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The Response to the #BanWahhabloodism Campaign
13th January 2016|Uncategorised

The Response to the #BanWahhabloodism Campaign

The Response to the #BanWahhabloodism Campaign

Recently, Younus AlGohar started the campaign to petition the British and American governments to ban Wahhabism to save these countries from homegrown terrorism. People from all around the world commented on the petitions expressing their support.

Isabelle Martinez from San Jose, CA states, ‘I care.’

Douglas Bilyeu from High Point, NC echoes many when he says, ‘[I’m] tired of not having TOTAL WORLD PEACE.’

Damien Gibson from Glendale, Arizona writes, ‘Violence is not Islam. And Islam is peace.’

David Kent from Prescot, UK says,

This is Britain, a country with proud history and the rule of law. We don’t need foreign interference or sharia law. [Wahhabism] is one of the most obnoxious cults on the planet and we don’t want it here.

David Lydiate from Hythe, UK writes, ‘This is a christian country and we don’t preach hate against other religions.

Steve Evans from Bordon, UK says,

This version of Islam is probably the greatest threat to social cohesion and should be outlawed in a multi ethnic twenty first century society.

Veronica Martinez from Chicago, IL voices her concerns about hate preaching under the banner of religion, ‘I’m supporting this because even if they are some religion or something like that, [they can’t] just be encouraging terrorism and raising [terrorists].’

Nasra Kassor from Duffryn, UK writes, ‘I am signing this petition because I agree [Wahhabism] is the religion who supports the Taliban, ISIS and so on.

James Welsh from Waterford, Ireland, declares,

I’m signing because Wahhabism is violent, hateful and misogynist ideology that has no place in a democratic society.

C. Morgan from Australia says, ‘Wahhabism is the guiding ideology behind Islamist terrorism.

Mohammed Ali Hassanali from Wembley, UK, notes, ‘[Wahhabism tarnishes] the peaceful name of Islam, [their] beliefs have no essence of mercy, yet they claim to be the best followers of the most merciful. This is the Islamic terrorism we are all coincidently warned about, and must be eradicated.

Haroon Jamil from Birmingham, UK says, ‘Wahhabism = ISIS.’

Nazam Ahmed from Newport, UK writes,

They are the roots of groups like ISIS and very different from the rest of the Muslims. They are giving all Muslims a bad name and causing harm world wide.

Shukeel Chohan from Birmingham, UK declares, ‘Because all so called Islamist terrorism has it’s source in the Saudi funded misinterpretation of Islam. Cut the head of the snake.

Cheryl Brown from the London, UK says,

I care about the security of my country and this strand of Islam is very dangerous and threatens our national security.

Michael Bard from San Francisco, CA writes, ‘[I am signing the petition] only because [Wahhabis] seem to instruct the wrong information to their followers.

Rahul Varshnay from Pharr, TX writes,

Wahhabism is a terror cult. Salafism too.

Dawn Goodfallow from North Richland Hills, TX says, I don’t trust Obama, I love USA I’m concerned for my kids, my family, my country,

Sana Jawad from Ypsilanti, MI notes, It is no coincidence that since Wahhabism gained a hold on British Muslims, especially on university ­campuses and in mosques, the threat of terror has intensified. So I strongly support the suggestion to ban Wahhabism in the United Kingdom, immediately.

Rakhshi Asim from Toronto Canada says, Please ban Wahhabism and let the world live in peace.’

Michael Locke from Kent, UK asks,

Why is any Islamic fundamentalist group allowed not only to preach in the UK but even to exist? Politicians more afraid of being called racist than protecting this Christian country.

Noman Sheikh from Karachi, Pakistan writes, Wahhabis have made [people’s] lives miserable by creating such ideologies like talaban, daesh, isis etc….they should be banned in uk….[their] mosques should be kept under observation.

Ayyaz Mahmood from Germany states, Wahabism must be banned because they are devils in disguise and they are causing mischief and terror all over the world.

Kim Yunchae from Kyungkido, South Korea expresses a resolve to stand against terrorism, writing,

I’m ready fight against any ideology or belief that is against of peace, love, freedom. [Wahhabism] is one of them. This is the reason why I’m signing up for this.

Josephine Bonnar from Chadderton, UK writes, I’m signing this because I think it should be banned and will stop funding mosques from the Middle East.’

Darren Flynn from Manchester, UK writes,

Wahabbi teachings are unenlightened. This school has propped up the rulers of Saudi Arabia for generations as long as they turn a blind eye to their preaching of hatred of all things non Wahabbi. These schools are poisoning the well of youth wherein lies hope for the future.

Pashunath Sadhu from London, UK says,My [total] support with you guys. In uk [Wahhabism] should be ban this type of Muslim sect and all mosques should be [locked].’

Greg Chew from Maynooth, Ireland offers this insight,

It is important that a clear distinction is drawn between those theologies that pose a real threat to all and those that do not. Wahabbism poses such a threat, broader Islam does not.

Christopher Boardman from Wigan, UK states, ‘I SAY NO TO TERRORISM, GOT TO DO SOMETHING EFFECTIVE, such as this. BAN this disgusting ideology within the UK and deport those to their original country or jail them.’

The same sentiment was overwhelmingly seen on social media.


The same user also stated in regards to Wahhabism, ‘They’re trying [to] recruit Muslims from other sects & non Muslims [to] be Wahhabis & spread their terrorism.’



In the United States, members of Messiah Foundation USA filmed the American public expressing their views regarding this campaign.

The Washington Monument: 

The White House: 

Even a member of the secret service showed interest in our campaign.


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