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Important Notice for All MFI Members
17th June 2018|ActivitiesNews

Important Notice for All MFI Members

Important Notice for All MFI Members

Dear MFI members,

We promote Spirituality, theology, unification, love and peace. Our message is broad and inclusive and it encompasses all humanity without any reservation and prejudice. It is important that we respect all religions. Our path is the path of love. Respecting one’s own religion and rejecting others religion breeds extremism and hatred. All religions teach divine virtues and in nature all religions are sublime.

Do not degrade, disrespect and defame any human being for whatsoever reason. Do not consider anyone lower than yourself.

Crushing the ego, negating the carnal Self, subsequently embarking upon the path of purification is your lifetime struggle, this must go on for as long as you live. All vices generate by the lower self (لطیفہ نفس). Once the lower self is cleansed to perfection you will earn God’s trust.

Do not hate anyone. And do not keep the company of those who generate hatred and pollute hearts.

Beware of the imposters who impersonate a Sufi. They are those who never go through the vigorous regime of spiritual discipline and purification of the heart and lower self.

Beware of those that publicise themselves to be descendants of Imam Mehdi GoharShahi. Remember well, Imam Mehdi GoharShahi did not appoint anyone from among His household members to represent the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and Peace.

A proper and divinely appointed deputy only can guide people and connect them with God. The divine delegation is a precondition for a genuine deputy.

There are, unfortunately, many who come from the household of His Holiness GoharShahi and they are actively deceiving people under the label of Holy Blood Line (آل).

Dear friends, there are no noble births. Nobody is born holy. You strive and struggle in the way of purification and only then you become holy, whether you come from a holy bloodline or you are a commoner.

Remember well, the Beloved Prophet Mohammad صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ وسلم said: an evil spirit is born with every human being. The companions asked if an evil spirit was born with the Beloved Prophet also. The Prophet replied that an evil spirit was born with Him too, however, it became purified by the divine light within the Prophet.

The sons of His Holiness GoharShahi have nothing to do with spirituality and the teachings of His Holiness. In addition to the sons, there are many others who are either remote relatives of His Holiness GoharShahi or the imperfect followers who are currently impersonating as holy ones. Do not fall prey to these imposters.

It is very upsetting and sad that the very sons of His Holiness reject His Divine Eminence to be the Awaited Imam Mehdi despite the fact that there are numerous divine signs that God has manifested in the horizons and within human beings as a token of affirmation to Sarkar GoharShahi’s Mehdi-hood. His Holiness GoharShahi himself has given clear hints which confirm the fact that His Holiness GoharShahi is the Awaited Imam Mehdi.

And there are those who pose to be my followers and spread unverified knowledge. Do not take anything from anybody if it doesn’t come from me. And what comes from me is either on ALRA TV channel or on our verified websites and Facebook pages. My page is available on the Facebook and it is a verified account. Anything genuine and authentic has to come from my own verified account. Do not consider anything to be verified if it is not coming from my verified Facebook page or MFI websites.

Thanks very much for your time.

Yours in Gohar,

Younus AlGohar

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About the Author
Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.

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Younus AlGohar

Sufi Online with Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV | 05 April 2019

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Younus AlGohar


New Video: Ghaib Ka Ilm Kis Ke Paas Hai? | By Younus AlGohar

Sufi Spiritualist Younus AlGohar's spiritual analysis of the Koranic verses about the Unseen World.


'God knows the Unseen and he does not disclose the Knowledge of the Unseen to anyone for except the Messengers he chooses to.' - Koran 72:26

- God does not normally share the Knowledge of the Unseen. However, in some unusual circumstances, he opts to share that knowledge with some favourite of his Messengers. Therefore, the favourite Messengers of God have the Knowledge of the Unseen. Some Muslims believe Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is not privy to the Knowledge of the Unseen - however, by saying so, it suggests that (God forbid) Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is not among the favourite Messengers of God. Whereas Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the Beloved of God.

- God does have favourites. Who are the 'favourite' Messengers of God? God did not mention them by name.

'So then tell them that the Unseen belongs to God only.' - Koran 10:20

- The Unseen which is only for God. Then what is the Knowledge of the Unseen given to the 'favourite' Messengers? Does this mean that the 'favourite' Messengers of God are actually from the Community of God themselves? If the Unseen is only for God, then it would be useless for Messengers who are not from the Community of God to be given it.

- There are two possible scenarios here. In scenario one, God discloses the Knowledge of the Unseen to some of his favourite Messengers simply to make them happy. In scenario two, the reason God shares the Knowledge of the Unseen with his 'favourite' Messengers is that those Messengers are actually individuals from the Unseen World who have taken up the guise of Messengers.

- Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is purely God's light, he is not a human being. However, the Koran 18:110 says that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is an example of a man for others. This is a personification. He appears to be a human being but the ingredients of his body are different from that of the average person - it is made from divine energy. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is in the guise of a human being, so to speak, but in reality, he is God's light.

- None of those individuals from the Unseen World who came in this world in the guise of Messengers have died. This includes Enoch, Elias and Jesus Christ who are waiting to return in the era of Imam Mehdi.


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Listen to this speech on the go with SoundCloud:** Enable CC for English subtitles** Sufi Spiritualist Younus AlGohar's spiritual analysis of the Koranic verses about the Unseen World. Summary: 'God knows ...

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Younus AlGohar

Sufi Online with Younus AlGohar | ALRA TV | 04 April 2019

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