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Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald
1st February 2017|ActivitiesMagazineStatement

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Announcing: The Official Launch of the Messiah Herald

Messiah Foundation International has published a whole new magazine called the Messiah Herald catering for the spiritual needs of humanity! This publication is free both online and in print. A new issue will be released every month! Make sure to check out this month’s issue including the spotlight article: Is the Promised Messiah Already Here?


Click this link to read the magazine online.

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The True Mehdi Magazine Available Now!
15th January 2017|News

The True Mehdi Magazine Available Now!

Mehdi Foundation International, Messiah Foundation International, and Kalki Avatar Foundation are excited to announce the first ever issue of the monthly ‘The True Mehdi’ Magazine which is now available online! This magazine was created to expose the misconstrued concepts of Imam Mehdi to the Western World and provide information about the true Awaited Imam Mehdi. Read it online here.

no comments’s Article on Wahhabism
21st September 2016|Uncategorised’s Article on Wahhabism’s Article on Wahhabism

For many years, Younus AlGohar, along with Messiah Foundation International, has been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the true culprit of Islamist terrorism: Wahhabism. We have proved how Saudi Arabia is the principal financier and supporter of Wahhabism. Major media outlets are now investigating the matter and drawing the same conclusion. As a result, Saudi Arabia’s officials have adopted a hypocritical policy, denying all links to Islamist terrorism and purporting to be peace-loving Muslims.

 In an article published on its website, News Rescue covered one of Saudi Arabia’s questionable denials of links to terrorism. In it, the author mentioned the facts against Saudi Arabia and cited an infographic by Younus AlGohar, pictured above.

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The Mentality of Wahhabis
22nd April 2016|ArticlesVideos

The Mentality of Wahhabis

The following is Younus AlGohar’s response to Wahhabis on social media who defend the Wahhabi Cult of Hatred and Death.

It is a widespread human tragedy that any individual who is born in a particular denomination of Islam remains to be a dedicated practitioner of that denomination. He or she does not study the religion of Islam with a view to know the truth – and also to come to know if the school of thought that his or her ancestors have been practising is aligned with the doctrine of the Quran and Prophetic Traditions.

If an individual is born in a Shia family, mentally, psychologically, he is a Shia by birth. However there is no such in reality as being born a Shia, Sunni, Wahhabi or a Christian. When you are born, you are born on nature; when you are born, you are nobody.

So individuals who are now trying to defend Wahhabism are doing so in order to save their own skin; in order to tell themselves that they have not been wrong. The problem is: most Wahhabis do not know what Wahhabism is.

Most Sunnis do not know what Sunni Islam is. They do not go into details. To understand and study any school of thought within Islam, you need to do a very scrutinised, academic, detailed and lengthy probe.

Wahhabis say that those who disrespect Islam should be killed; but there is no such thing in Islam.

There is a Prophetic Tradition that is a piece of advice for the Companions of the Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad advised his early followers not to say bad things about deities of other religions, for example the idols. They are not God, but Prophet Mohammad told them, ‘If you blaspheme their false God, they will blaspheme your true God. So in order for them not to blaspheme your true God, you should not blaspheme their false God.’

Prophet Mohammad did not say, ‘Kill them because they are blaspheming your true God.’ Rather, he said, ‘You should not blaspheme their false God; and in return, they will not blaspheme your true God.’

If someone talks bad about God or blasphemes God, there is no such thing from Prophet Mohammad which suggests that you should kill such people. On contrary to killing those who blaspheme God, Prophet Mohammad advised the Companions something else, ‘Stop blaspheming their false God and in return, they will stop blaspheming your true God.’ This is beautiful.

Umar bin Khattab: The Founder of Wahhabism

Abdul Wahhab Najdi is the man who Wahhabism is named after. However, the doctrine he is inspired by does not come from himself. It is the continuation of the doctrine of Ibn Taymiyyah. Then, Ibn Taymiyyah must have been inspired by Umar bin Khattab.

The books of Prophetic Traditions have lengthy details of what happened in history. The Quran tells us what should be the level of respect given to Prophet Mohammad. I haven’t been to Medina, but I have seen pictures of the mosque of the Prophet, especially the picture which shows the external area of Prophet Mohammad’s grave.

One verse from the Quran, Quran 49:2, is very prominent on the grave of Prophet Mohammad, which talks about respect that you must give to Prophet Mohammad.

The Quran 49:2 says, ‘Do not raise your voice over the voice of Prophet Mohammad.’

This verse does not apply to us because Prophet Mohammad is not here. This verse was for Prophet Mohammad’s time.

Saudi and UAE nations appear to have difficulty understanding Arabic: according to their belief, Prophet Mohammad is not speaking and he will never speak. How can someone be louder than Prophet Mohammad when Prophet Mohammad is not speaking? On one hand, they believe that Prophet Mohammad doesn’t speak; they say, ‘Prophet Mohammad is dead’ (God forbid). Then, they have put this verse on the grave of Prophet Mohammad also, which says, ‘Do not raise your voice over the voice of Prophet Mohammad.’ This verse was for the [era of Prophet Mohammad].

Prophet Mohammad, just before his calling, wasn’t feeling well; he was suffering from fever and he anticipated that sooner or later his calling would be served and he would leave the world. He wanted to solve the issue which will arise after his departure: the issue as to who should be the first caliph. It was Umar bin Khattab who had the guts to refuse Prophet Mohammad and say that the Quran was enough for their guidance and they did not need Prophet Mohammad’s advice.

Umar bin Khattab said, allegedly, that Prophet Mohammad was in such a state of illness whereby anything he would say would not mean anything. He would just be saying things without understanding of what he is saying. He was supposedly under the effects of illness, therefore it was in the best of the interests of the Muslim Nation not to take advice from Prophet Mohammad.

Umar bin Khattab was actually and factually the founder of Wahhabism.

There is nobody in this world who talks about Umar bin Khattab like I do. I do it because I know this is the truth. Don’t think I am a Shia. Shias have no knowledge. Like Wahhabis have deviated from the true teachings of Islam, in a similar way, the Shias and Sunnis have deviated themselves from the true path of Islam.

Prophet Mohammad: Mercy for All Mankind

Islam was a beautiful religion.

Islam gave respect to women and elderly people. Prophet Mohammad taught his Companions not to hurt and harm even plants and animals. How can we call a filthy doctrine of Wahhabism as Islam which promotes violence and killing of innocent people?

In mosques, there are steps called ‘mumbir’. Prophet Mohammad used to sit there and deliver lectures; whilst he would deliver sermons, he would hold a stick. One day, one of his Companions brought a better stick. So Prophet Mohammad left the other one and got hold of the newer stick. A few minutes later, Prophet Mohammad was staring at the old stick. People were wondering what was going on and asked the Prophet, ‘What are you looking at?’ He said, ‘The old stick is crying, “I used to enjoy when Prophet Mohammad used to hold me.”’ Prophet Mohammad returned the new stick and said, ‘No, I will still hold you.’ This is how compassionate and kind Prophet Mohammad is. The Quran said, about the character of Prophet Mohammad, ‘You have the best of characters.’

The Quran 68:4 also said ‘Have we not sent you as blessings for the entire universe?’ Is the universe filled with Muslims only and there are no non-Muslims? Prophet Mohammad’s mercy and blessings are not confined, restricted or limited to Muslims only. It is for the entire universe.

Wahhabism is a cult of hatred and death. They only let Wahhabis live in peace. If you are a non-Wahhabi, then you are gone. According to them, their blessings do not apply to non-Wahhabis.

However, according to the Quran, blessings of Prophet Mohammad – who has been appointed as mercy for the entire universe by God – his blessings apply to all human beings, whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Whether they follow any religion or they are atheists. This is Islam.

Imam Mehdi’s Advent and the Future of the Arab World

Just because the [Arabs] have oil money, they think they are the best. On Thursdays in Pakistan, beggers hold a pot outside the mosque and collect coins. [The Arabs] are soon entering into the time zone when they will be holding these pots.

We are not Shias or Sunnis, that we will be scared of Wahhabis. We are followers of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is returning soon.

According to Prophetic Traditions, Imam Mehdi will snatch away the Saudi Kingdom. This is why they don’t like Imam Mehdi.

Imam Mehdi will give them the taste of their own medicine.

The time has come; overnight Imam Mehdi will become known to every single human being on Earth. During that night, [the Saudis] will become beggars. These are the facts.

The time is not far when rubble which has become concrete cement now will become rubble again. You will see the fall of Saudi Arabia very soon. It is written.

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How to Get Connected to Lord Jesus Christ – Younus AlGohar
26th January 2016|LecturesVideos

How to Get Connected to Lord Jesus Christ – Younus AlGohar

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a visitor at MFI’s Toronto office who asked, ‘How does one get connected to Lord Jesus Christ?’

Main points:

  • People today are unaware of spirituality. Spirituality is not a physical activity but a mechanism through which we awaken and enlighten our spirits which are substance of life and existence. Divine traits such as mercy and compassion are nurtured in the soul; because people have forgotten the spiritual knowledge and their souls are dormant, they are not truly merciful, just or compassionate.
  • Jesus said, ‘I am the only way to the Father,’ for those who followed him. All religions are beautiful and they were sent by the same source: God. The thing that separates them is religious law, which has nothing to do with spirituality. You will connect to Jesus through spiritual Christianity.
  • To recognise Jesus, you need to revive your spiritual system. Images in churches are not the true image of Jesus but rather artists’ interpretations.
  • Spirituality is the science that awakens the heart and souls. Your heart is like a telephone operator between you and God. To contact someone through a cellphone, one must have power and network connection. Similarly, your heart must be enlightened and connected – and this connection is established by a spiritual master who transmits divine energy into the heart. This is the second birth.
  • Lord Jesus Christ met Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi in 1997. He explained that he had returned and had no permanent place of abode, however, he visits his disciples who are enlightened. Once the hearts are spiritually worthy of being affected by the spiritual presence of Lord Jesus, people will see that he is here. Lord Jesus and Lord Ra Riaz are working together, and will defeat the forces of the Antichrist together.

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The Divine Signs & Imminent Armageddon – Younus AlGohar
7th January 2016|LecturesVideos

The Divine Signs & Imminent Armageddon – Younus AlGohar

We are representatives of His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. His facial images are prominent on various celestial and terrestrial objects. We do not need a reference from any religious book which may verify that these are the signs of God. I say this because it is a universal truth. No human being or organisation, including NASA, is capable of drawing an image on the surface of the Moon.

It is an act of God which speaks for itself. It is just not possible!

When we started propagating the image of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi on the Moon, some of the conventional Muslims in Pakistan (those who, when anything goes wrong, put the blame on the USA) said, ‘Gohar Shahi paid a large sum of money to the USA and NASA has drawn this image of Gohar Shahi on the Moon.’

HDE Gohar Shahi replied, ‘If NASA was able to draw an image on the surface of the Moon, then they would want to draw an image of their Pope. Why would they want to draw an image of a Sufi, especially a Sufi who doesn’t come from the Christian background?’

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘It is not possible for any human being or any organisation to draw an image on the surface of the Moon.’

When you look at the Moon, the image, more or less, covers 75% of the area of the Moon, the complete facial image with HDE Gohar Shahi’s right hand on smiling lips.


How big that image must be which is visible from Planet Earth! 75% of the area of the Moon is about equal to the size of the United States of America. Can anybody make an image as big as the United States of America? No! These signs that we are propagating and proclaiming speak for themselves. They don’t need any confirmation or verification from any divine book because the sign in itself is so alarmingly vivid that it can only be done with God’s authority and power.

It is the Shiite school of thought which promulgates a narration by Imam Jaffar Sadiq in relation to an image of Imam Mehdi appearing on the surface of the Moon. 

The True Imam Mehdi

Islam is divided into many dozens of different denominations. Mainly, there are Shiite and Sunni denominations. In the Sunni denomination especially, there are many other sects; Wahhabis and Salafis also call themselves Sunnis. Then there are those who claim to be the real Ahle Sunnah wal Jama’ah: those who believe in Sufis and visit the graves of saints. They also believe in the fact that they need an intermediary to reach God and for their prayers to be answered, they need intermediary of the Saints of God and Prophet Mohammad. There are so many different denominations in Islam and they all have different concept of Imam Mehdi.

Even the concept of Imam Mehdi has been fiddled with so greatly that people are in darkness; they are in possession of no solid criterion upon which they can testify that this individual or personality is Imam Mehdi. 

We propagate the teachings of HDE Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi which are principally based on divine love.

These teachings are aimed at benefitting all human beings without any prejudice and reservations. It is for all willing human beings who want to love and live in peace; those who want to reach and love God.

There is no discrimination. This is one thing that clarifies that HDE Gohar Shahi is not talking about any religion and HDE Gohar Shahi is not projecting any particular religion; rather, what He is projecting to all humanity is the core of any divine message.

The core of divinity is love.

This is exactly what the Bible says, ‘God is love.’

If I say, ‘The teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi are the continuation of the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ,’ I wouldn’t be wrong.

Misleading concepts have been created and attributed to the concept of Imam Mehdi. There are so many pseudo-claimants that the world has seen so far and none of them presented Sufi knowledge; none of them talked about spirituality. None of them spoke of inner dimension, purification of the heart, purgation of the soul or mortification of the ego – which is the core message of the Koran, the Bible and the Torah.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi principally, mainly, specifically and grossly advocates Sufism; naked spirituality without the covering of any religion or sectarianism.

With the help of HDE Gohar Shahi’s beautiful and miraculous teachings, we have been able to understand why Salafis and Wahhabis are so hardened by the heart that they are chopping people’s hands and heads off and they are unaffected by it; they have no sympathy or respect for human life.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi explains the entire truth in one sentence: ‘Islamic Sharia hardens the heart, spirituality softens the heart!’ 

When the heart is hard, you become a rigid person, and rigidity promotes intolerance. You begin to think only you should exist in this world and nobody else should. 

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi only spoke about enlightening human beings.

Whenever asked, ‘Who are you addressing?’ HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘I aim to benefit all human beings, I don’t care what religious background they come from.’

Once, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi was to set to speak in a prison, however the Muslims in the prison said that HDE Gohar Shahi should speak to Muslims only and non-Muslims should not be invited to partake in the speech.

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘I am here for everybody. I am here for Jews, Christians, and Hindus; everybody.’ They said, ‘No, we will not let it happen.’ HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘If no other prisoners are allowed to partake in this speech then I am not going come.’ HDE Gohar Shahi refused to speak.

This shows His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi does not discriminate. His spiritual grace and teachings are not confined to one particular group of people. He wants to benefit all.

None of the pseudo-claimants who claimed the office of Imam Mehdi talked about Sufism because they were naive; they did not know Sufism.

It is the spiritual authority and power which revives nations – which revives humanity.


When we started off proclaiming the fact that His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is Imam Mehdi, Saudi Arabia became a very active enemy of this mission and of this message. Many false cases and allegations were instigated against His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and against myself. Still there are at least 32 cases different against me of blasphemy against Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Mohammad. In each case, if I return to Pakistan, they will execute me to death. If people are talking about love and peace, they can’t bear it they must kill you.

Saudi Arabia and its doctrine and ideology proved to be the first hurdle in the way of propagating about Imam Mehdi. Then, Iran, which considers itself to be the champion of promoting the concept of Imam Mehdi worldwide, became another hurdle in the way of promoting Imam Mehdi.

Saudi Arabia begets international terrorism and Iran, luckily, is without oil so they can’t do much on an international level; they are a regional player.

They are not as rich as Saudi Arabia; they cannot go as far as the United States of America or Australia, so they are playing the Southeast Asian region. Both are devils; both are killing people. Iran executed almost 2000 people in one year and Saudi Arabia executed 737 people. Recently, Saudi Arabia executed 47 people, all of them were beheaded in the same manner as ISIS’s victims.

ISIS is the student of Saudi Arabia’s royal family.

Messiah Foundation International is the pioneer in exposing Wahhabism. Almost everybody in the world is aware of what Wahhabism is and are talking about it.

We are going towards the Final Battle. The disciples of Lord Jesus Christ, the Christians, the disciples of Kalki Avatar from the Hindu religion and those who are the disciples of Imam Mehdi himself will unite and form a grand alliance. This grand alliance, under the supervision of Lord Jesus Christ, will finish off the Wahhabi ideology, the Antichrist, ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. from the face of the Earth.

Before dawn it has to get really dark. Right now it is dark; maybe it will get a little darker before dawn. However, don’t lost hope, because Jesus and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi are on the way.

They may not be here yet, however, we are being monitored by them. We are being watched over and looked after. We are not alone. 

This human massacre will not go on forever; utter justice is soon to be established. Love will supersede all; there will be no religion left. Only love will prevail and only love will be in practice.

We don’t want any religions, all religions are beautiful and good but we don’t want them. We salute their greatness, but we are very tired and weary of these religions; it is time for the religions to disappear now.

What we need today is love and peace. 

All the loving souls will unite under the umbrella of Lord Jesus Christ and Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi. Whether these loving souls are Jews, Christians, Muslims Hindus, or Sikhs, they will all be under the umbrella of Gohar and Jesus. All the hateful souls will be with Antichrist.

The Antichrist will be the follower of the Wahhabi ideology, the cult of death and hatred.

The time is not far when the Saudi royal family’s kingdom will be snatched away from them. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi will return the land to the Jews which was promised to them by God.

We have no problems with any religion or any people. We love all who love and who want to love.

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About the Author
Younus AlGohar is the Representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and CEO of Messiah Foundation International. He has been recognised as an Ambassador of Peace and Man of Valour. He is an advocate of divine love and interfaith harmony.

#QuoteoftheDay ‘When greed takes place in your heart, you forget many moral obligations.’ - Younus AlGohar

#CitadelDía ‘Cuando la avaricia tiene lugar en tu corazón, te olvidas de muchas obligaciones morales.’ - Su Santidad Younus AlGohar

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