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What Does Islam Have To Do With Terrorism?
26th July 2016|InterviewsVideos

What Does Islam Have To Do With Terrorism?

We are in the 15th century according to the Islamic calendar. Predictions made by the Prophet Mohammad about the future is limited to events which were to take place up until the 14th century. People are trying to see the future through the eyes of the predictions of Prophet Mohammad in the 15th century. Tell me: how will they come to know of what might happen in the future when there are no predictions made by the Prophet Mohammad in regards to the 15th century? It is very interesting to see that Imam Mehdi has manifested himself in the 15th century.

It is so sad to know that hatred and bloodshed is all that we see coming from religions, especially from the followers of Islam.

It would be very unwise to say that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, because unfortunately somehow or other, terrorism has flavours of Islam. This is not because Islam promotes hatred or violence.

You may be puzzled because of this statement made by me just now that you cannot deny the fact that Islam has something to do with the ongoing terrorist wave. However at the same time, I am maintaining to say that Islam cannot be fully blamed for what it has now been modified into.

Those who still practise Islam and those who still are of the opinion that Islam does not promote violence, I would like to tell them that Islam would have remained as a religion of peace had Islam been constantly aligned with Sufi practice, spiritual knowledge.

It is the spiritual knowledge within Islam that sustains sanity and peace among Muslims and other nations.

People need to understand the fact that the spiritual faculties in human beings are not controlled by the external aspect of the religion. Whether you love or you hate, you forgive or you hold a grudge, you are happy for your friends and other people being opulent or you become jealous; whether you become generous or you become stingy, these things have nothing to do with religious practice. They’re related to the inner faculties of human beings. These inner faults are not controlled by the outer aspect of the religion.

The different souls and spirits that a human body has in it have the ability and potential to manifest divine attributes, positive attitude, compassion, love and generosity. They have the ability to feel pain that other people are going through.

This happens when, with the help of spirituality, you succeed to enlighten your souls which are dormant at the time. These souls are spiritually activated, nurtured by the divine energy and trained by the spiritual master. If these souls inside your body are not nurtured, trained and enlightened, believe you me, it will not make any difference what religion you practise. Even with vigorous practice of any religion, you will remain to be a mark of humiliation upon humanity.

It is so unfortunate that people who are considered to be the leaders of different religious nations, their study of the religion is not very honest or profound. A very superficial approach is seen being taken by most of these religious leaders. Most of these religious leaders today may be aware partially of the truth; still, they are inspired by their inside evil. They ignore the true word of God. They manipulate the divine text in whichever direction their inner devil (Nafs) leads them to.

The Quran is not an easy book. Understanding of the Quran does not come from any sort of intelligence the you have in your mind, in your brain. Rather, it is compulsory that to understand the Quran, you need the wisdom and true intelligence filtered into your heart by God himself.

If your heart has not been trained by God to understand the Quran, the Quran has a very high [possibility] of misleading you.

The Quran is a very sharp book and no human being on Earth, with his own calibre, ability and wisdom, can understand the Quran. You need God’s help. God’s help is delivered to the hearts which have been enlightened.

If your heart is not enlightened, do not anticipate that God’s help will come. God’s help will only come to an enlightened heart.

This is the problem today. People have gone over the Quran maybe more than 1000 times in their religious seminaries and homes, still the have failed to figure out what true Islam is.

We declare in the light of our probe and extensive research, that the ideology behind terrorism is the ideology of Wahhabism, Salafism.

People who are naive to the spiritual aspect of the religion of Islam are jumping to conclusions and they have begun to say that the ideology of hatred comes from the Quran. I would like to make it clear to everybody: that is not true. However, I cannot fully deny that terrorism does not have any flavour from the religion of Islam. Somehow or other, Islam has a part to play in the ongoing atrocities, but this happens when only the outer aspect of Islam is practised or researched.

If the knowledge of the Quran is not aligned with the Sufi doctrine of love, the Quran will always mislead masses.

The Quran will not guide people who are deprived of spiritual knowledge.

The source of wisdom and true religious, theological intelligence is the enlightenment of the heart. The source of true wisdom and divine intelligence comes only when the heart is completely purified. It happens when your inner devil is completely purgated and mortified. Those who practise Islam and do not make any attempt to purify their inner devil, either they make up another sectarian faction or they end up becoming Osama bin Laden.

All the Muslims who have either rejected the existence of Sufism or they do accept the importance of Sufism, however they do not have the right knowledge of Sufism, they will always fall prey to the tricks of the devil.

One thing is very clear: do not attempt to study the Quran until, or unless, your inner devil is completely purified.

If you have not purified your inner devil, you are better off without studying the Quran. This is not something that I have fabricated myself. [It is very easy for Muslims to reject] anybody that gives them the right understanding of the Quran and Islam, who wants to tell them, ‘It is not just Muslims who are a nation of a prophet sent by God, but also the Christians, Jews, Hindus; the he Sikhs are also good people. Any spiritual mentor or prophet who came to help them came from God.’ It is very unfortunate that Muslims do to accept any other religion as a true religion.

Do not judge Islam by what Muslims do or say. Islam is totally different from what Muslims practise and say today. It is very unfortunate that 99.999% of Muslims do not know true Islam.

Only the Muslim preachers who were Sufi and spiritual preachers were reliable.

Whether a Sufi was in India, Egypt, Pakistan, or any other country of the world, you would see one thing in common: they all loved humanity. They did not hate anybody and they did not condemn sinners.

They invited sinners. Sinners flocked around them and in their very company, the sinners repented truly and their hearts were enlightened. Their inner devils were purified. They found the straight path that initiates from their heart and goes directly to God.

The Quran is a very complicated book. Sometimes it appears as if the Quran is contradicting itself. This is not because Quran has a problem, it is because those who collected it did not put the verses of the Quran in the right, chronological order. You will oftentimes notice that a new chapter begins in such a style as if it is the continuation of something that is missing. The first message delivered to the Prophet Mohammad by Gabriel is found in 96:1 of the Quran, not the first chapter of the Quran [as it should be]. This is where the problem lies.

Before the Quran was revealed, the seed of the Quran was implanted in the heart of Prophet Mohammad. The seed of the Quran was the name of God. The name of God in spirituality is used to produce divine light.

Given a very special spiritual methodology, when God’s name is spiritually transmitted into the beating system of the heart of the disciple, God’s name is repeatedly mentioned inside the chamber of the heart. When God’s name strikes against itself, it generates divine light, divine energy. This is how the production of divine energy takes place in the heart. Therefore once the heart is activated, the production of divine energy will not stop again. Your heart will become a generator of divine energy. That divine energy will have all the attributes of God enclosed in it: compassion, love, forgiveness, blessings. One day, when your entire bloodstream is enriched with divine energy, your entire body has been purified and the souls within your bod have become enriched with divine energy, that is the moment when the attributes of God will manifest through you. A time will come when God will speak through your mouth. You’ll become a true embodiment of love on two legs.

The religion of Islam, if it is accompanied by spirituality and Sufism, is the religion of compassion, love, forgiveness. However what we see today is not Islam. The wrapper is Islam but inside it, there is a fire.

Whatever is inside you, that will come out. Most crows are black. Painting a crow white to make it look like a pigeon won’t actually change it into a pigeon. Even if you paint the crow white, it will not have the attributes of a pigeon. It’ll look like a pigeon but it won’t behave like a pigeon.

This is what is happening today in the guise of Islam. These are evil, barbaric, brutal, hateful creatures in the guise of Muslims today. Don’t take them as Muslims; they are Satans. They can be anything, anyone but Muslims. If you are a Muslim, you must imitate Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Nizamuddin Auliya, Prophet Mohammad. How come in the Islam of [modern Muslims], Prophet Mohammad has no value? In this contemporary, Saudi-funded and Saudi-carved Islam, Prophet Mohammad has no place.

Zakir Naik of India has been recorded saying that according to him, believing in Prophet Mohammad is prohibited in Islam. To those who follow him: wake up! You’re following a wolf, a Satan. He is not a Muslim. Just think about it: how can this be Islam in which believing in Mohammad is prohibited? People should study the Quran and find out what it says about Prophet Mohammad and what he says about himself.

The Wahhabis say, ‘If you want to love God, become a Jihadist and God will love you. If you want to love God, put on an explosive jacket or drive a truck and run over 120 people and God will love you.’ This is nonsense; this is not Islam.

Islam is this: Quran said 3:31, ‘O’ Prophet Mohammad, tell them, if they want to love God, they must imitate you.’

[In contrast to what the Quran teaches] Zakir Naik says believing in Prophet Mohammad is prohibited.  He is an enemy of Islam, Prophet Mohammad, humanity and God. He is not a human being. There is no such thing in Islam which gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want to do and not follow Quran and Prophet Mohammad. Whatever your opinion is you cannot declare it to be the Quran and Islam.

Islam is Islam in which your opinion has no value. Islam is what comes from Prophet Mohammad and God. If you pollute it with your thoughts and opinion, it is not worthy of acceptance by anyone. This is the case today: Islam is completely polluted with opinions of people like Zakir Naik.

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Younus AlGohar’s Interview With ART TV
10th June 2016|ArticlesInterviews

Younus AlGohar’s Interview With ART TV

Younus AlGohar’s Interview With ART TV

The following are excerpts from Younus AlGohar’s interview with ART TV during his recent trip to Sri Lanka.

On The Difference between Islam and Islamism

Islam is a religion which was established some 1450 years ago by the Prophet of Islam, Prophet Mohammad. A book called the Quran was revealed upon his heart. Islam is a wonderful religion: it is a religion of peace, love and equality. Islam gave a lot of rights to women especially, in the age where people used to bury their daughters alive. Islamism is a segment which was invented by some religious fanatics.

It has been there for many centuries, but in the last few decades, Islamism has been promoted with the help of money and political power. Now we see that Islam is separated from Muslims. Most Muslims in the world are now practising Islamism, which is nothing to do with Islam itself.

The problem is: Islam has been subjected to a lot of adulteration. Modification has taken place and wrong interpretation of the word of God, Quran, has come into practice. As a result, people failed to understand the true meaning of the word of God. Many people who have been considered to be Islamic scholars have polluted the philosophy of Islam with their own personal opinion. As a result of this mixture of Islam and their personal opinion, people have developed a wrong concept and notion of Islam.

A new version of Islam has emerged, which is purely based on fighting with non-Muslims and killing every single person who does not belong to their philosophy and version of Islam. They call this Jihad. [This version of Islam is Wahhabism]. Even if those who do not follow this new version of Islam are Muslims, they are being subjected to a lot of persecution and massacre all over the world, especially in Pakistan. Wahhabism has become a powerful force, politically and financially.

Anybody, even if he is a Muslim, if he does not practise Wahhabism, in the eyes of Wahhabis, they’re considered to be non-Muslims and they’re being slaughtered.

Wahhabism is a set of beliefs which have been conceived by people who have opinionated Islam with their own personal perception. The pollution of their opinion has deviated the path of Islam from the true understanding of the religion. Wahhabism is a movement which started about 150 years ago; their leader, Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Najdi, is considered to be a revivalist in their circle. They believe Islam was corrupted and Najdi had purified Islam. Sufis – who used to embrace all religions, love everybody, sing and dance in love of God – have been declared as heretics. They have introduced their own very strict version of Islam which even the Quran does not support.

So Wahhabism is a religious ideology which is absolutely parallel to the original Islam.

On the Principal Sponsor of Wahhabism

The Wahhabi school of thought and their scholars give people the wrong interpretation of the Quran. They declare that this ideology comes from the Quran. It is a myth that the Quran was revealed in the Arabic language; 90% of Muslims do not understand the language, so whatever translation and meaning of the Quran is said to them, they have no other choice but to believe what they have been told.

This is where the problem occurs: the wrong interpretation and wrong meaning of the Quran has been hammered into the brains of people.

The wrong translation of the divine book has been spread around.

The driving force behind Wahhabism is not just the philosophy of Wahhabism, but it has been supported by a government.

Saudi Arabia is the country that, on a government level, supports Wahhabism. They financially and physically support Wahhabism. Anywhere in the world you see a mosque that has been funded by Saudi Arabia, they’re not just building and funding the mosque; they’re giving away the translation of the Quran and Islamic books which talk about the Wahhabi school of thought. They do not represent the true form of Islam.

Because of the oil money and manpower, the Wahhabi concept of Islam is spread all over the world; whereas the other segments within Islam – in particular, the Sufi thought – have never been supported by a government. [Sufis] don’t have enough resources, so their message of love and peace did not reach countries.

In the early 20th century, when this part of land [now known as Saudi Arabia] was governed by the Ottoman Empire, the British, with the help of the Al-Saud family, were able to defeat the Ottoman Empire there. Then, under the umbrella of the British government, there was a pact between Wahhabis and the Al-Saud family: the Wahhabis were to politically support the Al-Saud family and the Al-Saud would give the Wahhabis a free hand to spread their ideology. The pact was signed and it is still in practice.

Now the Al-Saud family are putting oil money in their pockets and they allow the Wahhabi scholars to impose the Wahhabi ideology in the country. They also send delegations all over the world to spread their word. This is a sort of pact between these two, which is working fine for them.

Saudi Arabia, apparently, is not supporting terrorism; but they are supporting those who harbour terrorism like the Wahhabi school of thought.

The Wahhabi school of thought is very intolerant. They want everybody to become a Wahhabi. A Wahhabi is one who believes in God but he doesn’t to respect the one who brought them the message of God. They don’t want to respect the Prophet of Islam. They do not respect Sufis. They don’t believe in the message of love and peace. They want to rule the world. They want to become the superpower. They want all the countries to submit to their ideology and they want to turn this world into an Islamic, global society in which they appoint their caliph and everybody lives under their rule. This is what their perception is.

On The Philosophy of Messiah Foundation International

Messiah Foundation International is a purely spiritual organisation. We do not follow any religion in particular, however we address all religions. We invite them to embrace the message of love and peace.

We do this through our teachings of spirituality in which we invite people to embrace purification of the heart, awakening of the spiritual heart and enlightenment of the heart. We invite people to mortify and purify the evil soul that everybody is born with. We invite them to root out all the negative traits from their characters – as a result of which they become wonderful human beings who respect humanity, who co-exist with other religions, atheists, etc.

If you believe in God or not, I shouldn’t be bothered. This is between you and God. As a human being, I should respect you and you should respect me. We should give each other some space. This is what MFI promotes.

We respect all messengers and prophets. We respect Krishna, Bhagwan, Ra Raam etc. We believe they all came from God. They’re different names and religions, but the source is the same. This is what we believe.

We’re focused on God and his love. We’re not restricted by boundaries created by religions. We understand all these religions were established by the same God. Rather than restricting ourselves to one particular religion or faith; we have broadened our view of embracing all and being more focused on the gist of every religion: love, equality and brotherhood.

On Why Youth Join ISIS

There is a motive behind it.

Western culture has reached all countries. Western culture means having a free life. You can have a girlfriend or boyfriend; you don’t need to marry them. You just need mutual consent: as long as your partner agrees to sleep with you, you don’t carry any guilt on your heart. You go to a bar, get drunk, sleep, have a hangover, take a tablet and go back to work. There is no sin.

The young generation born in America, Canada, the UK, Australia, etc. who come from a Muslim background are being bred and brought up in this kind of environment. They’re going through a crisis of dual identity.

When they come back home, they’re told, ‘You’re Muslim, don’t do this.’ When they go to work or college, they see everybody is doing it. They’re in a very complex situation. They do want to go along with that western, secular lifestyle, but when they come back home, they find totally the opposite environment.

Now we look at what ISIS, Taliban and other Islamist groups are doing. Drugs, killing and guns – everything is free [for them]. They’ve been sleeping with girls in Australia, Canada, America and the UK, but at the same time, they carry this guilt on their heart that they’re doing something wrong. They’re told, ‘Why don’t you come and join ISIS, where you’ll have more girls to sleep with? Where you will have more freedom? Where you will have drugs and alcohol – and everything has been allowed by God for you? Why don’t you do the (so-called) Islamic way?’ They are lured into it.

These people are grabbing girls from their hair and they’re selling them for $50, $40 and $10. Whereas, when they go into a disco bar, they cannot touch a girl until she agrees to go with them. In this secular society where we are living, you cannot force anybody to have sex with you. You have to be in mutual consent. But when they’re given an opportunity to go and have sex with ten young girls, and they’re told, ‘This is right, this is perfect; you deserve this,’ they have more freedom of fulfilling their lustful desires under the banner of a religion. It is a so-called religion, which is neither supported by the Quran nor God.

This is why the young generation is lured into this lunatic ideology of Wahhabism, terrorism.

On De-radicalisation

I understand they are radicalised through academic misconception: they give them a wrong ideology. We need to fix their concept. What is messed up is the religious interpretation of Islam and Quran. We have a dialogue with them and we tell them, ‘What Quran means is not what you believe today. This is what God [really] said.’ We give references from the Quran and from the noted Sufi scholars.

For example, suicide bombing. They are told, ‘If you put on a jacket full of explosives, blow yourself up with another 200 people, as soon as you die, you will go into paradise where 70 virgins will be waiting for you.’ This is wrong. This is a self-manifested ideology. There was a Companion of Prophet Mohammad who was fighting against the enemies of Islam alongside Prophet Mohammad; he got badly injured and he was in such pain that he took his own life. When it was reported to the Prophet Mohammad, Prophet Mohammad was really angry. Regarding this man who sacrificed so much for Islam, just because he committed suicide, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘He is going to end up in hellfire.’

You cannot commit suicide according to the Muslim faith. How can they allow suicide bombing? They’re doing it knowingly, on purpose. They’re not just killing themselves, but they’re claiming innocent lives of people. This is totally against the teachings of Islam and practice of Prophet Mohammad.

There is another saying in the Quran and in the Prophetic Traditions, ‘Killing one human being is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ This is the total Islamic narrative supported by the Quran and Prophet Mohammad.

Your God and my God is the same; you may be a Buddhist and I may be a Muslim and someone else may be a Christian, Hindu or Jew but so what? We are all children of God. Just the fact that I may be a Muslim and you may be a Hindu doesn’t mean we have different gods. God would never want one human being to kill another.

For example, if you have five children, all of them are equally amiable and lovable to you. You would never want one of your children to kill another one, being a human being. God loves his creation more than 70 mothers love their children; God cannot allow one human being to kill another. This is totally rubbish; it has nothing to do with Islam, the Quran or any other religion.

No religion allows killing of innocent human beings in the name of God or in the name of any religion.

On Spirituality as a Tool to Combat Radicalisation

We have two ways and both ways have to work together. On an academic level, we give them the right interpretation. On the other hand, we spiritualise them; we transmit divine energy into their heart and soul. As a result of this, when divine energy enters their body, the negative, evil traits start to diminish. They feel closer to divine energy, as a result of which they feel closer to divinity.

When you feel closer to divinity, you begin to respect humanity.

The problem is, the knowledge of spirituality hasn’t been very common in the recent times. People think it is just a thing of dreams and there is no truth in it. However, our spirit and our soul is our main reality. This body will perish one day, but the spirit will never perish. Spirituality is all about enlightening the spirits inside us with divine energy.

When the divine energy enters into the spirits and souls, instantly, the attributes of God begin to show. Those attributes become part of your character. You become lovable and compassionate. You begin to forgive people and live in a society where everybody is different, but you’re clung to humanity. You think, ’They also come from the same source that I come from.’ You begin to respect them. This happens when the evil traits are rooted out with the help of divine energy, and divine attributes begin to settle in the hearts as a result of it entering into the heart.

It is very simple. Water [in a glass of water] is cool; as soon as I put my finger in it, I feel coolness. If the water is really hot, I’ll put my finger in and I’ll feel the heat, because my finger is inside this liquid. If the liquid is hot, I’ll feel hot. If the liquid is cold, I’ll feel cold. Similarly, when the divine energy – the attributes of God – enters the heart, we instantly feel divine and the negative traits begin to diminish; they part with you.

On Futility of Converting to Different Religions

Initially, when I started coming here, people thought I am here to convert people. But no, I’m not here to convert anybody. For example, right now, you may be a Buddhist and you say, ‘I want to be a Muslim,’ and in five minutes, you become a Muslim. But if I ask you, ‘What difference do you feel now in you?’ the answer will be nothing. You’re still the same. So conversion doesn’t mean anything.

What you need to convert is your heart, from bad to good.

You need to become a good person. If you are not a good person, you will never become a good Christian, good Muslim or a good Hindu. Only a good person will become a good mother or father.

If Muslims are bad, they are bad because they are bad people. If Christians are bad, they are bad because they are bad people, not because their religion is bad. Religion is not bad, but what if people do not practise their religion properly? If you are suffering some disease and you do not take the medicine, you cannot blame the medicine because you are not taking it.

My message to people all around the world is that God is love. We’re all children of God. No Muslim is better or greater than a Christian or a Hindu. We’re all equal in the eyes of God. We should not hate anybody. Do not be fooled by any concocted theological ideology that you are a better race or religion, or that you are greater than everybody else – you are pure and others are impure. This is all crap.

You may practise any religion, but you must understand that God is love and love is God. One who doesn’t understand love can never understand God. This is the only message.

Religion comes second; first is humanity. We should respect human beings.

Whether somebody is following a bad or a good religion, they are not accountable to you or me. They are accountable to God. God will decide who is good and who is bad.

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Younus AlGohar Speaks to the Virakesari Newspaper
3rd June 2016|ArticlesInterviews

Younus AlGohar Speaks to the Virakesari Newspaper

Younus AlGohar Speaks to the Virakesari Newspaper

A delegation from the Virakesari Newspaper in Sri Lanka recently visited Younus AlGohar to discuss a variety of topics. The following are highlights from the interview.

On Spirituality: the Core of Religions

Messiah Foundation International is purely a spiritual movement. It has nothing to do with any religion.

Converting from one religion to another does not make any difference. It depends on the man. If you are a bad man, you will be a bad Christian; and if you leave Christianity and adopt Islam, you will be a bad Muslim. It is about the character of the man.

Spirituality has the answer. Spirituality will fix the man and make him a wonderful person with love and compassion. Spirituality is about bringing the attributes of God in a human being so he gets rid of hatred, greed, jealousy and arrogance; he begins to understand that everybody is the creation of one God. This happens when the inner devil is taken care of. Spirituality provides inner purification.

This the core of Buddhism, Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism), Sufism (Islam) and Kabbalah (Judaism). The message is the same, the outer is different. We are not talking about religions; we are talking about the core of religions. Spirituality is about becoming good and lovable. It is about coexisting in a [multi-religious, multicultural] society.

Everybody appreciates love, but it is very difficult to follow love, because there is something inside us which does not allow us to love everybody. Something inside us only prompts us to love ourselves. Everybody is thickly and deeply in love with himself. If you love yourself, you will not love anybody else. When you love everybody, that is when you a good human being.

Self-love will make you a monster; you will deprive everybody else of their rights.

You will want to grab everything for yourself, and that is causing problems.

Through spirituality, you will begin to love humanity and God. If you claim to love God but you hate his creation, that is not true love.

God is the one who created everybody; if you have true love of God, you will love everybody no matter who they are. People talk about love, but love is not easy to obtain. There are certain things in us that prevent us from the practice of love. Every human being is born with a negative source, a negative spirit. That spirit pushes him to do wrong, to hate, to obtain power and money, and deprive all others [of their rights]. That evil spirit is purified only with the help of spirituality.

This is what we are working on: raising awareness of spirituality among people of all religions.

Now we have so many problems coming out from religions: extremism, fanaticism, terrorism. This is because the religions have been modified; this is the not the original teachings of any religion. God doesn’t allow any human being being to kill another human being.

According to Judaism, if you kill somebody, you have destroyed your religion. The same thing is found in Islam. Prophet Mohammad said, Killing one person is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ It is very unfortunate that we have some Muslims in this world today who think that by killing people, they will go into heaven. Something is wrong; they have deviated from the true teachings of Islam. On the other hand, in Islam, we have Sufis who love everybody.

Bawa Muhaiyaddeen was a Sufi; he was Tamil and he couldn’t speak English. He went to the USA, where he would deliver lectures in Tamil and people were so inspired by his presence and the amount of love he shared with them. He would read the Quran and Jews, Hindus and Christians all would read the Quran with him. He was giving love to everybody. He never asked them to become a Muslim. Whether or not you are a Muslim, you are still creation of God. We should learn to love everybody. Such Sufis were the prime example of God’s presence on Earth. This is what we need in Sri Lanka today. People should practise spirituality, forget about their differences.

Without inner purification, people will never forget differences. Without inner purification, people will never get rid of hatred.

If a bulb is not working because the filament is burnt, no matter how many times we plug it in, it will not work until we fix the filament.

Similarly, no matter how many times we go to a temple, mosque, church or synagogue and listen to any number of religious scholars, nothing is going to change unless we go through this inner purification.

When you become a spiritual man, you serve all religions.

‘Buddha’ simply means enlightened one. When you enlighten yourself, you become Buddha. Hinduism is all about spirituality. ‘Aham Brahmasmi’ means ‘Brahma is inside me.’ Only those go to a temple who think Brahma, Vishnu and Krishan Ji are sitting in the temple. Those who bring them in their heart become holy; they become gurus.

The knowledge of spirituality is very secretive. With the help of this knowledge, every human being on Earth will become a holy person. This is the solution but we need to raise awareness of this knowledge.

This knowledge was not available, but it was part of every religion. When it was separated from religion, religion became useless. Even today, Muslims who do not practise Sufism are causing problems. Those who practise Sufism are good Muslims. Similarly, those who practise spirituality are good Hindus. Those who practise Kabbalah teachings are good Jews.

We need the knowledge of purifying our human instincts.

Due to greed, arrogance and jealousy, our human attributes have gone down and the animal attributes have come up. We look like human beings, we eat and walk like human beings, but we act like animals.

Religions have separated themselves from spirituality, this is why people are suffering. Although they are going to mosques and temples every day, they are not changing. In fact, you will see that a simple man may be a little better than those who are going to mosques and temples every day.

It is about the character, not about the religion. If a religion does not fix you and make you a good human being, it simply means the religion is not going inside your heart.

This is because you have lost the knowledge which would put the religion inside your heart; instead, the religion is only restricted to your lips. Spirituality is the knowledge which will purify your heart and enlighten you.

God has no religion. He sent many prophets and messengers and all of them brought down God’s message. No prophet or messenger said, ‘Go kill and hate people.’ The message of God is love. This love is achieved through practice of spirituality.

The force behind our body is our soul. When the soul leaves the body, the body is dead.

The knowledge which will revive and activate the soul is spirituality. The is the knowledge that awakens the soul. If your soul is dormant, you may be going into temples and churches, but you won’t be changing. Religion should change you. If you are a beast before you follow a religion and, after 20 years of practice of a religion, you’re still a monster, the religion is not changing you.

Religion is about character: changing the man from bad to good.

On Purification of the Ego

Sometimes you know what is good and bad, but then you feel something inside you is pushing you to do bad. Sometimes, you overcome the desire to do bad; sometimes you have weak moments in which you get carried away. [Spirituality helps] you overcome the force which inside you pushing you to do bad.

Spirituality concentrates on your inner man. For this, you don’t have to convert from one religion to another. Even if you don’t practise any religion, you don’t need it. You need to become good and spirituality can do that for you.

You’re already a Hindu, Christian or Muslim. If you follow spirituality, then you will become a good Muslim or Hindu, because your inner will be enlightened. The problem is not because of Muslims or Hindus; the problem is with bad Muslims, bad Hindus, bad Jews and bad Christians. They’re bad because their soul is not awakened. We need to fix that problem.

We teach people how to awaken the soul.

A lot of gurus come to Sri Lanka and talk about meditation. If your soul is not awakened, what will meditation do for you? [In their versions of meditation] with the power of visualisation, you imagine yourself in a garden or flying. This is a story; this isn’t meditation.

A true meditation is one in which your soul is awakened. You concentrate on your soul and your soul leaves the body. It reaches it heights, sees God and meets with different spiritual people or angels. That will happen when the soul is enlightened.

Our message for everybody is how to get rid of the hatred and the source of hatred. We have heard a lot of lectures. We have heard the Quran and Bible, but by hearing and listening to the lectures, nothing is changing. We are still the same.

If you have fever, medicine must be taken. Simply talking about the medicine will not solve the problem.

We say, ‘Everybody should love each other,’ but how? Everybody wants to love. When we see people are suffering, for a moment or two, we tell ourselves, ‘They are also human beings. They should not be suffering.’ Then we forget [about them]. We don’t practically force ourselves to do good because we don’t have any force inside us [to push us to do good]. The only force inside us is the force that drives us to do negative things.

Somebody is inside us which is stopping us from becoming good.

According to the Quran, when you go into a mosque, the prayer you do will stop you from doing bad. According to Islam, if you talk bad about somebody in their absence, for God, it is worse a sin than committing adultery. This is how strict God is about our character.

If I have five or six brothers and one of them becomes a Muslim and another becomes a Hindu, the fact that they are my brothers will never change. Just because they are my brothers, I will never want to harm them. In a similar way, we are progeny of Adam and creation of the same God. Why do we forget that before being a Muslim, Christian or Jew, we are brothers? Having the same father makes us brothers; what about the same God? God is greater than our father.

We have lost this message because our souls are dormant. When we all learn to purify our souls, the negatively will depart our bodies. Although we will still remain to be Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, we will learn to appreciate that everyone is the creation of the same God and that nobody is lower or greater than anybody else.

The only thing that will make you greater person than others is the amount of love you have for God and humanity.

[Your greatness depends on] how tolerant you are to others, how peaceful you are and how helpful you are. That will happen when the source of evil is rooted out with the help of spirituality and God’s energy and love enter the heart. That is our message.

On the Method of Enlightenment

Spiritually, we transmit divine light into the heart. That light will enter the heart. For example, we will transmit the light of Ra Raam; it will enter your heart. Then you will be sleeping and your heart will keep saying, ‘Ra Raam’. Even when you are sleeping, it goes on because the heart doesn’t stop. The constant invocation of Ra Raam will produce divine energy, which will purify your souls. You don’t have to practise it; it is the practice of your soul.

Spirituality is not done by the physique. It is to be done by the soul.

Once the divine energies enter into the soul, it will become a volunteer. You will feel you are becoming a good person. You will notice that source that drags you to do bad is going away. You won’t feel like doing wrong things.  [You may start to feel love for someone you previously hated]. That will happen when God’s light accumulates in the heart.

Today, people have everything: business, money, women, etc. but some people still feel there is no peace in life.

Your body has everything; your soul needs something. The food of the soul is love and God’s light.

This is why you have all the luxuries of life, even then you feel a little uneasy and you lack peace of mind and heart. That is the demand of the soul, ‘I need some divine energy, I need some love.’

When love is missing from life, it is because the soul is not awakened. You need to awaken the soul.

This is not a method invented by me. It is a God-gifted method. God taught it to everybody. All prophets and messengers who came had this knowledge. Anyone who became a guru became a guru because of this knowledge.

We are addressing the souls. It is the practice of the soul. There is no physical activity because it is about souls. Spirituality is about the souls. The source of the body is the soul. When the soul is good, the body will be good.

People have so many diseases today; this is because the soul is weak inside. When you empower their souls, they will be healed. Thousands of people came to me and we did spiritual healing on them. Many people who were suffering from heart diseases came and their health was restored.

They take the divine energy and when their soul is fixed, their problems go away.

On the Different Names of God

There is no such thing as Muslim God or Hindu God. We have given different names to him, but there is only one God. Ra Raam, God, Bhagwan and Vishnu are different names but God is the same.

There are different names for water in Tamil, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, French and other languages, but the substance is the same. Similarly, different names have been given to God, but the supreme power is the same. He doesn’t change. You can’t say he is only for Muslims or Hindus. God has many names.

Any name for God is great and worthy of respect.

One thing is important. According to science, our voice has vibration and energy. This energy does not die. In a similar way, God’s name, when we say it, is transformed into vibration. Some names have stronger vibrations; it depends. [There are varying potency levels for medicine] like Paracetamol: there is 500 mg and then we have 200 mg. The stronger the medicine is, the quicker it will work.

The name ‘Ra Raam’ is very strong. This is the only difference [between the names of God is] potency. Otherwise, you can call him with any name: you can call him Vishnu, Krishna, Allah, Bhagwan, God, Eloha, Elohim, etc.

On the Holy Black Stone

The Holy Black Stone (Maha Shiv Lingham) was brought by Shankar Bhagwan (Adam the Eminent One) from the heaven. The image of Kalki Avatar was placed inside. When he brought it down, he asked everybody to respect it and worship it. He put it in Kaaba, which is now a Muslim place.

Even according to the Quran, no human being should be stopped from going and worshipping the Holy Black Stone. Visiting that place has been made obligatory by God upon all human beings. This is oppression and tyranny that Muslims do not allow other religions to go there. The Quran directs that the entire humanity should be allowed to go there, but they don’t allow it, which means they don’t follow Quran.

Before Islam, the Kaaba had 360 idols. The Holy Black Stone was one of them.

According to Muslim beliefs, the Holy Black Stone is very sacred and the pilgrimage of Hajj is incomplete if you do not touch it, kiss it or receive blessings from it. It is sacred.

It created confusion among minds of many Muslims. They thought, ‘Hindus worship stones in their temples and when we come to Kaaba, we are also worshipping a stone. So what is the difference between Islam and Hinduism?’ Both religions come from God; it is the understanding and the method that differs. There is not much difference.

The Holy Black Stone is sacred for all human beings. All prophets kissed it, even Mohammad, the Prophet of Islam. Whenever he would come near the Holy Black Stone, he would cry in love.

On the Future and Terrorism

The future is good. The only religion that will come is the Religion of God: love. You’re all one, so love each other with the power of God’s love.

There will be two groups: people of hatred and people of love. Those who are good people will join the group of love no matter what religion they practise. People of hatred will join the other group which comprises the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, Wahhabism, etc.

Sometimes bad things are given a good label; people can only see the outer shape, outer layer, but they don’t know that this is bad. [In that case] they’re victims, but they should use their brain. It is not like God gave some people a brain and others were left without brains.

If I give you Panadol or Paracetamol for your fever, it is very familiar. However, if you say, ‘I never heard of this medicine before,’ you will definitely resist and research. You want to know what you’re taking. That is your duty.

If I give you poison and say, ‘This is Paracetamol,’ and you’re so naive that you don’t even want to know what you’re eating, who will you blame when you’re dead? It is about your life. Before taking the medicine, you should know what it is. Similarly, if somebody is telling you about your religion, you should study it. Consult the source of knowledge of your religion; for Islam, it is the Quran and the practice of Prophet Mohammad.

Someone who is becoming a Jihadi is a potential fool. It is all about lust and sex, not religion. If I tell you, ‘Kill that man and I’ll give you 70 women,’ you’re doing it for your lust, not your religion. If God announces today, ‘You can do anything to please me, but there is no reward,’ they won’t do it. God does not want you to kill anybody. For you, you may be Tamil or Sinhalese and someone else may be Indian or Pakistani, but for God, you’re all children of God. He wants to love everybody equally. He doesn’t care whether you’re born in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, America or the UK.

As I was saying, bad things have been given good labels and good things have been given bad labels. It is like there is a piece of gold and covered with silver, and there is a piece of silver covered with gold. Obviously, you will take the one which looks like gold. You do not know how to recognise what is gold and what is silver. You need to have the power of recognition.

People are sold on this idea of Jihad: why practise religion for 20-30 years when you can go to paradise in five minutes? This is a shortcut, but this is all wrong. This is not Jihad; this is hatred and God doesn’t like it.

God can use tsunamis, earthquakes or thunder. God does not need terrorists.

One tsunami can wash away thousands of people. For those who say, ‘We are God’s warriors,’ no, they’re not. God doesn’t need them. God can kill anybody, anywhere, at any time.

One thing is imminent: Kalki Avatar is the final destroyer. He will destroy [the terrorists], not good people.

There will be a final battle. On one side, there will be people of Kalki Avatar, Jesus Christ and Imam Mehdi. They will give justice and love to everybody. On the other side, there will be people of hatred, whoever they are.

The forces of Jesus Christ, Mehdi and Kalki Avatar will form a greater alliance. They will defeat them. With the help of God, they will overcome and overpower them. This place will become a beautiful place. There will be no hatred. Imam Mehdi will fill the Earth with justice. There will be no killing, no hatred and no fights. This will happen soon. We’re going in that direction.

Most of these terrorists were already gangsters.

When someone does bad things, they want to do it, but because they are a Christian or Muslim also, they think, ‘What I am doing is wrong and my Muslim brothers and sisters perceive I am a wrong person.’ They continue to do wrong things, but they have this burden of guilt.

People were told, ‘Come join ISIS and you will have more girls and women to sleep with than you have now, you will be able to use more kalashnikovs and guns and kill people than you are now – and you will do all this without guilt because you’re doing this for God.’ When you give this kind of concept to criminals, they feel sheltered. This is pure evil. Only one group among Muslims have this attitude and that is Wahhabis.

Wahhabis  don’t consider any other Muslim as a true Muslim.

If you are a Muslim and you do not agree with Wahhabism, Wahhabis think you are worse than non-Muslims.

This is why thousands of people are killed in Pakistan. Every day there is a suicide bombing in Pakistan. Most Pakistanis are Muslims; why are they killing Muslims?

It is not about Islam. It is about Wahhabism.

If you are not Wahhabi, they think you are not a true Muslim. They want the world to be a Wahhabi-dominated society. It is oil money; Saudi Arabia wants to become the superpower through the industry of terrorism.

There is no more Islam in practice. The Islam which was established by Prophet Mohammad is not in practice; they don’t believe in that Islam. This is their own version of Islam in which there is no blessing, love, compassion, respect for humanity or respect for women. This is their Islam; it was not designed by God. The one that has been designed by God was Sufi Islam, which they rejected. Sufi Islam promotes love and peace.

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Younus AlGohar’s Interview with
17th March 2016|InterviewsVideos

Younus AlGohar’s Interview with

Younus AlGohar recently visited Toronto, Canada, where he gave an interview with There, he spoke on a variety of topics including going beyond religion and becoming the character/image of God. Man receives attributes of God, which is how we become compassionate and kind. He also spoke on the concept of the awaited one in all religions.

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Younus AlGohar’s Interview with Siyatha TV
13th November 2015|ArticlesInterviews

Younus AlGohar’s Interview with Siyatha TV

Younus AlGohar’s Interview with Siyatha TV

The following are selected excerpts from Younus AlGohar’s interview with Siyatha TV in Sri Lanka.

Religions and the Spiritual System

All the religions were established by great personalities. These personalities were sent by God, so no religion is bad. However, what happened in the last 100-200 years is that almost every religion has lost the spiritual system.

As a result of this spiritual system being destroyed, people are not truly aware of the soul of their religion, of the principle message of their religion.

This is why most Muslims are not good Muslims, most Hindus are not good Hindus and most Christians are not good Christians. And of course Buddhists who are not good Buddhists are so because they are not properly doing what they have been taught to do. This happens when you lose enlightenment, when you lose connection with God.

The problem is: people are still religious but something is wrong with their methodology. Some important part of the knowledge of the religion is missing. This is why they are misled into wrongdoings. When the youth see these religious people, they are not inspired by them because they always fighting. They are full of hatred.

The youth will never be inspired by these religious people; however the youth will be inspired by spirituality. The youth want to see results.

When they adopt spirituality and they feel good, they feel strength and they feel uplifting of their soul, they will definitely be inspired by spirituality. They will never be inspired by these religious people because they are not making any progress either within themselves or within the society. They are only making it worse, fostering more hatred and intolerance.

Spirituality is the key and solution to the existing problems.

Nowadays, people are changing their religions. I don’t think it’s going to make any difference because nobody is connected to God through any religion.

All religions come from God. If you are a Muslim and you want to study Hinduism, what is wrong with it? Hinduism also came from God. If you are a Muslim and you want to study the Bible, what’s wrong with it? The Bible also came from God. There is only one God. Either you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew or a Buddhist; it’s the same God, just different names. These objects are different manifestations of the same God.

Because of the lack spiritual knowledge in all these religions, people have become intolerant.

I’ll give you an example: one man works as a doorman, another works as an anchor and the third person works as a Chief Executive – but nobody is getting a salary. Does it make any difference? He is a doorman, he doesn’t get a salary. You are an anchor; you don’t get your salary. The Chief Executive doesn’t get his salary. So basically, you are not getting anything.

In a similar way, when you are a Muslim and you are not connected to the God. It doesn’t make any difference whether you become a Hindu, a Muslim or a Christian. If you are not connected to God; nothing is working for you. If you were connected to God as a Muslim, you would never leave your religion. If you are connected to God as a Buddhist, you would never leave your religion – because then it would not be about the religion. You would be connected with God.

You would respect that religion, because through that religion, you were connected to God.

A Brief Introduction to Kalki Avatar Lord Ra Gohar Shahi and His Mission

Lord Ra Gohar Shahi is sent by God and there are Divine Signs [proclaiming His advent].

His images have become prominent on the Moon, the Sun, on Mars and the Holy Black Stone. The Holy Black Stone is greatly revered and people, out of love and affection, kiss it. It is believed that when they kiss it, all their sins are washed away. God has manifested his signs in the form of images of His Divine Grace Lord Ra Gohar Shahi and people all over the world believe Lord Ra Gohar Shahi to be Kalki Avatar, Imam Mehdi and Messiah.

According to the divine plan, His Divine Eminence Kalki Avatar/Imam Mehdi/Messiah Gohar Shahi is here for the entire humanity, for everybody in this world. It is not physically possible for everybody to see him in person. That’s why these images have become prominent. If people look at the Moon, when they see the image of HDE Gohar Shahi, they can speak with that image and they will have a reply. They can also receive spiritual healing and spiritual grace. All those things can be obtained from the image on the moon.

He is love, He is for everybody and His purpose on Earth is to teach everybody love and peace. [He is] uniting all humanity.

Kalki Avatar Lord Ra Gohar Shahi is not a physical doctor; he is doing something which nobody can do. He can heal the wounds of the soul.

These wounds of the souls cannot be healed in any hospital by doctor. So people will approach His Divine Grace Lord Ra Gohar Shahi for their spiritual ailments and spiritual wounds – which nobody can [heal]. And His blessings are for everybody without any hindrance, without any limitations, without any discrimination for everybody.

Kalki Avatar right now is in occultation and physically is not making any appearances to common people. However, the time will come when he will become apparent and people will be able to meet with him. Through our representatives you may be in conversation with Lord Ra Gohar Shahi.

Prescribed Method of Meditation

Meditation that we propagate is a little different than what others describe. This meditation that we promote is done after the enlightenment of the heart and the soul. When the soul is enlightened, when the heart is enlightened then the souls inside our body become worthy of making a spiritual journey. When the journey is performed by these souls and they arrive at their respective spiritual station that is called meditation.

His Divine Grace Lord Ra Gohar Shahi has penned down a book on spirituality and this book is available online and it can be downloaded. It is available on and other international book stores. If people study this book, they will understand the purpose of life. Maybe it will bring a change in their lives.

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‘You need to understand Wahhabism in order to understand why the world is going through the worst page of history.’ – Younus AlGohar
6th November 2015|ArticlesInterviewsVideos

‘You need to understand Wahhabism in order to understand why the world is going through the worst page of history.’ – Younus AlGohar

‘You need to understand Wahhabism in order to understand why the world is going through the worst page of history.’ – Younus AlGohar

The following are from Younus AlGohar’s Interview with

On Islamophobia

I do not know whether Islamophobia is the just term; it is a word that I personally do not agree with because the world has no fears or threats coming out from Islam. It’s a group of people who claim to be Muslims and they do not practice Islam. They are becoming a global threat. The term should be Wahhabiphobia. There is a particular denomination in Islam that does not consider any other Muslim as Muslims for except themselves.

[Wahhabis are] the ones who have been radicalised and who are responsible for spreading this radicalisation all over the world, especially among the Muslim youth.

The West shouldn’t be worried about Islam because Islam is not a threat to any part of the world. Islam is just like any other monotheist religion under the banner of Abrahamic Faiths, like Christianity or Judaism. Islam has the same roots [as them] and Islam is not a threat.

However, how people interpret and understand Islam – that’s the main issue today.

Radicalisation is really a worrying aspect of the Muslim world and we are working on it. We are trying to raise awareness of the fundamental and principle values of the religion which are the same in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All of these are monotheist religions. Basically, the principle directives from God are the same in all three religions.

On the Role of Wahhabism and Saudi Arabia

It is very difficult. We are not hearing the accurate news from the channels. We do not know what is going on. However, I can tell you terrorism is not imported in any country.

For example, terrorism is not coming to Canada [from a foreign country]. You will have terrorism from a Muslim house in Canada. It will come from the Muslim house whose children have been going to a mosque. They believe their children are learning from the Quran and understand the religion – but in few years’ time, they will come to know that their sons have gone to Syria to become jihadists.

You do not become a jihadist overnight. You are not radicalised in few hours; it’s a mindset. It is a theory.

This theory is coming from this particular denomination in Islam, Wahhabism.

You need to understand Wahhabism in order to understand why the world is going through the worst page of history.

Wahhabis want to rule the world. They think they have the purest form of Islam and have the right to take their doctrine to every corner of the globe. Whoever accepts it becomes their friend and ‘part of Islam’. Whoever does not accept it – even if they are Muslims from other denominations of Islam – they’re alien to them. Wahhabis are so intolerant; they do not want to see anybody else for except themselves.

This Wahhabi thought-process is very intolerant – [it is especially taught] in the mosques which are funded by Saudi Arabia.

There are two things in Saudi Arabia:

1 – The Saudi Royal Family

2 – The Religious Regime

Terrorism is the combination of both.

The religious doctrine is coming from their religious scholars and money is coming from the Royal Family.

What the world sees is different [from reality]. The world will see the Royal Family coming and meeting with David Cameron, Bush, Obama etc. Obviously, they look very holy and display very meek characters. You will never imagine they can be funding terrorists. However, they are the main mastermind and they are working in collaboration with their religious regime in Saudi Arabia.

On Why the Saudi Royal Family is Hypocritical

The internet is full of news. Everybody knows that [Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism].

This is the thing: people have to be diplomatic. On one side, there are some political issues and behind the scenes, something else is going on. Sometimes you cannot verbalise what you have seen because there are so many fatal consequences. If you alienate [yourself] from the international world community, you will suffer. So they have to show something and they have to do certain things behind the scenes.

We are living in a very hypocritical world. Sometimes diplomacy is hypocrisy.

I say it loudly and clearly that the Saudi Royal Family is supporting terrorism all over the world.

On How to Give Hope to the Youth

Give them understanding of spirituality. Give them understanding of the value of human life, mutual tolerance and harmony in the society. Tell them things that they can understand that they can relate to. If we tell them stories that they do not relate to, they will never understand.

On the Future

What I see today worries me a lot,  but then my faith and belief in God gives me hope that future is bright and there will be no hatred. Everybody will love everybody else and we will be living in a perfect brotherhood, in a universal society.

We can have hope for hope. I personally believe the future is full of love after a period of darkness.

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27th October 2015|InterviewsVideos Islamophobia and Radical Islam in Today’s Society

Interview on the Liquid Lunch programme with Hugh Reilly and co-host Sandra Kyrzakos. Younus AlGohar opens up about his views on radical Islam (Wahhabism), Islamophobia and the tensions between different groups.

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FaceOn’s Interview with Younus AlGohar
12th October 2015|InterviewsVideos

FaceOn’s Interview with Younus AlGohar

FaceOn’s Interview with Younus AlGohar – Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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'Imam Mehdi mohabbat bantnay ke liye tashreef laye hain. Izzat Ma'ab Sayedi Younus AlGohar.

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