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Spiritual Rehabilitation: A Step Against Terrorism
10th April 2016|LecturesVideos

Spiritual Rehabilitation: A Step Against Terrorism

I would not advise anybody to read the Quran for any information about Islam. Even the Muslims who have not purified themselves are not eligible to study the Quran.

It is very important to know that the understanding of the Divine Word is granted to a pure heart, according to the Quran.

Understanding of the religion in Islam is known as a term called fiqah. Fiqah is granted to a pure heart.

The religion starts with affirmation by word of mouth. It will not progress any further until the heart is enlightened.

If you go to the mosque, grow a beard and read the Quran, and you are completely heedless of purification of your heart, you may continue to consider yourself as Muslim, but you are not a Muslim in the eyes of God. You have to affirm the faith by word of mouth, and the truth of the word of God has to enter your heart.

Before people comment on the religion of Islam, negatively or positively, they must understand that Islam has been rarely practised the way it was taught by Prophet Mohammad.

Not just today: since the beginning of the religion, Islam was not completely understood by everyone. Only a small group of people were able to understand the religion of Islam and the message of the Quran. They were those who were successful in purifying and enlightening their hearts. In order to fully understand the purpose of the religion and message of the Quran, one has to embrace the knowledge of the heart. It is the knowledge of the heart that teaches you how to fix the heart.

When you become a corrupt person, you become corrupt in two different organs in your body: your mind and your heart. Corruption in the heart is more dangerous than corruption in the mind.

When the mind is corrupt, your actions will be ugly. When the heart is corrupt, your character will be ugly.

We can speak day and night, arguing whether or not Islam is a religion of peace or a religion of violence; whether or not the Quran is promoting violence or advocating peace. This conversation will be absolutely futile without first understanding the basic principles and prerequisites before one attempts to become a true Muslim.

It is the knowledge of the heart which you must acquire in order to soften your heart, and at the same time, align your heart with the compassion of God. It is the knowledge of the heart which will connect you with God.

Historically speaking, Muslims who confined themselves to the Sharia (religious law of Islam) and never bothered to learn the spiritual aspect of the religion, they were never good human beings. They were never good Muslims. This is the case today.

An overwhelming majority of Muslims are not aware of the existence of the knowledge of spirituality; even if somebody is aware that there is some knowledge of spirituality, their mind is so corrupt that they don’t want to accept it. As a result, they have taken the wrong meaning of the religion. It appears as though they are warriors of God, spreading Islam and serving the religion of Islam. However, in reality, they are obedient to their inner evil.

They are in a game of obtaining power and money. Especially for Saudis, ISIS and Taliban, it is all about politics, power and money. I have previously mentioned that many countries have been in the race to become a superpower – for example, Russia.

Saudi Arabia has overwhelming ambitions of becoming a superpower, but the thing is: everything they use in their country is imported. They have no industry for except fruit juices. In order to become a superpower, they have sought another solution: the export of terrorism, the export of Wahhabi Islam.

In every single country of the world, there are Wahhabis. The world has become so volatile and vulnerable, that anytime, anywhere in this world, they can do anything and create chaos. They can create a fearsome environment and spread terror.

You need a universal coalition which should combat the ideology of Wahhabism with academic credentials.

You cannot win over these lunatics with ammunition or power. You need to defeat the ideology of hatred. This is more important than anything else in combating terrorism.

De-radicalisation is a process where you try to tell the terrorists that what they’re doing is wrong and this is not what their religion teaches. However, how will you meet the terrorists and convince them that they are wrong? They’re holding guns.

De-radicalisation is a preventive strategy which should be aimed at benefitting the youth first. Whoever has become a terrorist, you cannot approach them. However, you can still put a stop on the supply of terrorists.

You have to make a strategy whereby the government should come forward. Criminals who have spent their time in prison come out and have rehabilitation.

In a similar way, there should be a spiritual rehabilitation centre where people are encouraged to come and listen to the Sufi understanding of Islam (the original teachings of Islam and original message of the Quran).

People should be appointed to teach original Islam who come from a Sufi background; who have not only knowledge, but spiritual authority as well. This is my message today.

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Who Should Or Shouldn’t Read Quran?
8th April 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Who Should Or Shouldn’t Read Quran?

The Muslims are in such a state of confusion about their religion that they do not know what is right and what is wrong. Non-Muslims, when they study behaviour of Muslims, how Muslims practise their religion and how honest they are in their dealing, they take a wrong impression.

A wrong impression is taken for two reasons. The first scenario is that someone’s mind is stuffed with prejudice and negativity, so no matter what you do, they will definitely take the wrong impression. The second scenario is that people may take a wrong impression when others are doing wrong things and labelling them as their religion.

When one party just goes on and on and does not listen to what the other party is saying, this is not a conversation, they are just speaking. A conversation involves two parties in bilateral issues. You say something and the other party replies. You see the replies, understand it and then you put up another question. Then the other party will answer the question. This is how the discussion will go on.

Questions and Arguments Put Forth on Twitter

Someone on Twitter said, ‘Muslims claim Arabic is the only language on Earth that cannot be translated. This is said to be to confuse people.’ I never heard anybody saying that. There are millions of Qurans available in English all over the world. So much literature on Islam is available in English. You can hardly find Urdu literature about the the Quran in the world.

Mr Rafaqat, an MFI member, replied to the Twitter user’s statement by saying, ‘Many words in the Quran are not Arabic, but the Semitic language, which God speaks to his angels.’ The reply that came to this was, ‘So Allah is so limited that he can only convey his message in Arabic?’ This is a one track mind. About such people, the Quran says, ‘Say [hello] and pass by.’

The same Twitter user said, ‘Allah should be able to convey his message to all people. Muslims say Arabic cannot be translated.’ Mr Rafaqat said, ‘If you Tweet in Spanish, how would I understand? I can’t read Spanish; similarly, the Arabs couldn’t read English. You can go out and buy an English translation of the Quran, but remember that many translations are messed up, hence why we have Wahhabi terrorism today.’

The man replied, ‘How can millions of Islamist terrorists – Sunnis, Shias, Wahhabis – all mistranslate the Quran in exactly the same way?’ One example is that there are Sunnis, Shias and Wahhabis. If the Quran had not been mistranslated, they would have been one nation. They would not be in different groups.

What I understand from this Twitter user’s style of writing is that he thinks Allah is a different God – not the same God that sent Moses and Abraham. When you are in a conversation with somebody, it is very important that you understand what they are staying. If you don’t understand what the other party is saying to you, you’ll keep going on and on. You won’t listen.

Arabic is not a very special language. It is just a language like any other. Many things have  been said about Arabic. I used to hear in my childhood that Arabic is the language spoken in heaven. However, when I grew up into a young spiritual man and had been in company of my Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, I realised this was nonsense.

More Muslims are non-Arabic-speaking than Arabic-speaking Muslims. Bengalis from Bangladesh, Pathans from Peshawar, Punjabi from Punjab and others from other parts of the world – they don’t speak Arabic.

The Quran explained it well. The Quran said in 12:2, ‘The only reason Quran is revealed in Arabic is that you may understand it.’

Is there any celestial book which have or had been revealed by God in English? No, not even the Bible. There have been many old languages like Hebrew, Syriac and Latin – but it doesn’t really matter.

Does the Quran Teach Violence?

If the Quran teaches violence, then why was no Sufi a terrorist? Why was no Sufi violent?

There are many modern-day Sufis who are revered and respected equally in the East and in the West, like Pir Inayat Hussain and Pir Idris. They studied the same Quran, but no Sufi promoted violence.

Rumi is more famous in the West than in the East. Rumi is a Sufi poet. A lot of people who either practise spirituality, or claim to practise spirituality, are devotional fans of Rumi all over the West.

Even now, in the United States of America, there are hundreds of books on Rumi. Americans, Canadians, Australians and Britons who are attached to spirituality, they read and study Rumi’s poetry. They love him. If I tell you what Rumi says about his poetry, you’d be confused about your decision that of reading and studying his poetry. Rumi said, in simple words, that the poetry of Rumi is the Persian translation of the Holy Quran. If the Quran taught violence, how come these people who study Rumi’s poetry did not become violent?

The poetry that Rumi has put forward, is factually and actually the translation of the Holy Quran in the Persian language. My argument is: if the Quran taught violence, then the Persian translation of the Holy Quran, which you read as poetry of Rumi, would have definitely made you violent.

The beauty is: the authors of most of the books of Rumi’s poetry are either American or British. If you read those books, you will not find a trace of violence.

It is all about understanding the divine word. If you are a corrupt mind already, you will take the wrong meaning of the divine word. If your heart is pure – the elements of devil and evil have exited your heart and you have become all enlightened and pure – then you will not become violent and you can read the Quran.

Who Can’t Read the Quran?

The Quran is not a very easy and simple book. It is not for everybody to read.

[You could have been practising Islam since your childhood and still be a novice]. When we say, ‘Novice,’ it means if you have recently joined spirituality. Now, you are working on self-reformation and purification of the soul. If you’re entering into cleansing mode, you’re a novice.

You are a novice in Islam until your inner is completely purified.

According to Prophet Mohammad, ‘When a human being (man or woman) is born, an evil is born with that person.’ That evil is named as Nafs. As long as your Nafs is impure, you are a novice – no matter how old you are or [how long you’ve been practising Islam]. Anecdote: nobody is a Muslim by birth. When Prophet Mohammad was asked, he said, ‘When a baby is born, the baby is neither a Muslim, Christian nor Jew. It is his parents that turn him into a Christian, Muslim or Jew.’

Mujaddid Alif Sani said, ‘If you are a novice, do not go near the Quran. You are not worthy of reading the Quran.’

Mujaddid Alif Sani is not just a Sufi. He is a cleric and scholar as well. It means he knows the religious laws, but also the importance of spirituality. When he combines the both, he becomes a good cleric and a discerning leader. According to him, if your inside is impure, do not go near the Quran. You would be surprised to know that even the Quran says the same thing.

The Quran said, ‘If you are impure, do not touch the Quran.’

It is very unfortunate that the Muslim scholars and commentators on the Quran have derived misleading conception of this verse of the Quran. They thought that if a person is physically unclean, he should not touch the book of the Quran. I totally dismiss this idea. I can give you a reason: the Quran did not exist in bookish form when this verse was revealed!

Mujaddid Alif Sani said that if you’re impure, you cannot go near the Quran because you’re not the right person to read the Quran. In order to understand the Quran, you need to purify yourself otherwise you’ll derive the wrong meaning. The Quran is a very dangerous book. If you’re really concerned that you should be rightly guided, you’d appreciate the fact that the Quran itself says it.

The wrong translation and misinterpretation of the Quran will take the responsibility of misguiding hundreds of thousands of people.

However, if the Quran is not misinterpreted – if no wrong meaning is taught to people about the Quran and it is in its original form – even then the Quran will guide some and misguide others.

The Quran is a strange book. It is only one book of its kind from God which is so delicate and it has conditions. It is not like every Tom, Dick and Harry will buy an English version of the Quran, read it, understand it and become a scholar on the Quran. Even people who have spent their life in religious seminaries in the Muslim world, they are unable to grasp the meaning of God’s words. God has been playing with words in the Holy Quran.

Don’t try to learn to understand the Quran. The Quran is a very difficult book It is not an allegation from me. This is what the Quran is saying. The Quran says, ‘Allah will misguide many through this book.’

The Quran has both negative and positive potential. You can go wrong by reading the Quran and you can go right by reading the Quran.

How will you make sure that when you read the Quran, you may not go wrong? Muslims who practised Islam for 40-50 years, they read the Quran they don’t understand it. Even Arabs who speak the language of the Quran don’t understand it. 

The Quran in Book Form

God and his messenger, Prophet Mohammad, never ever intended for the holy verses of the Quran to have been given a form of a book. The importance was given to a spiritual guide by Prophet Mohammad.

It was the early Companions of Prophet Mohammad. After Prophet Mohammad’s demise, they feared that if they did not collect the Quran, one day, there would no trace of the revelation of God. Having this understanding, they started to collect the Quran. Many verses of the Quran had already been abolished and abrogated.

God would have informed the Prophet of the verses that had been abrogated only, because he was the recipient of the Quran. God would definitely not inform Abu Bakr Sadiq or Umar bin Khattab.

So when they collected the Quran on their own accord, it was never supported or advised by Prophet Mohammad. When they collected the Quran, who knows if the verses of the Quran which were abrogated and abolished by God became part of this Quran which is now creating chaos?

Some people say, ‘Islam is a religion of peace.’ Some others are now saying, ‘Islam is a religion of violence.’ Nobody is able to take the meaning of the Quran correctly, because the Quran is a very difficult book.

The most common problem you will come across when reading the Quran is that you will get the impression that God is contradicting himself. You will think, ‘What he said two verses away is different from what he is saying now.’ It is like saying, ‘Don’t drink alcohol,’ and after a few verses, it is said, ‘Why didn’t you drink alcohol?’ Then what will you understand – should you drink it or not?

For example, there is a Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad which says, ‘A true Muslim is never impure.’ When we study Sharia Law, if a small drop of water from outside falls on our clothes, we are dirty and we have to remake ablution.

Who Can Read the Quran?

According to Quran 2:1-2, ‘This Quran will guide the pure ones.’

To become pure, you have to do a lot.

There is no doubt that Islam does not promote terrorism or violence, but how do we give an example of this? There is nobody who practises Islam truly. People today take their impression of Islam by looking at the actions of Muslims.

When it comes to terrorism, people are not getting to the root cause. They are not going after the ideology that is spreading terrorism: Wahhabism.

Further comments from Younus AlGohar:

The Quran isn’t an easy book to understand. People with inner impurities are advised against reading it. Only the pure of heart and cleansed souls are advised to read and study the Quran.

Those with impurities are misled by the Quran and only the purified ones find guidance by the Quran. Power of understanding is granted to purified hearts only. Those who remain impure and study the Quran fall prey to evil.

The Quran was revealed onto the heart of Prophet Mohammad. It was never meant to have been given form of a book. The Quran was to be transmitted spiritually from one heart to another. The Prophet said He was city of knowledge and Ali was the gateway to this knowledge.

Watch part two of this speech: Spiritual Rehabilitation: A Step Against Terrorism.

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Firqa Wahhabiya Tareekh Ke Auraq Se
31st March 2016|LecturesVideos

Firqa Wahhabiya Tareekh Ke Auraq Se

A comparison between Wahhabism and Deobandism and how the tenets of these twisted belief systems were first conceptualised.

Main points:

⁃ Wahhabism is based upon the ideology given by Abdul Wahhab Najdi, who was inspired by the likes of Ibn Taymiyyah. When Wahhabism entered India, it was well-received in a city called Deoband. This is from where Deobandism originates. Wahhabism is the main theme and there were many branches of it: such as Deobandism, Ahle Hadith, Jamat-e-Islami, the Taliban and Harkat-ul-Ansar.

⁃ Their teachings are extremely blasphemous to Prophet Mohammad. They believe that killing Sufis is service to Islam, due to their understand that Sufis are Mushriks (idolaters). Sufis are those who practise and teach the spiritual aspect of Islam.

⁃ According to Wahhabism, the Islamic Golden Age was when Umar bin Khattab was the Caliph, because Umar bin Khattab spread a politicised Islam and obtained land through conquest. However, the spread of political Islam does not affect the religion itself. What Wahhabis say about spreading Islam throughout the world is not the spread of Islam in actuality; they just want to rule the world. Prophet Mohammad did not do anything; he simply invited leaders of different nations to accept Islam and he left those alone who didn’t want to accept it.

⁃ The true Islamic Golden Age was in the era of Abdul Qadir Jilani. In Prophet Mohammad’s era, Sharia was established. In Ali’s era, Tariqa was established. In Abdul Qadir Jilani’s era, Faqr was established. Prophet Mohammad had previously said, ‘Faqr is my pride.’ In Abdul Qadir Jilani’s era, 4-5 out of 10 people were Dhakir-e-Qalbis, meaning their hearts had been revived with God’s name and faith had entered their hearts.

⁃ Wahhabis talk about establishing Sharia and customs of the Prophet Mohammad. However, they only talk about having beards and eating halwa (a sweet dish). Why do they not talk about the main customs of the Prophet Mohammad, which include seeing God and reviving the heart with God’s name? The reason is because they do not have spiritual knowledge.

⁃ Prophet Mohammad is mercy for mankind, not just for Muslims. He said to kill one human being is to kill the entire humanity. Wahhabis are placing a false allegation on Prophet Mohammad; they do represent him. They are Khwarijeen (pseudo-Muslims) and they are infidels.

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The Importance of Spirituality
16th March 2016|LecturesVideos

The Importance of Spirituality

Younus AlGohar explains how he embarked on the spiritual path under Lord Ra Riaz’s auspicious mentorship.

Main points:

– An overwhelming majority of people believe in a religion just because they inherited those beliefs, not because they have a purpose in mind. When you want to buy a television, you compare prices and brands before committing to one product. Why not take this approach to religion?

– Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi regarding those who came to Him wishing to obtain God’s love, said, ‘I’ll initiate their hearts. If God accepts them, I vow to be with them as a guiding light until they reach their destination.’

– If you want to have access to the realm of angels, you need to enlighten and awaken the corresponding soul inside your body.

– The heart can act like a divine telephone between man and God. Lord Ra Riaz said, ‘When you become a friend of God and you are in trouble, God will instantly know that you are in trouble. When you’re in trouble, the voice of your heart has a hint of sadness when it reaches God. God then commands angels to help you before you raise hands in prayer.

– The only difference between good and bad, God and the Devil, people of Imam Mehdi and people of Dajjal (Antichrist) – is spiritual knowledge. If you have knowledge of the exterior without the knowledge of interior, you will definitely be corrupted in your mind and heart.

– The only thing that will protect your faith is spirituality. Without it, it doesn’t make a difference whether you are a Shia, Sunni or Wahhabi.

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Was Islam Supposed To Be A Global Religion?
15th March 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Was Islam Supposed To Be A Global Religion?

After the tragic events of the Paris Attacks and then San Bernardino California, I focused on the source of Islamist terrorism. Ever since I have been discussing this issue in lengthy details and the principle financiers of worldwide Islamic terrorism, it was shocking to see that most journalists had already done extensive research on what the source of this worldwide Islamist terrorism is. That includes our wonderful writer, historian and expert on theology, Karan Armstrong.

A lot of journalists have a very profound insight into Wahhabism, its doctrine of death and hatred and how Wahhabism, from a small desert in the Arabian peninsula, became so internationally widespread [that it is now] the set of beliefs of millions of people all over the world.

However, one grave mistake that most of these western journalists are making is that they have looked over the thin blue line between Wahhabi doctrine of death and hatred and the original teachings of Islam.

For example, these days, a demand made in every corner of the world is that Islam need reforms. Why? Because some of the commandments of  God which constitutes the religion of Islam are not compatible with the 21st century. If you listen to my speech and argument very carefully, you will not [make this demand] again.

As we see today, Wahhabism, in the guise of Islam, has been propagated all over the world. In the United Kingdom alone, there are more than one million Muslims. Everywhere in the world you go, you will see there are Muslims. If you go out of the Middle East, out of the South Asian region and you see some Muslims, chances are that you are not a seeing a Muslim, but a Wahhabi.

The original Islam was not propagated due to any reason. One of the main reasons was the mainstream Islam has never been the state religion of any country.

The state religion of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait is Wahhabism.

Even in Pakistan, which is locally considered the fortress of Islam, Islam is not the state religion. Pakistan’s governance system is secular; however, there are some legislations which indicate that there is some kind of a flavour of Islam. That also is on the paper, not in practice.

Islam was never meant to be a global religion. It was a regional religion aimed at guiding the Arabs.

This is why some of the commandments in the Quran are very strict. They are strict in accordance with the nature of the Arabs. People outside the Middle East are different..

If you are a first time buyer in England, they give you a discount on your property. In a similar way, if you have committed a crime and it is your first crime, in minor cases, they may let you walk free; they just serve you with a caution. Then, if you have done something more severe in nature, most probably, they will give you a suspended sentence with 100, 150 or 200 community service hours. You can see leniency in their nature.

In some of the countries in Europe, even if you murder somebody, they do not give you capital punishment. I have been visiting the United States of America for the past sixteen years, but I am not familiar with their judiciary system. Maybe in some selected states in the USA, they also follow the same judiciary system as they follow in the United Kingdom or Europe. What happens is, if somebody pleads guilty, by law, the law has to show leniency towards that person. The law acknowledges the fact that the criminal is being honest, he is courageous enough to admit his mistake, he is going to feel remorse and he will stop doing what he has done.

This is how lenient the law is. Sometimes, interpretation of the lenient law is even more lenient than the law itself. It is lenient to an extent where even people like Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza, world-renowned terrorists, walk free from the British judiciary system.

In comparison to how the law is lenient in Europe – and on occasion, how lenient interpretation of the law is exhibited in the courts of the United Kingdom – Islamic Sharia appears to be so cruel.

In Islamic Sharia, if somebody is a thief, you chop their hands off. Obviously, a society that does not even recommend capital punishment for murderer and rapists cannot digest a law whereby the hands of a thief are chopped off. It is not compatible.

However, Muslims have been living [in the United Kingdom] for the past 50-60 years now. Why do we suddenly realise that Sharia is not compatible? It is the same Islam. But then, 50-60 years ago, maybe people in the western world thought, ‘This has nothing to do with us. According to their religion, they will chop off their own hands.’ But now, they’re talking about imposing Sharia Law in England, so we are beginning to get worried.

Now, this is my argument. People who live in the Arab world are so stubborn. If you tell a thief, ‘Do not do it again,’ he will feel offended. He will reply, ‘Why did you tell me not to do it again?’ They don’t understand the language of civility and love. They do not understand compassion. If you do not punish them, you are actually encouraging them to commit even more severe crimes than that.

So the Islamic Sharia, however cruel it is, is not designed for global practice. It was designed to cater the needs of the bedouins – those who only understand the language of the sword.

If Muslims today say, ‘No, we will go for conquest of the entire world and we will turn every single human being into a Muslim,’ that is absurd. If you want dominion of the world under Islam, what about the Christians and Jews? They should do the same. If all these three monotheistic religions race to control the world, then this place will become chaotic. There will be havoc.

Islam is not a global religion; it is regional religion. Islamic Sharia was designed to control and sociably discipline the people who live in the Arab world. It is not compatible with any other nation.

Pakistan was founded in 1947. In the last 69 years since the birth of Pakistan, many times in history, a democratic government was toppled up by an army general in a military coup. Martial Law was imposed on account of corruption done by the politicians in the government. Under Martial Law, many basic rights of the citizens were suspended.

I have never heard that there was Martial Law imposed in the United Kingdom in the last 100 years. In England, people are civilised. They respect your rights. People who are governing and running the country are doing so with pure intentions and an attitude of humility, fairness and honesty. If anything goes wrong, MPs are removed from their jobs. They cannot use their position to gain monetary benefits or any other benefits in any other form.

People in Pakistan do not understand the law. When they are in a high position, they always take advantage of their position. Their corrupt minds make them do nasty things while they are in power. Can a man in England who has never been to school be appointed as an education minister? Firstly, there is nobody in the United Kingdom who has never been to school. Everybody has to go to school even if their parents don’t like it. However, in Pakistan, you could be the petroleum minister and you won’t even know what petroleum means. You could be a finance minister and you cannot count to ten. It is not just that these people are cruel; they don’t have education.

In most of the countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait, the ruler has all the high posts under the belt. He is the prime minister, finance minister, culture minister and chief of army staff. He is everything – and basically, he is nothing.

Have some mercy on God. If God introduced some strict laws for these people, he is justified. He is dealing with people who know civility or education. If God says, ‘Ok. If this is his first time, leave him,’ they will take the wrong meaning of God’s compassion. The impression they will get is, ‘Oh, look! God is scared of me.’

So God imposed Islamic Sharia, which is a divine Martial Law. However it is not compatible with people who have some civility, who understand their rights and who also respect other’s rights. People in the Arab world don’t understand anybody’s rights.

Sharia Law applies to that region only. It does not apply anywhere else.

When God constitutes a religion for certain people, before the law is given to the prophet or messenger, God has to keep in view the temperament of the nation. How cool-headed or heated their heads are must be considered.

In the Arab world, most Arabs have more than one wife. Their wives have no objection. In Pakistan, they are also Muslims, but if you want a second wife, you first wife will either kill you or she will divorce you. Muslim women in Pakistan know that according to the Quran, a Muslim can keep four wives at the time. Why then do they have this attitude towards Islamic Sharia? This is because their temperament is different than Arabs. Ask any woman in Pakistan if she supports polygamy. She will say, ‘No, not at all. I am still alive, why do you want another wife?’

If people say, ‘Islamic Sharia is not compatible today,’ I say that this is wrong and absurd. Islamic Sharia was never compatible with or to any other nation.

1400 years ago and even today, Islamic Sharia is not compatible with any other nation apart from the Arabs.

Since oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia and the pirates of the sea started to see dollars and pounds, they made the journey to Europe and the United States of America. Now, they have changed to a certain degree. Their views have changed about Islamic Sharia. How? Now they say, ‘Islamic Sharia is for common Muslims, not for us.’ They can do anything.

Individuals who were born here and trained by Anjem Choudary and other radical elements in the United Kingdom, they don’t know who they are. They were not born in India or Pakistan, so their culture is not Pakistani or India. They have always avoided integrating into British culture, so even British culture is not their culture. Islam does not have any culture, so they are cultureless people. More likely to me is that it is an identity crisis; they do not know who they are.

That is why most of the women who were fleeing to Syria with their children, when they were caught red-handed, were stopped and brought back to the United Kingdom, they said, ‘We are living here in the United Kingdom, where Islam is not the rule of the law. That is why we are going to the Islamic State.’ They think that when they go to Islamic State, Islam is perfectly practised there. They have this perception, because [ISIS] say, ‘We are imposing Islam which was imposed at the time of Prophet Mohammad. You will come to live in the same type of era and atmosphere which was at the time of Prophet Mohammad.’ So people were bought into believing and unreal situation. They were told something which is totally against how it appears to be.

Islam never said, ‘Kill all non-Muslims.’ But Wahhabis say, ‘Kill all non-Wahhabis.’

People in the West are saying, ‘Muslims are doing this and that.’ They’re also talking about apocalyptic times and events.

However, the problem with the West is: why aren’t they inclined to call upon Jesus for help? According to Muslim and Christian books, Jesus is to return. He is the saviour of the world.

A majority of people in the West have become atheists. When you are an atheist, you cannot understand a religious person’s mental cooking. If you were a religious person, it would have been a lot easier for you to understand what they want and where they’re coming from. You think that going to the church and reading the Bible is a waste of time, so you cannot understand how young children in Pakistan become terrorists.

They go to a religious seminary or mosque to study the Quran. Now, no Muslim will stop their children from learning the Quran. For a religious Muslim, it is a good thing to learn and recite the Quran. If you were a Christian, you’d understand that and also encourage your kids to learn Bible. Since you are not a religious man, you think all Muslims are radicalised because they’re sending their kids to learn Quran.

Sending children to learn the Quran has nothing to do with terrorism and radicalisation. However, they’re using it as an instrument to train terrorists.

The Threat of Iran

After Wahhabism, we have yet another global threat. After the rise of ISIS, we started saying, ‘The Taliban was less cruel. They were not that aggressive. ISIS is very aggressive.’

In a similar way, the time is not far when we will see a new Islamic threat from Iran. We will say, ‘Wahhabism was comparatively better.’

Iranians dream and think about attacking on Israel, without a reason.

All the Shia muslims who live in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates are politically and religiously controlled by Iran. A majority of Shias live in Iraq and they are controlled by Iran.

Bashar ul Assad is a Shia. People don’t want to say it for any reason, but he is a puppet of Iran. Russia is being a devil. Russia is not against Wahhabism. Although the Russian television, RT, is exposing Wahhabism and ISIS, that is under a political agenda. They are not genuine in exposing the ugly truth of Wahhabism. They’re just doing it in order to oppose the enemy of Iran, because Russia is on the side of Iran.

Iran is a regional player; it now wants to become an international player.

No other Muslim country is so against Israel like Iran. No other Muslim country is so fiercely an enemy to Israel.

Iran is no lesser than ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban. The West should open their eyes and cut off all relations with them.

With regards to Imam Mehdi, the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi is a fabricated, concocted concept. Imam Mehdi does not hate anybody. Imam Mehdi is for the entire humanity.

Imam Mehdi does not represent hatred or death; He represents hope and love. Imam Mehdi represents human values. Imam Mehdi loves Israel, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all humanity.

Being Mehdi Foundation International, it is our job to show the world the original and truthful concept of Imam Mehdi.

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How Is Contemporary Jihad Illegitimate?
10th March 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

How Is Contemporary Jihad Illegitimate?

A thought is being put in the minds of people that martyrdom is greater than worship.

Religion begins with worship; anyone can worship. Martyrdom is greater than worship. Love is greater than martyrdom. Rapturous love is greater than love.

You do not have the authority to choose any of these four options on your own accord. You can only do one thing of your own accord, which is worship. You can only become a martyr when God needs martyrs.

In the Battle of Badr, Prophet Mohammad only had 313 people. Some had swords and some didn’t. There were only a few horses and donkeys. They were not prepared for war. This is the background information of the Battle of Badr.

Prophet Mohammad was not willing to wage a war against infidels of Mecca. When he heard that a thousand men with weapons, armoury, riding on horseback were coming towards Medina to attack on the Prophet and Muslims, in their self-defence, they were dragged into this war.

Every time the Prophet Mohammad’s uncle, Amir Hamza, requested the Prophet and told him about the intentions of his really emotional followers, Prophet Mohammad simply said, ‘No. I will wait for the commandment of God.’ Once they received commandment from God, they waged a war.

In Islam, even Prophet Mohammad did not initiate a war out of his own desire or understanding. Although, if he had initiated a war, it would be quite legitimate because he was in a position to decide on behalf of the Muslim nation.

How can a Muslim group of people justify initiating a war without receiving any commandment from God?

They are not able to receive any commandment from God. God does not look at their faces; God is not even aware of them. They are waging a war which is neither endorsed by Prophet Mohammad, nor the religion of Islam. Whether or not it is endorsed by God is out of the question..

The status of martyrdom is granted by God. This decision is taken by God. God will command the custodians of the religion to initiate a war, not every individual.

Initiating a war on behalf of Islam is not legitimate. The commandment must come from God. If it has not come from God, one cannot initiate a war and call it Jihad.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi initiates the hearts of sinners so that, towards the end times, they can support Imam Mehdi. In a similar way, when a religion is under attack, God does not want you to go in the mosque and engage yourself in worship. God wants you to protect the religion. If you offer prayer in the mosque and don’t want to defend your religion, the enemy will come, destroy your mosque and kill you. Therefore, martyrdom is greater than worship. But that happens when your religion is under attack.

The religion is only under attack when the religion is newly established.

The religions which were established one thousand or two thousand years ago are well-established. Even if one portion of Muslims or Jews are killed, this will have no effect on the spiritual welfare of the religion. The religion is not going to be destroyed.

If a religion is newly established and it only has a few followers and they are killed, the religion is gone. Jihad is only initiated when the religion is new.

Islam is 1438 years old. Muslims can be under attack, not the religion of Islam. You cannot die in the name of God because God does not want you to die in the name of God.

The time for Jihad is over. This is why Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Let’s move forward to greater Jihad from smaller Jihad (Jihad with the Sword).’ That was the time when Prophet Mohammad announced there would be no Jihad with the sword.

Ibn Taymiyyah was the first of Muslim scholars who disputed Prophet Mohammad’s opinion of moving towards greater Jihad. What Ibn Taymiyyah did was present two verses of the Quran. He said that the Quran is greater than Prophet Mohammad. That is why Wahhabis follow Ibn Taymiyyah. 99% of scholars of Ibn Tamiyyah’s time declared him to be a heretic – and Abdul Wahhab Najadi, the founder of Wahhabism, declared Ibn Taymiyyah to be a Sheikh ul Islam. Ibn Taymiyyah’s book is blasphemous.

Jihad is history. Islam is not under attack. Europe, the United States of America and Canada are under attack by radical Muslims. The radical Muslims are dreaming of becoming world leaders. They are after power and they want world dominion. This will never turn into reality.

The greater Jihad is to fight against your own devil, the Subtlety of Nafs (Self) inside you –  without which you cannot become a Momin (true believer).

Jihad with the sword is only valid when the religion is still in the process of establishment. After the religion is established, there is no need for Jihad with arms and ammunition. Smaller Jihad which is carried out with a weapon is a war in which you fight against the enemies of the religion. The greater Jihad is to fight your enemy, which is inside you.

Jihad with a weapon is only valid when the religion is still new and there is a likelihood that the enemies of that religion would want to finish it off, therefore you need Jihad. Now, Islam has expanded. It has spread. It is not under attack.

Humanity is under attack right now.

Iran, on an international level, maintains to say that Imam Mehdi, the 12th Imam, will turn everybody into Muslims and the teachings of the Quran will prevail.

But there is a narration in a book called Al Ghayba. According to this narration, ‘Imam Mehdi will implement a new commandment, a new book and a new custom. Imam Mehdi will introduce a new way of punishing the sinners.’

It is up to Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi will say, ‘You don’t want to do it anymore. I set you all free.’

Furthermore, the narration says, ‘Imam Mehdi will be harsh on the Arabs.’

This is in the book from Iran, Al Ghayba, about Imam Mehdi: Imam Mehdi will introduce new book, new system of punishment, new custom and a new religion.

Why is Iran saying that Imam Mehdi will introduce Islam all over the world? They are contradicting themselves with what they believe in.

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Iran’s Geopolitical Agenda
20th February 2016|Articles

Iran’s Geopolitical Agenda

What motivates Iran’s leadership to export their revolutionary version of Islam?

They boast of controlling four capitol cities of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen (in addition to their own, of course) which surrounds Saudi Arabia on almost every side – and explains why the Saudis feel threatened by Iran’s goal to lead the Islamic world, and seize control of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina – and the oil fields – from Saudi Arabia. Of course Iran also wants to eliminate Israel and control Jerusalem, which is viewed as the third holiest city for Muslims. But these are just stepping stones to the final goal of conquering the world for Shia Islam and imposing Sharia Law everywhere.

Rest assured: what they are planning for future will never happen because the true Imam Mehdi will love all humanity and not convert anybody to any religion.

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Religion Without Spirituality is Mischief
10th February 2016|LecturesVideos

Religion Without Spirituality is Mischief

Younus AlGohar establishes how Islam is dead without spiritual knowledge and how essential spiritual knowledge is. He also explains why and how Sharia is mischief without spirituality.

Main points:

  • In Islam and Judaism, those who talked about spirituality were always condemned and disapproved of by the mainstream religion. Sufism (spirituality) had been the centre of Islamic teachings until 200 years ago. Wahhabis were the pioneers of rejecting Sufism, calling it unIslamic – although there have been Sufis all over the world.
  • Religion comprises of two vital types of knowledge. Spirituality is the life of every religion; the exterior aspect isn’t given as much importance. Islam is alive only when spirituality is practised. If spirituality is separated from it, it is dead no matter how many people perform rituals. Radicalisation is the result of Sharia being practised without the spiritual knowledge. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Islamic scholarship, without the knowledge of spirituality, is a greater mischief.’
  • Quran says that worshippers who are naive to the truth of worship are destructed. Their worship is not reaching God; rather, they’re showing off. It doesn’t mean physical destruction, but destruction of faith and character. What does showing off mean? Their worship will not reach God, but people think they are dedicated worshippers. When this happens, people’s respect for such a person boosts their ego, destroying them spiritually. Such a person becomes a live threat to moral values in society. That’s how Sharia becomes mischief.
  • Truth of worship would have entered your heart only if you practised spirituality. Spirituality enlightens hearts, manifesting truth on the screen of the heart. Since people don’t practise spirituality among Muslims, therefore their Salat (worship) is futile, useless and not recognised by God.
  • Sharia is only good with spirituality which will control your heart and you won’t make wrong decisions. Spirituality makes you compassionate. Without spirituality, your heart will be as hard as stone and with spirituality, the heart will be soft. You will help all regardless of religion. However, Sharia without spirituality (now or even at the time of Prophet Mohammad), was, is and will remain to be mischief forever.

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The Muslim Reform Movement – A Realistic Cause?
19th January 2016|LecturesVideos

The Muslim Reform Movement – A Realistic Cause?

Younus AlGohar passes his remarks about the realistic outcome of the Declaration of the Muslim Reform Movement, an initiative started by Muslims in Canada and around the world in response to the rise of Islamic terrorism.

Main points:

  • The cause is wonderful but it will not bring any change. Reforms have to come from the highest authority in Islam: God. It is not the duty of the people to reform Islam, but rather the duty of those delegated by God to make reformations.
  • In reality, what is written has not application, no implementation. It is not going to produce any results because the Muslim world will not accept this movement as an authority on Islam.
  • Certain points in the declaration are not reformations to be made in Islam but rather the opinions of individuals.
  • Islam cannot be reformed; it is damaged beyond repair. If reformations are to be made in Islam, they will be so lengthy that after the reforms, Islam will be changed unrecognisably.

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Imam Mehdi Will NOT Carry Out Genocide – Younus AlGohar
17th January 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Imam Mehdi Will NOT Carry Out Genocide – Younus AlGohar

My topic today is very important and it is about a book recently published in the USA.

The name of the book is ‘The First Hostage,’ by Joel C. Rosenberg. It is about Islamism, terrorism and the so-called Islamic State.

The way the author has penned down his understanding of what is going on behind this wave of terrorism and the angle from which he is looking at all these events is excellent.

However, what he has penned down in his books carries a negative connotation. This is what I need to speak on. His understanding and point of view is very unique and wonderful. However, it needs a clear and correct information.

Without correct information, what Rosenberg has put forward in his book will pollute many hearts and create a great misunderstanding in the minds of people.

He says that the so-called Islamic State is an apocalyptic movement. He also mentions that according to the so-called Islamic state, they want the West to take their armies into a city called Dabiq. This city is historically mentioned in Messianic Traditions of the Prophet. It is believed that the armies of Imam Mehdi or the Messiah will wage a war against infidels in that city. Therefore, he comes up with this conclusion that there is going to be a great war because they want British and American armies to go there and turn that city into a battlefield. They are pretty sure that the so-called Islamic State will defeat them. This is their understanding and this is what Rosenberg has put forward in his book.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘A time will come when Dajjal (the Antichrist) and his people will publicise Dajjal as being Imam Mehdi. When this time comes, you should also publicise these signs. They will publicise him and you will publicise the real Imam Mehdi.

‘Then the world will be confused, “This group is saying their leader is Imam Mehdi and that group is saying their leader is Imam Mehdi.” This group has occupied a country and they many hundred thousand followers. They have money and oil. And you have nothing. But they are killing, they hate humanity. And you will talk about love. The day will come when the world will come to recognise Imam Mehdi.’

There have been a couple of pseudo-claimants of the office of Imam Mehdi who have been involved in genocidal attempts. In particular, Mehdi Sudani, a man from Sudan who killed many thousand people and was defeated by a British general, Charles Gordon.

Rosenberg believes he is waiting for the Messiah and he said, ‘Christians are waiting for Jesus Christ. Muslims are waiting for Imam Mehdi.’

Then he went on to say that the difference between ISIS’s claim about Imam Mehdi and Iran’s claim about Imam Mehdi is not too much. They’re going after genocide; they’re already butchering human beings in the thousands. On the other hand, he said that, not the public of Iran, but the leaders of Iran believe that Imam Mehdi will come and establish a global caliphate. This is why they are trying to make nuclear technology so that when the time comes, they can use nuclear power and kill millions of people; those who do not believe in their leader should be killed.

This is a wrong impression. I would like to request all respectable writers and intellectuals in the West to study more about Imam Mehdi. Rosenberg said, ‘According to ancient Traditions of the Prophet, an apocalyptic battle will take place and Imam Mehdi will rule the world. A global kingdom will be established.’

Let me correct you. In regards to what Imam Mehdi will do in the future, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Before the advent of Imam Mehdi, the world would be filled with total tyranny and injustice. Imam Mehdi, as he appears, will fill the Earth with justice.’

It is narrated by Imam Jafar Sadiq that Imam Mehdi will bring a new book. He will establish a new religion.

I would like the writers and intellectuals in the West – especially the religious think tanks who hold themselves responsible for interpreting the Bible and who calculate upon the predictions mentioned in the Bible – to have a profound insight into the affairs of the advent of Imam Mehdi.

The Awaited One

It is not just that the Jews are waiting for Messiah, Christians are waiting for Jesus and Muslims are waiting for Imam Mehdi. Hindus are also waiting for a Messianic Figure. This concept of the Awaited One is very much the centre of all religious people in their religion.

All religions are now looking up to the Awaited One for their salvation, peace and justice.

According to every religion, their Awaited One will be the mightiest personality to ever come to this world. All these Awaited Ones are coming towards the end of the world. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheistic religions established upon the celestial book. Therefore, the concept of the Awaited One in each of these religions was from God.

If God told Jews that a Messiah would come towards the end times, and the same God told Muslims that Imam Mehdi would come towards the end, and the same God told Hindus that Kalki Avatar would come at the end times, and so on, there would be at least 3-5 mighty personalities. They would start quarrelling with each other.

It is not God’s temperament to send more than one personality of same calibre in the same age.

For himself, God said, ‘Had there been more creators besides me, there would have been a problem.’ He understands that if there was another God equal of God, there would have been issues.

I don’t understand why he would send 3-5 mighty personalities in the same era.

For right now, Muslims don’t have their leader, Hindus don’t have their leader, Christians don’t have their leader and Jews don’t have their leader. Everybody is sitting quietly.

I’m simply trying to paint a imaginary scenario. For example, Kalki Avatar of Hinduism comes; he has an enormous amount of power. He will kill all other people for except Hindus. The Messiah will come and he will think only about Israel; to him, nothing is more important than returning the Promised Land to Jews. Maybe the Messiah is not going to be interested in the rest of humanity. Kalki Avatar’s total pleasure lies in making everybody Hindu. According to their understanding, Imam Mehdi will have the same amount of power and authority. If he is suppose to kill all else or force everybody to become a Muslim, then what will happen? This will be like a divine war between mighty personalities sent by God. I don’t think God will do such a thing.

If Kalki Avatar is sitting in New Delhi, with the authority and power of Kalki Avatar, would India hesitate in bombing Pakistan? Then, suppose Saudi Arabia has Imam Mehdi. If Saudi Arabia had Imam Mehdi, why would they create ISIS? ISIS is killing 10 individuals at a time, whereas Imam Mehdi can kill everybody in one go. Why would Saudi Arabia create ISIS when they have Imam Mehdi in Mecca and Medina?

Jesus said, ‘When I return to this world, don’t think I am going to establish peace. I am coming for war.’ Jesus is coming to wage a war, and so is the Kalki Avatar, Messiah and Imam Mehdi, allegedly.

When you want to write a book, you want to make sure that the subject you are touching upon, you have complete knowledge on that subject, otherwise you are going to create fear and terror among people.

God’s plan is totally different. God wants the entire humanity to come under the umbrella of divine love.

God doesn’t want Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Sikhism. He wants one religion and one nation. Whether you are white, black or brown, you love God and God will love you.

The only religion which Imam Mehdi will profess, advocate and preach to humanity is God’s love and global peace.

There is a Prophetic Tradition in which Prophet Mohammad said, ‘My nation will pass through an era in which nothing will be left in Islam for except its name. Nothing will be left in the Quran for except the custom of recitation.’

According to Prophet Mohammad, there is a time when Islam will be completely destroyed.

After the destruction of Islam, Imam Mehdi will come. So Imam Mehdi is not going to talk about Islam.

Of course, there will be a global government but it will the government of individuals sent by God.

Whether you call him Messiah, Kalki Avatar or Imam Mehdi – these are different titles given to one singular personality.

Imam Mehdi is for Jews and they will know him as Messiah. Imam Mehdi is for Hindus and they will know him as Kalki Avatar. His message is not Christianity, Judaism or Islam. His message is love. Imam Mehdi will teach Hindus, Jews, and Muslims (if there are any left) to love God. Imam Mehdi will teach Christians how to love God and be loyal to Lord Jesus Christ. Imam Mehdi and Lord Jesus Christ are together.

Jews and Christians According to the Quran

If you think this ISIS or the Wahhabi movement are firm believers in the Awaited One, or they’re trying to force the world to enter into apocalyptic events, then do not forget that Imam Mehdi and Jesus will be together. When Imam Mehdi and Jesus are together, why would Imam Mehdi kill Christians?

Recently, I spoke about a verse in the Quran which says, ‘Christians and Jews are not your friends; they are your enemies.’ I found another verse, Quran 5:69.

This verse says, ‘Those who have become Momin (true believers) in Islam, and also those from among Jews, Christians and Sabians who have become Momin, believe in the Day of Judgement and have adopted Amal-e-Sauleh (good deeds), there will be no fear on them and they will have nothing to grieve about.’

In this verse, God is equaling believers in Islam with believers in Christianity, Judaism and Sabians. Clearly, those who truly believe in Jesus are Momin, they are fine and can enter paradise. Those who truly believe in Judaism are fine.

So, there are conditions: they must believe in God, the faith must settle in their hearts, they must believe in the Day of Judgement and they have to adopt Amal-e-Sauleh. If they do that, God does not discriminate, whether they are a Muslim, Christian, Jew or Sabian. Sabians are those who used to worship stars. Even they can be Momin if they follow their religion truly, according to the Quran.

Imam Mehdi is coming from God. Why would Imam Mehdi kill Jews and Christians that truly believe in their religion? There is a logic for everything.

Wahhabis are killing other Muslims because they think they don’t follow the true Islam. According to their understanding, their version of Islam is true and the school of thought of all non-Wahhabi Muslims is false. That is why they kill them.

When Imam Mehdi comes, his temperament will be a divine temperament. Imam Mehdi’s teachings will not be man-made teachings. As long as it is in the original form, Imam Mehdi recognises the Bible, Torah and the Quran as true word of God.

Imam Mehdi is not going to kill anybody. The purpose of his coming into this world is to spread love and establish justice.

The Improvisation of the Concept of Imam Mehdi by Wahhabis

It was so easy for us to explain to the world that Islam is a religion of peace; however, after Wahhabism, its ideology – and the massacre of innocent people by its offshoots in the form of militant groups like the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shahbab and Boko Haram – it has become almost impossible to say that Islam is a religion of peace.

It is not just ISIS and the Taliban which make it doubtful to understand that Islam is a religion of peace. When you plunge back into the history of Islam, you will see in many different times, Muslim leaders killed innocent people.

Umar bin Khattab sent troops to neighbouring countries, attacked them and asked them, ‘Either you become Muslim or you pay taxes. The third option is that you be ready to be killed.’ What Umar bin Khattab did is totally wrong. Umar bin Khattab, his opinion and his understanding of Islam is not an authority over the Quran, Customs of the Prophet Mohammad or Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad.

People outside Islam, especially in the West, may find it irrational and illogical that somebody who was very close to Prophet Mohammad and someone who the entire Muslim nation respects as hero in Islam, could go wrong. The problem is, he was wrong.

If somebody is naive to Islamic history and they don’t know what intuitional knowledge and what spirituality is, they will not believe it. They will simply say, ‘You are just trying to cover up [the truth].’

It is very unfortunate that Islam is the bloodiest religion in the world. It is not my statement; this is what we have learned from history.

I would like to add that the idea of Islamic apocalypse is very sensitive and delicate. You need intuitional discerning to plunge into this topic. You can’t simply understand everything right about this apocalyptic Islamic foretelling with superficial knowledge. You need very profound and spiritual insight.

The concept of Imam Mehdi differs within Islam.

Although after people have read the book, ‘The First Hostage’, by Joel Rosenberg, they will develop a thought that Imam Mehdi will go after genocide of Christians and Jews, let me tell you: the Wahhabi concept about apocalypse has been cunningly improvised and very cleverly adulterated.

The reason why I said, ‘Cunningly improvised and very cleverly adulterated,’ is for a number of a reasons. All Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad which clearly indicate the advent of Imam Mehdi, that carry the information about Imam Mehdi, have been declared inauthentic by the Wahhabi school of thought.

They do talk about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. However, [they do not affirm] the fact that in the same era when Jesus comes into this world, Imam Mehdi will also come into this world and Imam Mehdi and Jesus Christ will be together hand in hands; they will work for the spiritual, celestial and mundane welfare of humanity.

The Wahhabi school of thought, which is extraordinarily extremist, dishonest and fabricated has removed the word ‘Mehdi’ from the Traditions of the Prophet and replaced it with ‘Caliph’.

This is why you hear about the Islamic State, the Caliphate. This is why you hear that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi calls himself the Caliph.

The personality attached to the concept of the apocalypse is the Mehdi, not a caliph.

Write in on your heart: the Wahhabi school of thought projects the character of their fabricated caliph and what he will do when he comes in these words: they say, ‘Towards the end times, a caliph will come from among Muslims. He will give Muslims plenty of wealth from God.’

Now I understand why and how the original text of Prophet Mohammad was adulterated to this form where wealth is being discussed. Saudi Arabia has wealth; whoever becomes a Wahhabi, they give him a lot of money.

For example, Zakir Naik was doctor by profession. He started giving lectures. When Saudi Arabia noticed that there were some thousand people who came and listen to him and he has similar ideology as they believe, they bought him. Now, he has around eleven television channels.

He is now promoting the Wahhabi ideology in India. India is so proactive in defeating terrorists, but they are not going after those who radicalise innocent Muslims. Right in Mumbai, Zakir Naik is radicalising Hindus and Muslims, both together. The government of India does not ban him. They think radical elements come from Pakistan and they go back.

I am not disputing whether mischief mongers infiltrate into India from Pakistan and they carry out terrorist activities. It is very much possible; but then again, what about homegrown terrorists? What about the Indian Muslim leaders who are actively involved in promoting the Wahhabi school of thought? Zakir Naik is one of them.

The Issues with the Quran

According to Prophetic Traditions, Islam will finish before the end of the world, before Imam Mehdi’s arrival. There are 1.7 billion Muslims today, but if you want to judge whether or not they are Muslims in light of the Quran and Ahadith, you will come to the conclusion that they are Muslims the way they want to be Muslims.

The concept of Islam which came from God through Prophet Mohammad is not to be seen anywhere.

The Quran is misinterpreted widely and grossly. I don’t think the Bible or the Torah went through an extreme of corruption as the Quran has. The Bible is a very simple book; the Quran is like a puzzle.

In the Quran, God may be talking about women and, suddenly, he will talk about prophets. Most of the chapters and verses of the Quran start from ‘and.’ According to Urdu and English grammar, we have auxiliaries called determiners. When you want to link two sentences together, you use either a comma or use the word ‘and’.

For example, if someone wants to ask me about my Samsung phone or my iPhone and I want to tell them that I have both, I will say, ‘I have my iPhone and my Samsung phone.’ Both sentences are now joined. Comparatively, the Quran would start from, ‘And the Samsung phone is there.’ The way it appears in the Quran, it is like something is being discussed, but God is starting from somewhere in the middle.

The chapters of the Quran are given wrong names. For example, God is talking about women in the Chapter of Noor (Divine Energy). In the Chapter of Nisa (Women), he talks about Noor.

The way the Quran was collected, I do not think God would have helped them – because God never wanted the Quran to take the shape of a book.

Chronology is the biggest issue in the Quran.

In the Quran, the first verse revealed to Prophet Mohammad was placed somewhere here and there.

The first commandment from God which came to Prophet Mohammad was, ‘Affirm the name given to you of your Lord.’

Sometimes, if you only hear an audio of my speech, you will not have a clear picture of what happened here. For example, I could have been saying, ‘This is what God said,’ and a member of the audience may have been shaking his head in negative, though he didn’t say anything. So he did not accept it. You would have to watch a video to find out everything.

Similarly, we should have had a complete explanation of this verse. Why was this verse revealed and when Prophet Mohammad affirmed that he received God’s name, what happened? What was done to the Prophet’s heart when this verse was revealed?

For example, Gabriel came and said to Prophet Mohammad, ‘Affirm.’ Some of the words in the Quran are not Arabic words, that is where the problem is. According to the Arabic language, they translate it as, ‘Read it.’ Prophet Mohammad did not go to a school. If God’s name was written on his heart, why would Gabriel say to him, ‘Read it’? The word, ‘Iqra,’ means ‘affirm’.

These are only words. What happened there was that Gabriel asked him to affirm and he said, ‘I am not going to affirm.’

When, even after the third time, the Prophet Mohammad said the same thing, then Gabriel hugged him really tight and Noor (Divine Energy) and Ism-e-Dhaat was transmitted into his heart. This is not explained in the Quran. What is mentioned in the Quran is only one phrase: ‘I affirm that I have received the name of my lord.’ The background information of this verse is hidden. Nobody knows when Gabriel came.

The Quran cannot be trusted without Prophet Mohammad.

400 years ago, Sultan Haq Bahu worked really hard on finding true authenticity of Prophetic Traditions. After a hard struggle, he collected 40 Prophetic Traditions and he said, ‘Only these 40 are correct. The rest are false.’

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘You cannot recognise Imam Mehdi in the light of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions.’ If 400 years ago, there were only 40 authentic Prophetic Traditions, today we don’t even have one authentic Prophetic Tradition. They have been fabricated. Something was added or their original words were changed.

In the span of three years, the Prophetic Traditions I used to quote in our spiritual gatherings, their wordings have been changed.

For example, I often mention a Prophetic Tradition which says, ‘A time will come on my Ummah (nation), when nothing will be left in the Quran for except the custom of recitation. Nothing will be left in Islam for except its name.’ There was the word ‘Ummah’; they removed it and replaced it with ‘Wal naas (everyone).’ Why would the time come on everybody about Islam? This will affect Muslims only. The people who modified this Prophetic Tradition didn’t think about this.

The West should note it down that Imam Mehdi and Jesus are together. if somebody claims to be Imam Mehdi but you do not see Jesus along with him, he is wrong. Even the intellectual pseudo-claimant of the office of Imam Mehdi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani, when he claimed to be Imam Mehdi, somebody told him, ‘Jesus has to come in the era of Imam Mehdi. Where is Jesus?’ He made up a story and said, ‘I am Jesus and I am Imam Mehdi together.’

Jesus and Imam Mehdi are together. When they are together, it simply means that the original Muslims and Christians are brothers to each other.

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ذکرِقلب ایک نعمت اور تعلق باللہ کا زریعہ ہے

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Before joining us on our live sessions, we highly recommend you read His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s book, The Religion of God (Divine Love), which explains the basics of spirituality and secrets of God in a comprehensive manner.

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