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The Undeclared War Between Humanity and Radical Islam
18th February 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

The Undeclared War Between Humanity and Radical Islam

We have submitted an online petition in the United Kingdom to ban Wahhabism. We are running a publicity campaign to raise awareness of the potential fatality of this cult of fear and death, Wahhabism.

Not many people are aware of the difference between a common Muslim and a Wahhabi Islamist. People who are aware of political problems in relation to making any effort to ban Wahhabism find it almost impossible. Realistically speaking, they like the idea of banning Wahhabism; however, given the Charter of the United Nation’s Security Council, everyone should be allowed to practise their religious faith and no religion should be banned. This is debatable because our petition is not to ban any religion.

We are not filing a petition in which a religion is to be banned – but rather, an austere, ultraconservative and very lethal doctrine of hatred and death, which must be raised awareness of.

People will not come to know of the potential jeopardy of this brutal cult of Wahhabism until they are duly taught. An emphasis should be laid on the founding principles of this hate-mongering cult of death and fear, Wahhabism.

We have found this opportunity to make humanity aware of how fatal, lethal and how inevitable it is to ban Wahhabism’s ideology and practice. People are aware of the practice of Wahhabism – which is nothing but carrying out brutal massacre, carnage and organised butchery of humankind. However, a burning question is: what is the Wahhabi ideology?

People should want to know what the driving force is behind radicalisation of young individuals who were growing to be doctors and engineers. They should want to know what could cause young fun-loving girls who used to play music and enjoy the colours of life to suddenly want to become jihadi brides.

Something is being poured into innocent minds. This must be going on over a long period of time. You do not become a terrorist overnight. As soon as someone is radicalised, he begins to hate the entire world. He stops respecting his own parents, who caused him to come into this world. What happens to a person when he is radicalised and he considers himself to be a warrior of God? Since when has God developed a necessity of luring his servants into chopping and slashing the throats of people?

How can a young man and young woman accumulate so much hatred for all other non-radicalised individuals, for all other non-Wahhabi individuals? We need to see that.

The world leaders are looking at all these events of terrorism with a different point of view. Somebody is simply turning against Wahhabism because somebody’s political status is being challenged. Somebody else is turning against Wahhabism simply because their job requires him/her to show a hostile attitude towards Wahhabism. What can a common person – who is not a police officer, army personnel, MP (Member of Parliament) or politician – do towards curbing the apocalyptical worldwide movement of terrorism, massacre and carnage of humankind?

It is not a worrying matter for a president of a country; he has many thousands of security personnel surrounding him. It’s a story of a common man who goes to a mosque, church or temple; who takes his kids out, who goes to Disneyland, who goes to a disco bar to have some fun, who goes to a cricket ground, football arena or musical concert. The man may be with his wife, brother, mother, children or father and suddenly, an uproar brutally announces the death of many dozen people.

It is very easy to deploy many dozens of security personnel to guard one important man in a country. But it is not practical that all shopping malls, schools and public places are well guarded. It is one of the many prime responsibility of a government to protect its citizens; however, when they come up with excuses and they tell you in your face of their inability to protect you, what are you supposed to do?

Should you simply say that you are ready for your untimely death? We don’t want to die, but when we do, we die not because of our own choice.

But when your governments tell you that they cannot provide security and protection, you begin to feel a very thick blanket of fear on your head. Peace is lost in your life. 

Terrorists are playing games. They’re using different tactics. Terrorists used to be easily identified by the way they behaved and their demeanour. Radicalised Muslims were typically resembling each other. For a number of years, Wahhabis were easily recognisable. They had thick beards with no cosmetic work done on it, which grew disproportionally. This was a typical identification of the Wahhabi cult. Now, they have changed their strategy. They are advised against growing a beard. Now they are advised against making themselves known to people. They want to keep a very low and disguising profile. They are a devil in disguise.

There was a time when they used to be strictly religious, meaning they would not touch alcohol or touch pork. However, in the name of jihad, they can do anything. The centre point in their ideology is jihad: killing of people. In order to achieve their goal of successfully carrying out a massacre, they will go to any extent, whether according to Islam it is lawful or unlawful. This is their mentality.

The first thing that every politician and policeman in the United Kingdom must do is to study the founding principles of Wahhabism, so that you are fully aware of what Wahhabism are aiming for. If you do not want to know them, you can never beat them.

If you do not know your enemy, you will never be able to beat them. Spies go into other countries to wage proxy wars, cold wars; and at the same time, they tell their governments of the weaknesses of the other countries.

You cannot carry out an assault on the enemy until you’re fully prepared, well equipped and well trained; then you must be fully aware of the movement of your enemy, their abilities and inabilities. You will only strike on your enemy on the grounds of inability. You should know the ins and outs of your enemy.

You are in an undeclared war with radical Islam, whether you accept it not, this acceptance or non-acceptance will not change anything. The entire humanity is at an undeclared war with Wahhabis.

If the United Nations and their policies are not fully aware of the potential dangers of the Wahhabi doctrine and ideology and [therefore oppose banning it or declaring it to be radical Islam]. I am sorry to say but the United Nations are not helping humanity. The United Nations are steering humanity into a blind ditch from where we will never return.

This is the time for each and every citizen of the world to learn the founding principles of the Wahhabi ideology so that individually, you can protect yourself.

At least you can protect yourself in a way that you would never want to associate with a Wahhabi individual. At least you will be able to put a stop to radicalisation in your area, in your home. If you want these radical elements to fail and want to protect yourself, your children and your family, you’ll want to protect them against radicalisation. You must be aware of the filth of the Wahhabi doctrine.

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