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Statement: The Lahore Blast
28th March 2016|ArticlesUncategorised

Statement: The Lahore Blast

Statement: The Lahore Blast

Today, when Christians all over the world were celebrating Easter, there were multiple suicide attacks in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore. Almost 70% people who were killed in these attacks were Christians.

Nawa-e-Masihi, a Christian Urdu-language newspaper from Pakistan, claims the following:

When Pervez Musharraf was the head of the state, Christians were free to practise their religion. After Pervez Musharraf, when Asif Ali Zardari, was president, Christians were free to practise their religion.

Since Nawaz Sharif’s government, PML(N), was formed, there has been non-stop attacks on Christians. Although the media is only saying 65 people have been killed, the number is in the 100’s.

All people can apparently do is to condemn it and feel sad. It is the responsibility of the government to protect each and every citizen of the country, regardless of their religious background.

When it comes to Pakistan, people are helpless. They have nowhere to go for justice. Nobody is protected in the country of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where people have no rights.

It is not just minorities that are suffering. If we realistically view the situation, even Muslims are now in the minority in Pakistan. Wahhabis are in the majority; those who are not Wahhabis are not Muslims in their eyes.

I can safely say this that the Lahore Attack was carried out by the Taliban on instructions from Saudi Arabia, because Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, is visiting Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is not happy about that.

Saudi Arabia have exhibited their anger and resilience that Pakistan should not have good relationship with Iran as long as Pakistan is an ally of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan cannot have Saudi Arabia as a friend on one hand, and Iran as a friend on the other hand.

This attack has been carried out by the Taliban, but the instructions came from Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Islamabad.

Our message to Christians in Pakistan is do not fear. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s government is coming. Lord Ra Riaz will give you justice.

In our eyes, people of all religions are equal. God loves all humanity equally and all are equal in the eyes of God.

Further Comments

Shocking news of multiple suicide bomb blasts in Lahore tears the heart apart. May all departing souls rest in peace, amen. 

Either the Muslims don’t study the Quran or they misinterpret it. Killing one human being is killing the entire humanity. Cursed are those who take human lives.

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Younus AlGohar

Representative of The Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Recognised as Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. Advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.
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Younus AlGohar is the representative of The Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Recognised as Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. Advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony. London, United Kingdom.

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Video: Deedar-e-Ilahi Hadees-e-Jibreel se Sabit! | By Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar explains how Seeing God is verified by the Hadith (traditions) of Gabriel. This explanation clarifies His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi's decision to appear in this world as Imam Mehdi AS.

Main points:

- 'When you worship God the quality of your worship should be as such that the substance of your worship is Seeing God. If you are unable to see God then God should see you.' - (Tradition of Gabriel). This is God's most favourable worship; this is the command of God for the entire nation. However, the religious scholars say 'God is always watching you.' This is a great injustice. If God is always watching you then why do you pray to him?

- How many people in the nation of Islam have you come across that are searching for this method of worshipping God? Nobody talks about this because people are not actually practising Islam. They have made their own personal sects [within Islam], they have their own interpretations and understandings. Whereas, [this Hadith] is the core of worship, otherwise prove this Hadith wrong!

- How does God see you? People believe that God is 'All-Seeing.' Then why has he appointed angels for various jobs? This was an unsolvable puzzle which HDE Gohar Shahi revealed the secret to. HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'Round up all religious people and ask God whom he would like to look at?' Then the Lord said, 'Just as you see the stars shining in the night sky, whether or not you know the names, if something is shining you will see it. Whatever does not shine, you will not see it. In a similar way, God looks at the shining hearts, whether or not [those they belong to] practise a religion.'

- Those who have become enlightened have become visible to God. What about the common people? Occasionally, God wants to look at the hearts of common people. So, he appoints a spiritual guide. When God looks at the common people, where does he look? He will look for the disciples of the spiritual guide he has sent into the world. The hearts of those disciples would be shining.

- However, now that sainthood has ended, who will enlighten the hearts of humanity so that they become visible to the merciful glance of God? This is why HDE Gohar Shahi took this responsibility upon His shoulders and came to the world. The hearts that began to shine [with the benevolence of HDE], God would look at those hearts through the eyes of HDE Gohar Shahi. And the people who went against HDE Gohar Shahi and developed a bad conjecture about HDE Gohar Shahi, they fall from the merciful sight of God.

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