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Younus AlGohar’s Successful Trip to Mexico City
7th March 2016|Uncategorised

Younus AlGohar’s Successful Trip to Mexico City

Younus AlGohar visited Mexico City for the Unification and Divine Love event hosted by Messiah Foundation International and the Universal Great Brotherhood, where he was invited as the keynote speaker.

He met with programme organisers in preparation for the event. He granted Invocation of the Heart to the woman who would translate his speech into Spanish at the programme.

At the programme, he spoke on spirituality and answered questions from the audience. Over 700 people attended the event. About 600 people later took Invocation of the Heart directly from Younus AlGohar. Many were also able to avail this rare opportunity to receive spiritual healing and blessings from him.

The attendees showed admiration and interest in our message and mission; many requested that another programme like this be held again soon.

Master Paul Acuna, the head of the Universal Great Brotherhood said, ’Thank you to Messiah Foundation for organising this kind of programme. I would like to see in every country this, because we need, in this difficult time, to unify all the hearts around the world. If you ask me how [the programme was] in one word, I say that it was wonderful!’

Ms Carmen, a participant in our programme, said, ‘For me, it was a very wonderful experience. It was the first time I had come to this kind of meeting. I think every person who comes here is interested in being united.’

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