot see God with physical eyes. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with God at all. The system in which God communicates with people is dependant on enlightenment of souls of the breast. Our voice is dense, but God’s voice is made of light. To communicate with God, you’re meant to send him the ethereal voice of your heart.

– Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the ultra-contemporary spiritual scientist. He explains that the spiritual heart, which sits atop the fleshy heart, is like a telephone operator between man and God. A phone runs on electricity and the spiritual heart runs on divine energy. If there is no power in your phone, you can’t use it to communicate. Similarly, if your heart is not awakened with divine energy, then you cannot connect with God. In order to be able to communicate with God successfully, you need to awaken he soul which will turn this fleshy heart into a divine telephone.

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MFI Awards Abdul Satter Edhi Sainthood
10th July 2016|LecturesVideos

MFI Awards Abdul Satter Edhi Sainthood

Messiah Foundation International is deeply saddened to hear of the loss of humanitarian and philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi. He devoted his life to the servitude of humanity. We pray that his soul rests in peace. In his honour, we ask the Pakistani government to declare July 8th as Edhi Day.

Younus AlGohar, the CEO of Messiah Foundation International and the representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, issued this statement on behalf of MFI:

‘Messiah Foundation awards sainthood to His Highness Abdul Sattar Edhi. Hail St. Edhi!’

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The Purpose Of Creation
4th July 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

The Purpose Of Creation

God said, ‘I was in the hidden treasure, I wanted to be known so I came out from that hidden treasure.’

Human being have a problem: if they have something, they find more pleasure in showing it off to people than using it. For example, if God said to you, ‘From now on you are God, but you cannot see anybody. No one will know who is God,’ maybe you would think that it is useless.

In religion, God takes pride in being alone. However, he he created creation because he was alone and he could not be known without having somebody to witness his splendour.

When God was in the hidden treasure a thought crossed his mind, ‘I have all the might and power. I have the power of Command Be and nobody knows about it. What is the point?’ He wanted to show somebody what he has.

For example, if you do not feel any pain and you would like to feel some pain, [someone] would hit you. So God was alone and he wanted to be known but there was nobody; how was he supposed to be known when there was nothing? So he created this universe for the purpose that he may be known.

God created different types of creatures: good spirits, evil spirits, Jinns, angels, Archangels, fairies and other types of angels. He created six realms because he thought that one creature could not fully know him. He made 18 000 creatures: 6000 in the air, 6000 in the water and 6000 on land. All the different creatures were given some knowledge of God, but no creature had seen God.

Then God created man. In man God combined two different types of souls: all the souls of the 18 000 different creatures and on top of that, the souls the angels have, the souls the Archangels have and the souls which only the angels closest to God possess. He combined all these souls in the human body. He did this so that man can know God fully.

Among man, he started off the first messenger, Adam The Eminent One. He gave Adam the knowledge of the heart. [He taught him] how to spiritualise the heart. The heart in spirituality was declared to be the divine tool of communication. When the heart is awakened, enlightened and there is enough light inside, it will serve like a telephone the only means between man and God.

There are many types of communication. If angels speak to man, they will speak to him in his right ear. When God wants to communicate with man, firstly that man will hear the voice of God in his heart. Some people do not hear the voice of God; rather, God sends text messages to their heart and this is known as revelation. With our phones, either we can make a voice call or send a message. Similarly, some people have both: they can hear God’s voice in their heart and if it is a detailed conversation, God sends texts. Then they can close their eyes and read the messages on their heart. This is how he comes to know about everything.

Adam the Eminent One was the first messenger who was first granted the knowledge of the spiritual heart. He taught his people this knowledge, through which their connection with God was established. Their hearts became enlightened. The hearts would speak to God and God would speak to the hearts.

You have another soul in your body on the righthand side.  When you enlighten this, with its help, you can visit a realm where sometimes, God comes and waits; if there is someone there who is enlightened enough, then they can communicate with God. This knowledge was given to Abraham.

There is another soul: Siri (The Secretive Soul). When this soul was enlightened, secrets of God were revealed and man grew in knowledge and understanding.

Then there is another soul known as Khafi (The Arcane). This soul belongs to a realm where God’s throne sits. There is a curtain behind this realm and throne. For example, it is like you are at the US-Canadian border. From the Canadian side of the border, you can see America but you are not in America. The knowledge of this was given to Jesus. That is why he said, ‘Through me, you will reach the father.’

Then there is another soul: Akhfa (The Most Hidden). When this is enlightened, this will be connected to your physical and spiritual tongue. When it is enlightened, you speak and will be heard everywhere.

There is another soul in your head with the help of which you can see God.

So, God wanted to be known but he did not allow any one religion to know him fully. One religion was able to know him a bit. Then, the one after that was introduced and people were able to know God more. Another religion was invented; with the help of the knowledge of that religion, people were able to know him even more. Then, in the last, he rendered the knowledge which enables people to see him. Prophet Mohammad brought that knowledge and people were able to see God. However, seeing is not enough.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has brought a knowledge through which you see [God], you touch him, you hug him and you know him. You know his character and temperament.

If you just look at somebody, you will not know his character or temperament.

Now all these different types of knowledge have been revealed to different religions. When those religions taught this knowledge to people, people were able to obtain what was offered to them. When their messengers and saints left this world and spirituality was forgotten in these religions, now people do not know anything about God. Now, people do not anything about themselves. They are just going into the churches, mosques and synagogues. The purpose of God, that of him wanting to be known, is not to be seen here. If you practise Christianity yet you forget about knowing God and you do not even know yourself, what is the use? If you are a Muslim and you cannot see God, then you can only blame yourself.

So people are Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews but the purpose of God is lost in all these religions because God created creation so he could be known. With the help of these religions today people do not manage to know God.

The only knowledge that will enable you to know God is spirituality; enlightenment of the heart and soul. Now, this knowledge is available without any religion. In fact even more knowledge is available than what was available through these religions.

The knowledge that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has brought teaches us to know God and communicate with God. Lord Ra Riaz has given us authority and power to connect people. The beauty of this is that in order to get this knowledge, you do not have to follow a religion.

Religion gives you little knowledge about God and it makes you work harder. It is like you [doing hard manual labour] and they give you $50 a day. However this knowledge is like finding a white collar job and making $500 an hour. This is the same with religions: they are fasting, going to mosque, praying five times a day and following the dos and don’ts of the religion. But what do they get out of this? Just a little light.

Now, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has removed all conditions and limits. There is no stopping, no discrimination and no precondition.

Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘The prophets and messengers came into this world for good guys. I have come for bad guys, to make them good.’

In religion, you work hard but you do not have a good salary from God. This is because the hard work is done by the body. Anything done by the body generates kinetic energy, not divine energy. Divine energy is given to the soul. Your soul has to become active.

Today, religions do not know how to awaken the soul or enlighten the heart. This can be achieved only through spirituality.

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The War Against Yourself
2nd July 2016|Articles

The War Against Yourself

The War Against Yourself

It is said that there is a difference between wisdom and knowledge. The knowledge I am talking about is wisdom. It is esoteric knowledge; knowledge of the inner.

It is very easy to understand a human being. There are seven souls inside the body; six of them are your helpers. They are responsible for creating a connection with God, communicating with God, making spiritual journey and absorbing the attributes of God — making your compassionate, lovable and forgiving. However, these six souls are dormant.

One soul in the body is the representative of the devil, and that is pretty much awake. The souls which are responsible to bring in you the attributes of God are unconscious. They need to be awakened. If you don’t wake them up, they will continue to be unconscious even if you die.

Since the six souls responsible for introducing you to God and God to you, are in sleeping mode, you have no attribute of God in you. The representative of the devil is awake and active, so you have all the attributes of the devil in you.

Even if you go in the mosque, you will create mischief. You go in the church with this, you will create mischief. Wherever you go, you will create mischief. No woman is ever safe for you. Your lust, greed and ego are ever-rising. All the negativity is always rising.

How will you purify yourself? There is no practice. You need to awaken your souls. When the divine energy comes inside you, that divine energy will then control the representative of devil. This is called purification of the Self.

You are not a trustworthy human being in the eyes of God unless you purify this evil spirit (the Self) in you. This is not written in any book, but you see it.

For example, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh call themselves warriors of God and warriors of Islam, but look at the level of their lust! They’re raping girls from six months to seven years of age. Recently it was reported that a man was arrested in Ohio. There were eighteen girls held captive by him for twelve years. He sexually assaulted them. The youngest he tried to have sex with was six months old. It is not about religion. He was Christian and the same thing is happening in Syria with ISIS. He is reciting the Bible and they’re reciting the Quran, so why are they not holy?

It is not about the religion; it is about purification. It is about spirituality. In the absence of spirituality, religion will not help you.

If it does help people, then why are these people evil even with the Quran in their hands?

It is very strange that more corrupt people are to be found who practise religion, especially the religious leaders.

There was a yoga master in the United States of America a month ago; he raped many young girls. This alone is enough to understand he was not a spiritual master. There are many stories of this sort reported every day in the newspapers in India, America, Pakistan, etc. This is happening because the religion has a missing link.

When you go to a garage to repair your car, you will have two different types of mechanics. One will take care of the body work; he will take out the dents and beautify the body of the car. The other will have expertise in fixing the engine. If the engine is faulty and you have spent all your money on beautifying the body of the car, that is what a religion is today. The car looks beautiful, but the engine is not working. If your religion cannot purify your evil spirit inside you, then your religion is gone.

Your job is to eliminate the evil presence from within you.

Our western society has become so naive to simple understanding of spirituality, because it is a very hard job; it is a fight against yourself.

Even terrorists are afraid of this kind of Jihad. Prophet Mohammad, when the religion was established and everything was accomplished, said to his companions, ‘Lets move froward from lesser Jihad to greater Jihad.’ His companions were really puzzled and asked him, ‘What is a greater Jihad?’ In the battlefield, you fight with people and they kill you or you kill them — but Prophet Mohammad declared this kind of war to be a lesser Jihad. He said, ‘In the Jihad you have done with your sword, you were able to see your enemy. When you see your enemy, you can protect yourself against them and also assault on them. Now I am asking you to wage a war against an enemy which is invisible. It is inside you.’ This is for brave people.

It is easy to beat up others; it is not easy to negating yourself. The normal pattern of the world is that all the time, you want to tell others that you are better, greater than them. You try to show you’re good and the rest is bad.

However, when you want to wage a war against the evil inside you, the weapon of this war is humiliation. It is not easy.

People who have waged a war against their Self and then came out from the unreal world of their own are really great people.

Normally, if someone says something slightly negative to you, you get upset. This is a bad character. If somebody is swearing at you and you swear at him back, then you are pretty below average. How can you be a spiritual man?

If people do something wrong to you and in reply, you do the same — what is special about you? If you do the same, you are the same.

Purification of the Self involves lowering yourself and negating yourself. You go through this process where you tell yourself, ‘I have less importance than others.’ Then, possibly, you can become a generous man. For example there are many people in a room and only one glass of water, but everyone is thirsty. If I give the glass to Mr X first and his Self is purified, he will say to me, ‘No, give it to Mr Y, he needs it more than me.’ If this evil spirit is still evil, then he will immediately want the water for himself.

Without purification of the Self, forget about God, purity and spirituality. The first step towards spirituality is purification of the Self.

The problem is, this purification does not come by any worship, by reciting any name, by reading any book or by making any sacrifice.

This purification is not available in the mosques, churches, synagogues or anywhere else. It comes from the divinely ordained spiritual master.

With his spiritual authority and power, the spiritual master transmits divine energy into your evil spirit. Even in evil spirit located at the belly point, the spiritual guide will inculcate divine energy and teach this evil spirit to repeat the name of God. By this virtue of reciting the name of God, divine energy will start to be generated inside it. Then divine energy will start enlightening and purifying it. The bad energy will leave your body and divine energy will start to accumulate inside you. Then you will mellow down.

When divine energy is settling in your Self, and people are calling you bad, you will be less bothered. You will think, ‘Yes, I am bad. I am trying to be good.’

When you have negative energy in you and your Self is not nurtured or purified, you have unreasonable anger. If people do not listen to you, you get angry. If people do not obey you, so you get angry. You take many things for granted. Sometimes our expectations create an unreal situation and then we get angry. These are the diseases of the evil spirit we have inside us.

When people help the poor and needy ones, they want the media to come and give coverage, so people praise them.

If I praise you for false, it is like poison to your character. Never praise anybody for false.

If you are bad, you will always demand from me to call you good. I know that if I say you are bad, you’ll get angry, so just because of this reason, I will say, ‘You are good.’ This is where we go wrong. You should be brave enough to tell your friend when they are wrong.

Lord Ra Riaz never praised me. I asked the Lord one day, ‘Is there nothing in my life that I have done good?’ The Lord smiled and asked me, ‘Do you want to be known as mine, or do you want to be known as good?’

Humiliation and giving yourself less importance, this is the key to God-realisation, self-realisation.

In spirituality, purification of this evil spirit and awakening of the spiritual heart are the most important. These two things are not available without a perfect, divinely ordained spiritual guide.

This article was originally posted on Younus AlGohar’s Medium page.

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