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Blood Moons Rising – Younus AlGohar
13th December 2015|LecturesVideos

Blood Moons Rising – Younus AlGohar

The signs from God that will manifest for the Awaited One, Jesus Christ, the End Times and Armageddon will occur in the same era. If a sign is occurring for the Awaited One, this sign also tells us that the End Times are near.

The messengers of God foretold events which are to occur towards the End Times, the advent of the Awaited One and the time frame in which Jesus Christ will return. These signs are very rapidly appearing one after the other. 

World leaders should study what the Bible, Torah, Prophetic Traditions and the Quran say about signs of the End Times and advent of the Awaited Ones. Events are taking place which denote the End Times, such as global terrorism.

The world has seen bloodshed but it was not as widespread throughout the world as it is now. The world leaders should ponder! Do not label this as terrorism only.

Prophet Mohammad foretold, ‘When my Mehdi comes to this world, something special will take place which has never taken place before.’ Prophet Mohammad’s prophecy is in regards to the lunar and solar eclipses in Ramadan indicating Imam Mehdi’s advent. He said, ‘There will be a lunar eclipse on the 1st of Ramadan and a solar eclipse on 15th of Ramadan. This is an announcement from God that Imam Mehdi is here.’ 

I asked Prophet Mohammad,‘Why choose eclipses as a sign? What is the benefit of it?’ He replied,‘To let people see the image of Imam Mehdi.’ Due to the radiance of the Sun, the human eye cannot spot any profile on its surface and the light surrounding the Moon also makes it difficult. God dims the light during the eclipse to make it easier to be able to see the image of Imam Mehdi with the naked eye.  

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Imam Mehdi will not come to this world until a sign appears on the Sun about Imam Mehdi.’ He also said, ‘Looking at the face of Imam Mehdi is no lesser than looking at the face of God.’

The Quran said:

سَنُرِيهِمۡ ءَايَـٰتِنَا فِى ٱلۡأَفَاقِ وَفِىٓ أَنفُسِہِمۡ حَتَّىٰ يَتَبَيَّنَ لَهُمۡ أَنَّهُ ٱلۡحَقُّ‌ۗ أَوَلَمۡ يَكۡفِ بِرَبِّكَ أَنَّهُ ۥ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىۡءٍ۬ شَہِيدٌ


‘We will show them our signs in the horizons and within themselves…’

Some people translate أَفَاقِ (afaaq) as sky; that’s wrong. The Arabic word for sky is سماء ‘samaa’, not ‘afaaq’. ‘Afaaq’ means the upper realm of Alam-e-Nasut (Terrestrial Realm); everything that is floating in the solar system is inside ‘afaaq’. This includes Mars, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and any other planet. It does not just mean planets: many stars too – such as the Nebula Star – are part of ‘afaaq’.

Now, if this verse of the Quran was meant to address Prophet Mohammad or his Companions, then God would not address the third person. God is not talking about them; it is not for the Companions of the Prophet or for that era.

Before, people witnessed divine signs which were for the prophets and messengers. In this verse, God did not say, ‘I will show signs for Imam Mehdi.’ He said, ‘I will show my signs.’

God’s sign is that you will see God walking with you on the ground! 

There are two types of divine signs:

1) For the common man – those which you simply see, take spiritual benevolence from and become enlightened.

2) For the elite – those which you absorb in you and become one with God.

People have this misconception that the world will suddenly come to an end one day. This is not the case. There are two stages to the End Times. In the first stage, people would die but in smaller groups of 10-12. Then, they’ll begin to die in larger groups of 50-100. Then, all of a sudden, it will increase to 500 at a time.

Blood Moons

The world has already entered the second stage of the End Times. World leaders should ponder! Don’t dismiss prophecies regarding the End Times.

The Western world may have turned away from religion; however, prophecies foretold by prophets and messengers should be taken into consideration.

You should understand that these Wahhabis are not just a bunch of thugs; they are a sign, an indication of the End Times.

Prophetic Traditions reveal the signs foretelling the advent of Imam Mehdi. The Bible reveals signs of the second coming of Lord Jesus Christ and the Armageddon with the Antichrist. According to a Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad, the regular occurrence of the solar and lunar eclipse is the sign of the advent of Imam Mehdi.

According to the Bible, the regular occurrence of the Blood Moon is the indication that the final battle between Jesus and the Antichrist is near.

If within a year or two, the Blood Moon has occurred four times, it means the preparations for the Armageddon have begun. Whenever the Blood Moon has occurred, a big incident has occurred along with it.

American journalists say, ‘Islam is attacking America,’ but they don’t say, ‘[Radical] Islam is attacking Christianity.’ They are attacking on you not because you are American, but because you are Christian.

The likes of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Al Qaeda are all agents of the Antichrist. They’re fighting with you because you’re Christian, and you are heedless of your religion!

Read the Bible. If such events which have been prophesied are occurring, what should you do in light of the Bible? The decisions that should be made in the light of the Bible are being made in the Congress and Parliament. 

Through the Antichrist, the Devil will manifest evil traits. The world will be worse than ever before.

People think we live in the worst era. I say to them, ‘Don’t lose hope. You are yet to see the manifestation of God!’ 

Followers of Antichrist have oil, gold, land and power. But we have everything; we are the owners of the entire universe. 

The evil-in-action is killing people and manifesting death. We have been delegated to manifest eternal life.

Think of it like a cricket match; both teams cannot bat at once. The world is stinking with hatred due to the fact that the Devil has settled in the Antichrist. Every day, we hear news of killings, massacre and carnage, but that’s just the first innings! Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ are waiting their turn, and then every shot played will be a six!

To the world leaders: don’t lose hope. God has not abandoned you or stranded you. He is watching over you – not as a spectator, but as a third umpire. 

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True Concept of Imam Mehdi vs. Wahhabi Fallacy – Younus AlGohar
8th December 2015|ArticlesLecturesVideos

True Concept of Imam Mehdi vs. Wahhabi Fallacy – Younus AlGohar

What I am going to discuss today is very important. You need to be able to understand the very sensitive difference between the right and correct concept of the Awaited One and the misguided, misleading, concocted and fabricated concept of the Awaited One.

There is more than one concept of the Awaited Mehdi. There is a Shiite concept of Imam Mehdi and there is a Sunni concept of Imam Mehdi.

Based on the same prophecies, a concocted and modified concept also emerged. However, this is not known as the concept of Imam Mehdi; this is known as the concept of the Caliph of the End of the World, The Last Days.

The Wahhabis have fiddled with the prophecies of Prophet Mohammad in regards to the coming of the Awaited One, The Mehdi. They have removed the word ‘Mehdi’ from the prophecies. They’ve said that there will be a Caliph who will turn everybody into a Muslim and no individual on Earth will be left a non-Muslim. This is a concoction of their fabrication. They say, ‘He will rule the world and everybody will accept Islam.’

About 200 years ago, there was a man called Mohammad Ahmed bin Abdullah born in Sudan. He claimed to be the Mehdi and he fought against the Ottoman Empire. He killed people in exactly the same manner as ISIS is killing people. He became famous with the title of ‘Mehdi Sudani’. He killed a lot of people; then Britain sent Charles Gordon. He went there and with the help of the British Army, he [fought against him]. [Abdullah died of typhus] and peace was eventually restored.

Soon after the demise of Prophet Mohammad, killing started. Prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Hussain, along with his sons and others, were brutally slaughtered and beheaded by Muslims. Hajaj bin Yousuf then became the Caliph and he slaughtered 10 000 people in Medina.

Islam has seen more blood than water. The people who come from the Arabian Peninsula are historically known to be warriors.

They kill each other for fun and adventure.

There have been more than ten pseudo-claimants who declared themselves to be Mehdi, some from India, others from Pakistan and some from the Arab world. However, Wahhabis have concocted a concept of a Caliph.

Many people believed in their concoctions because they were telling them half-truths. This concept of Caliphate (Khilafah) is based on prophecies of the Prophet Mohammad, but with modification and fabrication.

References of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions that Wahhabis present to their followers are so sensitive that neither can one accept it, nor would one want to reject it – because nothing is proved; everything is vague.

The concept of Mehdi has been greatly fiddled with by Wahhabis. The question is: what is now in their minds after this modification? If you understand it today, you will know what is happening right now.

We say, ‘This is killing, brutality and insanity,’ but they don’t think the same way as we do because they have something else in their mind. They have been indoctrinated with some other concepts. Their passion for killing is considered, by them, as their religious duty. We call it barbarism and terrorism, but we need to get into their brain and see how they think.

If you want to defeat them, you need to think on the same wavelength as they are thinking. This is a very sensitive topic but I must speak on it. If I do not speak on this topic today, confusions about Imam Mehdi will lead the public to conclude dangerous concepts.

In the original concept of Mehdi, Imam Mehdi would teach all human beings love of God. In the light of the prophecies of Prophet Mohammad and the Quran, Imam Mehdi will establish a new religion: the Religion of Love. Imam Mehdi will work along with Lord Jesus Christ. According to the original concept of Imam Mehdi, Imam Mehdi will appoint Jesus as the Commander-in-Chief of the Army of Imam Mehdi, who will defeat ISIS, Taliban and all the followers of Antichrist. Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ together will rule the hearts of the world. They will fill the world with utter justice, peace and love. Imam Mehdi will unify humanity.

Imam Mehdi’s spiritual grace, benevolence, compassion and bounty will not be confined to one particular group of people or one specific religion. Imam Mehdi will cater to the needs of the entire humanity. According to the original concept of Imam Mehdi, Imam Mehdi along with Lord Jesus Christ will establish the Kingdom of God.

The message of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is love, brotherhood and peace; [it dos not incite] hatred or violence. I am a follower of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, who is the Messenger of Love. He is spreading the love of God, brotherhood and tolerance in collaboration with Lord Jesus Christ.

According to the original concept of Mehdi, Imam Mehdi is supposed to establish a new religion, a new book and a new custom; Imam Mehdi is not going to speak about Islam. Imam Mehdi is not going to speak about Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism. Imam Mehdi will speak about love, he will take every single individual in this world as a creature of God, not as a Hindu, Muslim or Christian.

Imam Mehdi’s job is to connect an individual to God, regardless of his religion.

Imam Mehdi loves all and the doctrine He has brought down with Him is the doctrine of Rapturous Love. In this form of love, one is so humble to everyone. One does not take revenge or hold grudges for anyone; they love all.

Jesus said, ‘If somebody slaps you on your right cheek, present your other cheek as well.’ Some people think that this is stupidity and it is not practical. However, Jesus has done it and His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s message of love is the continuation of the message Jesus Christ tried to give to people 2000 years ago: love of God and humanity.

Imam Mehdi will establish a new religion. Imam Mehdi will love everybody and fill everyone’s hearts with love. Imam Mehdi will establish a united nation in which the entire humanity will come into a single fold of universal brotherhood. Each member of the global society will love each other. There will be no sign of hatred, killing or bloodshed. There will be no Islam, Christianity, Sikhism or the Quran.

Why do we need the Quran? We have God’s Representative on Earth. Why do we need the Bible when we have Jesus?

Imam Mehdi is not supposed to promote Islam. This is a wrong concept which has been generated by wrong people for wrong reasons! Why should Imam Mehdi promote Islam when Islam doesn’t exist anymore?

How will you find God with the help of Islam, when it did not help you become a good human being? The couple involved in the San Bernardino Shooting didn’t even think of their daughter; they abandoned her. How will people who do not have any mercy and compassion for their own children, have any mercy for other people?

The way the Quran has introduced Prophet Mohammad to the world is fabulous. The Quran said:

وَمَآ أَرۡسَلۡنَـٰكَ إِلَّا رَحۡمَةً۬ لِّلۡعَـٰلَمِينَ


‘O’ Mohammad, and have I sent you in any other form other than blessing for humankind?’

Prophet Mohammad’s blessings do not change. He was a blessing for the world 1400 years ago and even if he existed today, he would have been blessing for the world.

Prophet Mohammad would not have told his followers to kill people simply because they were not Muslims.

When Prophet Mohammad conquered Mecca, he said as he entered the city, ‘I do not force those who do not believe in Islam to become Muslims. They can continue to practise their religion. Those who are my enemies, I allow them to seek refuge. Those who are Muslims, under the new law, they will pay alms (religious tax) and those who are non-Muslims will pay taxes.’

The way [Wahhabis] have projected a false image of Islam and Prophet Mohammad is really terrible. We can safely say Islam does not exist today. [What we see] is not Islam.

I had a debate with a man who said, ‘Imam Mehdi will convert everyone to Islam.’ I asked him, ‘Why didn’t Prophet Mohammad convert everybody into Islam?’ Forget about others; Prophet Mohammad did not force his own uncle who raised him, supported him and sponsored him to accept Islam. When Prophet Mohammad asked his uncle to become Muslim, his uncle simply said to him, ‘I am a Jew. I believe in Abraham and I’m good.’ Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Okay,’ because Prophet Mohammad knew that if he believed in Abraham, it was enough for him.

Individuals today who call themselves ‘devout’ Muslims and want Imam Mehdi to convert every single individual to Islam, I ask them, ‘Why didn’t Prophet Mohammad convert everybody to Islam?’

Why does everybody have to become Muslim? Do [Muslims] think Islam is the only good religion and all other religions are false?

According to Islam, one must believe in all messengers and prophets. If you do not believe in Abraham, Jesus and Moses, you are not a Muslim in the eyes of Prophet Mohammad. Islam has given more respect to Mother Mary than any woman in history. There is a chapter in the Quran named ‘Mother Mary.’

I have explained the true concept of Imam Mehdi. Wahhabis have modified this concept. They have removed the word ‘Mehdi’ and replaced it with ‘Caliph’ (Khalifah). This Caliph according to their understanding will rule the world and turn everybody into a Muslim. He will kill all those who do not accept their doctrine. This is exactly what is in their mind. These people think that the rapist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is the Awaited Mehdi, the Caliph. He is a butcher and an enemy of humanity. ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab are all butchers and [the most] hateful creatures on Earth.

The original Imam Mehdi is supposed to love all and fill the world with utter justice.

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5th December 2015|ArticlesLecturesVideos

I would like to pass on this message to our Honourable Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, David Cameron​ and the Honourable President Obama​, President of the United States of America, and all other European countries to take my advice into account. And it is in the larger interests of our strategy against ISIS and other radical Islamists.

What I know from my spiritual experiences is that Bashar al Assad is not our immediate concern.

In order to defeat ISIS in Syria, you have to focus on one enemy at a time. Don’t think about Bashar al Assad right now; that’s not our immediate concern.

In order to successfully defeat ISIS, if we have to shake hands with Bashar al Assad temporarily, do not hesitate. Go ahead. I think it is important for a successful assault on ISIS that for the time being you either shake hands with Bashar al Assad to grab the opportunity or you ignore him right now and focus on ISIS and its ideology.

Bombing their oil wells is a good job; keep doing it. This will produce wonderful, miraculous results.

In the long run, the ideology of hatred, the Wahhabi brand of Islam, has to be taken care of. If we want this world to become a peaceful place to live again, we must take care of the Wahhabi brand of Islam.

It is like these Islamists have practically declared a war against the rest of the world; we should now accept it. With this acceptance, we should then retaliate in accordance with the culture of war, with the understanding of a war. In war and love, everything is fair. You have to root out this evil from the global society.

All countries of the world who promote peace and love and respect humanity should support the United States of America, the UK, France and Germany and any other country who is now becoming part of this greater alliance against the evil ISIS and other terrorist groups.

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Statement About the Syria Vote
3rd December 2015|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Statement About the Syria Vote

Messiah Foundation International supports the decision taken by the MPs in the Parliament House in London today to carry out airstrikes against Daesh (ISIS).

The purpose of carrying out these strikes is to destroy the most horrible terrorist group in the world today. These brutal enemies of Islam, enemies of humanity and enemies of the West should be taught a lesson. They should be crushed to a point where they cannot regain their strength.

The area which is currently occupied by Daesh should be freed from these terrorists. All the Syrians who have left their homes and they are now living a miserable life should be returned to their homeland to live there in peace.

The purpose of carrying out these airstrikes is to restore peace, and free the country from terrorists. It is to subsequently form a government by the local people which is wholeheartedly accepted by all members of Syrian society including different fractions of the religion [of Islam] and secular people.

Messiah Foundation International supports airstrikes against ISIS, however it must be noted that the target of doing so will demand from allies to send some ground forces as well. Airstrikes alone will not be sufficient action against ISIS because they have bunkers; they have different sanctuaries. They can hide. You are only wasting money, ammunition and bombs.

Along with these airstrikes, ground military action is inevitably required without which all the hard work carried out by RAF will probably be wasted.

We strongly request the UK Parliament and our MPs to now strengthen the air strikes with the presence of the ground force. That is our understanding.

A thorough action should be taken in order to ensure that the enemy is truly and completely crushed.

The enemy should be crushed in a way that it does not bounce back or hit back. That is very important.

Thank you very much.

Younus AlGohar

CEO Messiah Foundation International

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Jashan-e-Riaz 2015
27th November 2015|LecturesVideos

Jashan-e-Riaz 2015

On the auspicious day of Jashan-e-Riaz, 2015 – the day that His Divine Eminence Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi manifested into this world – Younus AlGohar explained what exactly it is that keeps a human being impure regardless of how much you purify yourself, and how it is that one can eliminate the human-remnant instilled within the heart of man by God, to transform from humanity to divinity!

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What does Islam have to do with ISIS?
22nd November 2015|LecturesVideos

What does Islam have to do with ISIS?

Since 9/11, the world has changed. An unprecedented hatred has emerged; this is due to what happened on 9/1, the 7/7 London bombing and then many different places that have been targeted by terrorists. If terrorism strikes in Pakistan or if terrorism causes thousands of people to lose their lives in Africa and Southeast Asia, it doesn’t really leave any significant impact on people.

If a terrorist activity strikes in Europe, then a wave of hatred goes across all different types of Muslims – whether or not they approve of terrorism.

Sufi Muslims have been known to be very compassionate, kind and tolerant. In relation to dealing with members of other religions they have shown themselves to be adaptive, accommodating and harmonious. However, whenever an Islamist carries out an act of terrorism, then even the Sufi Muslims have to suffer the aftermath and the backlashes. This is a tragedy.

These terrorists who kill innocent people cannot be considered as human beings.

But as a retaliation, if somebody in Canada, the United States of America, France, England or anywhere else in the world targets an innocent Sufi Muslim, causing them to die, then this act of killing an innocent is equal to an act being carried out by ISIS.

You have gone down to their level of brutality because that particular Muslim you pushed onto the railway track was innocent. They didn’t do anything nor did they believe in terrorism. If you do something like this, you are telling people that you are just like ISIS. Although you may not part of ISIS, you are doing the same thing that they are.

A debate is going on in the United States of America: does ISIS really have nothing to do with Islam?

Every time an atrocity takes place by Islamists, peaceful Muslims, Sufi Muslims, and law abiding Muslims of different countries condemn the terrorist activities. Their statement has to include one sentence, ‘ISIS is not a Muslim organisation and they are not Muslims.’

If you are not a Muslim and you see what ISIS is doing, you will say to yourself, ‘They are holding the Quran. They are growing beards. They talk about Sharia. They are called the  “Islamic State.” How come they are not Muslims?’

This is a big question. There is an article in the Washington Post titled, ‘Does ISIS really have nothing to do with Islam? Islamic apologetics carry serious risks.’

In the article, the author said what he could think of as a common man who does not have spiritual knowledge or profound insight into the religion; one who is not well aware of the history of Islam or what happened 1400 years ago. He may have a very limited approach towards understanding this topic.

However, to say, ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam,’ is a sentence that needs a lot of explanation.

Although I have used this sentence myself and I have also said that ISIS in reality has nothing to do with Islam, what I said is very profound and technical.

For example, all Muslims go to the mosque and offer prayers. If a Muslim goes to a mosque five times a day to offer prayers and I say, ‘He doesn’t offer prayers,’ people will say, ‘We have seen him offering prayers at the mosque.’ In order to justify my statement, I say, ‘I know he goes to the mosque and offers prayers five times a day. But I also know what Prophet Mohammad said about Salat (prayers).’

‘There is no Salat if the heart is absent from the Salat.’ – Prophet Mohammad

If a person does not have the presence of the heart in Salat, God doesn’t accept it; in the eyes of God, he never offered Salat. His Salat is not qualified to be known as Salat; therefore, technically we can say he is a non-Musali (one who offers Salat).

‘Destruction is for those who offer Salat and are not aware of the reality of Salat. When they go to the mosque and stand in Salat they are only making a scene; they show off.’

Quran, (107:4-6)

Individuals who offer Salat yet are not aware of reality of Salat are doomed; their religion is destroyed.

I mentioned in the beginning that I have also made a statement such as, ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.’ There are people who say, ‘How come? They are holding the Quran in their hands, they are growing beards. They want to impose Islamic Sharia; they have already occupied a greater part of Syria and Iraq. They have already established an Islamic State. They are doing everything according to the Quran but you say they are not Muslim.’

Without explanation, it remains to be pretty dubious. Oftentimes common people do not seek profound explanation; they simply say, ‘Their inspiration is coming from the Quran and they are doing everything for establishment of Sharia Law.’

The reason I say, ‘They are not Muslim,’ is very technical. They may be Muslims in your eyes; but they are not Muslims in the eyes of Islam or God.

You can safely say ISIS has everything to do with Islam – this is how you understand it. But if you ask the Quran, if you ask God, then you will understand that these individuals do not follow the Quran.

Mischief of ISIS
They talk about Islamic Sharia but they do not follow Islamic Sharia.

Most of these ‘warriors of God are those who do not even know one verse from the Quran.

A Christian family were fleeing Syria. They were born and bred there; they recited the Bible in Arabic. They were travelling in their car and were stopped by ISIS thugs. The ISIS members asked them, ‘What is your religion?’ The father replied, ‘I am Muslim.’ They asked him to recite the Quran; he recited the Bible and they let him go!

If you apply these technical points that I am talking about on each and every Muslim, whether that Muslim is a terrorist or peace-loving citizen, that person will be screened as non-Muslim. Now it’s easy to say, ‘ISIS has nothing to do with Islam because Islam doesn’t exist.’

This was the technical side.  On the other hand, there is a Prophetic Tradition (Hadith) according to which you will have to admit that ISIS is a Muslim organisation. It is a long Hadith but I’ll give you a few sentences.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘A time will come on my Nation (Ummah) when nothing will be left in Islam for except its name. Nothing will be left in Quran for except the practice of reciting it.’ Prophet Mohammad talks about the mosques of this time. ‘Their mosques will be beautiful but they will be void of guidance. They will recite Quran but the Quran will not go beyond their throats.’

Then, Prophet Mohammad talks about ISIS. He said, ‘Mischief (fitna) will emerge from within Islam.’ This proves that they are Muslim. ISIS is mischief.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘This mischief will emerge from within Islam and within Islam, this mischief will come to an end.’ This is interesting.

It means, this mischief of ISIS has emerged from Islam and somebody from within Islam will stand up and he will terminate this mischief of ISIS. It is referred to Imam Mehdi (as).

This Prophetic Tradition in particular tells us that ISIS recite the Kalima (Declaration of Faith) and the Quran, though it does not go beyond their throats. Although they are severely misguided, Prophet Mohammad has already mentioned that these are the people who, as mischief, will emerge from within his Ummah. They will be the worst creatures under the sky (Khwarijeen).

This is written on the wall. What is happening now is exactly what the Prophet foretold 1400 years ago.

One of the signs of the end of the world was the fire which would rise from Syria. You can see that fire today.

Prophet Mohammad spoke about the state of Muslims towards the end of the world, saying ‘Nothing will be left in the Quran for except the ritualistic recitation and nothing will be left in Islam for except its name.’

As I mentioned earlier, Islam does not exist. We only have Islam’s name. Everybody is creating stories and declaring the source as Quran. This mischief of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Daesh (ISIS) is the mischief that Prophet Mohammad had already foretold. The good news is Prophet Mohammad said this mischief would rise from within Islam and it will come to an end within Islam. We are going through this horrific phase of time.

I think we should raise awareness of what was foretold in regards to the events leading to the end of the world. These facts should be known by almost everybody who lives in this world: by Christians, by Jews, by Hindus, etc. so they should have a clear understanding of what’s going on.  

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Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.