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The Muslim Reform Movement – A Realistic Cause?
19th January 2016|LecturesVideos

The Muslim Reform Movement – A Realistic Cause?

Younus AlGohar passes his remarks about the realistic outcome of the Declaration of the Muslim Reform Movement, an initiative started by Muslims in Canada and around the world in response to the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Main points:

  • The cause is wonderful but it will not bring any change. Reforms have to come from the highest authority in Islam: God. It is not the duty of the people to reform Islam, but rather the duty of those delegated by God to make reformations.
  • In reality, what is written has not application, no implementation. It is not going to produce any results because the Muslim world will not accept this movement as an authority on Islam.
  • Certain points in the declaration are not reformations to be made in Islam but rather the opinions of individuals.
  • Islam cannot be reformed; it is damaged beyond repair. If reformations are to be made in Islam, they will be so lengthy that after the reforms, Islam will be changed unrecognisably.

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Sectarian Division Pollutes the Concept of Imam Mehdi
19th January 2016|Articles

Sectarian Division Pollutes the Concept of Imam Mehdi

There are more than just one concept of Imam Mehdi due to sectarian division in Islam. The Shia (Iran) concept of Imam Mehdi is more like a fictitious story rather than being based on traditions of the Prophet Mohammad. Shia Islam has segregated from the mainstream religion and remains focused on the household of the Prophet Mohammad. Anyone outside the household of the Prophet is given considerably less or no importance at all. They believe the lost son of Imam Askari is the awaited Imam Mehdi.

Sunni Islam focuses on the traditions of the Prophet Mohammad and their concept of Imam Mehdi is strictly based on traditions of the Prophet only.

Wahhabis don’t accept the existence of the concept of Imam Mehdi. They, however, believe that a caliph will come to help them towards the end times.

None of the above mentioned concepts are realistic and authentic.

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When a Religion Malfunctions
14th January 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

When a Religion Malfunctions

The world is full of problems and these problems are manmade. Some of these problems are the product of the world political structure and some of the problems are the product of desires of power, money and other worldly desires. Some of the problems are created by confusion among religions.

How a Religion Malfunctions

When a religion becomes spiritually deserted and is not spiritually nurtured by its founder and divinely anointed mentors, that religion becomes a monster. 

A religion has always been a very personal sort of thing; it is a connection between man and God. Islam is only about 1450 years old, as compared to others, it’s the latest religion and it is the last celestial religion. Christianity is almost 2100 years old and Judaism is more or less between 4000-5000 years old. Every religion, when the spiritual system expired in it, produced problems. When the divinely fixed validity of that religion expired, there came a by-product. For example, if you leave anything unattended, which is not supervised and maintained, it becomes corrupted.

Similarly, when a religion expires it simply means that it is not monitored by its founder spiritually. Anything that goes wrong with the philosophy of the religion and any adulteration made by its followers is not fixed by God or by its founder spiritually.

[The religion] becomes as dirty as a garbage bin. If there is a garbage bin and you throw all sorts of trash in it, when it stays that way, it becomes stinky. This is what happens to a religion when it has expired and it is not supervised by any spiritual authority, when it is not monitored by its custodian. When it is not maintained by God, it becomes a monster. It starts to malfunction.

religion is [there] to form the characters of its followers, teach them how to live in a society, maintain justice.

Nobody is to deprive anybody of their rights and there should be no discrimination, no killing and no dishonesty. With the help of the religion, you begin to respect everybody’s rights. For example, when we drive on the roads and we come to a mini roundabout, if you have passed your driving test in the United Kingdom, you would know that anybody coming from your right hand side has the right to pass first, and you have priority over the traffic which is coming from your left hand side. So, with this understanding, you reach a mini roundabout – and if somebody is not following these instructions, you start swearing. Why? It’s because somebody is depriving you of your right.

This deprivation of rights creates anger.

In the United Arab Emirates, you may be standing in a queue an hour, and all of a sudden, a white-costumed guy will come and jump the queue. If you tell him, ‘Why are you jumping the queue?’ He will say, ‘Because I am a national of this country.’ This is deprivation of rights.

When you live in a society [you have to follow the rules]. Before you are able to drive legally, you have to go through two different tests: the knowledge test in which you begin to understand what you can do and can’t do, what is safe for you and others, and what sign means what. When you have cleared the first test, then you take the practical test in which you are told about the rights of pedestrians. Pedestrian have more rights on the road than the drivers.

Knowledge is all about telling you what is good and what is bad. Now, it depends on you: if you are good, you will do good things and if you are bad you will do bad things.

In a similar way, religion is like a driving test. When you embark upon your journey in life, the first thing you do is go to school, pre-school, then high school and you begin to understand what your rights are, what you can and cannot do to others. But in the modern times, all these institution in the west are becoming helpless because moral and ethical values are not part of any curriculum. If you are studying science, you will become a scientist, but you don’t know how to live as a good human being, how to live happily, how to respect others and their rights. It’s because you don’t have the knowledge, you haven’t been trained. You don’t have the moral and ethical values, therefore, you only care about yourself and you become a self-centred person.

When you become corrupted, even with moral and ethical values, you become self-centred. You don’t want to follow the rules and regulations of life. 

If you read the Human Rights Charter of United Nations, you would think somebody wrote it after having read the Bible or Quran because it is so beautiful.

If somebody is in need, help them. If your neighbour is starving, go and give them food. If you don’t do that, then your relationship with your prophet or God, and your piety, will be greatly affected. This is how much taking care of a human being is valued in the religion.

But when extreme philosophies are introduced in the religion, when fanaticism plays havoc with the divine texts, when brains are hammered into with the wrong interpretations of the holy book, you become a monster.

You think you are in a race against all other human beings. You think you are the best, you are the holiest one and everybody else is an infidel. This is exactly what happened in the case of Islam.

I commented on one of the verses of Quran and the outcome of my commentary was that in the light of Quran, Christians and Jews are infidels. Now, a lot of Muslims are swearing at me but what I said is in the Quran, this is Islam.

Jews have a book called Torah, Christians have a book called Bible, Muslims have a book called Quran. Followers of these religions are called People of the Book. According to the Muslim faith, People of the Book can marry each other, they don’t have to change their religion. This means a Muslim man can marry a Jewish or Christian woman, or a Jewish man can marry a Christian or Muslim woman; this is in the Islamic faith.

What is being projected under the label of Islam is that Christians and Jews are your enemies and they are infidelsthis is a severe misleading and hateful propaganda conducted by Wahhabis only. 

If God is allowing Muslims to marry a Christian or a Jew, how can they make a Christian their wife or husband, not their friend? It is not even short-sightedness, it is blindness. Muslims should be more friendly to Jews because Jews come from [the lineage of] Isaac and Muslims come from Ismail; both Isaac and Ismail are brothers, so basically Jews and Muslims are cousins. Father of Isaac and Ismail is Abraham.

If you study Islam, you will come to know that in every worship, you have to send benedictions and salutations to Abraham and his progeny. If you don’t do that, your worship is not acceptable, according to Islam.

For example, Al-Safa and Al-Marwah [two hills situated in Masjid al Haram in Mecca] was where Prophet Abraham, upon God’s orders, left his concubine, Haggard, and his son, Ismail. When Ismail was really thirsty, Haggard left her son and went running in search for water. Now, it has become a ritual for a Muslim to run in that area like Haggard, and this is worship for them. 90% of the rituals in the pilgrimage of Hajj is in the memory of Abraham.

The appointment and anointment of Prophet Mohammad was the result of Abraham’s prayers to God. Abraham prayed to God that he wanted a son in this part of the Arabian Peninsula for the guidance of humankind, and it was heard. Every Muslim knows about it. All Muslims must respect Abraham as much as Jews do. Being a Muslim, if you don’t respect Abraham, you are not a Muslim. Look what they have done to Islam.

Terrorism Today

The Islam that we see today is not even a reflection of Islam, it is something else altogether. It is a monstrous set of beliefs. It has nothing to do with the doctrine of blessings which were given to the world by Prophet Mohammad. 

Wahhabis have become an international terror group and Iran is a regional player. They are both terrorists. Iran does not have that much money, so they are local players. Iran is fuelling sectarian hatred in so many countries in the neighbourhood. Iran has its paws stuck in Yemen, Pakistan, Bahrain and Dubai. There is a lot of influence in Dubai from Iran.

Iran is a regional terrorist. Terrorism in Pakistan is fuelled by two countries: Iran and Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia a big player in the field of terrorism.

Iran is a poor, meek character, which is why the UK and US are able to put sanctions on Iran. Iran is a devil, but Saudi Arabia is a super devil. 

Bashar ul Assad is a Shiite and Iran is a supporter. Our governments become angry when they see Russia is helping Bashar ul Assad, but they never talk about Iran. Iran is helping Bashar ul Assad more than Russia is. Iran has created problems in Iraq, Iran has created problems in Lebenon. Hezbollah is backed by Iran.

There have been sanctions on Iran but what about Saudi Arabia? Everybody now knows that Saudi Arabia is the principle financier, sponsor and creator of terrorism.

ISIS is just one little outfit. Saudi Arabia is beheading more people than ISIS. They beheaded 41 people in one day, including one Shiite cleric. They are doing it in the same way as ISIS does, with the same philosophy.

Everything is the same. Raqqa is a city where ISIS has its stronghold and they have implemented their Sharia in that area. The religious police system they have introduced are holding guns and roaming around the areas looking at every single passers-by, like how many women are under veils and whether or not their veils are okay. When it time for prayers, they see how many people are going to the mosque; and those who are not going to the mosque are arrested and punished. Beheadings takes place in public. It is the same system as Saudi Arabia.

When will the western leaders become sincere in their efforts to crush terrorism and their principle ideology?

The Pakistan Army began an operation called Zarb-e-Azb, which even the US is praising – but right under their noses in Islamabad, there is a mosque called Lal Masjid and Molvi Abdul Aziz (the cleric of the mosque), who is a radical hate-preacher, is openly announcing that he is in favour of ISIS and Daesh. Recently, 140 girls pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Operation Zarb-e-Azb is only being carried out in the Northern areas, but are they the only ones who are terrorists? What about Punjabis? What about all people who live in Karachi? There was a time when Pathans were more into terrorism, but right now, Pathans have been outnumbered by Punjabis in terrorism. The Taliban in Pakistan are 99% Punjabi.

 If the Pakistani army is sincere in curbing terrorism, then they should declare a war against Wahhabism.

There are no more Muslims in this world, just Wahhabis and Shiites.

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Rab ki Ata’at Aur Khwahish Mein Kiya Farq Hai?
10th January 2016|LecturesVideos

Rab ki Ata’at Aur Khwahish Mein Kiya Farq Hai?

Younus AlGohar replies to a question: ‘Allah ki Ata’at Aur Khwahish Mein Kiya Farq Hai?’

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Jews & Christians Are Not Infidels – Proved by Quran! – Younus AlGohar
1st January 2016|LecturesVideos

Jews & Christians Are Not Infidels – Proved by Quran! – Younus AlGohar

Wahhabis have been evidently proven to be a factory of disinformation about Islam, the Quran and Prophet Mohammad, and they have portrayed a very ugly image of Islam which is completely opposite to what Islam is in its essence. For example, they consider the USA, UK and Europe their enemies and Kuffar (Infidels).

Who is a Kafir (Infidel) and what is the true definition of a Kafir in the light of the Quran?

Let me first remind you: what Wahhabis have projected to the world is that all Christians and Jews are Kafireen (Infidels), and they have to fight and kill them. This is a misleading, anti-Islamic, anti-Quranic and anti-Mohammad concept. The Quran does not say that. First, we need to understand what Kufr (infidelity) is and who were the Kuffar who were addressed.

The Quran says:

قُلۡ يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلۡڪَـٰفِرُونَ (١) لَآ أَعۡبُدُ مَا تَعۡبُدُونَ (٢) وَلَآ أَنتُمۡ عَـٰبِدُونَ مَآ أَعۡبُدُ (٣) وَلَآ أَنَا۟ عَابِدٌ۬ مَّا عَبَدتُّمۡ (٤) وَلَآ أَنتُمۡ عَـٰبِدُونَ مَآ أَعۡبُدُ (٥) لَكُمۡ دِينُكُمۡ وَلِىَ دِينِ (٦)


‘Say, O’ Kafireen, I do not worship the one that you worship, nor do you worship the one that I worship. And nor will you worship what I worship. Your religion is with you and mine is with me.’

Even if the Christians and Jews, British, Americans, etc. were Kuffar, the ultimate message which we obtain from the Quran is that you tell them, ‘You practise your religion and I will practise my religion.’ That’s the end of the story! There is no lesson of intolerance. It doesn’t say I will kill you if you don’t practise my religion. These verses (109:1-6) are addressed to the confirmed Kuffar, because this is what the Quran has said.

Now, what I understand is that Abrahamic religions are monotheist religions. Judaism and Christianity are monotheist religions and Islam is a monotheist religion. Jews worship the same God as the Christians, and Muslims worship the same God as the Jews and Christians worship. This verse is not about Christians and Jews because it says, ‘I worship what you do not worship and you worship what I do not worship.’ Because Jews and Christians worship the same God as the Muslims, the infidels of Mecca whom the Quran mentions cannot be either Jews or Christians.

Then why do Wahhabis call Jews and Christians as Kuffar and attribute it to the Quran? This is massive corruption and a crime against God. Are Jews and Christians not Ahl-e-Kitab (followers of a books sent by the same God)? Muslims are bound by the fundamental principles of their religion to believe in all books sent by God, whether the book was sent to Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Mohammad. All four books were sent by God and Muslims must believe in them all. Judaism was a religion established by prophets and messengers sent by God; Christianity was established by Jesus, and Jesus was sent by God.

This verse is implying that there is a group of people, confirmed Kuffar, which did not worship the same God as Prophet Mohammad.

This idea that Jews and Christians are infidels and must be killed is a Wahhabi mischief and problem. The Wahhabis must be wiped out from the face of the world if you really want peace; they are worse than animals!

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We are Goharians and We Practise Love and Peace
18th December 2015|LecturesVideos

We are Goharians and We Practise Love and Peace

In this video, Younus AlGohar discusses with members of Messiah Foundation International UK their beliefs and views. This is an important video for those who are under the impression that MFI members and Younus AlGohar are Muslims.

Younus AlGohar’s statement:

I love Mohammad, Abraham, Moses, David and Isaac for who they are. I love everybody who loves peace and loves love. I don’t follow any religion. We don’t need any religion. My Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has proved it to the world that today we don’t need any religion; all we need is love, tolerance, patience and a harmonious society in which everybody can live with love and peace.

I am not a Muslim. I don’t want to be known as a Muslim, especially a Muslim of this era. I curse the Wahhabi brand of Islam and I totally denounce it. I totally disassociate with such practices of terrorism and hatred.v

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True Concept of Imam Mehdi vs. Wahhabi Fallacy – Younus AlGohar
8th December 2015|ArticlesLecturesVideos

True Concept of Imam Mehdi vs. Wahhabi Fallacy – Younus AlGohar

What I am going to discuss today is very important. You need to be able to understand the very sensitive difference between the right and correct concept of the Awaited One and the misguided, misleading, concocted and fabricated concept of the Awaited One.

There is more than one concept of the Awaited Mehdi. There is a Shiite concept of Imam Mehdi and there is a Sunni concept of Imam Mehdi.

Based on the same prophecies, a concocted and modified concept also emerged. However, this is not known as the concept of Imam Mehdi; this is known as the concept of the Caliph of the End of the World, The Last Days.

The Wahhabis have fiddled with the prophecies of Prophet Mohammad in regards to the coming of the Awaited One, The Mehdi. They have removed the word ‘Mehdi’ from the prophecies. They’ve said that there will be a Caliph who will turn everybody into a Muslim and no individual on Earth will be left a non-Muslim. This is a concoction of their fabrication. They say, ‘He will rule the world and everybody will accept Islam.’

About 200 years ago, there was a man called Mohammad Ahmed bin Abdullah born in Sudan. He claimed to be the Mehdi and he fought against the Ottoman Empire. He killed people in exactly the same manner as ISIS is killing people. He became famous with the title of ‘Mehdi Sudani’. He killed a lot of people; then Britain sent Charles Gordon. He went there and with the help of the British Army, he [fought against him]. [Abdullah died of typhus] and peace was eventually restored.

Soon after the demise of Prophet Mohammad, killing started. Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Hussain, along with his sons and others, were brutally slaughtered and beheaded by Muslims. Hajaj bin Yousuf then became the Caliph and he slaughtered 10 000 people in Medina.

Islam has seen more blood than water. The people who come from the Arabian Peninsula are historically known to be warriors.

They kill each other for fun and adventure.

There have been more than ten pseudo-claimants who declared themselves to be Mehdi, some from India, others from Pakistan and some from the Arab world. However, Wahhabis have concocted a concept of a Caliph.

Many people believed in their concoctions because they were telling them half-truths. This concept of Caliphate (Khilafah) is based on prophecies of the Prophet Mohammad, but with modification and fabrication.

References of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions that Wahhabis present to their followers are so sensitive that neither can one accept it, nor would one want to reject it – because nothing is proved; everything is vague.

The concept of Mehdi has been greatly fiddled with by Wahhabis. The question is: what is now in their minds after this modification? If you understand it today, you will know what is happening right now.

We say, ‘This is killing, brutality and insanity,’ but they don’t think the same way as we do because they have something else in their mind. They have been indoctrinated with some other concepts. Their passion for killing is considered, by them, as their religious duty. We call it barbarism and terrorism, but we need to get into their brain and see how they think.

If you want to defeat them, you need to think on the same wavelength as they are thinking. This is a very sensitive topic but I must speak on it. If I do not speak on this topic today, confusions about Imam Mehdi will lead the public to conclude dangerous concepts.

In the original concept of Mehdi, Imam Mehdi would teach all human beings love of God. In the light of the prophecies of Prophet Mohammad and the Quran, Imam Mehdi will establish a new religion: the Religion of Love. Imam Mehdi will work along with Lord Jesus Christ. According to the original concept of Imam Mehdi, Imam Mehdi will appoint Jesus as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Imam Mehdi, who will defeat ISIS, Taliban and all the followers of Antichrist. Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ together will rule the hearts of the world. They will fill the world with utter justice, peace and love. Imam Mehdi will unify humanity.

Imam Mehdi’s spiritual grace, benevolence, compassion and bounty will not be confined to one particular group of people or one specific religion. Imam Mehdi will cater to the needs of the entire humanity. According to the original concept of Imam Mehdi, Imam Mehdi along with Lord Jesus Christ will establish the Kingdom of God.

The message of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is love, brotherhood and peace; [it dos not incite] hatred or violence. I am a follower of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, who is the Messenger of Love. He is spreading the love of God, brotherhood and tolerance in collaboration with Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the original concept of Mehdi, Imam Mehdi is supposed to establish a new religion, a new book and a new custom; Imam Mehdi is not going to speak about Islam. Imam Mehdi is not going to speak about Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism. Imam Mehdi will speak about love, he will take every single individual in this world as a creature of God, not as a Hindu, Muslim or Christian.

Imam Mehdi’s job is to connect an individual to God, regardless of his religion.

Imam Mehdi loves all and the doctrine He has brought down with Him is the doctrine of Rapturous Love. In this form of love, one is so humble to everyone. One does not take revenge or hold grudges for anyone; they love all.

Jesus said, ‘If somebody slaps you on your right cheek, present your other cheek as well.’ Some people think that this is stupidity and it is not practical. However, Jesus has done it and His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s message of love is the continuation of the message Jesus Christ tried to give to people 2000 years ago: love of God and humanity.

Imam Mehdi will establish a new religion. Imam Mehdi will love everybody and fill everyone’s hearts with love. Imam Mehdi will establish a united nation in which the entire humanity will come into a single fold of universal brotherhood. Each member of the global society will love each other. There will be no sign of hatred, killing or bloodshed. There will be no Islam, Christianity, Sikhism or the Quran.

Why do we need the Quran? We have God’s Representative on Earth. Why do we need the Bible when we have Jesus?

Imam Mehdi is not supposed to promote Islam. This is a wrong concept which has been generated by wrong people for wrong reasons! Why should Imam Mehdi promote Islam when Islam doesn’t exist anymore?

How will you find God with the help of Islam, when it did not help you become a good human being? The couple involved in the San Bernardino Shooting didn’t even think of their daughter; they abandoned her. How will people who do not have any mercy and compassion for their own children, have any mercy for other people?

The way the Quran has introduced Prophet Mohammad to the world is fabulous. The Quran said:

وَمَآ أَرۡسَلۡنَـٰكَ إِلَّا رَحۡمَةً۬ لِّلۡعَـٰلَمِينَ


‘O’ Mohammad, and have I sent you in any other form other than blessing for humankind?’

Prophet Mohammad’s blessings do not change. He was a blessing for the world 1400 years ago and even if he existed today, he would have been blessing for the world.

Prophet Mohammad would not have told his followers to kill people simply because they were not Muslims.

When Prophet Mohammad conquered Mecca, he said as he entered the city, ‘I do not force those who do not believe in Islam to become Muslims. They can continue to practise their religion. Those who are my enemies, I allow them to seek refuge. Those who are Muslims, under the new law, they will pay alms (religious tax) and those who are non-Muslims will pay taxes.’

The way [Wahhabis] have projected a false image of Islam and Prophet Mohammad is really terrible. We can safely say Islam does not exist today. [What we see] is not Islam.

I had a debate with a man who said, ‘Imam Mehdi will convert everyone to Islam.’ I asked him, ‘Why didn’t Prophet Mohammad convert everybody into Islam?’ Forget about others; Prophet Mohammad did not force his own uncle who raised him, supported him and sponsored him to accept Islam. When Prophet Mohammad asked his uncle to become Muslim, his uncle simply said to him, ‘I am a Jew. I believe in Abraham and I’m good.’ Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Okay,’ because Prophet Mohammad knew that if he believed in Abraham, it was enough for him.

Individuals today who call themselves ‘devout’ Muslims and want Imam Mehdi to convert every single individual to Islam, I ask them, ‘Why didn’t Prophet Mohammad convert everybody to Islam?’

Why does everybody have to become Muslim? Do [Muslims] think Islam is the only good religion and all other religions are false?

According to Islam, one must believe in all messengers and prophets. If you do not believe in Abraham, Jesus and Moses, you are not a Muslim in the eyes of Prophet Mohammad. Islam has given more respect to Mother Mary than any woman in history. There is a chapter in the Quran named ‘Mother Mary.’

I have explained the true concept of Imam Mehdi. Wahhabis have modified this concept. They have removed the word ‘Mehdi’ and replaced it with ‘Caliph’ (Khalifah). This Caliph according to their understanding will rule the world and turn everybody into a Muslim. He will kill all those who do not accept their doctrine. This is exactly what is in their mind. These people think that the rapist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is the Awaited Mehdi, the Caliph. He is a butcher and an enemy of humanity. ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab are all butchers and [the most] hateful creatures on Earth.

The original Imam Mehdi is supposed to love all and fill the world with utter justice.

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When Religions Become Monsters
4th December 2015|Articles

When Religions Become Monsters

When Religions Become Monsters

The world has changed so much and hatred is spreading far and wide. Humanity is going through the worst phase in history. Religions have become monsters.

When a person dies, their main soul is taken to the higher realms by the angels. Other auxiliary souls, if they are alive, stay in the grave. If none of the souls are alive, then at least one soul has to stay in the grave until the Day of Judgement is established. That one soul is the Self (the Nafs).

If you are passing through a cemetery, you may notice that there is a sense of fear from an unknown source. The Self is from the nation of Djinns. It is not completely an ethereal being; its nature is substance. The Self is affected by the cold and hot weather which is why it needs protection. Therefore, we make graves.

Now in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, people have started cremating their dead because it is cheaper than burying them. That is not good because when your body dies and is buried in the grave, the Self remains in your body. If the Self is purified and enlightened, it engages itself in invocation of God and different forms of worship. If it is not purified, then different Djinns (evil spirits) come and stay in that grave.

As long as there is a soul in your body and it is enlightened, no evil spirit will enter your body. If your soul is not enlightened and you don’t have divine energy in your body, then any evil spirit or Djinn can enter your body at any time and stay there. Djinns need protection which is why they seek shelter in bodies, houses, graves and different places.

Similarly, the soul of a religion is spirituality. When the spiritual system in any religion is destroyed, the religion becomes like a body which is vulnerable to forced entry by evil spirits. When the spiritual system in any religion was destroyed, then religion was murdered or made abode by the devil. This is when a religion becomes a monster.

A religion is not just a set of beliefs but also a set of principles from God. You are meant to adopt them and make a society in which everybody is given his and her rights. Self-respect and justice prevail and nobody is physically hurt. Everybody lives in perfect harmony.

God knows about you better than you do because you are God’s creation; he is aware of your nature.

In accordance with your nature, God sends down a set of principles with a messenger or a prophet. You adopt them and enlighten your mind, your soul and your lifestyle.

By adopting those divine principles, you establish a society in which there is no discrimination, tyranny or hatred.

When the spiritual system in the religion is destroyed and becomes subject to amalgamating opinions from human beings, it becomes a monster.

A common man does not leave any impact on the religion by rendering his opinions.

However the opinion of those who are held responsible for promoting and upholding the religious laws impact the religion.

According to a Prophetic Tradition, ‘When a common man makes a mistake, he becomes a sinner. When a mistake is made by a religious scholar then the religion is badly affected.’

A religion becomes a monster when the doctrine of spirituality and methodology of connecting hearts with God vanishes from that religion. Muslims will definitely find it difficult to understand – due to lack of knowledge about their religion – but it is true that Islam has been left with nothing but its name. The Quran has been left with no spiritual grace and benevolence for except the custom of recitation. This is why, Islam which is only 1436 years old, has become a monster today.

The Revolution of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Some people are astounded when they hear this coming from a coloured man like myself, who originally comes from Pakistan and  who has been a very strict practitioner of the religion of Islam. They find it almost unbelievable and think, ‘This is too good to be true.’ I want to tell these individuals how this has become a reality.  

How has it become possible for someone with my background to explain that the religion of Islam has also become a monster and that there is nothing left in Islam for except its name and nothing left in the Quran for except of customary recitation?

This would not have been possible had it not been for the sake of the spiritual grace of His Divine Eminence  Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi.

The credit goes to His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi for the fact that He, with spiritual power or His words of wisdom, gave us, the followers of HDE Gohar Shahi, the power of comprehension. With the spiritual concentration of His divine sight, He changed the hearts. He changed our thought process. He showed us the reality and He gave us intuitional understanding of the path and the religion. This power of comprehension is very important. It is not available any where in any book, mosque, temple, church, or country. It is a gift of HDE Gohar Shahi.

With the doctrine of HDE Gohar Shahi, we realised that Islam, Judaism, Christianity or any other religion is just a means to reach God. A religion is not the destination; God is the destination.

Until we met HDE Gohar Shahi, many of us thought that Islam was everything rather than God. Although we never verbalised it, in the back of our minds we always thought, ‘If we are not Muslims, we will never reach God.’ We were so wrong.

So many people reached and loved God even when there was no Islam. If Islam was the only religion which would connect people with God then why did Islam come towards the end of the world? What about the other people who came into this world and never practised Islam – how did they reach God then?

When this sheet of ignorance which was keeping our minds and intellect in the dark was removed with the spiritual concentration of HDE Gohar Shahi’s spiritual sight, I personally felt that a bar had been lifted.

God has created so many religions. If you can reach God following any religion, you are perfectly fine with that religion whether it is Hinduism, Sikhism or any other religion. That was the first barrier which was removed from our intellect and thought process. This was the point when my short-sightedness vanished. Before this, there has been a deadlock of limitations on my intellect and understanding because of which I was about to plunge into extremism.


Extremism is when you think, ‘My religion is the best. No one can reach God without my religion, therefore everybody must adopt it – otherwise they are infidels.’

You become an extremist when you have wrong perceptions about your religion.

For example, you become a bad person when you have wrong perceptions about yourself. There are many people who think they are the best and nobody is equal to them. When you think like this, it means you live in a fool’s paradise.  

When you think that your religion is the only truthful religion, everybody else is a non-believer and all other religions are fake, this is a wrong perception. I wonder why most Muslims think that if you are not a Muslim, you are a non-believer. What a silly thought! If you are Christian or Jewish, believe in God and respect your prophet then how are you not a believer?

Those who believe in God may practise any religion; you cannot call them non-believers.

You don’t have to have a religion in order to be a believer. You can be a believer even if you don’t practise or have any religion. But somehow or other, a majority of Muslims perceive that all those individuals who do not believe in Islam are non-believers. This is a misleading concept.

When people who do not know about Islam come to know of this perception of Muslims, they will think this notion has come from the Quran. They don’t know that the Quran never said that.

The Quran has set a principle. There are three points in the eyes of God for you to be believer: you must believe in God, the Day of Judgement and purification. If you believe in these three things, you may believe in any religion – whether you come from Judaism, Christianity or you are a Muslim – in the eyes of God you are a favourite.  

The State of Islam Today

The trouble is that the concurrent ideology of Islam is not from Quran; it consists of sectarianism, creeds and opinions of different religious scholars within Islam. One denomination in Islam will 100% contradict with another denomination in Islam. They are so impatient and intolerant that they cannot coexist in one society. This is why they are killing each other and calling each other non-believers who must die!

The thing is: who do we blame for it? God? People? Who?  

For example, when a set of traffic lights stops working, the government puts up a sign stating, ‘This set of traffic lights on this particular road is irreparable. Please do not use this road anymore.’ If people do not stop going there and continue to use it, when the traffic comes from all directions, cars will collide and people will get killed.

Who is responsible for this? The government said, ‘Don’t use this road.’ They didn’t fix it because they said it was irreparable. If you say, ‘This notification from the government did not reach me, I was never informed,’ [it is still your responsibility]. It was your duty to read the signs. The government will not send a letter to each and every citizen of the country!  

In a similar way, when the spiritual system is destroyed in a religion it is a sign from God, ‘Do not use this religion!’

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About the Author
Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.