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A Miraculous Incident in Islamabad, Pakistan
27th July 2017|ActivitiesQuotes

A Miraculous Incident in Islamabad, Pakistan

A Miraculous Incident in Islamabad, Pakistan

A viewer of Younus AlGohar’s live YouTube discourses from Islamabad, Pakistan, recently sent an email telling him about a miraculous incident he and his father experienced with the blessings of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. The following is his account.

Dear Beloved Mr Younus AlGohar,

I want to share with you what happened to me today.

I have conversed with my father about His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi in the past on many occasions. We had always engaged in meaningful discussion but we ended with no result. I believe in His Divine Eminence – as he is not only the Grand God and Imam Mehdi, but he is much bigger than anyone can understand his reality, his personality or even describe him in poetry!

My father believed that HDE Gohar Shahi is a good person, a saint, a wonderful philosopher and great thinker, but he didn’t believe that HDE Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi. I tried to convince him but to no avail.

Yesterday, I had a discussion with my father again. Unlike the past, this time I got angry at my father. I walked sadly far away from him. On this occasion, I said in my heart, ‘His Divine Eminence, please show my father who you are. Please forgive his ignorant words.’  

Today, my father got up to offer early morning prayers (Fajr). When he finished his prayer, he noticed that a comely face had manifested at the prostration place on the prayer mat – the place where he bows his head. It was the divine face of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and he was smiling at my father. My father got confused and concentrated on the face. As he concentrated, he saw the face getting clearer and clearer. At that moment, he exclaimed, ‘Subhan Allah (Praise to God)!’

He jumped up from his place, ran to my room and woke me up. I came directly to him and asked him what happened. He said, ‘Come with me.’ He took me to his prayer room and showed me the place of prostration. He asked me, ‘What do you see?’ I looked, smiled and said to him, ‘First of all, tell me: what are you seeing?’

He said, ‘I am seeing a big beautiful face of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi smiling at me.’ I replied, ‘This is a direct and obvious sign from him for you to believe in him!’ He said, ‘Your grandeur is beyond imagination, HDE Gohar Shahi!’ He started to kiss the image and he said, ‘HDE Gohar Shahi, forgive me for I did not know about you.’

I am so happy that my father enrolled to HDE Gohar Shahi’s Lover’s Club. May HDE Gohar Shahi bless him with his love.

Thank you very much, dear sir.

Sarfraz Ali

Islamabad, Pakistan

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#ManchesterAttack – Are We Doing Enough?
25th May 2017|ArticlesLecturesVideos

#ManchesterAttack – Are We Doing Enough?

After every terrorist attack whereby innocent lives are lost and the threat level is raised, everybody gets down to their computer desks and sends messages of condolences. They pray for people. This is not going to help and it is not enough.

Identify the problem. The first step toward any prevention is to identify your enemy; identify the criminal.

We feel a bit relaxed when we are told that ISIS is in Iraq and Syria and they are more than 2000 miles away from our homes. We must not forget that ISIS is just an organisation; it is nothing in itself. The main thing is the ideology behind all these terrorist organisations who are shedding blood every day: Wahhabism.

When such a terrorist attack takes place, the entire Muslim community has to suffer the backlash and repercussions after it. Every Muslim is suspected to be a terrorist. [The terrorists] are making every Muslim’s life difficult.

Islam does not teach terrorism or violence.

According to the Koran 5:32, ‘Killing one human being is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ Suicide is also strictly prohibited in Islam.

Who could understand more than the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammad? There was a companion of the Prophet Mohammad who was fighting against non-believers. During this battle, he was severely wounded and Prophet Mohammad was showing all sorts of sympathies for him. Later on, he was in so much pain that he was not able to bear it. So, he took a decision that destroyed him: he killed himself.

When the news was brought to Prophet Mohammad, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘I am not going to say prayers [for] him; he has lost his faith. I deprive him of my salvation.’ This is how detestable an act of suicide bombing is in Islam.

Those who think they know Islam, I ask them to study the Koran and Prophet Mohammad’s life well. Prophet Mohammad did not hurt or hate anybody; he was sent into this world as blessings for the entire humanity [Koran 21:107].

There was a Jewish woman who used to throw rubbish upon Prophet Mohammad every time he would pass by her area. Prophet Mohammad did not change his way and he continued to go through the same area. One day, when Prophet Mohammad was passing by her house, she wasn’t there. Prophet Mohammad got worried and asked somebody, ‘Where is that woman who throws rubbish on me?’ They replied, ‘She is not feeling well.’ Prophet Mohammad went to her house and asked her, ‘How are you feeling? I was waiting for you.’ She cried and said, ‘You care about me so much even though I used to throw rubbish on you?’ Then she accepted Islam.

Islam was accepted because of Prophet Mohammad’s character. What [terrorists] are projecting to the world under the banner of Islam is not Islam; it is a bunch of lies.

Islam is not a killer religion. No matter what religion people practise — no matter whether or not they believe in God — you have no authority to kill them according to Islam.

There is a Day of Judgment when God will judge people and God will decide their fate. You cannot decide for them, because you yourself are a sinner.

Those who [kill others in the name of Islam] are enemies of humanity and Islam. According to the Koran, you cannot do such things.

All these individuals who project Wahhabism must be stopped in order to protect the country and peace-loving, law-abiding citizens of the country.

We detest any act of terrorism. Whether it is carried out under a political agenda or is religiously motivated, it is not acceptable under any circumstances.

We are raising awareness of love, peace, human value and divine values. Our hearts go out to the families of victims who lost their lives in the Manchester Attack.

To Islamists:

Whether people were singing and dancing, this is between them and God. You cannot decide for them; you have no authority. Don’t forget that God can forgive anybody; he is not going to ask you whether or not he should forgive somebody.

Don’t think Christians and Jews are Mushrikeen (polytheists). Mushrikeen are those who find a partner with God. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic, monotheistic faiths. They believe in one God; those who believe in one God cannot be called Mushrikeen. They believe in God and order for them to reach God, God sent them a messenger. Jesus was the messenger for Christians; Moses and Abraham were messengers for the Jews. Whether or not they have amended their books, this is between them and God. God will decide what to do; you have no authority to take anybody’s life. Those who do this are only bringing calamity and should await the torment from God.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘You cannot be a Momin (true believer) if your neighbour goes to bed without food.’

If you don’t care about your neighbour and he sleeps without food, you are stripped of your faith. [Instead of giving them food] you are killing them — and you think you are a Momin. You are taking their lives and you still think you will enter Paradise?

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Imam Mehdi Will Not Impose Islam Through Bloodshed
8th May 2017|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Imam Mehdi Will Not Impose Islam Through Bloodshed

The following is the English transcript of Younus AlGohar’s lecture 

Those who say, ‘Imam Mehdi will kill non-Muslims,’ are ignorant of the truth and the Koran.


It is a common misperception in Muslim circles that Imam Mehdi will impose Islam on the entire world. The concept of Imam Mehdi was given to Muslims through celestial scriptures, from God. Similarly, the concept of the Messiah in Judaism is also from celestial scriptures. If the Jews think the Messiah will impose Judaism and the Christians think Jesus shall impose Christianity, while Muslims think Imam Mehdi shall impose Islam; this causes a lot of confusion.


God has given the concept of an Awaited One in all celestial scriptures and if a Muslim thinks only Islam’s concept is correct, that person is not a true Muslim. Muslims are required by their religion to believe in all prophets, messengers and the four celestial scriptures.


Now the concept of Imam Mehdi is from God and the concept of the Messiah is also from God, therefore how is it possible that God will send Imam Mehdi to spread Islam and the Messiah to spread Judaism all over the world? Does God have a plan to wreak havoc and cause bloodshed? It just doesn’t make any sense.  


How can this concept exist in a Muslim’s mind that Islam will spread over the entire world when it is for Islam that Prophet Mohammad said,

‘Nothing would be left in the Koran for except customary recitation and nothing will be left in Islam for except its name.’  

When the Muslims conquered Mecca, it was known as the Golden Age of Islam. The Muslims had their own Islamic Sultanate but even in that era, Islam was confined to a piece of land, it had not spread all over the world. Later on, the Caliphs invaded countries and enforced Islam. However, I am completely against the act of invading and attacking another country in order to enforce your religion upon them. This is wrong. It is in direct violation of what the Koran says,

 ‘La iqra fiddeen’ [2:256]

This is often translated by clerics as: there is no compulsion in the religion. However, this is a misinterpretation. It actually means: do not do anything in the religion that makes you feel disgusted. How can you not feel disgusted, killing a 6-month old baby just because his parents did not accept Islam? This is against the principles of Islam and the Koran.


A Muslim would say that the era of Prophet Mohammad was the best and yet we know that even in the era of Prophet Mohammad the Islamic flag did not reign over the entire world.  


The Commencement of Eminence

Imam Mehdi shall be greater in eminence and possess more knowledge than Adam Safi Allah; how can any Muslim attribute violence and bloodshed to Imam Mehdi?  


The most important point to note is that when God was creating Adam Safi Allah, the angels objected. The angels suspected that he would again cause mischief and bloodshed. They said to God, ‘Are we not enough to glorify you and sing your praise?’ God’s argument in response was that this time he was going to give Adam the Knowledge of Eminence. [Koran 2:30]  


Those sects in Islam who claim that Imam Mehdi will use the power of his sword to impose Islam on the entire world, I have a question for them: has Islam not always been subjected to bloodshed?


In order to eliminate bloodshed from the nature of man, God granted Adam the Knowledge of Eminence; it simply means Muslims do not know what the Knowledge of Eminence really is nor do they understand what is written in the Koran. How can it be that Imam Mehdi will possess this Knowledge of Eminence, which was given to eliminate bloodshed and at the same time he will cause bloodshed and kill all who do not accept Islam? How can good and evil coexist together?


Adam Safi Allah was given the minimum knowledge of how to generate divine light from the name of God. Imam Mehdi will not only possess the knowledge that was given to Adam, He will also possess and dispense the knowledge of how to obtain enlightenment from the sub-spirits of God (Jussa Taufeeq-e-Illahi/Tifle Noorie) and He will even dispense the knowledge with the help of which one will be able to see God (Deedar-e-Illahi) and the method by which one can come under the theophanies of God.


God has invested all his special powers and authority within Imam un Mubeen [Koran 36:12].

Imam un Mubeen (The Elusive Imam) means the one who does not have to be searched for; His grandeur and majesty is such that it speaks for itself. People will be humbled before him and compelled to believe that only He can be the Imam un Mubeen. Those who still maintain to reject Him, despite seeing all the signs, are those whose eyes are blind and heart is blind.  


There are 27 Haroof-e-Mukatiyat (The Disjointed Letters). All prophets and messengers together only brought down the knowledge of 2 letters and Imam Mehdi shall bring down the remaining 25. How much knowledge that must be! Adam’s eminent knowledge was merely a pinch of knowledge compared to the knowledge Imam Mehdi shall dispense. Imam Mehdi is dispensing the secretive knowledge of God (Ilm-e-Ladduni).


Those who think Imam Mehdi shall pick up the sword are not only blasphemers of Imam Mehdi; they are blaspheming and rejecting the Koran, Prophet Mohammad and God. Can any cleric legitimately say that according to Islam, one who is involved in bloodshed will go to heaven? Only those are involved in bloodshed who do not possess the Knowledge of Eminence. In other words, one who is involved in bloodshed in the name of God/religion is trying to prove God wrong. Those who have obtained this Knowledge of Eminence only spread peace, love and connect people with God.  


Prophet Mohammad did participate in wars, however, not a single infidel died from his sword. In those days, the Arab mentality was such that the weapon was seen as a man’s power. According to the mentality of the people at the time, had Prophet Mohammad not held a sword, they would have seen him as a coward. However, Prophet Mohammad never killed anyone.

God sent Prophet Mohammad down as a mercy upon all mankind. [Koran 21:107]

Prophet Mohammad even said, ‘If I had used a sword, would all my teeth have broken?’ When the infidels in Ta’if sent mad dogs after the Prophet and his shoes were full of blood, Gabriel asked, ‘Shall I join the two mountains so that they may be destroyed?’ Prophet Mohammad said, ‘No, I have not come to harm anyone; I have come as a blessing for all.’  


If God gave Adam the Knowledge of Eminence to eliminate bloodshed, he must have given Prophet Mohammad something even greater; so that neither Prophet Mohammad nor those who were in the physical and spiritual company of Prophet Mohammad would have the urge to cause bloodshed.


All religions allow one to hold a weapon in self-defence, provided you are being attacked by the enemy. However, there is no religion that allows you to use a weapon to enforce your religion upon others. Therefore, having this conjecture for Imam Mehdi is utterly blasphemous.


Imam Mehdi will not kill any Christian or Jew. The message of Imam Mehdi is love and the knowledge Imam Mehdi is dispensing is far greater than the Knowledge of Eminence granted to Adam Safi Allah.  

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We Are UNITED Kingdom! | Westminster Attacks
23rd March 2017|News

We Are UNITED Kingdom! | Westminster Attacks

We Are UNITED Kingdom! | Westminster Attacks

In the wake of the terrorist incidents that took place in London today, we urge all citizens of the United Kingdom to remember that we must stand together against terrorism. Our strength is in our unity!

Learn more about the ideology behind Islamist terrorism in this month’s issue of The True Mehdi:

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The Purpose of Imam Mehdi’s Advent
3rd January 2017|Articles

The Purpose of Imam Mehdi’s Advent

The Purpose of Imam Mehdi’s Advent

Adam Safi Allah (Adam the Eminent One) was the first whom God granted the esoteric knowledge and last of 14 000 different species of Adam created by God.

Prior to Adam Safi Allah, none of the progenies of 13 999 Adams were granted the esoteric knowledge; hence they were unable to connect with God and reach Him. Since the esoteric knowledge was not granted to them, therefore their souls and other spiritual faculties had been dormant and deprived of capitalising human instinct.

Human instinct in man reflects in his character only when the souls in him are awakened and enlightened.

If the souls remain dormant in a man, he doesn’t develop human characteristics such as pure love, gratitude, forgiving the offenders and other positive traits.

With the help of the esoteric knowledge, one awakens and enlightens his souls, and discovers within him the original human characteristics and sense of superior creation.

Since progenies prior to Adam Safi Allah were not granted the esoteric knowledge, they couldn’t recognise divinity and its traits. Therefore they were easily misled and engaged in mischief and bloodshed. Today, humanity has lost that esoteric knowledge which connects man with God and awakens human characteristics in him.

Imam Mehdi has revived the esoteric knowledge once again, to uplift humanity to higher levels of spirituality so as to revive Human Characteristics in all human beings again. And this is the purpose of Imam Mehdi’s advent!

This article was first posted on Younus AlGohar’s Medium page. Learn more about the different species of Adam and the hidden history of man in the sacred book penned by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God (Divine Love).

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26th November 2016|Uncategorised



Mehdi Foundation International has just launched a completely new Urdu-language website! On the 25th of November, it was launched by Younus AlGohar during MFI’s spiritual gathering (streamed live on AlRa TV every day at 10:00 PM GMT).

The website includes MFI’s latest news, articles and videos. Check it out for exclusive content in Urdu from Younus AlGohar!

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#AskYounusAlGohar | Minjanib Allah Hidayat Par Kaun Hai?
11th October 2016|LecturesVideos

#AskYounusAlGohar | Minjanib Allah Hidayat Par Kaun Hai?

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer about the technicalities involved in performance of worship whilst facing the Kaaba (in Mecca). Whilst doing so, he explains how God grants guidance.

Main points:

– As long as your heart is not connected with God and directed towards God, you’ll need to respect the pointer that is the Kaaba. The destination is not the Kaaba; the destination is God. When your heart is enlightened and directed towards God, then you can face anywhere and perform Salat (worship). When God is in you, you will be greater than the Kaaba – the Kaaba is just stone whereas man has the potential to be the greatest of all creation. When God is in you, the Kaaba will circumbulate you.

– In the first instance when you’re being guided, your heart generates divine energy (Noor). That divine energy will first clean your heart, and then if your heart is fully enlightened, the divine energy will enter your bloodstream. As long as the divine energy generated in the heart is only enough to take care of the needs of the heart, you will be known as just a Momin (true believer), but your heart won’t be directed to God.

– The prayer mentioned in Quran 1:6-7 is for those who have already awakened their heart, but they want God to turn their hearts towards him (and reach the stage of Qalb-e-Muneeb). This verse is asking God to take them towards the blessing of seeing God. For Momins, the heartbeats are the legs through which you walk on the Straight Path. The second part of this prayer asks God to not put them on the path of those who have earned his anger. Those people have earned his anger who worship God and invoke his name whilst ignoring the conditions he has put on them to do so – namely, they have not awakened their souls and they have ignored spiritual knowledge. God does not accept the worship of the people in whose fate he has not written faith.

– Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has explained how to recognise if God has guided someone. God guides the heart. It is not your fleshy heart that God guides. It is the spiritual heart that sits atop the fleshy heart. There are 180 000 veils on top of the heart that do not get burnt through worship, fasting etc. To awaken the heart, you need the merciful sight of the spiritual guide, which will burn those veils. The spiritual guide will implant the seed of God’s name in your heart. Then the repetition of God’s name in your heart will begin. This is guidance from God.

– Guidance from God is not given without God’s permission. Before the spiritual guide implants the seed of God’s name in the aspirant’s heart, he takes his likeness to the court of God. God asks, ‘Why have you brought him?’ The spiritual guide replies, ‘He wants to befriend you.’ Then if God is in the mood to guide the aspirant, he will investigate his beliefs and actions. After being completely satisfied, God will command that his heart be initiated with God’s name. Then the spiritual guide, with God’s permission, will implant the seed of God’s name in the heart of the aspirant.

You can watch the live recordings of these videos every day at 22:00 GMT on

Can’t access this video? Watch it on Daily Motion.

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Turbulent History of Islam
17th August 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Turbulent History of Islam

We are living in a corrupt world, where almost everybody is corrupt. If you’re a common man, then your corruption is on a very low level; if you’re a politician, your corruption level is higher than a common man. If you are a religious celebrity, then your corruption level is higher than the politician. So this is a strange world where everybody is busy looting and plundering, making any excuse to suppress and defile others. Some people use politics and some others use religions to do this. When we speak about the entire world, we actually mean the majority of people are corrupt. Of course there are exceptions, but these exceptions are so negligible in number that their presence or absence will make no difference.

Islam is a religion which was born some 15 centuries ago and Islam has a very turbulent history. If you read history of Islam, you’ll come to know that from the very beginning, Islam has been made subject to a lot of killing. There have been a lot of people who posed to be pure Muslim leaders, but they were not after purity; they were after power, money and lust.

Most Muslims do not get tired of defending Islam. They say that it has nothing to do with any mischief or trouble.

Most of the time, I also defend Islam; but when I do, I’m defending the esoteric aspect of the religion: the Sufi Islam. The political Islam has always been turbulent right from its beginning.

Out of four of the most popular and immediate successors of Prophet Muhammad, three of them were assassinated. The first one, Abu Bakr Siddiq, was the caliph for two years; he was already old, [so he died of natural causes]. Then Umar Bin Khattab, Usman-e-Ghani and then Hazrat Ali: all three of them were killed. Then we have a very sad event that took place in Karbala. All the men in Prophet Mohammad’s household, for except Imam Hussain ul-Abidin, were killed in Karbala.

There is something. I thought a lot about it and asked, ‘What is wrong with Islam?’ It is not just today that they’re killing people. Those who know Islamic history will not be offended by what I’m saying, because they must know what Islam has been going through since its birth. Firstly, since Islam’s birth, it has been going through a lot of turmoil, misunderstandings and killing. Secondly, Islam has been through a phenomenal crisis of [not] observing respect for the elders in Islam or non-Muslim human beings. Respect is one aspect that Muslims have not observed as a whole. Sufis do observe respect, but most non-Sufi Muslims have this problem: they’re very aggressive, violent and short-sighted.

I thought a lot about why Islam has been subjected to so much killing since its birth. I ask Muslims to accept and admit the truth; there is no harm in doing so. The irony is, those who killed the household of Prophet Mohammad were Muslims. Those who killed their second, third and fourth caliphs were Muslims.

There was a Companion of the Prophet by the name of Abu Huraira. ‘Huraira’ is an Arabic word for cats and ‘Abu’ means ‘Father,’ so ‘Father of the Cats’ was his nickname. He spent a lot time with Prophet Mohammad and used to share the knowledge he obtained in company of Prophet Mohammad with people. According to narrations from the Traditions of the Prophet, we find that he was reluctant to reveal all types of knowledge that he obtained from the Prophet. He clearly said, ‘I have told you just one type of knowledge that I obtained from the Prophet. If I told you the other type of knowledge I obtained from the Prophet, you would kill me.’ So beheading, killing, chopping hands and legs off was the normal pattern of that society; otherwise he would have said, ‘You would punish me,’ or ‘You would beat me.’ However, people in that society never used these words; they only said, ‘I’ll kill you.’

When somebody does anything wrong, you don’t get angry straight away. It builds up. They do one thing wrong and you don’t like it, so you tell them, ‘Don’t do this again.’ When they do it again, you feel frustrated; then you tell them with some more authority, ‘I told you not to do it and you’re still doing it. Don’t do it again!’ If that person doesn’t listen to you and he does it again for the third time, maybe then you will show anger.

The Muslims from the Arab world, where Islam was born, consider themselves to be the only real Muslims. They think Muslims who come from places like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh are ‘fake’ Muslims.

Aggression and extremism is in the nature of [Arabs].

From this part of the ‘real’ Islamic world, for the first time if you do something wrong, they show anger with so much intensity like they have been warning you not to do it for the last 150 years.

Another thing was that people in that part of the world did have but very little intelligence. The Quran said 49:4 said so.

People must understand that a Muslim from the Arab world behaves differently from a Muslim that comes from [Indian] subcontinent. Their behaviour and temperament is different. People from subcontinent will take everything easily; they’re more into forgiving others rather than chopping their heads off. On contrary to this, the ‘real’ custodians of Islam they will not give you margin of error.

Now the question that I had in my mind is, ‘Why has Islam always been turbulent? It’s a bloody history. What is wrong with Islam?’

Not much wrong is with Islam. More wrong is with the people for whom Islam was founded.

[Killing] was in their nature. They used to kill each other on tiny issues like, ‘Why did your cow drink water from my stream?’ If you were to look at them, they would say, ‘Why are you staring at me?’ They will think that they have been humiliated and insulted, therefore [you] have no right to live. This is extremism.

If you are a common person dealing with peaceful and calm people, you yourself will feel relaxed. However, if you’re dealing with aggressive and really outspoken – almost rude – people, you will feel invited to behave the same way that they are behaving with you. Perhaps when God was sending them the religion of Islam, God was aware of their temperament and God had to keep up his standard with them. If God didn’t introduce severe punishments, they would take the Quran and Islam as a joke.

They would not believe in God’s power and authority if God was all merciful.

If I play cricket and you also play cricket, there will be an abstract, invisible bond because we share the same sport. Similarly, if God did not show anger, since they’re such angry people, they would not take it from God.

God became a little aggressive in the Quran because he was dealing with aggressive people.

In one of the Traditions of the Prophet Mohammad, he said, ‘When you’re dealing with arrogant people, deal with them with arrogance. If you don’t, then don’t blame others.’

Muslims who are from other parts of the world are not as aggressive as the ‘real’ Muslims are; they are not into fighting and killing. However people of the Arabian peninsula were historically warriors. The royal family of Saudi Arabia were pirates; they used to sell water.

In Pakistan, about 30-35 years ago, every time Eid would come, we would go to a tailor, he would measure our body and then he would stitch our suits. Now, we buy suits from Marks and Spencer’s, Macy’s, etc. However, in those times, it had to be tailor-made.

In a similar way, a religion is always tailor-made. When God customises a religion, this customisation is in accordance with the temperament and attributes of the nation that the religion is about to be introduced to.

Therefore, the religion of Islam is not suitable for non-Arabs.

Now, a major crime is being committed against the Quran: contextualised verses of the Quran are being made universalised.

There are verses that have a context, without which you can’t interpret them. If you are universalising such verses and applying them to everybody in this world, this is a crime against the Quran.

I have talked about it many times.

For example, if you ask your romantic partner to [take off their clothes] in the bedroom, then it is okay because you’re [in private]. If someone tells people your words and does not mention that it was said in the bedroom, it is a crime. Similarly, when the Quran said, ‘Go kill non-Muslims,’ this was said on the battlefield there and then, not for today. It was revealed for that moment in time. 

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Younus AlGohar’s Interview With ART TV
10th June 2016|ArticlesInterviews

Younus AlGohar’s Interview With ART TV

Younus AlGohar’s Interview With ART TV

The following are excerpts from Younus AlGohar’s interview with ART TV during his recent trip to Sri Lanka.

On The Difference between Islam and Islamism

Islam is a religion which was established some 1450 years ago by the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad. A book called the Quran was revealed upon his heart. Islam is a wonderful religion: it is a religion of peace, love and equality. Islam gave a lot of rights to women especially, in the age where people used to bury their daughters alive. Islamism is a segment which was invented by some religious fanatics.

It has been there for many centuries, but in the last few decades, Islamism has been promoted with the help of money and political power. Now we see that Islam is separated from Muslims. Most Muslims in the world are now practising Islamism, which is nothing to do with Islam itself.

The problem is: Islam has been subjected to a lot of adulteration. Modification has taken place and wrong interpretation of the word of God, Quran, has come into practice. As a result, people failed to understand the true meaning of the word of God. Many people who have been considered to be Islamic scholars have polluted the philosophy of Islam with their own personal opinion. As a result of this mixture of Islam and their personal opinion, people have developed a wrong concept and notion of Islam.

A new version of Islam has emerged, which is purely based on fighting with non-Muslims and killing every single person who does not belong to their philosophy and version of Islam. They call this Jihad. [This version of Islam is Wahhabism]. Even if those who do not follow this new version of Islam are Muslims, they are being subjected to a lot of persecution and massacre all over the world, especially in Pakistan. Wahhabism has become a powerful force, politically and financially.

Anybody, even if he is a Muslim, if he does not practise Wahhabism, in the eyes of Wahhabis, they’re considered to be non-Muslims and they’re being slaughtered.

Wahhabism is a set of beliefs which have been conceived by people who have opinionated Islam with their own personal perception. The pollution of their opinion has deviated the path of Islam from the true understanding of the religion. Wahhabism is a movement which started about 150 years ago; their leader, Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Najdi, is considered to be a revivalist in their circle. They believe Islam was corrupted and Najdi had purified Islam. Sufis – who used to embrace all religions, love everybody, sing and dance in love of God – have been declared as heretics. They have introduced their own very strict version of Islam which even the Quran does not support.

So Wahhabism is a religious ideology which is absolutely parallel to the original Islam.

On the Principal Sponsor of Wahhabism

The Wahhabi school of thought and their scholars give people the wrong interpretation of the Quran. They declare that this ideology comes from the Quran. It is a myth that the Quran was revealed in the Arabic language; 90% of Muslims do not understand the language, so whatever translation and meaning of the Quran is said to them, they have no other choice but to believe what they have been told.

This is where the problem occurs: the wrong interpretation and wrong meaning of the Quran has been hammered into the brains of people.

The wrong translation of the divine book has been spread around.

The driving force behind Wahhabism is not just the philosophy of Wahhabism, but it has been supported by a government.

Saudi Arabia is the country that, on a government level, supports Wahhabism. They financially and physically support Wahhabism. Anywhere in the world you see a mosque that has been funded by Saudi Arabia, they’re not just building and funding the mosque; they’re giving away the translation of the Quran and Islamic books which talk about the Wahhabi school of thought. They do not represent the true form of Islam.

Because of the oil money and manpower, the Wahhabi concept of Islam is spread all over the world; whereas the other segments within Islam – in particular, the Sufi thought – have never been supported by a government. [Sufis] don’t have enough resources, so their message of love and peace did not reach countries.

In the early 20th century, when this part of land [now known as Saudi Arabia] was governed by the Ottoman Empire, the British, with the help of the Al-Saud family, were able to defeat the Ottoman Empire there. Then, under the umbrella of the British government, there was a pact between Wahhabis and the Al-Saud family: the Wahhabis were to politically support the Al-Saud family and the Al-Saud would give the Wahhabis a free hand to spread their ideology. The pact was signed and it is still in practice.

Now the Al-Saud family are putting oil money in their pockets and they allow the Wahhabi scholars to impose the Wahhabi ideology in the country. They also send delegations all over the world to spread their word. This is a sort of pact between these two, which is working fine for them.

Saudi Arabia, apparently, is not supporting terrorism; but they are supporting those who harbour terrorism like the Wahhabi school of thought.

The Wahhabi school of thought is very intolerant. They want everybody to become a Wahhabi. A Wahhabi is one who believes in God but he doesn’t to respect the one who brought them the message of God. They don’t want to respect the Prophet of Islam. They do not respect Sufis. They don’t believe in the message of love and peace. They want to rule the world. They want to become the superpower. They want all the countries to submit to their ideology and they want to turn this world into an Islamic, global society in which they appoint their caliph and everybody lives under their rule. This is what their perception is.

On The Philosophy of Messiah Foundation International

Messiah Foundation International is a purely spiritual organisation. We do not follow any religion in particular, however we address all religions. We invite them to embrace the message of love and peace.

We do this through our teachings of spirituality in which we invite people to embrace purification of the heart, awakening of the spiritual heart and enlightenment of the heart. We invite people to mortify and purify the evil soul that everybody is born with. We invite them to root out all the negative traits from their characters – as a result of which they become wonderful human beings who respect humanity, who co-exist with other religions, atheists, etc.

If you believe in God or not, I shouldn’t be bothered. This is between you and God. As a human being, I should respect you and you should respect me. We should give each other some space. This is what MFI promotes.

We respect all messengers and prophets. We respect Krishna, Bhagwan, Ra Raam etc. We believe they all came from God. They’re different names and religions, but the source is the same. This is what we believe.

We’re focused on God and his love. We’re not restricted by boundaries created by religions. We understand all these religions were established by the same God. Rather than restricting ourselves to one particular religion or faith; we have broadened our view of embracing all and being more focused on the gist of every religion: love, equality and brotherhood.

On Why Youth Join ISIS

There is a motive behind it.

Western culture has reached all countries. Western culture means having a free life. You can have a girlfriend or boyfriend; you don’t need to marry them. You just need mutual consent: as long as your partner agrees to sleep with you, you don’t carry any guilt on your heart. You go to a bar, get drunk, sleep, have a hangover, take a tablet and go back to work. There is no sin.

The young generation born in America, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. who come from a Muslim background are being bred and brought up in this kind of environment. They’re going through a crisis of dual identity.

When they come back home, they’re told, ‘You’re Muslim, don’t do this.’ When they go to work or college, they see everybody is doing it. They’re in a very complex situation. They do want to go along with that western, secular lifestyle, but when they come back home, they find totally the opposite environment.

Now we look at what ISIS, Taliban and other Islamist groups are doing. Drugs, killing and guns – everything is free [for them]. They’ve been sleeping with girls in Australia, Canada, America and the UK, but at the same time, they carry this guilt on their heart that they’re doing something wrong. They’re told, ‘Why don’t you come and join ISIS, where you’ll have more girls to sleep with? Where you will have more freedom? Where you will have drugs and alcohol – and everything has been allowed by God for you? Why don’t you do the (so-called) Islamic way?’ They are lured into it.

These people are grabbing girls from their hair and they’re selling them for $50, $40 and $10. Whereas, when they go into a disco bar, they cannot touch a girl until she agrees to go with them. In this secular society where we are living, you cannot force anybody to have sex with you. You have to be in mutual consent. But when they’re given an opportunity to go and have sex with ten young girls, and they’re told, ‘This is right, this is perfect; you deserve this,’ they have more freedom of fulfilling their lustful desires under the banner of a religion. It is a so-called religion, which is neither supported by the Quran nor God.

This is why the young generation is lured into this lunatic ideology of Wahhabism, terrorism.

On De-radicalisation

I understand they are radicalised through academic misconception: they give them a wrong ideology. We need to fix their concept. What is messed up is the religious interpretation of Islam and Quran. We have a dialogue with them and we tell them, ‘What Quran means is not what you believe today. This is what God [really] said.’ We give references from the Quran and from the noted Sufi scholars.

For example, suicide bombing. They are told, ‘If you put on a jacket full of explosives, blow yourself up with another 200 people, as soon as you die, you will go into paradise where 70 virgins will be waiting for you.’ This is wrong. This is a self-manifested ideology. There was a Companion of Prophet Mohammad who was fighting against the enemies of Islam alongside Prophet Mohammad; he got badly injured and he was in such pain that he took his own life. When it was reported to the Prophet Mohammad, Prophet Mohammad was really angry. Regarding this man who sacrificed so much for Islam, just because he committed suicide, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘He is going to end up in hellfire.’

You cannot commit suicide according to the Muslim faith. How can they allow suicide bombing? They’re doing it knowingly, on purpose. They’re not just killing themselves, but they’re claiming innocent lives of people. This is totally against the teachings of Islam and practice of Prophet Mohammad.

There is another saying in the Quran and in the Prophetic Traditions, ‘Killing one human being is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ This is the total Islamic narrative supported by the Quran and Prophet Mohammad.

Your God and my God is the same; you may be a Buddhist and I may be a Muslim and someone else may be a Christian, Hindu or Jew but so what? We are all children of God. Just the fact that I may be a Muslim and you may be a Hindu doesn’t mean we have different gods. God would never want one human being to kill another.

For example, if you have five children, all of them are equally amiable and lovable to you. You would never want one of your children to kill another one, being a human being. God loves his creation more than 70 mothers love their children; God cannot allow one human being to kill another. This is totally rubbish; it has nothing to do with Islam, the Quran or any other religion.

No religion allows killing of innocent human beings in the name of God or in the name of any religion.

On Spirituality as a Tool to Combat Radicalisation

We have two ways and both ways have to work together. On an academic level, we give them the right interpretation. On the other hand, we spiritualise them; we transmit divine energy into their heart and soul. As a result of this, when divine energy enters their body, the negative, evil traits start to diminish. They feel closer to divine energy, as a result of which they feel closer to divinity.

When you feel closer to divinity, you begin to respect humanity.

The problem is, the knowledge of spirituality hasn’t been very common in the recent times. People think it is just a thing of dreams and there is no truth in it. However, our spirit and our soul is our main reality. This body will perish one day, but the spirit will never perish. Spirituality is all about enlightening the spirits inside us with divine energy.

When the divine energy enters into the spirits and souls, instantly, the attributes of God begin to show. Those attributes become part of your character. You become lovable and compassionate. You begin to forgive people and live in a society where everybody is different, but you’re clung to humanity. You think, ’They also come from the same source that I come from.’ You begin to respect them. This happens when the evil traits are rooted out with the help of divine energy, and divine attributes begin to settle in the hearts as a result of it entering into the heart.

It is very simple. Water [in a glass of water] is cool; as soon as I put my finger in it, I feel coolness. If the water is really hot, I’ll put my finger in and I’ll feel the heat, because my finger is inside this liquid. If the liquid is hot, I’ll feel hot. If the liquid is cold, I’ll feel cold. Similarly, when the divine energy – the attributes of God – enters the heart, we instantly feel divine and the negative traits begin to diminish; they part with you.

On Futility of Converting to Different Religions

Initially, when I started coming here, people thought I am here to convert people. But no, I’m not here to convert anybody. For example, right now, you may be a Buddhist and you say, ‘I want to be a Muslim,’ and in five minutes, you become a Muslim. But if I ask you, ‘What difference do you feel now in you?’ the answer will be nothing. You’re still the same. So conversion doesn’t mean anything.

What you need to convert is your heart, from bad to good.

You need to become a good person. If you are not a good person, you will never become a good Christian, good Muslim or a good Hindu. Only a good person will become a good mother or father.

If Muslims are bad, they are bad because they are bad people. If Christians are bad, they are bad because they are bad people, not because their religion is bad. Religion is not bad, but what if people do not practise their religion properly? If you are suffering some disease and you do not take the medicine, you cannot blame the medicine because you are not taking it.

My message to people all around the world is that God is love. We’re all children of God. No Muslim is better or greater than a Christian or a Hindu. We’re all equal in the eyes of God. We should not hate anybody. Do not be fooled by any concocted theological ideology that you are a better race or religion, or that you are greater than everybody else – you are pure and others are impure. This is all crap.

You may practise any religion, but you must understand that God is love and love is God. One who doesn’t understand love can never understand God. This is the only message.

Religion comes second; first is humanity. We should respect human beings.

Whether somebody is following a bad or a good religion, they are not accountable to you or me. They are accountable to God. God will decide who is good and who is bad.

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Allah Ki Mohabbat Mein Bala Aur Musibat Kiyon?
10th June 2016|LecturesVideos

Allah Ki Mohabbat Mein Bala Aur Musibat Kiyon?

Younus AlGohar discusses why trouble and calamity are attached with God’s love in light of what Lord Ra Riaz has revealed about God’s nature. He also talks about Lord Ra Riaz’s distinctive approach to people exclusively seeking His love.

Main points:

– The path to God’s love is difficult; once you obtain God’s love, it’s even harder to maintain it. Someone said to Prophet Mohammad, ,’I want to love God.’ Prophet Mohammad replied, ‘Then embrace calamity and trouble, for these two things are attached with God’s love.’

– Abdul Qadir Jilani and Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi explained what this meant. Abdul Qadir Jilani’s explanation shows how close he is to God; Lord Ra Riaz’s explanation shows how much He knows God. Abdul Qadir Jilani’s explanation is incomplete; he lays all the emphasis on the seeker and God is not discussed. In Lord Ra Riaz’s explanation, the seeker is not discussed, but God is.

– Abdul Qadir Jilani said, ‘Trouble is attached with God’s love because a true lover is recognised in times of trouble. Trouble is attached so not just anyone can claim to love God.’ He said it was a test from God to see whether the seeker was determined enough to obtain God’s love. This statement was for someone trying to get God’s love, not someone who already had it.

– Lord Ra Riaz’s explanation is for those who have obtained God’s love; for whom God says, ‘I become the hand with which he holds things.’ Lord Ra Riaz revealed God’s nature: he gives trouble and calamity to his lovers so that when he cries, God will feel sorry for him and have mercy. In this state, he increases love for them.

– For those who are on the path to obtain Lord Ra Riaz’s love, there is no trouble and calamity sent like there is in God’s system. If your Nafs (Self) is purified, it means Lord Ra Riaz has chosen you for Their love. As long as your Nafs is not purified, it means you have not been chosen yet. Once Lord Ra Riaz has trusted you, that is it; on such people, Lord Ra Riaz does not send trouble on such people.

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