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Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald
1st February 2017|ActivitiesMagazineStatement

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Messiah Foundation International has published a whole new magazine called the Messiah Herald catering for the spiritual needs of humanity! This publication is free both online and in print. A new issue will be released every month! Make sure to check out this month’s issue including the spotlight article: Is the Promised Messiah Already Here?


Click this link to read the magazine online.

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The True Mehdi Magazine Available Now!
15th January 2017|News

The True Mehdi Magazine Available Now!

Mehdi Foundation International, Messiah Foundation International, and Kalki Avatar Foundation are excited to announce the first ever issue of the monthly ‘The True Mehdi’ Magazine which is now available online! This magazine was created to expose the misconstrued concepts of Imam Mehdi to the Western World and provide information about the true Awaited Imam Mehdi. Read it online here.

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Thoughts on Extra-Celestial Secrets
21st December 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Thoughts on Extra-Celestial Secrets

At the time of Prophet Mohammad, the knowledge of the heart was considered to be very obscure. It wasn’t meant to be given to men of little spiritual intelligence. If the secretive spiritual knowledge is confined to the elite group of people only, the question is: who will decide who is a common man and who is member of the elite? This remains to be a mystery so far.

It was not just at the time of Prophet Mohammad that the knowledge of the heart was considered to be obscure, mystical and secretive. Such was the religious environment also at the time of Lord Jesus Christ. Only the very close, trustworthy disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ were given to taste the knowledge of the heart.

When Abu Hurraira (a Companion of Prophet Mohammed) was asked about different types of knowledge within Islam, he was scared. He said that he had already told people the most common type of knowledge and if he revealed the second type of knowledge, he feared he would be killed. Therefore, he didn’t comment on the secretive knowledge.

Later on, whoever was able to reap benefits of the knowledge of the heart became a saint of God. Then God appointed him to look for deserving souls of this knowledge. [The saints] did speak about that knowledge, though not in public; they [did so in] their spiritual centres. Even if it was revealed, it was revealed through different spiritual riddles and gestures. It wasn’t plain enough for common people to take any meaning out of it.

The Poet of the East, Iqbal, said, ‘Beyond the milky way and the stars, there are some furthermore realms.’ However, that is [all he said]. This statement doesn’t give you any road map as to what you should do in spirituality to go beyond those stars and reach those realms, which are laying empty somewhere hidden.

The knowledge of the heart is very important. Without the knowledge of the heart, you cannot reach anywhere for except churches, mosques and temples.

In spirituality, you have to have discipline, purgation and mortification. There have been millions of saints of God who came into this world. Somehow, they conveyed the knowledge of the heart very discretely without whispering the knowledge into words; they did it through a spiritual transmission between hearts.

It has been a sad fact that a majority of any religion was unable to translate the meaning of the Divine Word into true understanding. When the knowledge is heard in words, it does not carry the true interpretation.

Saying, ‘Sorry,’ when your eyes are full of tears is different from apologising while you are grinding your teeth and your nostrils are flared with anger. Although the word is the same, the impact is different: negative and positive [depending on the emotions it is said with]. Words are very deceptive. Emotions do not need words to travel from one heart to another.

The word of God is ethereal like himself. The word of God should be heard with ethereal — not material — ears.

The Divine Word has to enter the heart and the light which comes with it has to be absorbed inside the heart. If the word of God enters your brain rather than your heart, you will ruin [your] religion. For example, the food pipe is very close to the windpipe. If water enters the windpipe rather than the food pipe, you have problems.

Common folks of every religion haven’t been told how to understand the Divine Word. You cannot understand the Divine Word with your brain.

You need a sound, enlightened, spiritual heart. The spiritual heart has to be in contact with God, so that when you stumble in trying to understand any word of God, you are duly helped by God who resides in your heart.

If you do not have the presence of God in your heart, the chances are that you will never understand what God wants from you. This has been a case for centuries upon centuries.

I was in search for divine love and Prophet Mohammad’s love when I was a child. I did everything that I was aware of but I couldn’t get a glimpse of light, divinity or spirituality. After a few years of spiritual quest, I got sick and tired of following shadows and the futile practice of going into the mosque [to worship]. I didn’t avail anything out of it, so I got fed up, started playing cricket and forgot about God.

Then, somebody came and said, ‘I want you to meet my spiritual guide.’ I told him, ‘I’m already fed up with all these religious scholars, seminaries and clerics who say something and do another; who talk about God but do not know God. You are a good friend of mine and I respect what you are saying, however you have to make a promise to me. If you want me to go there with you, you have to say it in words that If I be misguided, you will be responsible on the Day of Judgement when I appear before God.’

He took oath and said that yes, he would be responsible.

I went to see what I was not planning, what I didn’t wish for or imagine of. It was something far greater than that which I would have imagined.

The beauty was that, before I could hear any discourse of spirituality from His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, just by looking at the face of the Lord, my inner devil submitted.

The splendour of HDE Gohar Shahi’s face was splendid, beautiful. The soul was dancing to the tunes of HDE Gohar Shahi’s love. In the next 20 minutes, I was initiated and my heart was pounding with God’s name. I was feeling like a different man, as if I had taken a shower of light and love. I felt like all the sins and their burden had been lifted from the shoulders of my soul; as if the heart was given a new life and new sight was given to my eyes. I was divinely mesmerised. Words will definitely fail me in describing what my feelings were in that moment in time.

I was astoundedly taken aback. No questions were asked by the Lord. He didn’t ask, ‘What do you do? Where do you come from? What sect in Islam do you practise? Are you a special soul or a wayfarer?’

Then, the mysteries of spirituality were laid open before my eyes by the Lord. My spiritual journey started. I was taken to every single realm that exists, either here or there. I was given to see the Lord with his beauty.

Then, I found out that there is a real world and this world that we live in is not real. That world is not here; only the enlightened souls will be given to see that realm. I managed to see those realms also, but I didn’t seem too excited or satisfied.

Then one day, the Lord said, ‘After the perimeters set by God, after the Line of Nothingness, there is another world: the Unseen World.’

We live in this world with human beings and different species of animals. There are 18 000 different creatures here. In the Unseen World, there is a different type of individuals [and they are 35 million in number]. ‘Allah’ is the name of their nation [just as] the entire human race is a nation.

I came to know that we are images of those individuals who live in the Unseen World.

When I was there, I was told by God that God is only one — as it is revealed by all religions. The Lord said to me in the Unseen World, ‘There are many different types of human beings with different faces. God created Adam in his own image. If every single human is the image of this God, why do the images differ? If God created every human being in his image, then all of you should look the same.’

The images from the Unseen World of 35 million individuals were borrowed by God. So there has to be 35 million different images [in this world] and they keep repeating.

For example, those who were created after the image of Lord Jesus Christ (who is from the Unseen World), will have some emotional and spiritual features of Lord Jesus Christ in them. Whether someone is a Muslim, Hindu or Christian — whoever they are — they will have features of whom they have been created in the image of.

We are just images. The real people live in the Unseen World and they are known as the Community of God (Allah Biradari).

I was told so much there. I forgot how to deal with human beings. I forgot what the right form of behaviour is for human beings — what they should look for and what they should wish for. I spent quite a bit of time [in the Unseen World] and I adopted their ways.

I revealed to a common man that there is a secretive realm beyond the world created by God. There are 35 million individuals in the Community of God, and they are all God-alike.

I couldn’t resist. I didn’t want to create another mischief in this world; however, I thought, ‘The knowledge of the heart has been made secretive and has been concealed from common people for centuries. People have been left deprived of this spiritual knowledge. Many million people would have acquired God’s love, if only this knowledge was available for them.’

I realised that I know the truth. I am a victim of the concealment of the knowledge of the heart and this victimisation has to come to an end now.

For centuries, people have been keeping up with the trend set by different Companions of the Prophet and saints of God. They were those who enjoyed God’s love, bounties and blessings, but they confined it to themselves. They did not look upon other people who were even deprived of being called devout Christians or Muslims.

I thought, ‘Why should I do that? Why should I conceal the truth when I know it?’

I did have some idea that if I revealed this, an abundance of hatred would come to me and difficulties would surround me. I know I don’t deserve hatred from people, but then I know that great ones do not take revenge.

Great ones forgive only! Great ones do not degrade themselves by coming to [the level of those who hate them]. Great ones cannot devalue themselves no matter how hard it gets. Now matter how severely they are tarnished and tormented, the greatness inside them will sustain their sanity and forbearance.

If I continued to propagate God’s love and spirituality, I would have gathered many thousands of people around me. However, if I had concealed the knowledge and secret of the Unseen World, my conscience would never forgive me.

It is not just that it pertains to the truth of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, but it is also to do with the truth of Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus shared this secretive knowledge with his disciples and HDE Gohar Shahi shared it with some of His companions. In these circumstances, there was now no room for me to save my skin and conceal all this truth.

If I was a coward and didn’t want to take hatred from people, I would have concealed this truth. I am not a coward. I am ready to take up any amount of hatred from any religion or individual.

I decided that I must raise my voice. At one point in time, I was a victim, made so by some elite individuals who concealed the knowledge of the heart. That victimisation came to an end with HDE Gohar Shahi spoke about this in public.

This knowledge was never discoursed in public because people were not brave enough to take up all this hatred from others. They couldn’t deal with all the religious verdicts against them [if they chose to speak about spirituality].

Every single individual who spoke about this knowledge was given a hard time by hardliners and the radical element within Islam. And it was not just Islam. Even the conventional Jews do not approve of Kabbalah teachings. The Christian hierarchy do not approve of Christian spirituality.

In every religion, a majority of people who practise the religion vigorously do not approve of this knowledge of spirituality for any reason.

One reason may that they do not know what spirituality is. Secondly, maybe they are quiet because they think that if they spoke about this knowledge, they would have to face a lot resentment and hatred coming from public. They wanted to leave a peaceful, cosy life therefore, they didn’t take this challenge.

I thought, ‘I claim to love HDE Gohar Shahi and I want peace? What a foolish idea!’

If you love HDE Gohar Shahi, then forget about peace. Your life will become a struggle, with a promise that during that struggle, you will never stumble. HDE Gohar Shahi will keep up with your progression.

I know when I speak about the Unseen World, God who created this world doesn’t seem to be pleased. However, when I look on my right, I see Lord Jesus smiling. When I look at my front, I see Lord Ra Riaz smiling. That is enough for the peace of my heart that whatever I am doing is not wrong and somehow or other, I am bringing a smile on their faces. These are the most important faces of my life.

This is not a made up story. If this has been a made up story, I would only declare this to be the truth — but I don’t do that. I say, ‘All these prophets are true. God is the creator of this universe. People who want to love him, I will help them love him. People who want to reach him, I will help them reach him.’

I am not rejecting him. I respect all the prophets and saints of God because I know they are true. I respect God because he is the creator. I don’t deny that.

The only additional thing I say on top of every other truth is the secret of the Unseen World. I say it because I have the feeling that I have been a victim of the spiritual system in which the knowledge that we badly needed to purify our heart was not available.

We were kept in the dark for all these years. We were told to offer Salat [a certain way] and go to the mosque, but it was fruitless according to Prophetic Traditions and Quran. We were never told of the knowledge of the heart.

The inspiration of revealing this truth of the Unseen World comes from my own emotions. The emotions of being a victim of the spiritual system, in which I was seeking to love God and the knowledge which would allow me to love God was not available.

Where are the elite ones and who are they? If they are elite and I am not elite, is this my fault? We are how we are born; it is not our fault. Why should [one person] be upgraded and [another] be downgraded? What kind of system and justice is this?

I decided not to let anybody else in this world become yet another victim of this spiritual system. So I revealed [the truth]. I was duly supported by the Lords.

Without their help, I wouldn’t have travelled an inch. [We] live in such a hostile world. The hostility is so fierce and it comes from somebody who is capable of doing anything, [God]. Still we are survivors, because the one who is taking care of us is greater than the one who has developed an unreasonable hostility.

[God doesn’t] have to be hostile to human beings made of clay and ‘a dirty drop of water.’ This is how we are described by God. He said that we are the result of a dirty drop of water.

When you introduce your children to other people, do you ever say, ‘This is my son and he is the result of a dirty drop of semen’? It is strange: God described us in the Quran in such a way. What a bad introduction to human beings! If you see your God struggling with proper words, in which Lord or God would you keep your hopes?

I gave you food for thought: God created man in his own image. There are so many men in this world. Everybody has a different image. Which one is your image? How come there are so many images? It is simply because there are 35 million images in the Unseen World.

God created one Adam in his own image, but there are different images. Not everybody looks like Adam.

For example, there are two brothers who don’t look like each other. If one of them in the image of God, then what about his brother?

So a foreign help is established. What about that claim [of God] now, ‘Do not appoint partners with me’?

This was a transcript of Younus AlGohar’s speech on the auspicious occasion of Lord Ra Riaz Day (Jashan-e-Riaz). It was first posted on his Medium page.

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Spiritual Infusion (Zam)
20th December 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Spiritual Infusion (Zam)

‘Zam’ in English means fusion. Never before with a spiritual connotation was this word used.

Spirituality starts from revival of the spiritual heart. The revival of the spiritual heart connects one with God. This is the beginning. Culmination in the spiritual sphere of the world is when, with the help of spirituality, God is unveiled before the seeker of the path. God manifests his splendour before them.

When the seeker of the path manages to reach this stage and arrive at the Station of Union with God, there are different jobs for a person like this.

God may decide to confine him to God, which means such a person is completely cut off from the world and its contents. He is cut off from all creatures. He is thickly and profusely consumed with the essence and presence of God.

Or, in order to make some use of the spiritual man who has become united with the essence of God, God confers upon him the power and authority of initiating other hearts onto the divine path. He is then delegated by God to represent God. He becomes the complete embodiment of God, like Thomas (who was a very close disciple of Jesus Christ).

If I dissect the word, culmination, in spirituality it means to find ultimate union with God.

What actually happens is, one of the souls that rest in the head (the Ana) is taken to the audience of God. The image of God that one sees in that moment in time is absorbed by that soul.

The live image of God is absorbed by the seeker’s soul in the head and then internally transferred onto the heart of the seeker.

When this has happened, God addresses his own image, now in the heart of the seeker. When he goes [back down to Earth] and the live image of God is on the screen of his heart, then whoever sees him sees God.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Whoever has seen me, he has only seen God.’

This is the culmination in spirituality. Whether you talk about Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Mohammad through their religions, this was the brand of spirituality they projected to different races of humankind.

The New Spiritual Culmination

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has given a brand new concept of culmination in spirituality. It is not to do with the image of God.

This is different.

There was a Sufi Saint, Mansoor Hallaj, who developed some sort of misunderstanding in which he thought that his soul has been infused with God’s.
When this Sufi uttered those words, he was at the Station of Awe.

In spirituality, [the Station of Awe] is a state where you are at a crossroads: you lose a sense of identity and do not know who you are. In the process of the spiritual absorption [that I just explained], the reflection of the image of God that falls upon the heart gives the seeker the impression that they are now no more and that there is only God [in them]. When the seeker looks at his heart and witnesses the reflection of God’s image, he fails to distinguish between the image of God and the reflection of the image of God. He considers himself to be annihilated.

Mansoor Hallaj got stuck in the Station of Awe. This happens when one doesn’t have a proper and divinely delegated Spiritual Master. When he got stuck, he failed to distinguish between his reality and the reflection of God’s image. So he developed the impression that he is now gone and the one who lives as him is God. When people asked him,‘Who are you?’ he said ‘I am God,’ because he lost his senses. He was amalgamated by the holy smoke that was coming from the reflection of God.

For example, there are neutrons, electrons and protons. I can see before me a light, which has a kind of fog around it. This fog is the result of the electrons that are emanating from the filament. When we see things, the photons in the eye either increase or decrease. When they increase, the image become blurry and when they decrease we cannot see [anything]. The image of God is made of photons.

Mansoor Hallaj was the only one among millions of Sufis since the beginning of Islamic mysticism, who failed to distinguish between his own reality and the image of God that was inside his heart. He thought that God and his soul had, through some spiritual chemistry, become united and were now one. He was not talking about union; he was talking about spiritual integration.

Due to lack of knowledge, he was of the opinion that he had plunged into the divine river and had become part of the river. He thought that he himself was a drop in the [river] of God which completely dried up from the heat of God’s manifestation. He believed that he was now gone and he was the river now. However, this was a misunderstanding.

I mentioned this story so you can relate to what I am going to say.

Zam is Spiritual Infusion. This is new technology in spirituality. In the field of spiritual sciences, it is a new invention. You will not find this word anywhere else.

Lord Jesus Christ did mention the Spiritual Infusion that we are now projecting to the world, but when he spoke about it, it was to a private audience. Everything he said relating to his own origin, he said it very quietly. This is why the Christians who solely depend upon the knowledge that comes from Bible are not aware of the true person of Lord Jesus Christ.

[One day] while Jesus was talking to his very close disciples, Mother Mary came. Jesus must have told the disciples that a woman cannot obtain infusion with [his] soul. So one of these disciples, when he noticed Mother Mary was standing there, said to Jesus, ‘There is a woman standing here.’ Jesus replied, ‘That is not a woman.’ The impression I get from these words is that Mother Mary would have found infusion with Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary would not be confined to the paradise or heaven created by God. I personally believe Mother Mary would travel with Lord Jesus Christ into the Kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ.

So those who worship Mother Mary, I respect them because she belongs to the Unseen World where God comes from. Even if you worship Mother Mary, you are not committing a spiritual or religious crime. If you knew what a woman or man becomes after infusion, no one would object to worshipping her.

So what is infusion?

Infusion is mixing of your soul with God.

I must give you the example that Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi gives in order for us to understand what is infusion.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi said, ‘Think about tea. How many ingredients do you use? You need milk, tealeaves and sugar. Just notice what happens when tealeaves are added to the milk. The tealeaves leave their colour and milk becomes brown. After the milk is added with the colour released by the tealeaves, you cannot separate that colour from milk anymore.

‘Then you add sugar and stir it well. The sugar crystals also become part of that liquid. It becomes tea. Now, milk and sugar and tealeaves have a new identity, a new name. You cannot call it milk but milk is part of it. You cannot call it sugar but sugar is part of it. You cannot call it tealeaves, but tealeaves are part of it.’

Similarly it is not about going up to witness the presence of God with the soul of your head, taking an image of God and putting it into your heart. It is not about divine selfies anymore.

Now, you stay wherever you are. A reflection of the essence of either Lord Jesus Christ or Lord Ra Riaz reflects in you. Mind you, this reflection is different from any other. It is not the same reflection that you see when the Sun reflects on the surface of water. This reflection I am talking about is like an entity, very identical to Lord Jesus Christ and very identical to Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Either what you see is the reflection of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi or Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi himself; you cannot tell the difference.

This is no ordinary reflection; it is a walking, talking entity. This reflection of the Lord will enter into your body.

In Christian spirituality, this is known as Pentecost. Pentecostal means one who has the presence of the Holy Ghost. In a ‘Pentecostal Moment,’ you would think you are talking to the man, when actually you are talking to Lord Jesus Christ. However, what I am talking about is a step further ahead because that Pentecostal [Moment] is not eternal; it comes and goes.

This infusion with the reflectory entity is eternal. Spiritual Infusion is like cloning; [you become] a spiritual clone of Jesus if you are infused with Jesus. When the reflectory entity of Lord Jesus Christ has infused with your soul, it eats up your soul, just as a big fish swallows a smaller fish. Now, you are part of the Lord; you cannot say you are the Lord, but you can say you are Lord. That is how.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi says, ‘Enjoy the mangoes. Don’t ask anybody who has brought them.’

When your soul is infused with the reflectory entity of either Lord Jesus Christ or Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, you cease to be a human being. Now you can travel to the Unseen World. If people will ever see your soul, [something interesting] happens. They will see that you are going, and then a moment later they will say, ‘No, it is not [you]. It is Jesus.’ Later, they’ll see that it is you again. You’ll keep changing. It is a divine twist. When people think you are [just a man] the Lord will come in front and when people think it’s the Lord, [the man] will come in front.

You are now accepted in the Domain of God. I am not saying you are equal to any individual who comes from the Unseen World, however the condition that only God-like individuals can enter the Unseen World is removed from you; you are now exempted. If you are not God, you are not less than a God. This is Spiritual Infusion.

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Why did GOHAR SHAHI Come to this World?
6th December 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Why did GOHAR SHAHI Come to this World?

Why is it so that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi came into this world – a world created by God – and had to go through the entire human journey? Why did His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi bother to come into this world? HDE Gohar Shahi is the Grand God (Rab al Arbab): the creator of all and lord of all.

The decision that HDE Gohar Shahi made, that of coming into this world which was created by God, is the necessity. Necessity to quench the spiritual thirst of countless souls, especially the outcry of souls which remained thirsty even after they attained high class spiritual status.

They found God and they were in very proximate audience with God, as much as it was divinely possible. However, all that spiritual attainment did not suffice their spiritual thirst. They were still yearning for an extra divine, rapturous love and rapturous relation with a true deity. Those who loved God and found the way to be in his proximate audience did acquire some sort of love and nearness to God, however they were not given to know God fully.

Most things about God have always been obscure. Many things about his character and demeanour haven’t been given to discover. Exploration of God’s character and profound knowledge of the being of God became the topmost priority of those who found God. They wanted to know more about God, but there have always been restrictions.

When you love somebody, you want to know everything about them, but that is not the case with God. There is not much that you will be given to know about God. Not much is on offer by God about him.

On contrary to what he practically does, God has been recorded to have said that he created the creation so that he should be known. He loved to be known, however nobody knows him.

For millions of years, messengers and prophets who came into this world tried teaching humanity how to become obedient and submissive to God, and how to be a dedicated worshipper to God. However, they did not say anything about the character of God, love of God, the shape of God, the face of God, his demeanour or his emotional bubble. As far as my intelligence works, I understand they didn’t say much about this because they themselves don’t know much about it. [For example], when I know something, I don’t make a secret out of it. Even if I want to, my tongue and my lips become disobedient even to myself; I can’t hide it.

Proclamation of love of God is very easy. However, to obtain God’s love has always been a mystery. Whoever found God’s love, he found it through mysticism.

There is love of God and at the same time, there is rapturous love of God (an extreme form of God’s love).

It is a pity that more often than it should be, God’s love has always been considered to be attached with obedience and worship to God.

When I say, ‘Being disobedient to God,’ it simply means that you do everything which, in a religion, you are not allowed to do. When you do things you are not allowed to do, you become a sinner. So in a way, if you continue to sin – meaning that you are disobedient to God, you don’t worship God and you do not follow any religion – and still you claim to love God, nobody will [believe you].

Love is real, however, love has been hidden under thick layers of newly fabricated Islamic/Quranic mythology.  [People say], ‘Look at him. He doesn’t even go to the mosque. He is a sinner and he claims to love God, come on.’ This is their attitude. If you ask an Islamic scholar of today, ‘Moulana, tell me how do you love God?’ he will have no answer.

I did not know what is love. The only battlefield which has been given to [men] upon which they can practise love is a woman. Before [people started openly loving members of the same sex] men used to love women and women used to love men. At one point in time, about 15-20 years ago, I used to think that love is a taboo thing. In my house and family, we couldn’t even say the word love. This was because, in Pakistani society where Islamic Sharia was strictly, mysteriously followed, you would only talk about worship, recitation of the Quran, growing a beard and fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. When a beautiful girl passed by, you were supposed to lower your gaze – and we did that. Every time a beautiful woman would pass by, we would force ourselves to at least lower our eyes, but still the heart would think about her. As long as I lived in Pakistan, I was not able to grasp the meaning of God’s love.

The first time we heard about God’s love was from HDE Gohar Shahi.

In the late 1990’s, HDE Gohar Shahi was visiting Bangladesh. His Divine Eminence stayed at somebody’s house; that person was a very strict Muslim who asked HDE Gohar Shahi, ‘We never heard of God’s love. [We have been told to] go to a mosque, offer prayers five times a day, serve your parents; through the Halal way, earn your bread and butter for your children – and that’s it. Worship should be enough. What is love?’

His Divine Eminence said to him, ‘Alright. [Imagine that] your wife cooks food for you every day, washes your clothes every day, takes care of you day and night and raises your children. She does everything, but if she said to you that she loved somebody else, would you be happy for the services she provided you with?’

He said, ‘No.’

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘You want to worship God. The moment God finds out that you love somebody else, that worship will be thrown at your face by God. This is how important it is to love God.’

It is true. If your wife does everything but she doesn’t love you, that is the end of the story. She washed your clothes, cooked food for you, raised your children and did every service to comfort you and please you; but the moment you heard she didn’t love you, every type of service went down the drain. Similarly, you can be doing anything to please God but the moment God finds out you love someone else, no worship will be acceptable in the eyes of God. This is how important it is for you to love God.

The irony is that we have heard about God’s love, but nobody tells us how to love God.

Although Jesus talked about God’s love, no messenger or prophet taught human beings the procedure through which one can truly love God.

Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammad is the leader of all prophets and that he is the best prophet. So what Prophet Mohammad said is the bottom line [for them]. Knowing God couldn’t be easier than what Prophet Mohammad told people. According to the Quran, about God’s love, there is no procedure given to human beings with the help of which they can attain God’s love. However, if you wanted to love God, all you need to do as prescribed by the Quran is to follow and spiritually imitate the Prophet Mohammad.

‘Tell them, “If they want to love God, follow me, imitate me.” In return, I will love them.’ – Quran 3:31

Imitate here has a spiritual connotation. Imitate doesn’t mean mimicry; it means to spiritually follow, do as he says and do as he asks you to do. Do not as he does.

All you have in the Quran is that you follow Prophet Mohammad and in return, God will love you. However, that is one-way traffic. How many people successfully followed Prophet Mohammad and imitated him spiritually? If somebody did, even then they do not have the procedure to love God. As a result of the fact that you follow Prophet Mohammad, in return, God will love you. But still you don’t love God; God will love you.

So no religion tells us the secretive procedure that will allow you to be able to love God. God had sent 124 000 different prophets and messengers already. Prophet Mohammad was the last of all the prophets and messengers. So God has tried his best but even after the last prophet, Prophet Mohammad, humanity is still struggling and they do not know how to love God.

There was a sense of necessity for the Grand God to enter into this world and tell humanity the procedure which will set you free from requiring to follow any prophet or messenger.

If the procedure of love was to be attained by a messenger or prophet, then it would have been [obtained] from Prophet Mohammad who was the last prophet. However, even Prophet Mohammad did not render the procedure of attaining love. Now, all the prophets have been sent. Even the grandeur of all prophethood and messengerhood, Prophet Mohammad, is back in the pavilion. When the last and best of all prophets did not give us the procedure to attain God’s love, who else do you think will give us the procedure of love?

Now was time for either God to come upon Earth and teach humanity the methodology of loving God. Or if he doesn’t want to come, then somebody who is even more passionate about human beings obtaining God’s love should come.

Maybe God didn’t care, but HDE Gohar Shahi has shown us that he cares.

He didn’t care for what people will think of him to be, but he cared for us. He is here and now we know what the procedure is of obtaining God’s love.

The place of love is your heart and your heart is ruled by a dedicated soul. You need to awaken that dedicated soul; the moment it is awakened, your heart will begin to have the spiritual faculty which will bring you closer to God. That spiritual faculty will connect you with God and will make your heart a true recipient of God’s light and theophanies. This is how you will obtain God’s love.

This was a necessity. It didn’t happen even after all the messengers and prophets have been sent. God doesn’t want to come, but God had already announced that in the end, the Religion of God will be established. Prophet Mohammad had already left 1400 years ago. The Religion of God had still not been established; God doesn’t want to come so who else will come and establish love?

What HDE Gohar Shahi is doing was not possible for any messenger or prophet. This is why it never happened. It is now happening because HDE Gohar Shahi is here.

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The Secretive Knowledge of the Unseen – REVEALED!
1st June 2016|LecturesVideos

The Secretive Knowledge of the Unseen – REVEALED!

The teachings of all prophets and messengers were sent by God. Each messenger who established a religion in this world, he established that region on the principles that were revealed unto him from God.

God-realisation, God’s love and access to God – all this is like a dish of food. There are many different ingredients that are required to make a good dish. In the olden times, when, most probably, human beings did not discover spices, they would just cook raw meat on fire and eat it. But then, as humanity grew in number and in intelligence, they carried out different experiments. They added different spices and made a dish.

Similarly, to love God is just one aspect about God. When you are in love with God, most of God’s blessings and bounties come along uninvited and unsolicited. However, if you just love God but cannot see him or reach him, that kind of love is incomplete.

The complete recipe of a very healthy, saturated and fuller relationship with God will require you to practise what Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad brought. If you just put one messenger as your teacher and you forget the rest of the messengers sent by God, obviously your relationship with God will not be a healthy and fuller relationship.

In order to have a fuller, healthier, complete relationship with God, you need to practise as much as knowledge as God has revealed on different messengers and prophets.

The knowledge of spirituality, as I always say, has been part of every single religion established by messengers and prophets. This is the reason why almost every religion believes in spirituality. According to the Muslim faith, there are seven souls in the human breast. We have the same concept in the teachings of Kabbalah (Jewish spirituality). Then we also have similar concept in Hinduism. They also agree upon the existence of seven souls in the human body. However the difference is of the languages.

Muslims call these spirits and souls ‘lataif’. Hindus call them ‘chakras’. You need to provide power (shakti), to these chakras. They’re aware of the seventh chakra which is towards the navel point and they’re also aware of the top chakra in the head (which enables a man to see God unveiled).

Multi-religious Spiritual Integration

Hinduism is not the entire teachings that Adam brought; it is a branch from the teachings of Adam. At the time of Adam, the knowledge of only one chakra was revealed. I wonder how Hindus have come to acknowledge all seven chakras? It simply means that this knowledge was added to their spiritual beliefs by somebody who belonged to Mohammad’s nation, like Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. There are many Hindus in Mumbai who love Lal Shahbaz Qalandar. There are many Hindus in Indian Punjab who love Bu Ali Shah Qalandar. Then we have Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who was granted Invocation of the Heart by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani in the esoteric realm.

According to the Hindu belief, there is only one chakra. This is because when Adam spoke about God’s love, the knowledge of the heart only was revealed. Knowledge of the second soul came with the messenger Abraham.

I experimentally believe that spirituality in Hinduism has gone through a very complicated, sophisticated spiritual evolution, in which Hinduism’s spirituality has been constantly aided by foreign spiritualists.

Spiritualists from Hinduism itself would not exceed in knowledge what was given to them. More and more knowledge has been added to Hinduism’s spirituality. It is the result of the integration of spiritual knowledge from outside Hinduism.

Muslims and Hindus have lived together in a very harmonious way in India for centuries. Hindus and Muslims together had developed a socio-spiritual harmony, a socio-spiritual brotherhood. Many Muslim Sufis in India declared, publicly, that they were not Muslims anymore and they were embracing Hinduism.

If someone is a Muslim Sufi who has seen God, and now they are embracing Hindu spirituality, it means [there is an ulterior motive]. They want followers of Hinduism to be blessed by ultramodern spiritual sciences which God had blessed upon them.

We have the example of the spiritual master of Moinuddin Chishti, Usman Harwani. He was a great spiritualist, a Muslim Sufi. He had a large following of disciples. One day, suddenly, he stood up on his feet and said, ‘I have decided to quit Islam. I am embracing Hinduism.’ Those of his followers who were more absorbed in conventional, ritualistic teachings of Islam were unable to understand his motive, his initiative and his disguised intentions. They were gobsmacked, boggled and they thought, ‘Our spiritual master has gone astray.’ So they ran away, but Usman Harwani didn’t care.

He made the announcement and he ran into a Hindu temple. He sat there for three years. After three years, when he came out, he saw only one of his followers, Moinuddin Chishti, who was clung to the threshold of the temple. He said, ‘Where are the others?’ Moinuddin Chishti replied, ‘All of them have run away, because you decided to quit Islam; you came and sat in the temple.’ The master asked him, ‘Why didn’t you run away?’ He said, ‘I believed in you, more than in what you teach.’

He became very pleased with this follower. He hugged him and said, ‘Today is the day of giving away God’s bounty. God has asked me to turn 22 disciples into saints of God. Since all of them have run away and only you are left, therefore I give you the power of 22 saints today.’ This is how Moinuddin Chishti came to be called Khwaja-e-Hind. Kwaja is a Sufi term; there may be different meaning of this word in Hindi, Urdu and Persian, however in spiritual eschatology, there is a very subtle meaning to this word. Khwaja means a leader who is leading – or controlling – 22 saints.

So when Usman Harwani embraced Hinduism having obtained God’s love, having become a saint of God through Islam, it was because he wanted to bless Hinduism and its followers.

This is how the concept of seven chakras from the Islamic faith was poured into Hinduism’s spirituality.

In a society where people from different cultures and nationalities live, as a result of this integration into one multi-colour, multi-national, multicultural, multi-religious multi-faith society, religions also tend to have a binding with other religious practices.

Hindus will continue to be called Hindus unaware of the fact that the evolution of Hindu spirituality has got some of its spiritual contents coming from Muslim spirituality. This is called multi-religious, spiritual integration. In Islam, prayer is known as ‘dua’, in Hinduism, it is called ‘prarthana’ and Christians call it prayer. There are many different things which are common in all these religions. For example, mentioning the name of God: Muslims say, ‘Alla Hu’, Hindus say, ‘Hari Om’ and ‘Mangal Bhavan’. The word ‘Hari’ comes from ‘Har’, [the root of] ‘Harda’, which means ‘House of God’, but they have changed the meaning and pronunciation. ‘Om’ means ‘Allah and Mohammad’. ‘Ram’ means ‘Riaz, Allah and Mehdi’.

So different religions have gone through a process of spiritual evolution periodically.

The Baha’i Faith

What is the difference between the Baha’i faith and our teachings? The Baha’i faith was established in Iran sometime ago. The Baha’i Faith does not have spirituality because it is not from the progeny of Adam the Eminent One. Eminence was given to Adam the Eminent One; Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad come from the chain of Adam the Eminent One, but Baha ul Haq did not. The Baha’i Faith is a ritualistic belief system. It is a valid religion. It was established by a prophet sent by God. There is nothing wrong with the Baha’i faith. It is a legitimate, God-made religion.

MFI’s First Brand of Knowledge

We have two different brands of teachings: the first is teachings of spirituality in which you enlighten yourself, strengthen your souls and you become worthy and able to perform a spiritual journey. You are able to visit to the individual realms of your souls. Upon the culmination of this spiritual journey and journey of knowledge, you encounter God.

You witness the beauty of God; you become aware of the divine beauty. You become entwined with the essence of God. You find true union with God. You find oneness by virtue of you plunging into the river of God’s essence.

This is the knowledge which consists of different portions of spiritual knowledge which God granted to five different messengers. All these five messengers have given this spiritual knowledge to the Awaited One Ra Gohar Shahi so that a little help is offered to followers of all these religions.

With the spiritual, divine power of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, followers of all religions are now offered to obtain divine love and an opportunity to witness the long-veiled splendour of divine beauty.

This is the first type of knowledge. We spread this knowledge. We offer people to acquire this knowledge from us, however, we do not say this is our knowledge.

The Knowledge of the Unseen World

The second type of knowledge is the knowledge of the Unseen World: the divine pearls which have been imported into this world from the Grand Seat of Riaz al Jannah, the capital of the Unseen World.

Spiritual knowledge, in practicality, is the transfusion of the heart. Sufism, Hindu spirituality, Kabbalah, Christian spirituality are all about the transfusion of the heart.

However the knowledge that belongs to us is the transfiguration of the soul.

It is our knowledge because this knowledge has never been known or practised by any of the 124 000 prophets and messengers or millions of saints in different religions. Nobody was aware of this knowledge; even if this knowledge had been given to people and they  became aware of it, they wouldn’t have been able to practise this knowledge.

Knowledge is useless without the teacher. If you cannot practise it, just knowing the knowledge will not benefit you in any way.

This knowledge became available to be known by human beings like you and myself only after His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi has set His divine foot on this Earth.

This knowledge of ours is not about loving God. It is not about knowing, seeing or reaching God. It is about becoming God.

As long as you are a human being, you will ask yourself this question hundreds of thousands of times, ‘How do I become God? God has so much power, God can do so much.’ Nobody ever said this before; the most you could do, you could do when Mohammad came; with the help of his knowledge, spiritual authority and power, people were able to see God. That is the most a human being can go for. Even this was not possible before Mohammad’s arrival in this world.

With the help of Mohammad’s spiritual authority and power, many men were offered to learn this knowledge. Ultimately they reached God and they were able to witness the splendour of God. Seeing God itself was mind-boggling at times in the past.

Even now, tell any Muslim, ‘I want to see God,’ and they will laugh. They will tell you, ‘How can you see God? God said you cannot see God.’ They will quote a particular verse from the Quran, in which God is saying, ‘Your eyesight cannot encompass the vision of God.’ This means, ‘These eyes on your head are not compatible to seeing God.’ He is not saying you cannot see him, but if you want to see him with these eyes on your head, you cannot.

There is a third eye – which is not an eye, but rather a soul – which is concealed in the middle of your head. This soul has to be awakened and activated. Once it is awakened, activated and strengthened with divine and spiritual energies, it will perform a journey of love.

It will leave your body along with your main soul and it will reach the divine viewing gallery: Moqam-e-Mehmood. For some time, the soul concealed in the middle of your head will be stationed at Moqam-e-Mehmood and wait for God to appear. As soon as God appears, this soul will absorb the divine splendour, the divine beauty which emanates from the body of God.

This absorption of divine attributes and divine beauty in the soul of your head will transmit that divine beauty upon your heart. You will see God’s face upon your heart.

There have been many Sufis in Islam who said they saw God. For example, Imam Abu Hanifa was a Sufi scholar from Iran who claimed he saw God 99 times. Another Sufi, Ibrahim bin Adham said he saw God 70 times. Sultan Haq Bahu, a saint of God, said that he can see God whenever he wants to. If Sultan Haq Bahu can see God whenever he wants to, then what about Mohammad?

It is a tragedy: the people of Jesus’s village never believed in him; people of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi”s village do not believe in Lord Ra Riaz. If people in Mecca (where Mohammad was born) believed in Mohammad, he would not have migrated to Medina.

The real tragedy comes from within the house of Mohammad. Mohammad was physically taken to Arsh-e-Moullah, accompanied by Gabriel, the leader of Archangels. He was able to see God. According to some narrations, Mohammad said he hugged God. When the question was put to his youngest wife, Aisha, ‘Did Prophet Mohammad see God?’ she got really angry. She said, ‘Whoever says Prophet Mohammad has seen God, is actually making a blunder and he is slandering Prophet. He is attributing a big lie to Prophet Mohammad’s name. He never saw God.’

Now this is a tragedy.

We have a lot of tragic characters Islamic history like Umar bin Khattab. Then we have individuals like Abu Huerra (a Companion of Prophet Mohammad). The Quran 10:62 says, ‘The saints of God are afraid of none,’ and Abu Huerra said, ‘I can’t reveal the knowledge of the heart because you will kill me.’ Muslim scholars say, ‘The lowest Companions of the Prophet Mohammad is so great that he dusts his feet, there will be millions of saints of God.’ However, Abu Huerra deprived people of the knowledge of the heart just because of his fears and apprehensions. He did not tell people what other type of knowledge Mohammad shared with him, which was the knowledge of spirituality – how to enlighten the heart and souls.

People who joined Islam later on, when they found out Abu Huerra spent a lot of time with Mohammad, they would ask him, ‘Tell us the knowledge.’ He would only tell people the knowledge which was already common. When newcomers come, they push you to tell them secrets. The novices are so charged up spiritually, they want to know more and more. He would say, ‘I told you one type of knowledge. If I told you the other one, you would kill me.’ He does not have the same attributes which God had attributed to his saints. In particular, the fear: if he is fearing of the consequences, then I don’t think, according to the standards of the Quran, that he is fit to be declared a saint of God, let alone a Companion of Prophet. However, people have their own made up standards.

All this knowledge which was the gist of all spirituality – the knowledge of seeing God – is not popular. It is not common. People don’t even agree that Mohammad was able to see God.

One day, Aisha, the youngest wife, she said to Mohammad, ‘You are Imam ul Ambiya (Leader of Prophets). You are the greatest one. But let me tell you about Moses. When he would return from the Mount of Sinai after speaking to God, he used to have so much majesty on his face, he would have to cover his face. People, if they saw him unveiled, would faint, but we see you every day and we’re okay. Nothing happens to us.’

While she was saying this, a spark of light outburst from the face of Mohammad and she fainted; then Mohammad sprinkled some water on her face and she returned to consciousness. He asked her, ‘What happened?’ She said, ‘While I was just complaining to you about it, a huge ball of fire came out from your face. I was about to die.’ According to what we have read and heard, Mohammad replied, ‘The reason why you looked at my face and never fainted is because there are 70 000 layers on me set by God. This is so that you can live in peace and you don’t faint every time you look at my face. When you noticed the ball of fire originating from my face, that was the unveiling of one layer from the 70 000 layers on my face.’

There are accounts whereby many dozen different Sufis from different countries have legitimately claimed to have seen God; some of them have seen God over 100 times. Then we have a special type of saint who are called Sultan of Fuqra (The King of Spiritual Poverty). They say, ‘We are elite. We don’t need permission. We can see God anytime, anywhere.’ Mohammad is the main source from Sultan Haq Bahu, Sheikh Adbul Qadir Jilani, Moinuddin Chishti and all these Sufis obtained their power, knowledge and spirituality; [if the Sultan ul Fuqra could see God anytime and anywhere, then what about Mohammad?]. This was the culmination of knowledge: the knowledge of seeing God. It has never been popular or common. Not [even] many Sufis know about it.

Now, you can imagine how hard it would be for the average person to believe that you can become God. Our knowledge is of becoming God: spiritual transfiguration of the soul.

When you become God, your reality is switched. You stop being yourself and you start being God.

We have an example whereby men can become a woman and a woman can become a man. Sometime ago, if somebody said, ‘He was a man and now he is a woman,’ you would not believe it. it was not possible. Now, we see this transgender concept is becoming a practical reality. Sometimes the mind is incompetent to understand that a male can become a female; similarly, this mind may be incompetent to understand, ‘This man was a man a few years ago and now he is a God.’

Our knowledge is about transfiguration of the soul. Your soul is enjoined by the reflection of the Lord. Your soul enters into a spiritual marriage with the reflection of the Lord. When this spiritual marriage takes place, the reflection of the Lord is so overwhelming and powerful, it eats your soul up. What remains is nothing but God.

Your existence comes to a total oblivion. Physically speaking, you come to a total extinction. You stop existing any further; your existence is met with nothing. When you plunge into nothingness, the reflection of the Lord, with its overwhelming existence, covers you and he becomes you.

This is transfiguration of the soul. This is our knowledge. You cannot compare this knowledge with any other knowledge because nobody has it.

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