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Thinking “I am the best” is the principle requirement of extremism. – Younus AlGohar

The Role of Spiritual Knowledge in the Divine Plan
12th October 2015|Articles

The Role of Spiritual Knowledge in the Divine Plan

The Role of Spiritual Knowledge in the Divine Plan

We try to stop untoward, miserable and deplorable incidents of terrorism; however, nobody can actually stop it from happening. There are certain preventive measures that a government and security agencies can take; but with all the security and preventive measures taken, we can see there are incidents taking place. This is because you cannot guard every home in the country; you cannot guard every school in the country. You cannot guard every other place!

We have been saying to the world that spiritual knowledge is the key to the solution. Fanaticism, extremism and terrorism are the result of misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the religion in the religion. Misinterpretation is not the most suitable word; sometimes, the religious scholars do make some mutual improvisations, knowing the fact that they are fiddling and tampering with the divine text. This improvisation is the main cause of this widespread terrorist activity today.

To educate people, to give them the right interpretation and to guide them to a sound understanding of the religion is not a one-day job. You cannot have it by listening to one lecture.

Always remember: spiritual knowledge is not something that you will be able to adopt by choice.

For example, you cannot say, ‘Spiritual knowledge is now here. Let’s do it,’ and you will be enlightened. There are selected individuals who are meant to adopt spiritual knowledge and a spiritual lifestyle.

Not everybody is suitable for spirituality.

People who are meant to adopt spirituality have a subtle understanding of life. They have a subtle temperament. You can tell their lifestyle is very close to a spiritual lifestyle, even without spiritual knowledge. This is because this is how they have been created by nature: loving, caring, considerate, resolute and calm. They are those who, even if they don’t love everybody, they don’t hate anybody.

Even with the help of spirituality, you cannot turn every Tom, Dick and Harry into a good human being, because this spiritual knowledge will not work on everybody. It will only work on certain individuals: those who are meant to adopt it. This is the divine plan; nobody can alter or bring changes to this divine plan.

The Divine Plan

You cannot stop the most obvious from happening. Armageddon, the great battle, has been foretold by many prophets and messengers. Emergence of the Anti-Christ and then arrival and advent of the Awaited One [have also been foretold]. The Awaited One will have the Army of Love. His teachings will teach love.

Only those will learn to love who want to learn to love.

Those whose nature has been nurtured with hatred and evil traits are not going to learn anything either from the knowledge of spirituality or from the company of the Awaited One.

‘Spread spiritual knowledge, teach people to love.’ It is a wonderful slogan that we raise every day. Messiah Foundation International has been presenting the formula of peace and love; however we also need to be realistic in a sense that not every single individual will want to learn to love, because not everybody has been created to love by God.

God has a plan according to which the world is going to be divided into two different groups. This division is not going to be based on religion; it will be based on love and hatred.

Those who love humanity will flock around the Awaited One no matter what religion they practise; whether they are Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Jews, Christians and even those who don’t practise any religion. All the loving souls, whether they come from France, England Canada, United States, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc – whoever they are, if they have a loving soul in them, it doesn’t matter what religion they practise. They have been destined to flock around the Awaited One, Imam Mehdi/Kalki Avatar/Messiah Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. Those who have a hateful soul and mind, no matter what religion they practise, will join ISIS, Taliban, Al-Shahbab, Boko Haram – all these names are the names of the organisations who preach hatred, who are murderers and who hate humanity.

They are deceiving their religious fellowmen by saying, ‘This is Islam.’ What they are projecting under the banner of Islam has nothing to do with Islam, Quran or any other religion. This is their own concocted story; this is their own fabrication and literary improvisation.

It is such a terrible thing to see that different countries have different Islamic terrorist groups today. You have terrorist groups in Lebanon, Algeria, Egypt and all these North African countries. Then you have the international hub of terrorism: Saudi Arabia. It is very unfortunate that Saudi Arabia has not only the Muslim’s Kaaba, but also the Kaaba of Terrorism.

The damage has been done. Hate-preaching has been carried out for many decades now. Even if you start stimulating brains with love and knowledge of spirituality, you’re going to have to wait for at least two generations.

You want to teach people to love who are already involved in hate-crimes? I don’t think so; the damage has been done. If you want to teach love, then you want to concentrate on the new generation. Tell them what the truth is from babyhood.

I would not be wrong if I say, ‘What they’re teaching in the mosques, in their religious curriculum, is dangerous.’ Because the theory is coming from their books. They will say, ‘This is a religious school, a mosque, and we’re reciting the Quran.’ Yes, but the interpretation is not coming from the Quran. The interpretation which is coming from them has nothing to do with the Quran; this improvisation is coming from an ugly, hateful mind and a hateful soul.

Obviously, people who have become murderers, culprits, and who have become trigger-happy are not going to revert.

The world community needs to draw a line. They should give their citizens a charter which should explain what activities can be regarded as suspicious and what activities can be regarded as harbouring terrorism.

This charter should tell them that only the plain, simple translation of the Quran is allowed; no interpretation should be allowed in any country. All other books which are known to be interpretation of the Quran should be banned. And why can’t it be done? I can give you an example of why it is possible.

If you go to Saudi Arabia, people oftentimes who are travelling there from Pakistan are not allowed to bring in any Islamic book from their country. Why? It is the same Quran. They say, ‘Yes it is, but we do not agree with the translation.’ You can pick this habit from Saudi Arabia and impose it in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

I believe the Quran does not teach terrorism. If you read the simple translation of the Quran, you will never become a terrorist.

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12th October 2015|Articles



Everyone claims to love the Lord more than they love anybody or anything else. But in reality, a human being loves himself more than he loves anybody else.

We help others and exhibit generosity for our own satisfaction and pleasure. Self-love is very discreet and you never happen to notice how much you love yourself.

In loving your own self, you exhibit love to others thinking this love will bounce back and that you will gain respect and love.

A common man will never think that he loves himself. But you love your children because they are your children and you love your wife because she is your wife. You do not feel the same love for another person’s children or wife.

Have you ever thought about how much you love yourself? Most people don’t think about it.

Everybody loves himself but you cannot love anybody else until you stop loving yourself.

Either you love yourself, or you love your wife, children, business or the Lord. You cannot love two different things at the same time, including yourself. If you say, ‘I love so-and-so,’ it means you love yourself and that person.

When you love others, you love them for your own sake. You actually love yourself and you express love to your children, wife, parents and fellowmen.

Now the question is: are you able to see whether or not you love the Lord more than you love yourself? Do you have a criterion upon which you can judge whose love weighs more in the scale of your heart?

In order to weaken self-love in you, you have to learn the art of forgiving.

If you have learned to forgive your enemy, it will benefit you greatly. By doing so, your ego will weaken thus lessening your self-love. However, if you retaliate and take revenge, you are causing great harm to yourself because it will strengthen your ego.

Ask yourself: is it easy for you to forgive others, especially those who have really damaged your good name, who are slandering and back-biting against you? It will always hurt; but relatively, it will become easy to say, ‘No, I am not going to retaliate. I will forgive.’

True forgiveness is not verbally saying, ‘I forgive you.’ Rather, it means there are no negative emotions or malice in your heart for that person. Your heart is clean.

But this ability to forgive comes with the abundance of Divine Energy in your heart and souls.


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- 'When you worship God the quality of your worship should be as such that the substance of your worship is Seeing God. If you are unable to see God then God should see you.' - (Tradition of Gabriel). This is God's most favourable worship; this is the command of God for the entire nation. However, the religious scholars say 'God is always watching you.' This is a great injustice. If God is always watching you then why do you pray to him?

- How many people in the nation of Islam have you come across that are searching for this method of worshipping God? Nobody talks about this because people are not actually practising Islam. They have made their own personal sects [within Islam], they have their own interpretations and understandings. Whereas, [this Hadith] is the core of worship, otherwise prove this Hadith wrong!

- How does God see you? People believe that God is 'All-Seeing.' Then why has he appointed angels for various jobs? This was an unsolvable puzzle which HDE Gohar Shahi revealed the secret to. HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'Round up all religious people and ask God whom he would like to look at?' Then the Lord said, 'Just as you see the stars shining in the night sky, whether or not you know the names, if something is shining you will see it. Whatever does not shine, you will not see it. In a similar way, God looks at the shining hearts, whether or not [those they belong to] practise a religion.'

- Those who have become enlightened have become visible to God. What about the common people? Occasionally, God wants to look at the hearts of common people. So, he appoints a spiritual guide. When God looks at the common people, where does he look? He will look for the disciples of the spiritual guide he has sent into the world. The hearts of those disciples would be shining.

- However, now that sainthood has ended, who will enlighten the hearts of humanity so that they become visible to the merciful glance of God? This is why HDE Gohar Shahi took this responsibility upon His shoulders and came to the world. The hearts that began to shine [with the benevolence of HDE], God would look at those hearts through the eyes of HDE Gohar Shahi. And the people who went against HDE Gohar Shahi and developed a bad conjecture about HDE Gohar Shahi, they fall from the merciful sight of God.

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