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Self-Awareness Level 2, Lesson 1: How Thoughts & Emotions Impact Behaviour
11th April 2017|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Self-Awareness Level 2, Lesson 1: How Thoughts & Emotions Impact Behaviour

The full lecture is available in English language on the AlRa Tv YouTube Channel. Press the play button above to watch the video.

Editor’s note: the following is the first lesson in Younus AlGohar’s course on Self-Awareness, Level 2: Emotional Intelligence. For better background information, read Self-Awareness, Level 1, in the Messiah Herald.

Human psychology is very sensitive. Emotions (both positive and negative) and our reaction to different things are very complicated. Whether it is love or hatred, generosity or stinginess, holding grudges or forgiving people, it is all about emotions. Emotions play a very pivotal role in our life.

Not enough has been discussed in the spiritual circles about human behaviour and emotions. However, everything is revolving around emotions.

Emotions are, oftentimes, a set of reactions to things. Whether you are being grateful to God or you’re being thankful to your fellow men; whether you’re unhappy with yourself, with your fellow men or with God; it is all reaction.

You will see people with positive and negative reactions. Some people are more likely to exhibit positive emotions. Some others tend to be very economical with exhibiting positive emotions.

Negative emotions come from the negative source in you. Positive emotions will come from an enlightened heart and a conscious soul.

Sometimes, you will see people with only negative reactions and emotions. You’ll wonder why such people only exhibit negative emotions, and why their reaction is oftentimes more severe than expectations. This is all human psychology. Our brain is the centre point where everything is cooked.

Some people spend 16-18 years in school, college and university. They become discerning, learned individuals. They think they know everything, but that is foolish. There is so much knowledge. There is so much to know about so many things in your life, that you can never learn enough to understand everything.

Psychology on its own will tell you nothing. With just psychology, you will become a sophisticated mind with a lot of unresolved, mysterious stories in your brain.

I have noticed one thing as a spiritual person: that in every field of different types of knowledge if spirituality is not present, that knowledge is useless.

For example, psychology is the study of human behaviour, but it doesn’t tell you what it is that human behaviour depends on. It doesn’t tell you how human behaviour becomes positive and how it turns negative. Psychology is all about human behaviour but it doesn’t tell you the source; it doesn’t tell you how to manoeuvre your emotions.

Emotions are like a tennis ball that you throw at the wall and it rebounds back to you. Sometimes, somebody will say something you don’t understand; you’ll derive a desired meaning out of what they said and get angry. When you get angry, there will be an outburst of unclassified emotions.

So in that case, the action will be taking place inside your brain and the reaction will also be taking place inside your brain. You’ll be the sole creator of the mess you cooked in your mind.

What happens when somebody is not sound by mind? Oftentimes, unruffled, undisturbed peace surrounds him; even then, there is an unsolicited reaction. He’ll just be sitting in solitude and sometimes he’ll cry. Other times, he’ll smile. When you ask him what happened, he will say, ‘Nothing.’ What is it then?

You’ll be thinking about something nice and that nice thought will have a rebound. There will be a reaction: you will feel happy. This is self-acquired happiness. Then you will think of something really horrible and have all sorts of ideas. [You’ll draw conclusions based on your own estimation]. This is how you manipulate your brain.

Some people have a habit of thinking too much. If you wear a jacket every day, it will wear out very soon. If you use your tongue a lot, it will wear out one day. Then after that, anything that comes from your mouth will be nonsense. In a similar way, there is a gateway between the conscious mind and subconscious mind which is opened when you overload your brain. You won’t even know who is coming and going. Thoughts will be coming like rain from the subconscious mind. You won’t even be thinking about something, but the thoughts will be coming.

When you experience something and you think it is of less importance, then it goes into your subconscious mind. You only remember things which are in your conscious mind. However, sometimes, when you’re overloading your brain, the gateway between the subconscious and conscious mind is opened. Then you begin to remember the things stored in your subconscious. [And you become confused].

For example, something happened last week that you forgot because you thought it was of less importance. It was stored in your subconscious mind. Now, because you are [putting a lot of pressure on your mind], those thoughts are now coming into your conscious mind from the subconscious. You’re not aware of the source. You didn’t think about it, but you saw it happening somewhere.

The IQ and EQ Level

The IQ (intelligence quotient) level is all about putting every piece of information in your conscious mind. For example, you walked through a street. When you walked through the street, what did you see and did you think about it? That is what your IQ level will be judged upon.

For example, where I am sitting, there is a laptop, laptop case, bag, bottle of water, juice, glasses, phone, small fan, light and wall socket.

If you pay attention, every piece of information will go into your conscious mind. If you don’t pay attention, it will go into your subconscious mind. As result, your IQ level will go down.

It is like you have £100 in £20 and £10 notes and you only pay attention to the £20 notes because £10 notes are of less importance to you. You’ll put the £20 notes somewhere safe; you’ll put the £10 notes in your pocket and you won’t notice that they are falling out.

To improve your IQ level, when you look at something, pay attention. When you pay attention, that information will be stored in your conscious mind.

For example, you walked through a hallway and didn’t notice the glass of water on the side. If someone says, ‘There is a glass here,’ you’ll say, ‘Where? I didn’t see it.’ You saw it, but you didn’t pay attention, that is why it is not in your mind. Some people are so confused; they can see the glass, but there is no coordination between their mind and their eyes.

The IQ level is all about storing every piece of information in your conscious mind. You can ignore things, but your eyes can’t.

Your eyes are cameras. If you keep your camera on, it will keep showing pictures and images, whether or not you want to see them. In a similar way, your eyes and ears record every image and every word. Thoughts, things – anything you notice and hear – if it is done with attention, it is stored in your conscious mind and improves your IQ level.

This is what I am telling you; you won’t find it in psychology books. The IQ level, when not accompanied by the EQ (emotional quotient) level, is zero.

If you see someone beautiful and don’t show emotions, you [are not mentally sound]. If I see a beautiful woman walking, if both my IQ and EQ levels are good and I’m not religious, I must say, ‘Wow, beautiful.’ This will mean I have a healthy brain.

In order to improve your IQ level, you have to work on your EQ level. You become ill mentally when your IQ level lacks emotional intelligence. Show emotions!

If you see something and there is no reaction, you’re suppressing your soul!

For example, a room is messy and stinking, but you will see someone sleeping there because he lacks emotional intelligence. His emotional sensory system is not responding to the fact that the room is dirty. This means that there is something wrong with his emotional sensory system.  He will see that somebody is handsome and beautiful, but he won’t care. This is a mental disorder.

Another scenario is if something has fallen on the ground in a restaurant kitchen. All the workers, rather than picking up the fallen object, prefer to step over it and be on their way. This is because their brains are not working properly. They become naive to everything and are not aware of the intelligence of emotions. This is why they have turned into cabbages.

If a human being doesn’t have emotions, in my eyes, there is no difference between them and a cabbage.

So the IQ level is all about the EQ level. It is about emotional discipline. When there is something that should awaken your senses, and still your senses are not awakened, then you are emotionally dead.

When your emotions are dead and your brain is not responding, you cannot obtain divine love. It is impossible.

When your senses are not even responding to tiny things like the room being dirty, it is not that you don’t care; your senses are not awakened. If something is lying on the floor and your mind is not telling you to pick it up and put it to the side, there is something wrong in your mind. This is a mental illness. Some people think, ‘Why should I do it?’ That is also a mental illness. Maybe tomorrow, you will say, ‘I need to use the toilet, but why should I do it?’

Giving Yourself Peace of Mind

You’re sitting and with a bird’s eye view, you have seen everything. Your eyes have stored all the images. Sometimes, we just see things without [hearing them]. Our eyes record those images and they go into the back of our mind, stored in the subconscious. Oftentimes, when those images reappear before our eyes, we wonder what it was. Your eyes have stored the images but you didn’t pay attention, this is why the information is incomplete. This is why your thoughts are ruffled and disturbed.

When you are somewhere, in order to have a healthy mind, you must see things with attention. If you don’t pay attention, this image which is stored in your subconscious mind will not have enough information and then it will trouble you later on.

At home, if somebody knocks on the door, I ask, ‘Who is it?’ I am not bothered about who comes and goes, but I need to know. This is because if somebody was knocking on the door but I don’t know who it was, this thought that somebody came and knocked on the door will be stored in my subconscious. It will bother me later on.

When things are incomplete and they transfer themselves from the subconscious mind onto the conscious mind, they create doubts.

Be careful: your eyes are like spy cameras. Everything is being stored. You want to make sure that everything being stored by your sensory system is not incomplete. Pay attention so that every piece of information is complete. When there is full information, your mind will be healthy. You will never be under any delusion or have any doubts.

Oftentimes, when people close to me are annoyed and irritated, I want to know why. I cannot feed my brain with incomplete knowledge. This is important for me. For example, if  you leave your phone at home at 3 AM, you’re walking alone and you don’t tell anybody where you’ve gone or why, [this will disturb me]. This is the inquisitiveness of my mind. I have trained my mind not to store anything incomplete. I need to know the reason. Right or wrong, I don’t care. I’m only concerned that when this information is stored in the back of my mind, it is not incomplete.

You need to be careful. Everything is being stored. What you need to do now is, whatever is being stored should be stored along with relevant information. If the information stored in your mind is incomplete, your IQ level will go down. IQ level is judged by what you have in your conscious mind and how much your conscious mind is affected by your subconscious mind. When you know everything which is being stored, this information will never go into the subconscious mind because it is not useless. The more information is stored in your conscious mind, the more intelligent you are.

In Conclusion

The relation between emotions and intelligence: the ability to identify something is intelligence, to react is emotions!

Some people make a mountain out of a molehill when they have pain. When somebody else has pain, they think, ‘It is none of my business.’ Such people are emotionally dead.

This is the initial introduction to the type of psychology I am imposing on you. This will go on for seven days. I bet after the completion of Self-Awareness Level 2, you will think you are a saint because you will stand on a street and you will know everything. You will know why people are doing what they are doing. This is IQ and it is accompanied by EQ level.

You cannot be an intelligent man if your emotional sensory system is dead.

If the room is stinking and you are comfortable, you are a cabbage. You are unresponsive. When you are sitting somewhere, your eyes are storing all the images and you’re not paying attention to it. You’re completely ignoring their existence. This is where your IQ level goes down.

It doesn’t take too long. Wherever you’re sitting, you can see things; just pay a little attention and complete the information.

For example, I need a glass and there is a glass nearby but because I didn’t pay attention, the image of the glass is in my subconscious mind, but the information is incomplete. Then I’ll ask someone to bring me a glass and they’ll say, ‘It is there.’ This sort of thing happens many times with so many people, but why?

We simply say, ‘They have an absent mind.’ What is absent? The mind is not absent; the information is absent in the mind.

In Self-Awareness Level 2, we will deal with IQ and EQ. Then comes higher awareness: awareness of God in you. Now we’re talking about awareness of you in you; in the third level, we will all talk about God and his presence inside you. Who is behind the scenes working in you? Level 3 will help you know who is inside you – God or the Devil – and how to detect it.

Self-Awareness Level 2 will go on for seven days. I guarantee you that after these seven days, you will have a lot more understanding of life and a lot more confidence.

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Your failures will push you to feel inferior but you need to learn that you are not inferior just because you failed. You need to find out why you failed and rectify that mistake.

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald
1st February 2017|ActivitiesMagazineStatement

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Messiah Foundation International has published a whole new magazine called the Messiah Herald catering for the spiritual needs of humanity! This publication is free both online and in print. A new issue will be released every month! Make sure to check out this month’s issue including the spotlight article: Is the Promised Messiah Already Here?


Click this link to read the magazine online.

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The Key to Spirituality (and Life)
19th December 2016|Articles

The Key to Spirituality (and Life)

The Key to Spirituality (and Life)

The most important thing in spirituality is to be a steadfast seeker. You should have unshakeable self-esteem. You should know what you are doing.When you know what you are doing, then do not back off until you reach your destination.

God does not like people who back off when the conditions around them are not favourable.

God wants to test how serious you are! Your determination will be established when no hurdle on Earth can stop you from what you want to get. If there are not enough hurdles to stop you, you are really determined. Determination is the name for different emotional states. For example, it refers to when you are steadfast, when you are clung to whoever you belong.

No matter how hard it gets to survive, even if you are hanging by a cliff, rest assured that you will not fall.

In the line of spiritual love, you have to have determination. The hurdles of the way will definitely [chip away at] your determination. Every time you are weakened by those hurdles, boost your determination by the fact that you belong to the Almighty and the Almighty is watching over you. Know that you are not alone.

No matter how many times you fall, do not stop. Keep falling, but keep journeying as well. Fall down, get up again and go. Repeat.

You must keep going no matter how many times you fall. The devil wants you to fall, so that you are emotionally put off and you quit the journey.

Don’t quit the journey; if you stumble, ask for help and the Lord will help you.

This was an excerpt of Younus AlGohar’s reply to a viewer of AlRa TV, who had already obtained Invocation of the Heart. It was originally posted on Younus AlGohar’s Medium page.

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RE: How Can One Hear God?
12th July 2016|LecturesVideos

RE: How Can One Hear God?

In reply to Mohammad Shahid Ahmed from Jersey City, NJ, USA, Younus AlGohar explains how one can hear God’s voice through the spiritual sciences.

Main points:

– In order to verify everything in spirituality, you need to enlighten all your souls in the breast. Per the spiritual system, your thoughts travel to your heart and then the Obscure Soul (Akhfah), which is directly connected to the tongue. When thoughts cross the enlightened heart and the Obscure Soul, by the time you speak, the words will be enlightened and they won’t harm anyone.

– Mevlana Rumi said that God speaks through saints. He sends words to the heart. Then the heart transmits those words or thoughts to the Obscure soul, Akfah, which pushes them onto the tongue. This is how God speaks through saints.

– You cannot hear God’s word with physical ears. You cannot see God with physical eyes. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with God at all. The system in which God communicates with people is dependant on enlightenment of souls of the breast. Our voice is dense, but God’s voice is made of light. To communicate with God, you’re meant to send him the ethereal voice of your heart.

– Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the ultra-contemporary spiritual scientist. He explains that the spiritual heart, which sits atop the fleshy heart, is like a telephone operator between man and God. A phone runs on electricity and the spiritual heart runs on divine energy. If there is no power in your phone, you can’t use it to communicate. Similarly, if your heart is not awakened with divine energy, then you cannot connect with God. In order to be able to communicate with God successfully, you need to awaken he soul which will turn this fleshy heart into a divine telephone.

You can watch the live recordings of these videos every day at 22:00 GMT on

Can’t access this video? Watch it on Daily Motion.

Listen to this speech on the go with SoundCloud.

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If you lie, how will you teach your children not to lie? If you swear, how will you teach your children not to swear? If you are bad, how will you ask your kids not to be bad? You have to lead by example. The most honest and effective way of teaching others is to exhibit your teachings through your actions. You must practise what you preach. Double standards: to practise one thing and preach another. – Younus AlGohar

In this phenomenal world, the bitterest of all truths is mortality. – Younus AlGohar

The Art of Expression
18th February 2016|Articles

The Art of Expression

The Art of Expression

Oftentimes, people misunderstand speakers. The words you speak will give different meanings if what you speak is not concise or a really comprehensive choice of words. People will always misunderstand you.

This is why one has to learn the art of speaking.

If you ask me what the most important aspect of speaking is, I will tell you, ‘You are a successful speaker if you are able to convey your thoughts with the help of words and people who listen to you understand what you mean.’

People are not aware of the art of expression. They cannot express what they have in their mind in the way they understand it. As a result of this lack of speaking skills, people will always misunderstand what is being said.

My English is very easy because my style is explanatory. A colleague of mine, when he speaks English, will appear to be more charming, utilising glamorous and artistic words. I fail to understand this kind of attitude towards speaking.

If you are in the business of conveying your thoughts, then you need to opt for words which are worthy of carrying the meaning you have in your mind to the mind of the other person. You have to be a genuine artist.

When you speak, you should aim not just to deliver words, but to convey your thoughts.

Let me ask: is it always the case that people, when they speak, are aiming to convey their thoughts? Maybe in the back of their mind, they have taken it for granted that others will understand them.

It is not easy for us to completely and successfully understand when someone is speaking, because we cannot read minds.

You need to know the art of the conveyance of your thoughts. Not everyone can do it. Where you live doesn’t matter. You need an academic upbringing. You need to work on what way to say a word and what shadows of meaning a word will convey to others.

Language is a tool. You need to know the art of using this tool.

This article originally appeared on Younus AlGohar’s Medium page.

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Types of Love | Younus AlGohar
6th February 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Types of Love | Younus AlGohar

Amelika Confidence wrote a book called, ‘Religions and the Way to God’. He says to me, ‘You say that love is fundamental. What is love’s work. From where and to where does love go?’

He said to me, ‘If you have love and peace, or wish for them, you will welcome clean-hearted debate.’ In reply to this, I said to him, ‘Discussion is better than debate. I do not debate.’

Firstly, I did not say that love is fundamental. I talk about love and how to achieve love. I propagate the importance of love in a human’s life and I also discuss what the substance of love is and how to acquire love.

Regarding from where loves comes and to where it goes – love is not like a boat. Love is not like an airplane. Love is not transportation. What do you mean by, ‘From where it comes and to where it goes?’ I don’t understand it.

I’m sorry, but this is really bemusing. You need to understand different types of love. Love. metaphorically, is considered to be an outburst of emotions. That’s what people call love. These emotions have to be generated on a constant basis.

If you have an outburst of emotions for somebody for a few days and then it goes away, it is not love; it is infatuation, affection.


Affection is when you look at somebody physically and you like their body, you like their company because they are handsome or they are beautiful. You fall for the beauty of their body. It is called affection because it is affecting on you.

For example, you walk in a mall and see a woman who is wearing revealing clothes. You look at her and you want to keep looking art her. You forget why you are there. So in a way, you are affected. Suddenly, you forget everything and are just looking at that woman. If that woman was really unattractive, even if she was walking naked, you wouldn’t be affected. You would just continue doing whatever you were occupied. When we say, ‘Beautiful or ugly,’ it is to do with the body. Obviously, you are not looking at her soul or heart; you are looking at her body. This is why it is affection, sudden change.

Puppy Love

There is another type of love. When you are a child, you have innocent love. You have love for your toys and you fall out with other kids. You say, ‘This is my toy. I won’t let you play with it.’ Then you enter into a phase where you reach the age of puberty. When you reach the age of puberty and enter into adolescence, you begin to have feelings and vibes. If a girl at that time starts taking interest in you, you suddenly develop love. You become Romeo and think, ‘I have found the true love of my life. I’m going to sacrifice my life.’ That is fake understanding because the emotions that you have at the time are due to the fact that you entering into adolescence period. Before you reach puberty, you don’t have these kinds of emotions. But as you reach that age, the world changes. You’re not innocent anymore.

This outburst of emotion at the time when you reach the age of puberty is called puppy love or cupboard love. It doesn’t stay forever.

Because you have reached the age of puberty and there are new emotions, every time a girl takes interest in you, you think this is your true lover. You make a list of girlfriends. Every time you change a girlfriend, you think, ‘No, this is my true girlfriend.’ But as you become mature, you realise that it was nonsense. This is not love.

Divine Love

You have to be careful in defining divine love. You’re suppose to develop love for God and you haven’t seen or spoken with God. You don’t know anything about God. Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Jew or you practise any other religion – you have the books and stories, but you have no personal experience about God.

How do you develop love for God? You look at a woman, her curves and her beauty and you fall in love with her. You have an outburst of emotions because you reach the age of puberty and you have puppy love. What about divine love? How do you have love for God?

Even if God has a handsome body, you haven’t seen him.

Some people think that becoming more religious, doing all the rituals and fulfilling all the commandments of God is God’s love. That’s obedience and practice of a religion. That is not love.

Then there are two types of love: conditional love and unconditional love.

It is very easy to say, ‘unconditional love,’ but unconditional love is very, very rare to be seen. When we say, ‘unconditional love,’ it means you have love for somebody and no matter what happens, this love will stay with you in your heart forever. Nothing will change.

For example, I respect you and you respect me. If I insult you, you will insult me. But if you have love for somebody and they insult you every day, do you think love in you heart for that person is not going to be affected? Of course it will be affected. If the other person doesn’t stop insulting and abusing, maybe this love will turn into hatred. There is a condition: if you behave well, I will love you. If you respect me, I will love you. If you  feed me, I will love you.

If somebody doesn’t do anything good, will you still love them? Humanly, it is not possible; but God has unconditional love. However, before unconditional love is granted to you by God, there are many conditions to be fulfilled.

I want to tell you how to obtain God’s love. Some people have a problem in their heart, so a pacer is installed inside the heart to generate ticking. In a similar way, we need an outburst of emotions for God in the heart.

There is no connection between you and God. How would you have emotions for God?

For a moment, just forget about God. If we say, ‘Please love Obama; he is very nice,’ can you do that? No.

There are many examples. Generally, men go after beautiful women who are fair in complexion, tall, etc. But we have heard, when the bird of love, Cupid, strikes on a heart, you will see that a man loves a woman who is not  beautiful at all. This is because somehow or other, he has emotions for her not for other women.

We need to generate an outburst of emotion for God. In order to do that, God’s light, God’ energy, has to be generated inside the heart through spirituality.

God’s name has his light; it is not like your name and my name. Spiritually, God’s name is implanted into the heart and thereafter, the heart will vibrate with God’s name constantly. As a result of this constant vibration of God’s name inside the heart, divine energy is generated. When enough divine energy has been accumulated inside the heart, you begin to have feelings for God.

When you have something from God inside your heart, it uplifts the outburst of emotions for God. This is the first stage of love. You begin to feel his light in your heart.

However, this love is not eternal. If you do something wrong and God doesn’t like it, then these emotions will be gone; this love may not stay forever.

The original form of love – which does not fade away and never disappears from the heart – is granted to an individual by God only when he is spiritually trained and makes a journey spiritually, by the soul of his head, and he arrives at a station where God will see him and he will see God.

The moment you see God, special energy will emanate from God’s body; it will come to you and will want to pull you towards God. This attraction from God is known as pure, unconditional love. It is natural.

If you have that energy that pulls you towards God, it will become unconditional love. Then, whatever happens, this love will never depart your heart.

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The Inner Devil – Younus AlGohar
31st January 2016|LecturesVideos

The Inner Devil – Younus AlGohar

Our tweets are now reaching out to many different people, including those who practise a religion and also those who don’t practise any religion. The tweets reach out to those who don’t believe in God, they don’t believe in any religion. Those who think religions are responsible for promoting hatred.

Everybody has his and her own opinion and observation. Their point of view plays a very important role in their opinions. If you observe things without proper knowledge, maybe you will get confused.

For example, cars used to be very simple a few years back. The most features we would have in cars were air conditioning, good speakers, leather seats and a two-litre or three-litre engine. Now, cars are more advanced. They have satellite navigation systems pre-installed and built-in internet. Now, the cars can help the driver on long journey: if you are on the highway, you put it on autopilot and you can sit and relax. The car will do the job because there are sensors around the car which will keep looking from any object coming closer to them. If somebody is trying to jump into the lane recklessly and your car is autopilot, the car will slow down and let them pass.

Cars are coming with e-manuals and manuals. You have to go through every single detail. If you don’t read the manual, you will get confused. If you just look at a newer car, you might probably say, ‘There is no difference,’ but when you sit inside and use all the features, then you will praise it correctly.

Similarly, bad things are easily visible and publicised well, but good things are not publicised. That’s why people have begin to have a one-track mind. They begin to think that nobody is good in this world. Every time you turn on your television and you hear news that ten people were killed somewhere, three women were raped somewhere else and four children were snatched in another area, you will become crazy, because all your hear is bad news. You will develop a hatred.

One thing which is important is that you must be aware of everything before you pass your remarks.

Secondly, you can only blame people who are responsible for certain things. You cannot hold the entire community responsible for anything bad.


Currently, we have an ongoing problem in Islam. Wahhabi fanatics and extremists have taken the world by storm. Massacre, carnage and butchery – that is all we hear every day from a particular school of thought in Islam, Wahhabism. There are almost two billion Muslims all over the world and only 7-10% of them are violent Muslims. These violent Muslims come from [Wahhabism].

It is important to correctly and justly read the situation, without prejudice and without being biased. If you attack on the entire religion, it can’t be justified. Not everybody is bad.

For example, recently in Africa, Islamic militants came and attacked on a bus. Most of the passengers were Christians; however, there were some Muslims also. So when these Islamic militants came, they asked a Muslim man to identify the Christians and he didn’t do it. He said, ‘No. You cannot kill innocent people.’ He stood there and he held their gun. All the Christians were able to flee. Then he died.

We have an example of this good Muslim who lost his life in order to protect Christians. If Islam is teaching terrorism to some militant groups, then why is it teaching tolerance to another Muslim? It is not about the religion; it is about the individuals.

Let’s go through a realistic analysis of how these people are behaving themselves in a very bad manner; how they are killing innocent people and how they are completely different than others. Are they really different to others or are they doing something extraordinary? When I look at it, I come to conclude that these people are involved in rape, loot and plunder and killing people.

Let’s just forget that they are Muslims. If Islam is promoting terrorism and hatred, then non-Muslims, realistically, should not do the same crimes that these people are doing. However, there are many people who don’t even believe in any religion but they are paedophiles, serial murders and rapists. If Islam is teaching you to be a rapist, murderer, to promote hatred, then why are people who don’t follow any religion involved in the same crime as those who follow Islam? To my mind, it is understandable that it is not about the religion; it is about the individual.

Then, at the same time, what we hear today is that refugees who were taken in by Germany, Sweden, Denmark are raping girls, looting and plundering, attacking women and children. This is because this is how they are.

For example, if you are a student of a university, does it mean you are perfect in every subject? This is why they are given exams. When you pass the exam, you are awarded a degree; then you should test him.

In a similar way, these religions are schools, whether you are a Muslim, Christian or Jew. Don’t expect every Jew to be a perfect example of the teachings of Abraham and Moses. They may practise certain principles to a certain degree and they may be weak in modelling other principles of the religion. Not every Jew is a perfect model of Jewish teachings. Similarly, not every Christian is a perfect model of the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ. When they do something wrong, why do you attribute it to their religion? Does it mean they are modelling their religion by raping women or murdering innocent people? No.

The Inner Devil

Do not forget: it is not just the religion you follow. As a Christian, you follow Christianity. As a Jew, you follow Judaism. As a Muslim, you follow Islam. But all [religious people], whether they are Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews, they are closer to their inner devil than their religion.

It is very difficult to practise the religion; however, it is very easy to follow your inner devil, unaware that you are being misled by your inner devil.

You think this is your desire, your right. You find justification that you want comfort; but you are not aware of the fact that closer to you is not your religion. Closer to you is the inner devil. That inner devil is inside everybody, whether you are a Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew. This is why all these individuals, whether they practise a religion or not, you will see that they are rapists, murderers, and they are doing all sorts of bad deeds.

Religion will stop you only when you have some spiritual strength inside you, like you have evil power inside you.

Man is on the edge between God and the Devil. You have to struggle to find God, get familiar with the commandments of God. You will find it difficult to practise what God commands you to. But you will not find it difficult to follow your inner devil.

If you look at different religions today, whether they call themselves Jews, Christians or Muslims, realistically and practically, their religion is the Devil. If Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews and Christians are killing innocent people, then what religion is making them do all this?

There are ten main commandments in Judaism. One of them is, ‘You shall not murder,’ but we see even a Jew kills people. Are we justified to say, ‘He is killing people because he is trained by his rabbis’? Are we justified to say that Judaism is promoting hatred and massacre? He is a Jew, but he is closer to his inner devil than the religion of Judaism.

Those who don’t practise any religion have no shelter to become a hypocrite. They cannot lie. What they are doing, they are doing; they cannot put the blame on anybody else. Religions have corrupted all these people. However, if religion is the cause of all trouble, creating mischief, promoting hatred and instructing its followers to carry out massacre and carnage of innocent human beings, then why do people murder and become rapists who don’t follow any religion and who don’t even believe in God?

Whether you believe in God or you don’t, if you become a rapist, a murderer and you promote hatred, it is all because of your inner devil.

No religion promotes hatred. Christianity and Judaism are wonderful religions. There is nothing wrong with Islam. Prophet Mohammad did not kill any innocent people. In the Quran, God said, ‘If you kill one human being, it is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ Religions don’t teach people to become bad. Then why are they bad? If Islam doesn’t teach them to be bad, then why are Muslims bad? Because they don’t practise Islam. Simple.

Most Muslims do not know Islam. What every Muslim knows is that alcohol is haram (prohibited) – even though they drink it everyday. Why they know is that adultery is haram, though they do it every now and then. What Muslims know is that gambling is haram, though they frequent visitors of the casino. What they strictly follow from Islam is that they don’t eat pork. All Muslims practise this part of Islam only. Consuming alcohol is not a problem, but they cannot tolerate existence of non-believers – as if they have modelled their religion perfectly. This is the mischief of the end times.

What there was an uproar in the world about refugees, I spoke about it and I said it clearly, ‘If you want to protect your country, do not take any refugees.’ ISIS has all the machinery to make passports in Syria. They are issuing passports to their members. When you become a terrorist, you do not grow horns to become prominent among all other people. You can’t tell who is a terrorist. A lot of ISIS terrorists are being poured into these countries. Look what they are doing. It is a problem, but we need the right strategy to combat the problem. If you waste your time going in a wrong direction, humanity will continue to suffer. You will never be able to address the problem.

The problem is not with Islam. The problem is with Wahhabi doctrine of death and hatred.

His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, who doesn’t talk about religions, rather who talks about love and spiritual sciences, says, ‘Whether you follow Islam completely and strictly, however, if your inner is not purified, you are vulnerable to becoming prey to the devil at any time.’

There are 30 000 layers of lust that surround your heart and 30 000 layers of jealousy that surround you heart. In total, there are 180 000 layers that surround your heart. Whether you stay in the mosque day and night, these layers are not removed. Whether you recite the Holy Quran 24 hours a day for any number of years, these layers of vices and evil traits will never be removed. The only way they will be removed is when your heart is initiated into spirituality and your spiritual master, with spiritual authority and power, removes those layers from your heart – and frees your heart from the shackles of the Devil. Purification of the heart is important.

Anybody whose heart is surrounded by these layers of vices can do any bad thing any time.

One man was arrested in Disneyland Paris recently. He had an automatic gun and a copy of the Quran. Do you think he understand the Quran, when the Quran says, ‘Do not kill anybody’?

Identify your enemy. Your enemy is within you. If somebody is promoting hatred and, in retaliation, you are doing the same, you are no different. It is just that the bad people are bringing out the worst in you. Your vices were not prominent, but when you encountered hatred and a problem, you started doing the same thing. This is because we have an inner devil inside us.


When Prophet Mohammad entered the city of Mecca, victorious, Jihad with the sword was abolished. The Companions of the Prophet asked him, ‘What will we do now? Our swords are getting rusty.’ He replied, ‘Let’s turn to the greater Jihad from the smaller Jihad.’ They were really surprised and they said, ‘O’ Prophet of God, we were in the battlefield. We were chopping heads of our enemies off and they were chopping our heads off. We were sacrificing our lives and taking theirs. Is there any greater Jihad than this?’ The Prophet replied in affirmation, ‘Yes. I tell you of a greater Jihad than this. In this Jihad that you’ve been doing, you can see your enemy. Now, in this greater Jihad, we are going to execute somebody we cannot see.’ The Companions asked him, ‘Where is he then?’ He replied, ‘It is within you.’ This is the greater form of Jihad.

What do you do in greater Jihad? You don’t need a sword or gun. You need man and his manhood. It is a manly job to negate himself.

All of you want to promote yourself. You say, ‘I am the best and the greatest. Nobody is like me. I should have no problems, I should not suffer for anything. I should have all the comforts.’ When a little calamity falls upon you, you begin to cry; you are so vulnerable and weak. You become a man because of your inner strength and willpower.

You’re a man if you are strong enough to stand against your own evil and you don’t give up.

This is something which people of Arabia were not able to do. In that region, there is a lot of showing off and jealously. Their contribution to Islam is about making beautiful mosques and then raping young children. If the greater Jihad was easy, you would have all become saints by now.

Let’s talk about General Pervez Musharraf, the former chief of army staff in Pakistan. He is a good soldier and he is very brave, but he is not brave enough to fight against his inner devil. A fakir who sleeps on the footpath  who doesn’t have food to eat or proper clothes – but he has power to observe humility, to forgive people who humiliate him – is braver than Pervez Musharraf.

If somebody asks you to shoot yourself and you do, do you think this is an act of bravery? No. This is just one second of suffering. When you allow people to humiliate you every day, night, every second of your life and you are patient with it, that is an act of bravery.

Only those succeed and thrive to purify their inner devil who have strength.

If I call you names and in return you call me names, where is the act of bravery? When somebody says, ‘You’re really bad,’ then you have this itch inside to reply. If he said one word and you say two words, you’re weak. You have fallen to the plan of your inner evil. You should not be affected by what people say.

If you know you are good, you don’t need a certificate from others.

Only bad people want a certificate of goodness from others. That is just a show-off, not an act of bravery.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi says, ‘You are a brave man if you can fight against your inner devil.’

In purifying your inner devil, the first thing that you initiate into the path of purification is that you negate and nullify yourself. Telling yourself that you have no value in this world and that every other person is better than you are. Now, you think you are the best, but when you embark upon the path of spirituality, the first lesson is to nullify your importance. This is spirituality. This is why people don’t like spirituality. They talk about it, but they don’t want it; it is not easy. It is for men with great inner strength.

That is why HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘God does not like people who give up and give in, because in the path of spirituality, you will encounter at least a hundred times a situation where you will say to yourself, “I’d rather not live in this world.”’

Taking revenge from people who insulted you is not an act of bravery. This is weakness. You are obedient to your inner devil.

The Quran says, ‘O’ Prophet Mohammad, have you not see the man who has appointed his inner devil as his creator?’

You can now understand how important it is. You want to follow a religion, but there is somebody inside you who will not allow you to follow that religion. However, your enemy inside you will only allow you to practise certain parts of the religion which will make you famous and further deteriorate your inner evil.

For example, many people today go to mosques for prayers. Their prayers are useless. When they first went into the mosque, they were pigs. After even ten years, they are still pigs because they are just showing off.

In Pakistan, ministers and politicians take with them many big, empty pots. They go to the camps of poor people, put fire underneath the pots and call the media to take pictures. The media says, ‘1000 pots are there a food is being cooked. They’re doing it for humanity.’ Pictures are taken, the media leaves and the pots are back in the truck. No food is served. The next day, you’ll read the news that 1000 pots were cooked for poor people. They took out blankets and photos were taken. After the pictures, the blankets were back in the truck. This is not an act of charity; such people are playing with God; they are playing with innocent people and their emotions.

You are bad not because of any religion. You are bad because there is a source of evil in you. You will not become good until you purify your inner evil.

I am not defending any particular religion; rather, I am projecting the truth. If a Christian does something wrong, it is very easy to understand he is not following his religion. If a Jewish person does an immoral, anti-human act, we understand that this is not what Judaism talks about. This hasn’t been the teachings of Judaism, it is the individual.

Before you follow or practise any religion, there is a silent preacher inside you. This silent preacher is so commanding that, in comparison, whether you should listen to this compelling voice inside you or you should listen to the directives and doctrine from your religion, you always happen to prove that you are obedient to the inner evil voice.

Now, it doesn’t matter who you are: you may be an atheist, a polytheist or a monotheist. These things remain to be a discourse of phraseology. It doesn’t become part of your character until the time when your inner devil is taken care of and the inner perpetrator has been detached from your spiritual regime. What people cannot see is the barrier between individuals and their religions. You are known by the religion that you claim to practise, but people don’t understand whether or not this person is truly and realistically following his religion.

Jesus was walking and he saw a mob of people. There was a big commotion. He asked somebody, ‘What is going on?’ He said, ‘There is a woman who committed adultery. We are stoning here.’ Jesus said, ‘Nobody is going to stone her before I ask you a question.’ Jesus then said, ‘Is there anybody in this mob today who has never committed a sin?’ They were all quiet. Jesus said, ‘She is a sinner and you are a sinner. What gives you the right to stone her?’

CNN, Fox News and other television channels say, ‘Islam is so cruel; they stone adulteresses,’ but Judaism does the same. Be reasonable and be just. Don’t forget: whether it is Islam or Judaism, all four books came from the same God. You can deny it, but it is not going to change the reality. You can say, ‘The Muslims’ God is somebody else and the Jews’ God is somebody else,’ but this is not going to change the fact that Jesus, Mohammad, Moses, Abraham and Adam – all these messengers, great people – were sent by the same God.

The Solution to Terrorism

[The problem is that Wahhabis, the members of ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda are doing the same thing as the mob that was stoning the adulteress before Jesus intervened]. They are raping women; they are gay as well. But when somebody else does it, they stone them. Jesus halted the people who were pelting stones at the woman who committed adultery and said, ‘Don’t throw stones at her. The only one can stone her who has never sinned in his life.’ The same problem is here. They are doing every bad deed in the book, but when somebody else does it, they punish them. Islam and Sharia directs that adulterers and adulteresses should be stoned. But ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda are killing innocent human beings.

Whether it is Judaism or Islam, stoning adulterers is part of every religion, because all these religions come from the same source. But no religion allows murder of innocent people.

What these violent, wild, unlettered Muslims are doing in the name of Islam is not projecting Islam. This is a bundle of their lustful, carnal desires. They are brutal enemies and barbaric animals. This is not radicalisation; this is even worse than that.

We need to understand that hatred cannot be tackled with hatred.

In order to take care of hatred, we need sincerity. We need love.

At the same time, not just love; but the elements of hatred who are stubborn and they don’t want to change, you need to take care of them and wage a war.

This war is not going to be initiated individually; it has to be waged by international leaders and their armies. If you pick up a gun, go out in the street and say, ‘These are hateful souls. I will kill them,’ again, you are making the same mistake. You are can’t play with the law; this is not your job. It is the job of the departments or individuals who are responsible for upholding the law. If an individual takes the law in his hand and starts taking revenge from people just because he thinks they are bad, this is going to create more problems.

What we need now in order to tackle terrorism is to make an international alliance of armies who have sincere intentions. Who can understand that ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban murderers are not simply murdering Christians. They are murderers of humanity. More people are killed among Muslims by ISIS than any other religion. Muslims are also suffering at their hands. [ISIS] become enemies of Muslims who do not associate themselves with them and they cut their throats.

Look at their doctrine: all non-Wahhabis in their eyes are impure. To them, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Muslim, Christian or Jew. As long as you are a non-Wahhabi, you are, in their eyes, liable to death.

They’re not going to uphold the religion of Islam. They are hungry for power. It is not even about one country that they want to make a superpower; they want to rule the world. They want world dominion. Has there been any time in history that there was one religion, one man or one group who ruled the world, all alone?

World domination is for two only: the Devil or God. Either the Devil rules the world or God can rule the world.

The Devil doesn’t discriminate. You will see him in the mosque and if you go to a church, you will see him there too. He doesn’t hate anybody. If you go to a Muslim home, you will see he is making the husband and wife fight. If you go to a Christian home, you will see the same. From the church, if you go to a synagogue, you will see the Devil sitting there. If you go to a disco club, you will see he is dancing there. If you go to a bar, he is everywhere.

We say, ‘God is omnipresent,’ but nobody saw God anywhere. Realistically speaking, you will practically feel that the Devil is omnipresent, everywhere.

There was a Companion of Prophet Mohammad, Abu Huraira. After the departure of Prophet Mohammad, there were so many wars among Muslims. Soon, the Muslim nation was divided into two groups. One was led by Ali and the other was led by Amir Muawiya and Aisha. During the war between them, Abu Huraira would eat with the armies of Aisha and Amir Muawiya and when it was time for the prayers, he would join Ali. People asked him, ‘Whose side are you on? You eat there and for prayers you come here.’ He said, ‘I simply enjoy. The enjoyment of food is with Muawiya. Enjoyment of Salat (a form of prayer) is with Ali, so I come here.’

The Devil is doing the same. Wherever he has customers, he goes there. Right now, he is very busy with Muslims. A lot of Muslims are turning out to be his sincere, loyal customers.  I don’t know when will God prove to the world that he is everywhere. Right now, practically speaking, what we see is that we cannot see the Devil, but we feel him everywhere. His doctrine is of a strange type. He will silently, quietly and very discreetly pour his doctrine of hatred into your heart. When you are completely demonised by him, then what happens? He will kiss your forehead and say to you, ‘Ok my friend, I am going now.’ You will ask him why. He will say, ‘You don’t need me anymore. My job is done. What I do, from now on, you will do it in this area.’

After they shunned the practice of spirituality, maybe the Devil is just enjoying himself somewhere. These Muslims who call themselves Muslims, if you look at their character and behaviour, I think the Devil will feel ashamed of himself. He would maybe complain to God, ‘You said I was the ugliest one. You are wrong. I am not the ugliest one anymore.’ God would say, ‘Why?’ He would say, ‘Please visit Saudi Arabia and then you would change your mind about me. In front of them, I am a little, innocent devil. They are far worse than me. They do things which even I don’t want to do.’ That may the only time the Devil will think, ‘Thank God I’m not that bad.’

I honestly believe the Devil is not as bad as Wahhabis, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc.

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Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.

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