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Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald
1st February 2017|ActivitiesMagazineStatement

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Messiah Foundation International has published a whole new magazine called the Messiah Herald catering for the spiritual needs of humanity! This publication is free both online and in print. A new issue will be released every month! Make sure to check out this month’s issue including the spotlight article: Is the Promised Messiah Already Here?


Click this link to read the magazine online.

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Statement: The Lahore Blast
28th March 2016|ArticlesUncategorised

Statement: The Lahore Blast

Statement: The Lahore Blast

Today, when Christians all over the world were celebrating Easter, there were multiple suicide attacks in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore. Almost 70% people who were killed in these attacks were Christians.

Nawa-e-Masihi, a Christian Urdu-language newspaper from Pakistan, claims the following:

When Pervez Musharraf was the head of the state, Christians were free to practise their religion. After Pervez Musharraf, when Asif Ali Zardari, was president, Christians were free to practise their religion.

Since Nawaz Sharif’s government, PML(N), was formed, there has been non-stop attacks on Christians. Although the media is only saying 65 people have been killed, the number is in the 100’s.

All people can apparently do is to condemn it and feel sad. It is the responsibility of the government to protect each and every citizen of the country, regardless of their religious background.

When it comes to Pakistan, people are helpless. They have nowhere to go for justice. Nobody is protected in the country of Pakistan. Pakistan is a country where people have no rights.

It is not just minorities that are suffering. If we realistically view the situation, even Muslims are now in the minority in Pakistan. Wahhabis are in the majority; those who are not Wahhabis are not Muslims in their eyes.

I can safely say this that the Lahore Attack was carried out by the Taliban on instructions from Saudi Arabia, because Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, is visiting Pakistan. Saudi Arabia is not happy about that.

Saudi Arabia have exhibited their anger and resilience that Pakistan should not have good relationship with Iran as long as Pakistan is an ally of Saudi Arabia. Pakistan cannot have Saudi Arabia as a friend on one hand, and Iran as a friend on the other hand.

This attack has been carried out by the Taliban, but the instructions came from Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Islamabad.

Our message to Christians in Pakistan is do not fear. Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s government is coming. Lord Ra Riaz will give you justice.

In our eyes, people of all religions are equal. God loves all humanity equally and all are equal in the eyes of God.

Further Comments

Shocking news of multiple suicide bomb blasts in Lahore tears the heart apart. May all departing souls rest in peace, amen. 

Either the Muslims don’t study the Quran or they misinterpret it. Killing one human being is killing the entire humanity. Cursed are those who take human lives.

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Younus AlGohar’s Interview with
17th March 2016|InterviewsVideos

Younus AlGohar’s Interview with

Younus AlGohar recently visited Toronto, Canada, where he gave an interview with There, he spoke on a variety of topics including going beyond religion and becoming the character/image of God. Man receives attributes of God, which is how we become compassionate and kind. He also spoke on the concept of the awaited one in all religions.

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Was Islam Supposed To Be A Global Religion?
15th March 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Was Islam Supposed To Be A Global Religion?

After the tragic events of the Paris Attacks and then San Bernardino California, I focused on the source of Islamist terrorism. Ever since I have been discussing this issue in lengthy details and the principle financiers of worldwide Islamic terrorism, it was shocking to see that most journalists had already done extensive research on what the source of this worldwide Islamist terrorism is. That includes our wonderful writer, historian and expert on theology, Karan Armstrong.

A lot of journalists have a very profound insight into Wahhabism, its doctrine of death and hatred and how Wahhabism, from a small desert in the Arabian peninsula, became so internationally widespread [that it is now] the set of beliefs of millions of people all over the world.

However, one grave mistake that most of these western journalists are making is that they have looked over the thin blue line between Wahhabi doctrine of death and hatred and the original teachings of Islam.

For example, these days, a demand made in every corner of the world is that Islam need reforms. Why? Because some of the commandments of  God which constitutes the religion of Islam are not compatible with the 21st century. If you listen to my speech and argument very carefully, you will not [make this demand] again.

As we see today, Wahhabism, in the guise of Islam, has been propagated all over the world. In the United Kingdom alone, there are more than one million Muslims. Everywhere in the world you go, you will see there are Muslims. If you go out of the Middle East, out of the South Asian region and you see some Muslims, chances are that you are not a seeing a Muslim, but a Wahhabi.

The original Islam was not propagated due to any reason. One of the main reasons was the mainstream Islam has never been the state religion of any country.

The state religion of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait is Wahhabism.

Even in Pakistan, which is locally considered the fortress of Islam, Islam is not the state religion. Pakistan’s governance system is secular; however, there are some legislations which indicate that there is some kind of a flavour of Islam. That also is on the paper, not in practice.

Islam was never meant to be a global religion. It was a regional religion aimed at guiding the Arabs.

This is why some of the commandments in the Quran are very strict. They are strict in accordance with the nature of the Arabs. People outside the Middle East are different..

If you are a first time buyer in England, they give you a discount on your property. In a similar way, if you have committed a crime and it is your first crime, in minor cases, they may let you walk free; they just serve you with a caution. Then, if you have done something more severe in nature, most probably, they will give you a suspended sentence with 100, 150 or 200 community service hours. You can see leniency in their nature.

In some of the countries in Europe, even if you murder somebody, they do not give you capital punishment. I have been visiting the United States of America for the past sixteen years, but I am not familiar with their judiciary system. Maybe in some selected states in the USA, they also follow the same judiciary system as they follow in the United Kingdom or Europe. What happens is, if somebody pleads guilty, by law, the law has to show leniency towards that person. The law acknowledges the fact that the criminal is being honest, he is courageous enough to admit his mistake, he is going to feel remorse and he will stop doing what he has done.

This is how lenient the law is. Sometimes, interpretation of the lenient law is even more lenient than the law itself. It is lenient to an extent where even people like Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza, world-renowned terrorists, walk free from the British judiciary system.

In comparison to how the law is lenient in Europe – and on occasion, how lenient interpretation of the law is exhibited in the courts of the United Kingdom – Islamic Sharia appears to be so cruel.

In Islamic Sharia, if somebody is a thief, you chop their hands off. Obviously, a society that does not even recommend capital punishment for murderer and rapists cannot digest a law whereby the hands of a thief are chopped off. It is not compatible.

However, Muslims have been living [in the United Kingdom] for the past 50-60 years now. Why do we suddenly realise that Sharia is not compatible? It is the same Islam. But then, 50-60 years ago, maybe people in the western world thought, ‘This has nothing to do with us. According to their religion, they will chop off their own hands.’ But now, they’re talking about imposing Sharia Law in England, so we are beginning to get worried.

Now, this is my argument. People who live in the Arab world are so stubborn. If you tell a thief, ‘Do not do it again,’ he will feel offended. He will reply, ‘Why did you tell me not to do it again?’ They don’t understand the language of civility and love. They do not understand compassion. If you do not punish them, you are actually encouraging them to commit even more severe crimes than that.

So the Islamic Sharia, however cruel it is, is not designed for global practice. It was designed to cater the needs of the bedouins – those who only understand the language of the sword.

If Muslims today say, ‘No, we will go for conquest of the entire world and we will turn every single human being into a Muslim,’ that is absurd. If you want dominion of the world under Islam, what about the Christians and Jews? They should do the same. If all these three monotheistic religions race to control the world, then this place will become chaotic. There will be havoc.

Islam is not a global religion; it is regional religion. Islamic Sharia was designed to control and sociably discipline the people who live in the Arab world. It is not compatible with any other nation.

Pakistan was founded in 1947. In the last 69 years since the birth of Pakistan, many times in history, a democratic government was toppled up by an army general in a military coup. Martial Law was imposed on account of corruption done by the politicians in the government. Under Martial Law, many basic rights of the citizens were suspended.

I have never heard that there was Martial Law imposed in the United Kingdom in the last 100 years. In England, people are civilised. They respect your rights. People who are governing and running the country are doing so with pure intentions and an attitude of humility, fairness and honesty. If anything goes wrong, MPs are removed from their jobs. They cannot use their position to gain monetary benefits or any other benefits in any other form.

People in Pakistan do not understand the law. When they are in a high position, they always take advantage of their position. Their corrupt minds make them do nasty things while they are in power. Can a man in England who has never been to school be appointed as an education minister? Firstly, there is nobody in the United Kingdom who has never been to school. Everybody has to go to school even if their parents don’t like it. However, in Pakistan, you could be the petroleum minister and you won’t even know what petroleum means. You could be a finance minister and you cannot count to ten. It is not just that these people are cruel; they don’t have education.

In most of the countries like the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait, the ruler has all the high posts under the belt. He is the prime minister, finance minister, culture minister and chief of army staff. He is everything – and basically, he is nothing.

Have some mercy on God. If God introduced some strict laws for these people, he is justified. He is dealing with people who know civility or education. If God says, ‘Ok. If this is his first time, leave him,’ they will take the wrong meaning of God’s compassion. The impression they will get is, ‘Oh, look! God is scared of me.’

So God imposed Islamic Sharia, which is a divine Martial Law. However it is not compatible with people who have some civility, who understand their rights and who also respect other’s rights. People in the Arab world don’t understand anybody’s rights.

Sharia Law applies to that region only. It does not apply anywhere else.

When God constitutes a religion for certain people, before the law is given to the prophet or messenger, God has to keep in view the temperament of the nation. How cool-headed or heated their heads are must be considered.

In the Arab world, most Arabs have more than one wife. Their wives have no objection. In Pakistan, they are also Muslims, but if you want a second wife, you first wife will either kill you or she will divorce you. Muslim women in Pakistan know that according to the Quran, a Muslim can keep four wives at the time. Why then do they have this attitude towards Islamic Sharia? This is because their temperament is different than Arabs. Ask any woman in Pakistan if she supports polygamy. She will say, ‘No, not at all. I am still alive, why do you want another wife?’

If people say, ‘Islamic Sharia is not compatible today,’ I say that this is wrong and absurd. Islamic Sharia was never compatible with or to any other nation.

1400 years ago and even today, Islamic Sharia is not compatible with any other nation apart from the Arabs.

Since oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia and the pirates of the sea started to see dollars and pounds, they made the journey to Europe and the United States of America. Now, they have changed to a certain degree. Their views have changed about Islamic Sharia. How? Now they say, ‘Islamic Sharia is for common Muslims, not for us.’ They can do anything.

Individuals who were born here and trained by Anjem Choudary and other radical elements in the United Kingdom, they don’t know who they are. They were not born in India or Pakistan, so their culture is not Pakistani or India. They have always avoided integrating into British culture, so even British culture is not their culture. Islam does not have any culture, so they are cultureless people. More likely to me is that it is an identity crisis; they do not know who they are.

That is why most of the women who were fleeing to Syria with their children, when they were caught red-handed, were stopped and brought back to the United Kingdom, they said, ‘We are living here in the United Kingdom, where Islam is not the rule of the law. That is why we are going to the Islamic State.’ They think that when they go to Islamic State, Islam is perfectly practised there. They have this perception, because [ISIS] say, ‘We are imposing Islam which was imposed at the time of Prophet Mohammad. You will come to live in the same type of era and atmosphere which was at the time of Prophet Mohammad.’ So people were bought into believing and unreal situation. They were told something which is totally against how it appears to be.

Islam never said, ‘Kill all non-Muslims.’ But Wahhabis say, ‘Kill all non-Wahhabis.’

People in the West are saying, ‘Muslims are doing this and that.’ They’re also talking about apocalyptic times and events.

However, the problem with the West is: why aren’t they inclined to call upon Jesus for help? According to Muslim and Christian books, Jesus is to return. He is the saviour of the world.

A majority of people in the West have become atheists. When you are an atheist, you cannot understand a religious person’s mental cooking. If you were a religious person, it would have been a lot easier for you to understand what they want and where they’re coming from. You think that going to the church and reading the Bible is a waste of time, so you cannot understand how young children in Pakistan become terrorists.

They go to a religious seminary or mosque to study the Quran. Now, no Muslim will stop their children from learning the Quran. For a religious Muslim, it is a good thing to learn and recite the Quran. If you were a Christian, you’d understand that and also encourage your kids to learn Bible. Since you are not a religious man, you think all Muslims are radicalised because they’re sending their kids to learn Quran.

Sending children to learn the Quran has nothing to do with terrorism and radicalisation. However, they’re using it as an instrument to train terrorists.

The Threat of Iran

After Wahhabism, we have yet another global threat. After the rise of ISIS, we started saying, ‘The Taliban was less cruel. They were not that aggressive. ISIS is very aggressive.’

In a similar way, the time is not far when we will see a new Islamic threat from Iran. We will say, ‘Wahhabism was comparatively better.’

Iranians dream and think about attacking on Israel, without a reason.

All the Shia muslims who live in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates are politically and religiously controlled by Iran. A majority of Shias live in Iraq and they are controlled by Iran.

Bashar ul Assad is a Shia. People don’t want to say it for any reason, but he is a puppet of Iran. Russia is being a devil. Russia is not against Wahhabism. Although the Russian television, RT, is exposing Wahhabism and ISIS, that is under a political agenda. They are not genuine in exposing the ugly truth of Wahhabism. They’re just doing it in order to oppose the enemy of Iran, because Russia is on the side of Iran.

Iran is a regional player; it now wants to become an international player.

No other Muslim country is so against Israel like Iran. No other Muslim country is so fiercely an enemy to Israel.

Iran is no lesser than ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban. The West should open their eyes and cut off all relations with them.

With regards to Imam Mehdi, the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi is a fabricated, concocted concept. Imam Mehdi does not hate anybody. Imam Mehdi is for the entire humanity.

Imam Mehdi does not represent hatred or death; He represents hope and love. Imam Mehdi represents human values. Imam Mehdi loves Israel, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and all humanity.

Being Mehdi Foundation International, it is our job to show the world the original and truthful concept of Imam Mehdi.

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The Secret of the Moon – Why The Moon Has Been Revered for Centuries
13th March 2016|LecturesVideos

The Secret of the Moon – Why The Moon Has Been Revered for Centuries

An analysis of the sign on the Moon manifested by God to announce the arrival of the Awaited One.

Main points:
– Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi’s image is prominent on the Moon. It is a divine sign. It is not humanly possible to create such a large image on the Moon’s surface. If you can see the Moon, you can see the image on it.

– The image of Lord Ra Riaz has always been present in the Moon. It has now become prominent. In other words, there was a veil over the Moon that was lifted. The image on the Moon becoming prominent is referred to in the Quran as ‘Shaq ul Qamar’.

– Quran [41:53]: ‘In the future, I will show them my signs in the horizons and within themselves.’ He said he would show the signs, not create them. God’s signs are as ancient as God himself. Manifestation of these images doesn’t mean they’re created in the era they’re being manifested in.

– Per traditions of Prophet Mohammad, he asked his nation to look to the Moon, pray to God and ask the Moon to be protector of their faith. The Moon has endorsement of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s human profile. When you ask the Moon to be protector of your faith, you are actually asking Imam Mehdi’s image.

– Hindu temples had idols made of gold and silver. Muslims would attack them. Mahmud of Ghazni, the thief, made 16 unsuccessful attacks on India. the reason he failed was because a dedicated worshipper would sit in Somnath Temple (Temple of the Moon God). That worshipper loved an idol which was made based on the image on the Moon; he loved it so much that it was imprinted on his heart. Only when he was killed was Ghazni successful in his attacks.

– Prophet Mohammad had similar beliefs about the Moon as Hindus – and this does not contradict the concept of Tauheed (God’s Oneness). The knowledge Prophet Mohammad gave to people was of how to establish oneness of God within yourself and remove non-Godly elements from your being. The problem with Wahhabi doctrine of Tauheed is that they heard Prophet Mohammad talking about Tauheed, but they didn’t receive the knowledge of Tauheed.

You can watch the live recordings of these videos every day at 22:00 GMT on

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Younus AlGohar Explains The True Concept of Imam Mehdi
11th March 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Younus AlGohar Explains The True Concept of Imam Mehdi

What is important today for us to discuss is the wrong judgement of Iran and their associate, the Shia Doctrine, which is now causing problems. It is just like how the House of Saud (Saudi Arabia’s ruling family) is associated with Wahhabism. It is not only a delicate matter, but at the same time, a very crucial and sensitive part of every Muslim and every other human being on Earth – whosoever is awaiting the last Messianic figure.

Imam Mehdi is a Muslim concept of the Awaited One. However, we believe the Awaited One – who is known as Imam Mehdi among Muslims – simultaneously holds the office of Promised Messiah and Kalki Avatar also.

Two factions in Islam, Shi’ism and Wahhabism, are state-funded, state-supported and state-promulgated denominations in Islam. The House of Saud and their associates, Wahhabis, are trying their hardest to convert every single human being into their religious faction. On the other hand, although we have not noticed that Iran might have been trying to dominate all over the world or convert all human beings into their version of Islam, the Iranian religious establishment has ironically been very vocal about the emergence of Imam Mehdi.

Non-Muslims especially, all over the world, have taken the impression is that Imam Mehdi is an exclusive personality which will only come in this world to help either the Iranian or Shia version of Islam. I would like to tell the world that Iran has been projecting a concept of Imam Mehdi which is more like a mythological character. It is not any close to the original and factual concept of Imam Mehdi.

On the one hand, Saudi Arabia and their associates, Wahhabis, are working really hard to make the world forget about Imam Mehdi and its concept. On the other hand, Iran on the state level, is projecting an impression of Imam Mehdi which is nowhere near the real concept of Imam Mehdi.

The only source of information about Imam Mehdi available for people to turn to are the Traditions of Prophet Mohammad. Some of the verses in Quran also imply to advent of the Last Saviour, the Awaited One. Today I would like to take this opportunity to shed some light on the issue of Imam Mehdi.

We are a group of people and we are not funded by any government, organisation or any denominations in Islam. We are a self-financed and self-motivated group of people. The reason why we have taken this task to raise awareness among people of the world of the true concept of Imam Mehdi is because we belong to Imam Mehdi.

Unlike Iran, we have not made a book of desires which we are waiting for Imam Mehdi to fulfill. [Iran is waiting for Imam Mehdi to come help them with their agenda, that of finishing off Israel, the USA and ruling the world. They will believe in him only if he fulfills their book of desires].

The reason why we only can give people the true concept of Imam Mehdi is because we have been trained by Imam Mehdi. Only we know the true concept of Imam Mehdi. Nobody else can, because to other people, Imam Mehdi is a character from mythology; a bookish character who lives in their fantasy.

To us, Imam Mehdi is very much the centre of our life. Our life circumambulates around Imam Mehdi. We have seen Imam Mehdi with our physical eyes. We have spent years in his physical company and we have been given knowledge of spirituality by Imam Mehdi from Imam Mehdi.

This is not just a claim. When we say that we have been trained by Imam Mehdi, we also invite people to become part of this global, spiritual revolution. This global spiritual revolution is all about unifying the entire humanity with the cord of divine love. All hearts are connected with the one cord of divine love in which nobody will hate anybody.

It is such a shame for the state of Iran to, on one hand, declare that they believe in Imam Mehdi and on the other hand, say that Israel is a small devil and the United States of America is a big devil. As soon as they get nuclear power, they would want to destroy Israel and the United States of America.

Imam Mehdi is not a warrior. Imam Mehdi is not going to be holding a sword or a gun. Imam Mehdi’s only weapon is forgiveness, and Imam Mehdi’s only philosophy and agenda is converting everybody into love.

Imam Mehdi is no going to supervise or be head of any one particular religion. He is not going to support any religion; rather, Imam Mehdi is going to support the entire humanity. He is coming to fulfil the promises which God made with people.

Imam Mehdi is going to come to establish the Kingdom of God. Imam Mehdi is going to turn every human heart into the temple of God.

Imam Mehdi is going to wipe out all sorts of hatred, all sorts of difference and all sorts of colour, religious and ethnic issues. He will help humanity become unified. This unification is going to be based on love in every heart.

[People of different colours] cannot be unified until all become [the same colour], which is impossible. Unification is a state in which you have commonality; that one common thing among all will establish unification. If you are all white, you are unified in white; this unification is based on your colour. If you are all Christians, then this unification is based on your religion. The thing is, not every single human being on earth will become a Christian, so there will never be universal unification. By the same token, not every single human being will become a Muslim. Unification in religion can never become true. Unification by ethnicity can never become true, because humanity is divided into many tribes and geographical centres.

Imam Mehdi is going to unify all humanity in their hearts!

Imam Mehdi is going to turn every human heart into a temple of God – a temple which is not carved, made and built by a human hand. A temple of God which will take shape by the light of God, in which God will domicile.

Imam Mehdi is not going to support or promote any religion. What Iran projects about Imam Mehdi supporting the religion of Islam is a myth. It is unsupported and undocumented claim. There is no Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad which says Imam Mehdi will promote Islam. There is a time frame in which Imam Mehdi has been prophesied to come.

The time frame in which Imam Mehdi is supposed to come begins after the time frame in which Prophet Mohammad prophesied Islam to finish off.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘A time will come when nothing will remain in Islam for except its name and a time will come when nothing will remain in the Holy Quran but the custom of its recitation.’

This is the time frame in which Islam was supposed to have lost all its moral, spiritual values.

There is a Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad according to which Imam Mehdi will show up in this world at a time in which there will be barely a lamp lit up. People fail to understand the significance and the metaphor which is used in this Tradition of the Prophet. They say, ‘The electricity system is destroyed and there is no light left. People will use oil lamps. That is the time frame in which Imam Mehdi will come.’ However, this is not true. What this tradition implies is the spiritual aspect.

For example, I give you a word from the Holy Quran: Prophet Mohammad has been addressed by God as ‘A Lamp Lit Up’. Prophet Mohammad is not a lamp; then why did God say it? God was referring to Prophet Mohammad’s heart. Prophet Mohammad’s heart is a lamp lit up with the light of God. Prophet Mohammad meant the same thing when he said, ‘There will be barely a lamp lit up when Imam Mehdi comes.’ It refers to people who have lit up hearts.

Your heart is a lit up lamp when your heart has God’s name written on it.

So Imam Mehdi was supposed to come in a time in which people will not have spirituality. All their emphasis will be on performance of physical worship. They will not be bothered to see whether their heart is lit up, enlightened. Imam Mehdi will come in this time frame where people are not aware that they have a lamp inside them which has to be lit up with the name of God, just as the heart of Prophet Mohammad was lit up with the light of God.

So Imam Mehdi is going to light up lamps in you. Those lamps are your hearts.

Islam has reached its age; it has given humanity whatever it was able to give.

The period of Islam has ended. What you know now as Islam is Wahhabism, Shi’ism and Sunnism. There are lots of Wahhabis, Shias and Sunnis in this world, but this world is not benefiting from their presence.

This is because they have become ugly [characters]. They do not represent the Islam which was originated by Prophet Mohammad 1438 years ago in Mecca.

Islam was a good religion. Christianity and Judaism were good religions too. An enormous amount of people benefitted from Islam; there is no doubt. Through Islam, people became spiritual, devoted to God and Beloveds of God. That is true and that is indisputable. Before Islam, Christianity had the same kind of glory. Through Christianity, people became Beloveds of God; they became good. Before Christianity, Judaism had done wonders. However, that is all history and we live in the present.

Nobody even knows what true Christianity is. Nobody knows what Judaism is today. If you ask, ‘What is Islam?’ people in Saudi Arabia will tell you one version of Islam; go to Tehran and they will tell you another story about Islam. Go to Pakistan and they will ask you, ‘What kind of Islam do you want to buy? We have Punjabi Islam, Pashtun Islam, Taliban Islam, Lal Masjid Islam and MQM Islam. There are many versions of Islam.’

These religions were good. However this question goes out to all [readers]: can anybody benefit from Islam, Judaism or Christianity today like they benefited at the time when Jesus was among Christians, when Prophet Mohammad was among Muslims or when Moses and Abraham were among their people? These religions were very good and they benefitted a lot of human beings on Earth, but their glory has faded; they have become things of the past.

Today, humanity is suffering. Religions have become monsters. What Saudi Arabia is doing is terrorism and what Iran is doing is also terrorism.

Innocent lives are being lost everywhere. These two countries are in a tug of war and they are after dominion. They want a stronghold firstly in the region that they are in, and secondly, they want to rule the world. How foolish!

If you ask Muslims about the Antichrist, they will tell you. ‘He is a Jew.’ However if you ask one of the Traditions of Prophet Mohammad, it will tell you that 70 000 Muslim clerics will pledge allegiance to the Antichrist.

It is easy to understand: if Antichrist is a Jew, why would 70 000 Muslim clerics pledge allegiance to him? They cannot stand sight of a Jew, let alone pledging allegiance. A lot has been adulterated when it comes to the Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad or narrations of Imams – either from the Household of Prophet Mohammad or mainstream Islam.

We want to tell the world that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the true Imam Mehdi. His message is universal love. He loves Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc. He loves everybody who wants to love God.

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has said that in the future, Imam Mehdi is going to fulfil the promises made by God with the Jews. Imam Mehdi will take the land and give it to the Jews. Imam Mehdi does not take Israel or the United States of America as an enemy. Imam Mehdi’s message and vision is love – and nothing else but love.

Let me say it very clearly: the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi is nothing but a myth and a hoax. There is no truth in what Iran has been projecting as the true philosophy of Imam Mehdi.

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How Is Contemporary Jihad Illegitimate?
10th March 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

How Is Contemporary Jihad Illegitimate?

A thought is being put in the minds of people that martyrdom is greater than worship.

Religion begins with worship; anyone can worship. Martyrdom is greater than worship. Love is greater than martyrdom. Rapturous love is greater than love.

You do not have the authority to choose any of these four options on your own accord. You can only do one thing of your own accord, which is worship. You can only become a martyr when God needs martyrs.

In the Battle of Badr, Prophet Mohammad only had 313 people. Some had swords and some didn’t. There were only a few horses and donkeys. They were not prepared for war. This is the background information of the Battle of Badr.

Prophet Mohammad was not willing to wage a war against infidels of Mecca. When he heard that a thousand men with weapons, armoury, riding on horseback were coming towards Medina to attack on the Prophet and Muslims, in their self-defence, they were dragged into this war.

Every time the Prophet Mohammad’s uncle, Amir Hamza, requested the Prophet and told him about the intentions of his really emotional followers, Prophet Mohammad simply said, ‘No. I will wait for the commandment of God.’ Once they received commandment from God, they waged a war.

In Islam, even Prophet Mohammad did not initiate a war out of his own desire or understanding. Although, if he had initiated a war, it would be quite legitimate because he was in a position to decide on behalf of the Muslim nation.

How can a Muslim group of people justify initiating a war without receiving any commandment from God?

They are not able to receive any commandment from God. God does not look at their faces; God is not even aware of them. They are waging a war which is neither endorsed by Prophet Mohammad, nor the religion of Islam. Whether or not it is endorsed by God is out of the question..

The status of martyrdom is granted by God. This decision is taken by God. God will command the custodians of the religion to initiate a war, not every individual.

Initiating a war on behalf of Islam is not legitimate. The commandment must come from God. If it has not come from God, one cannot initiate a war and call it Jihad.

Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi initiates the hearts of sinners so that, towards the end times, they can support Imam Mehdi. In a similar way, when a religion is under attack, God does not want you to go in the mosque and engage yourself in worship. God wants you to protect the religion. If you offer prayer in the mosque and don’t want to defend your religion, the enemy will come, destroy your mosque and kill you. Therefore, martyrdom is greater than worship. But that happens when your religion is under attack.

The religion is only under attack when the religion is newly established.

The religions which were established one thousand or two thousand years ago are well-established. Even if one portion of Muslims or Jews are killed, this will have no effect on the spiritual welfare of the religion. The religion is not going to be destroyed.

If a religion is newly established and it only has a few followers and they are killed, the religion is gone. Jihad is only initiated when the religion is new.

Islam is 1438 years old. Muslims can be under attack, not the religion of Islam. You cannot die in the name of God because God does not want you to die in the name of God.

The time for Jihad is over. This is why Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Let’s move forward to greater Jihad from smaller Jihad (Jihad with the Sword).’ That was the time when Prophet Mohammad announced there would be no Jihad with the sword.

Ibn Taymiyyah was the first of Muslim scholars who disputed Prophet Mohammad’s opinion of moving towards greater Jihad. What Ibn Taymiyyah did was present two verses of the Quran. He said that the Quran is greater than Prophet Mohammad. That is why Wahhabis follow Ibn Taymiyyah. 99% of scholars of Ibn Tamiyyah’s time declared him to be a heretic – and Abdul Wahhab Najadi, the founder of Wahhabism, declared Ibn Taymiyyah to be a Sheikh ul Islam. Ibn Taymiyyah’s book is blasphemous.

Jihad is history. Islam is not under attack. Europe, the United States of America and Canada are under attack by radical Muslims. The radical Muslims are dreaming of becoming world leaders. They are after power and they want world dominion. This will never turn into reality.

The greater Jihad is to fight against your own devil, the Subtlety of Nafs (Self) inside you –  without which you cannot become a Momin (true believer).

Jihad with the sword is only valid when the religion is still in the process of establishment. After the religion is established, there is no need for Jihad with arms and ammunition. Smaller Jihad which is carried out with a weapon is a war in which you fight against the enemies of the religion. The greater Jihad is to fight your enemy, which is inside you.

Jihad with a weapon is only valid when the religion is still new and there is a likelihood that the enemies of that religion would want to finish it off, therefore you need Jihad. Now, Islam has expanded. It has spread. It is not under attack.

Humanity is under attack right now.

Iran, on an international level, maintains to say that Imam Mehdi, the 12th Imam, will turn everybody into Muslims and the teachings of the Quran will prevail.

But there is a narration in a book called Al Ghayba. According to this narration, ‘Imam Mehdi will implement a new commandment, a new book and a new custom. Imam Mehdi will introduce a new way of punishing the sinners.’

It is up to Imam Mehdi. Imam Mehdi will say, ‘You don’t want to do it anymore. I set you all free.’

Furthermore, the narration says, ‘Imam Mehdi will be harsh on the Arabs.’

This is in the book from Iran, Al Ghayba, about Imam Mehdi: Imam Mehdi will introduce new book, new system of punishment, new custom and a new religion.

Why is Iran saying that Imam Mehdi will introduce Islam all over the world? They are contradicting themselves with what they believe in.

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The Iranian Concept of Imam Mehdi
22nd February 2016|Uncategorised

The Iranian Concept of Imam Mehdi

Imam Mehdi 2

A message to world leaders: the Iranian concept of Imam Mehdi is self-fabricated, misleading, distorting, self-concocted and mischievous. It is fuelled by a filthy mentality and agenda. The real Imam Mehdi is for everybody. He will be friends with Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims alike. He will love everybody. He is not an enemy of Israel, America or anybody else. 

Imam Mehdi

Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi’s Revolutionary Message to all Humankind:

A Muslim says, ‘I am superior to all.’ A Jew declares, ‘I am even better than the Muslim.’ A Christian says, ‘I am greater than both the Muslim and the Jew, and the rest of the religions, because I am the nation of God’s Son.’ But His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi declares that superior and best of all is the one who possesses God’s love in his heart, in spite of his indifference to any religion.

In light of the message above, does any religion seem to have a leading role?

This message endorses the fact that Imam Mehdi will cause the religions to lose their grip and God’s love will be preferred over religions.

The message above indicates that Imam Mehdi will not guardian or represent any religion, rather, will advocate Divine Love.

Iran’s concept that Imam Mehdi will convert humanity to Islam and that will bring world dominion to Islam is a self-fabricated mirage, and has nothing to do with reality.

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Iran’s Geopolitical Agenda
20th February 2016|Articles

Iran’s Geopolitical Agenda

What motivates Iran’s leadership to export their revolutionary version of Islam?

They boast of controlling four capitol cities of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen (in addition to their own, of course) which surrounds Saudi Arabia on almost every side – and explains why the Saudis feel threatened by Iran’s goal to lead the Islamic world, and seize control of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina – and the oil fields – from Saudi Arabia. Of course Iran also wants to eliminate Israel and control Jerusalem, which is viewed as the third holiest city for Muslims. But these are just stepping stones to the final goal of conquering the world for Shia Islam and imposing Sharia Law everywhere.

Rest assured: what they are planning for future will never happen because the true Imam Mehdi will love all humanity and not convert anybody to any religion.

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Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.

جشنِ ریاض 25 نومبر کو منایا جاتا ہے ۔ اور 25 نومبر ایسا مبارک دن ہے کہ اس دن ایک ایسا وجود مبارک آنکھوں کے سامنے ظاہر ہوا جس کو دنیا نے سمجھا ایک بچے کی پیدائش ہوئی ہے ۔حالانکہ وہ پیدائش نہیں تھی۔ آپ کی والدہ محترمہ جو سیدنا گوھر شاہی کی والدہ محترمہ کہلاتی ہیں ان سے جب اس بابت دریافت کیا گیا کہ سرکار سیدنا گوھر شاہی کے بابت کوئی خاص بات بتائیں جب آپ کی پیدائش ہوئی تو انہوں نے مسکراتے ہوئے فرمایا کہ مجھے ریاض نے قسم دی ہوئی ہے کہ اس راز سے میں پردہ نہیں اُٹھا سکتی ۔ تو پھر سرکار سیدنا گوھر شاہی سے اس بابت اجازت طلب کی کہ آپ اجازت دے دیں اس بارے میں کچھ دریافت کرنا چاہ رہے ہیں ۔ تو سرکار سیدنا گوھر شاہی نے فرمایا کہ ان کو تھوڑا بہت بتا دو ۔ اور پھر انہوں نے جو کچھ بتایا اس سے پتہ چلا کہ یہ بچہ دنیا کے اور نارمل بچوں کی طرح نہیں ہوا ۔صبح صادق کا وقت تھا کہ مجھے حضور ﷺ کا خواب میں دیدار ہوا اور انہوں نے مبارک بار دی اور پھر یہ بات بتا کر وہ رونے لگیں ۔ اور پھر روتے ہوئے بار بار یہی کہہ رہی تھیں کہ مجھے ریاض نے قسم دی ہوئی ہے اس لیے وہ الفاظ تو نہیں کہوں گی جو حضور نے مجھے کہے لیکن میں اتنا بتا دوں کہ اس کے بعد میں اُسی گہری نیند میں ہی تھی کہ بچے نے پاؤں باہر پسلی پرمارے ، تو اس پسلی پر مارنے کی وجہ سے میری آنکھ کھلی ۔ دیکھا تو یہ پہلو میں لیٹے ہوئے ہیں ۔
تو والدہ محترمہ نے بتایا جو انسانی پیدائش کے وقت معاملات ہوتے ہیں کوئی ایسی بات نہیں تھی ۔ پورا گھر ، پورا صحن خوشبوؤں سے معطر تھا اور بچہ پہلو میں موجود تھا۔اور دنیا والوں کے حساب سے وہی سمجھا گیا کہ بچہ پیدا ہو گیا ہے ۔لیکن والدہ محترمہ نے روتے ہوئے بتایا کہ یہ بچہ پیدا نہیں ہوا ، میرے ساتھ وہی روحانی واردات چل رہی ہے حضور ﷺ خواب میں آئے ہوئے ہیں اور وہ قسم دے رہے ہیں کہ اس کا کتنا خیال رکھنا ہے ، اسکا کتنا احترام رکھنا ہے ،یہ ایک بہت بڑا تحفہ تمہیں دے رہے ہیں۔اسطرح کی باتیں ہیں جو والدہ محترمہ نے کھولی نہیں کیونکہ ریاض نے قسم دی ہوئی ہے ۔وہ نہیں بتا سکتی کہ یہ کون ہے۔اس طرح سرکار کی آمد کا دن 25 نومبر قرار پایاہے۔
25 نومبر کو سرکار سیدنا گوھر شاہی کے جتنے بھی معتقدین ہیں اس دن کا ایک جشن مناتے ہیں جس کو ہم ’’جشنِ ریاض‘‘ کہتے ہیں ۔

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