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Batini Taleem Shaoor Ka Ata Hona Hai
18th February 2017|LecturesVideos

Batini Taleem Shaoor Ka Ata Hona Hai

Younus AlGohar analyses the situation of Muslims today in light of a verse in Surah Baqarah of the Quran.

Main points:
– In this particular verse, God says that some people claim they are Momin (true believers) because they believe in God and the Day of Judgement, but they do not know that they are deceiving themselves.

– Islam requires Muslims to declare their faith by the tongue and affirm it by the heart (Qalb). Here, God is saying that what Muslims consider to be Islam is not what Islam is to him. On the Day of Judgement, God will not ask people how many times they fasted or worshipped him.

– When you go to work, you expect to get paid; the money you receive is proof that you work. Similarly, God put inside you your heart which is meant to accumulate the divine energy (Noor) of the worship and fasts you carry out. On the Day of Judgement, God will simply look at the amount of divine energy in your heart and other subtleties of the breast in order to determine how much you worshipped him. Those who worshipped him without obtaining the divine energy for their hearts, God will reject their worship on the Day of Judgement.

– When you fast or go to the mosque, you should know the benefits you will reap out of these practises. It is spiritual knowledge that gives you the power of comprehension so that you can understand why the religion requires you to do certain things.

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The True Mehdi Magazine Available Now!
15th January 2017|News

The True Mehdi Magazine Available Now!

Mehdi Foundation International, Messiah Foundation International, and Kalki Avatar Foundation are excited to announce the first ever issue of the monthly ‘The True Mehdi’ Magazine which is now available online! This magazine was created to expose the misconstrued concepts of Imam Mehdi to the Western World and provide information about the true Awaited Imam Mehdi. Read it online here.

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Kiya Pakistan Waqayi Azad Hai?
18th August 2016|LecturesVideos

Kiya Pakistan Waqayi Azad Hai?

Younus AlGohar discusses the state of Pakistan on the occasion of Pakistan Independence Day and asks whether Pakistan is truly independent today.

He declares, ‘Pakistan has lost its freedom to Islamists and corrupt politicians. Pakistan isn’t free at all. Celebration is unsuitable. Before birth of Pakistan, a nation needed a country. Now, the country of Pakistan needs a nation!’

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Fassad-e-Bani Adam Aur Imam Mehdi Ki Talaash
5th August 2016|LecturesVideos

Fassad-e-Bani Adam Aur Imam Mehdi Ki Talaash

Younus AlGohar responds to a viewer-submitted question, ‘Why is the world full of cruelty?’ He also discusses the true concept of Imam Mehdi and how Imam Mehdi will change the world.

Main points:

– Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi wrote in His book that when angels saw Adam Safi Allah being made, they understood that he was being made for the Earth. Then they said to God, ‘You’re making a human being again? He will again create mischief and cause bloodshed.’ God said, ‘No, this time I’ll give him the Knowledge of Eminence, the knowledge of my names. Tell me if you have this knowledge.’ They replied, ‘How will we have this knowledge if you didn’t give it to us?’ God’s statement about giving the Knowledge of Eminence to Adam was to prove the angels wrong, that bloodshed and mischief would not be carried out now. What God didn’t say was that the Knowledge of Eminence would only be given to a few, and the rest of human beings would continue to do as they did before.

– If we look at it, every human being is cruel. They only think those are cruel who are bigger or more powerful than them. This world supports bad people. Good people who are empathetic are lacking in this world. If God created someone for hellfire, then spiritual knowledge does not affect them. This all has to do with God’s personality, decree and will.

– Everything happens in this world: fraud in the name of God, Prophet Mohammad and even Imam Mehdi. The concept of Imam Mehdi has been distorted to a degree where people believe that Imam Mehdi is a militant who will be dangerous. People think Imam Mehdi will kill all those who don’t follow him. Iran especially ruined the concept of Imam Mehdi for the West. The conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia is also because of misconceptions about Imam Mehdi. Saudi Arabia, thinking that Imam Mehdi will take their kingdom from them, believe that Imam Mehdi will emerge from Shias – therefore, Iran is their sworn enemy.

– People have done so much in search of Imam Mehdi. People haven’t been able to find the Shia concept of Imam Mehdi because he doesn’t exist. The real Imam Mehdi cannot be found until He wants to be found. Imam Mehdi will reveal Himself to the world when the world fixes its understanding of Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi is not here to shed blood or make Shias or Sunnis more powerful. He is not against any government.

– The reason why there is so much cruelty in the world is because the Knowledge of Eminence that God gave to Adam Safi Allah was not able to be properly spread. Imam Mehdi is here to elevate humanity; to revive humanity in human beings. He is known as God’s helper. Imam Mehdi has nothing to do with any religion. Imam Mehdi will unite humanity and restore justice.

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Failed Coup in Turkey Ended Atatürk Secular Revolution
23rd July 2016|LecturesVideos

Failed Coup in Turkey Ended Atatürk Secular Revolution

Recently there was news of a military coup in Turkey. After a few hours, it was learnt that the coup failed and 3000 army personnel were arrested. 2500 army personnel were killed in an ISIS-style beheading. Everything happened in a weird way which does not suggest to common intelligence that this was a genuine coup attempt.

I raised my voice in favour of the military coup because I was sniffing danger. That danger was that if Turkey did not go under the military control, Turkey would become another ISIS country.

The world leaders made a blunder by supporting democracy in Turkey. A form of democracy which gives rise to extremism, fanaticism should not be applauded by world leaders. Although dictatorship by the military is in no way good, given the circumstances and as a matter of survival, a military coup was urgently needed in Turkey.

However, the government of President Erdagon was supported by world leaders. Now, after the failed coup, he is reshuffling all officials and the departments. Turkey, now under the rule of Erdagon, is going through a very rapid process of Islamisation.

Turkey is not running; Turkey is flying towards Islamisation. Turkey is in the making of a newer, extremist, fanatic, brutal terrorist country.

The Washington Post says ‘Turkey declares a state of emergency for three months.’

The world leaders are going to regret the way they supported democracy in Turkey. They cannot see how this scene was dramatised, how it was planned and who was going to be the beneficiary. By showing people the attempted coup, Erdagon is going to do many things. He is doing many things.

According to the Washington Post, ‘Turkey declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, a move that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said would enable the state to act faster against those who plotted a failed coup.

‘In a late-night televised address, Erdogan, who has been carrying out a large-scale purge of the country’s institutions, sought to reassure the country that the measure — which would be in force for three months — will protect democratic freedoms. But the move consolidates more power in the president’s hands, allowing him to rule by decree.

‘The United States and Europe have urged Turkey to follow the rule of law and maintain democratic order in the wake of the attempted power grab that saw a renegade part of the armed forces hijack aircraft and attack key military and government buildings last week. Turkey’s countermeasures have affected more than 50,000 people — judges, civil servants, military, police and others — as the country’s leaders seek to root out opponents and perceived internal dissent.’

The West — including United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada — is now urging Turkey to stop doing it or they will cancel its NATO membership.

However, now Turkey is on the way to becoming another Syria. This is alarming.

Erdagon is talking about Islam and he lives in a palace owned by him, worth £500 million. The world leaders should have supported the military coup. If they had done this, they would have nipped the devil in the bud.

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Imam Mehdi Ke Khilaf Ullema-e-Sou Ka Manfi Propaganda
5th May 2016|LecturesVideos

Imam Mehdi Ke Khilaf Ullema-e-Sou Ka Manfi Propaganda

Younus AlGohar discusses how and why sectarian elements in Pakistan instigated negative propaganda against Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and how it is affecting Pakistanis today.

This video is in Urdu.

Main points:

– There are two types of conjecture: good and bad. If you have a bad conjecture for someone seeing their bad deeds, then this is justified. When you have never met someone and you develop a bad conjecture for them due to negative propaganda you have heard about them, this is when you are wrong. This is a sin.

– The greater the person you have a bad conjecture for, the worse the sin is. If the person you have a bad conjecture for is a friend of God, then God will declare war on you. Your faith will be cut every day. If someone has developed a bad conjecture for Imam Mehdi, no one can save him.

– When scholars spread negative propaganda about Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi because of their own grudges and sectarian prejudices, many people developed a bad conjecture based on what they heard. For 10-12 years, Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi did not address the common public; hence, sectarian scholars made up stories about Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, such as alleging that He did not have a beard or that He stops people from offering Salat (a form of worship).

– People in Pakistan are influenced by the negative propaganda that they do not want to listen to us when we explain the truth: that Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi did not stop anyone from offering Salat. Rather, Imam Mehdi drew the attentions of Muslims to the fact that their Salat would not be acceptable in the eyes of God without presence of their heart. The form of Salat they were offering was just a show-off would be their destruction, according to the Quran. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi revived the hearts of Muslims through His spiritual powers and advised them that until they would be able to perform the real Salat (with presence of the heart), they should keep offering Salat as per the norm.

– Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is showing people the way to God’s rapturous love. He did not ask anyone to pledge allegiance to Him. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi said, ‘We will help you until you reach God.’ Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi further said to people, ‘What can you give me that I don’t already have?’ When false cases were instigated against Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in Pakistan, the judge overseeing the case said, ‘Gohar Shahi does not lack money or admirers.’

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Iran’s Geopolitical Agenda
20th February 2016|Articles

Iran’s Geopolitical Agenda

What motivates Iran’s leadership to export their revolutionary version of Islam?

They boast of controlling four capitol cities of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen (in addition to their own, of course) which surrounds Saudi Arabia on almost every side – and explains why the Saudis feel threatened by Iran’s goal to lead the Islamic world, and seize control of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina – and the oil fields – from Saudi Arabia. Of course Iran also wants to eliminate Israel and control Jerusalem, which is viewed as the third holiest city for Muslims. But these are just stepping stones to the final goal of conquering the world for Shia Islam and imposing Sharia Law everywhere.

Rest assured: what they are planning for future will never happen because the true Imam Mehdi will love all humanity and not convert anybody to any religion.

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The Undeclared War Between Humanity and Radical Islam
18th February 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

The Undeclared War Between Humanity and Radical Islam

We have submitted an online petition in the United Kingdom to ban Wahhabism. We are running a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the potential fatality of this cult of fear and death, Wahhabism.

Not many people are aware of the difference between a common Muslim and a Wahhabi Islamist. People who are aware of political problems in relation to making any effort to ban Wahhabism find it almost impossible. Realistically speaking, they like the idea of banning Wahhabism; however, given the Charter of the United Nation’s Security Council, everyone should be allowed to practise their religious faith and no religion should be banned. This is debatable because our petition is not to ban any religion.

We are not filing a petition in which a religion is to be banned – but rather, an austere, ultraconservative and very lethal doctrine of hatred and death, which must be raised awareness of.

People will not come to know of the potential jeopardy of this brutal cult of Wahhabism until they are duly taught. An emphasis should be laid on the founding principles of this hate-mongering cult of death and fear, Wahhabism.

We have found this opportunity to make humanity aware of how fatal, lethal and how inevitable it is to ban Wahhabism’s ideology and practice. People are aware of the practice of Wahhabism – which is nothing but carrying out brutal massacre, carnage and organised butchery of humankind. However, a burning question is: what is the Wahhabi ideology?

People should want to know what the driving force is behind radicalisation of young individuals who were growing to be doctors and engineers. They should want to know what could cause young fun-loving girls who used to play music and enjoy the colours of life to suddenly want to become jihadi brides.

Something is being poured into innocent minds. This must be going on over a long period of time. You do not become a terrorist overnight. As soon as someone is radicalised, he begins to hate the entire world. He stops respecting his own parents, who caused him to come into this world. What happens to a person when he is radicalised and he considers himself to be a warrior of God? Since when has God developed a necessity of luring his servants into chopping and slashing the throats of people?

How can a young man and young woman accumulate so much hatred for all other non-radicalised individuals, for all other non-Wahhabi individuals? We need to see that.

The world leaders are looking at all these events of terrorism with a different point of view. Somebody is simply turning against Wahhabism because somebody’s political status is being challenged. Somebody else is turning against Wahhabism simply because their job requires him/her to show a hostile attitude towards Wahhabism. What can a common person – who is not a police officer, army personnel, MP (Member of Parliament) or politician – do towards curbing the apocalyptical worldwide movement of terrorism, massacre and carnage of humankind?

It is not a worrying matter for a president of a country; he has many thousands of security personnel surrounding him. It’s a story of a common man who goes to a mosque, church or temple; who takes his kids out, who goes to Disneyland, who goes to a disco bar to have some fun, who goes to a cricket ground, football arena or musical concert. The man may be with his wife, brother, mother, children or father and suddenly, an uproar brutally announces the death of many dozen people.

It is very easy to deploy many dozens of security personnel to guard one important man in a country. But it is not practical that all shopping malls, schools and public places are well guarded. It is one of the many prime responsibility of a government to protect its citizens; however, when they come up with excuses and they tell you in your face of their inability to protect you, what are you supposed to do?

Should you simply say that you are ready for your untimely death? We don’t want to die, but when we do, we die not because of our own choice.

But when your governments tell you that they cannot provide security and protection, you begin to feel a very thick blanket of fear on your head. Peace is lost in your life. 

Terrorists are playing games. They’re using different tactics. Terrorists used to be easily identified by the way they behaved and their demeanour. Radicalised Muslims were typically resembling each other. For a number of years, Wahhabis were easily recognisable. They had thick beards with no cosmetic work done on it, which grew disproportionally. This was a typical identification of the Wahhabi cult. Now, they have changed their strategy. They are advised against growing a beard. Now they are advised against making themselves known to people. They want to keep a very low and disguising profile. They are a devil in disguise.

There was a time when they used to be strictly religious, meaning they would not touch alcohol or touch pork. However, in the name of jihad, they can do anything. The centre point in their ideology is jihad: killing of people. In order to achieve their goal of successfully carrying out a massacre, they will go to any extent, whether according to Islam it is lawful or unlawful. This is their mentality.

The first thing that every politician and policeman in the United Kingdom must do is to study the founding principles of Wahhabism, so that you are fully aware of what Wahhabism are aiming for. If you do not want to know them, you can never beat them.

If you do not know your enemy, you will never be able to beat them. Spies go into other countries to wage proxy wars, cold wars; and at the same time, they tell their governments of the weaknesses of the other countries.

You cannot carry out an assault on the enemy until you’re fully prepared, well equipped and well trained; then you must be fully aware of the movement of your enemy, their abilities and inabilities. You will only strike on your enemy on the grounds of inability. You should know the ins and outs of your enemy.

You are in an undeclared war with radical Islam, whether you accept it not, this acceptance or non-acceptance will not change anything. The entire humanity is at an undeclared war with Wahhabis.

If the United Nations and their policies are not fully aware of the potential dangers of the Wahhabi doctrine and ideology and [therefore oppose banning it or declaring it to be radical Islam]. I am sorry to say but the United Nations are not helping humanity. The United Nations are steering humanity into a blind ditch from where we will never return.

This is the time for each and every citizen of the world to learn the founding principles of the Wahhabi ideology so that individually, you can protect yourself.

At least you can protect yourself in a way that you would never want to associate with a Wahhabi individual. At least you will be able to put a stop to radicalisation in your area, in your home. If you want these radical elements to fail and want to protect yourself, your children and your family, you’ll want to protect them against radicalisation. You must be aware of the filth of the Wahhabi doctrine.

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Wahhabism: A Plot for World Domination
7th February 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Wahhabism: A Plot for World Domination

Wahhabism has taken the world by storm through their religious plan and dreams of world domination; they are carrying out terrorist activities in many different countries. Their belief system and radical doctrine evidently and obviously depict their intention of promoting the geopolitical side of the religion in which their target is land and power.

Is the purpose of a religion to acquire land or gain power? When we talk about a religion, the first thing that will come to your mind is men becoming obedient to God, men submitting themselves to God and men becoming worshippers of God.

World communities need to understand that these terrorists are not practising or believing the religion of Islam. This is a geopolitical game [to gain] land and power.

Democracy is a system whereby all individuals have a voice; it is a government by the public and ruled by public choice. For example, if it is being decided whether the United Kingdom should be part of European Union, whatever the majority will say will be the decision in democracy. Governments do what people want to do. No one single individual can dictate and impose his decision on people.

In a dictatorship, the government doesn’t ask people what they want. They impose their decisions on people.

A dictatorship normally comes through armed forces. The UK, USA and European countries are well-established democratic countries, so you will never hear of any military coup. However, in Pakistan and Bangladesh, we have such problems. Oftentimes, the public representatives such as the Prime Minister or the President are dismissed by the army because they think the government is involved in corruption. In a dictatorship, it is one man who imposes his decisions.

Theocracy is a system of government in which religious laws are imposed, like in Saudi Arabia. In democracy, the law is legislated by people; the government is run by people and decisions are made by people.

In theocracy, literally no human being has any participation in the legislation of the law or making decisions. In theocracy, you live by the law of your religion.

Since my childhood, I have been hearing slogans of imposing Sharia Law in Pakistan. A Muslim political organisation headed by Shah Ahmed Noorani (of the Barelvi school of thought) had majority in Karachi and started a campaign to convince politicians and the army to replace the secular system with Sharia Law. One of the clergymen of this party was called Abdul Sattar Niazi, who promised to God and to himself that he would not marry until Sharia Law is imposed in Pakistan. Since the birth of Pakistan, people have been demanding from politicians and government to make Islamic Sharia the law of the land.

According to the Constitution of Pakistan, the Quran and Sunnah (Customs of Prophet Mohammad) are above any law in Pakistan. So Pakistan is a country which, according to the constitution, should be theocratic – meaning religious law should be the law of the land. Even a political-cum-religious party like Jamat-e-Islami talks about democracy! What do you want to name it: ignorance or hypocrisy? Maybe they are not aware of the Constitution of Pakistan. Even Imran Khan said, ‘I want to bring the same Islamic ideology in Pakistan which was at the time of Abu Bakr Siddiq.’ He wants to drag Pakistan back to the Stone Age. They are also part of the democratic system. They call democracy infidelity and at the same time, they are sitting in the provincial and national assemblies through a democratic system.

The Race to Become the Superpower

What Taliban/ISIS/Saudi Arabia are doing is more or less the same thing that China or Russia is doing.

China, Russia and India want to beat the United States of America and become the superpower. Very discreetly, Saudi Arabia is doing the same thing.

China’s weaponry is their export. Economically speaking, China is everywhere. Wherever in the world I went, if I bought a toy, it was made in China. The world economy very seriously depends on China today. There was a time when the world wealth was controlled by the Jewish community, but now it is controlled and manipulated by China. Russia also wants to be the superpower; they want world domination.

Saudi Arabia does not produce anything for except camels, sheep and cows; they have no industry. Their export is 1%, because they have dates and all Muslim countries buy dates from them. If 1 kg of dates is worth £1, Muslim countries buy it for £10 because they are ‘holy dates’.

Saudi Arabia has no industry, but Islam is their industry. So they started to export Islam.

Obviously people who go there for religious reasons, stay a couple of weeks and then come back, may not have any awareness of whether or not Saudi Arabia has any industry or export. They make washing powder and some soaps and this is because these companies like Lever Brothers and Palmolive have factories in Saudi Arabia.

Apple used to give their orders of iPhones and laptops to an American company in California, but then China offered them a very cheap price. Labour in China is very cheap. There are so many factors involved; if you want a factory in a country, you have to see the business laws and whether things like gas and electricity are available. China is very ultramodern in terms of providing all the necessary facilities to businessmen. Russia doesn’t have any remarkable export. You don’t become a superpower just because of the economy. There are many factors involved.

Saudi Arabia wants to rule the world and they have double standards. Although Saudi Arabia is a country where rule of the land is theocracy, the Sharia Law does not apply to the royal family or Wahhabi scholars.

Sheikhs in Saudi Arabia have maids in their homes from Sri Lanka, India, Philippines who they have sex and – consequently – children with;  Sharia doesn’t apply to them. They only apply Sharia to Muslims who are non-Wahhabis, especially non-Saudis. The leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, rapes women. Is there any Prophetic Tradition that allows any Muslim leader to have sex with women without marriage? No! First they recite the Quran, worship and after raping, they say, ‘God, you are gracious. You have provided us with a lustful meal.’ This is their religion.

What we have in the United Kingdom of Great Britain is true democracy. In simple words, there are only a few countries in the world who practise pure democracy. 

Saudi Arabia is theocracy and dictatorship. You cannot call it a pure theocratic country.

In a pure theocratic country, all follow the religious law whether you are a king or you are a servant. The law applies to everybody. Saudi Arabia is half theocracy and half dictatorship. How will you apply your Sharia on other Muslims who do not follow your school of thought? How could Sharia have any law for Shiites, Sunnis or Wahhabis when Islamic Sharia was established by Prophet Mohammad – and at that time, there were no Shiites, Sunnis [or Wahhabis]? They want to impose Sharia law, but where there are no Muslims. There are mosques and thousands of copies of the Quran; there is Mecca and Medina, but there are no Muslims. They are Wahhabis, Shiites or Sunnis; they are not Muslims.

Islam exists in a virtual world only, not in this phenomenal world.

Democracy gives rights to all individuals: freedom of choice and freedom of speech are all part and parcel of democracy. People speak against the Queen in the United Kingdom, but no policeman will come after them and arrest them. You cannot do that in the UAE or Morocco. If you speak against the king, you will be put behind bars. In Pakistan, people are making efforts to abolish blasphemy laws, which means that if you speak against Prophet Mohammad, the religion of Islam or the Quran, you should be punished. However in Saudi Arabia, if you speak against the king, you will be killed – forget about Prophet Mohammad.

The world leaders should wake up. Even if China becomes the superpower, the world will not be destroyed. Lives of people will still be safe. China becoming a superpower will only mean that they have control over all wealth of the world. But Saudi Arabia is daydreaming of becoming the world superpower. They openly have been saying it for the past many decades. They want to rule the world. Even if Islam were to rule the world, humanity would still be safe; Islam doesn’t allow bloodshed or violence.

The dogs of hellfire, Saudis, the hypocrites, ISIS, and Taliban are the same thing; they want power and they want land. It has nothing to do with Islam.

Sign the petition to ban Wahhabism in the United Kingdom here.

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Younus AlGohar Raises Voice Against Wahhabism in 2005
31st January 2016|Uncategorised

Younus AlGohar Raises Voice Against Wahhabism in 2005

Younus AlGohar Raises Voice Against Wahhabism in 2005

Younus AlGohar has been speaking out against Wahhabism for many years. He was the first to actively raise his voice against Wahhabism and explain the link between Wahhabism and terrorism. In this photo, he is seen in front of the White House in 2005. His placard reads, ‘Pakistan has been hijacked by Wahhabis.’

Sign the petitions to ban Wahhabism in your country:

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'Jis ilm mein noor nahen wo Ilm-e-Hujjat hai. Jis ilm se noor banay wo Ilm-e-Nafay hai.' Izzat Ma'ab Sayedi Younus AlGohar.

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