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A Miraculous Incident in Islamabad, Pakistan
27th July 2017|ActivitiesQuotes

A Miraculous Incident in Islamabad, Pakistan

A Miraculous Incident in Islamabad, Pakistan

A viewer of Younus AlGohar’s live YouTube discourses from Islamabad, Pakistan, recently sent an email telling him about a miraculous incident he and his father experienced with the blessings of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. The following is his account.

Dear Beloved Mr Younus AlGohar,

I want to share with you what happened to me today.

I have conversed with my father about His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in the past on many occasions. We had always engaged in meaningful discussion but we ended with no result. I believe in His Divine Eminence – as he is not only the Grand God and Imam Mehdi, but he is much bigger than anyone can understand his reality, his personality or even describe him in poetry!

My father believed that HDE Gohar Shahi is a good person, a saint, a wonderful philosopher and great thinker, but he didn’t believe that HDE Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi. I tried to convince him but to no avail.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my father again. Unlike the past, this time I got angry at my father. I walked sadly far away from him. On this occasion, I said in my heart, ‘His Divine Eminence, please show my father who you are. Please forgive his ignorant words.’  

Today, my father got up to offer early morning prayers (Fajr). When he finished his prayer, he noticed that a comely face had manifested at the prostration place on the prayer mat – the place where he bows his head. It was the divine face of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and he was smiling at my father. My father got confused and concentrated on the face. As he concentrated, he saw the face getting clearer and clearer. At that moment, he exclaimed, ‘Subhan Allah (Praise to God)!’

He jumped up from his place, ran to my room and woke me up. I came directly to him and asked him what happened. He said, ‘Come with me.’ He took me to his prayer room and showed me the place of prostration. He asked me, ‘What do you see?’ I looked, smiled and said to him, ‘First of all, tell me: what are you seeing?’

He said, ‘I am seeing a big beautiful face of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi smiling at me.’ I replied, ‘This is a direct and obvious sign from him for you to believe in him!’ He said, ‘Your grandeur is beyond imagination, HDE Gohar Shahi!’ He started to kiss the image and he said, ‘HDE Gohar Shahi, forgive me for I did not know about you.’

I am so happy that my father enrolled to HDE Gohar Shahi’s Lover’s Club. May HDE Gohar Shahi bless him with his love.

Thank you very much, dear sir.

Sarfraz Ali

Islamabad, Pakistan

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About the Author
Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.

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Younus AlGohar

New Video: Mursaleen Ke Adyan Kin Ke Liye Hain? | By Younus AlGohar

Whom are the religions established by the Grand Messengers for? For which souls is the Religion of God? What were the purposes of the religions established by the Grand Messengers? Younus AlGohar discloses the answers to these questions in yet another astonishing speech!


- God created souls in two episodes. 70 000 years before he created souls in the Primordial Times, he had already created three categories of souls: those in his Proximity, Love and Manifestation. In the second episode of creation, God created souls with the Command 'Be' in the Primordial Times.

- All the souls created with Command 'Be' gathered before God. God asked them if he was their Lord and they affirmed it. God showed them the modelled luxuries of the world and said that those who wished to obtain it may obtain it. A multitude of souls leapt towards the modelled luxuries of the world. The angels were instructed to write it as their fate. Then the modelled luxuries of paradise were shown and many souls leapt towards them; this became their fate. Many souls were unable to decide between luxuries of paradise and the world; they ran out of time so God said that their fates would be suspended.

- The religions were established for the souls that chose the luxuries of paradise. Through those religions, they would prove their worthiness of paradise. The knowledge which enabled one to reach the greater levels of paradise was introduced with Adam the Eminent One. The Grand Messengers dispenses esoteric knowledge for the paradise-bound people so that they could reach different levels of paradise.

- Periodically, God would send one or two souls from the first episode of creation on Earth. They were the spiritual personalities who would sacrifice everything for the sake of God and become recluse in jungles. The great prophets and messengers are all from among the souls created before the Primordial Times. They established the religions of the world; however, worship or desire for paradise are not in their own nature. For them, God's Proximity, Love or Manifestation is their destiny. Since God rarely sent these souls, a large number of them are still waiting to come on Earth. They are now coming down in large numbers as this is the era of Imam Mehdi.

- The prophets that were sent before the era of Adam the Eminent One were from the second episode of creation. The prophets sent after Adam the Eminent One were from the first episode of creation. The religions established by the Messengers are for the souls who chose paradise - they do not suit the souls from the first episode of creation.

- The souls from the first episode of creation are coming on Earth now because Imam Mehdi has brought the Religion of God on Earth. If you seek God, you must adopt the religion for which the destination is God's love and to see God. Those who managed to see God from among the Nation of Prophet Mohammad were those who were blessed by Mohammad (PBUH) himself, in his personal capacity. They were the ones who went beyond the religion of Islam to reach God.

- The main theme of His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi's message is Rapturous Love of God. However, there is a large number of paradise-bound souls who must now come to Imam Mehdi to find their destiny because the religions have been subject to adulteration and are no longer valid.


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Younus AlGohar

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Younus AlGohar

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