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What Does Islam Have To Do With Terrorism?
26th July 2016|InterviewsVideos

What Does Islam Have To Do With Terrorism?

We are in the 15th century according to the Islamic calendar. Predictions made by the Prophet Mohammad about the future is limited to events which were to take place up until the 14th century. People are trying to see the future through the eyes of the predictions of Prophet Mohammad in the 15th century. Tell me: how will they come to know of what might happen in the future when there are no predictions made by the Prophet Mohammad in regards to the 15th century? It is very interesting to see that Imam Mehdi has manifested himself in the 15th century.

It is so sad to know that hatred and bloodshed is all that we see coming from religions, especially from the followers of Islam.

It would be very unwise to say that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, because unfortunately somehow or other, terrorism has flavours of Islam. This is not because Islam promotes hatred or violence.

You may be puzzled because of this statement made by me just now that you cannot deny the fact that Islam has something to do with the ongoing terrorist wave. However at the same time, I am maintaining to say that Islam cannot be fully blamed for what it has now been modified into.

Those who still practise Islam and those who still are of the opinion that Islam does not promote violence, I would like to tell them that Islam would have remained as a religion of peace had Islam been constantly aligned with Sufi practice, spiritual knowledge.

It is the spiritual knowledge within Islam that sustains sanity and peace among Muslims and other nations.

People need to understand the fact that the spiritual faculties in human beings are not controlled by the external aspect of the religion. Whether you love or you hate, you forgive or you hold a grudge, you are happy for your friends and other people being opulent or you become jealous; whether you become generous or you become stingy, these things have nothing to do with religious practice. They’re related to the inner faculties of human beings. These inner faults are not controlled by the outer aspect of the religion.

The different souls and spirits that a human body has in it have the ability and potential to manifest divine attributes, positive attitude, compassion, love and generosity. They have the ability to feel pain that other people are going through.

This happens when, with the help of spirituality, you succeed to enlighten your souls which are dormant at the time. These souls are spiritually activated, nurtured by the divine energy and trained by the spiritual master. If these souls inside your body are not nurtured, trained and enlightened, believe you me, it will not make any difference what religion you practise. Even with vigorous practice of any religion, you will remain to be a mark of humiliation upon humanity.

It is so unfortunate that people who are considered to be the leaders of different religious nations, their study of the religion is not very honest or profound. A very superficial approach is seen being taken by most of these religious leaders. Most of these religious leaders today may be aware partially of the truth; still, they are inspired by their inside evil. They ignore the true word of God. They manipulate the divine text in whichever direction their inner devil (Nafs) leads them to.

The Quran is not an easy book. Understanding of the Quran does not come from any sort of intelligence the you have in your mind, in your brain. Rather, it is compulsory that to understand the Quran, you need the wisdom and true intelligence filtered into your heart by God himself.

If your heart has not been trained by God to understand the Quran, the Quran has a very high [possibility] of misleading you.

The Quran is a very sharp book and no human being on Earth, with his own calibre, ability and wisdom, can understand the Quran. You need God’s help. God’s help is delivered to the hearts which have been enlightened.

If your heart is not enlightened, do not anticipate that God’s help will come. God’s help will only come to an enlightened heart.

This is the problem today. People have gone over the Quran maybe more than 1000 times in their religious seminaries and homes, still the have failed to figure out what true Islam is.

We declare in the light of our probe and extensive research, that the ideology behind terrorism is the ideology of Wahhabism, Salafism.

People who are naive to the spiritual aspect of the religion of Islam are jumping to conclusions and they have begun to say that the ideology of hatred comes from the Quran. I would like to make it clear to everybody: that is not true. However, I cannot fully deny that terrorism does not have any flavour from the religion of Islam. Somehow or other, Islam has a part to play in the ongoing atrocities, but this happens when only the outer aspect of Islam is practised or researched.

If the knowledge of the Quran is not aligned with the Sufi doctrine of love, the Quran will always mislead masses.

The Quran will not guide people who are deprived of spiritual knowledge.

The source of wisdom and true religious, theological intelligence is the enlightenment of the heart. The source of true wisdom and divine intelligence comes only when the heart is completely purified. It happens when your inner devil is completely purgated and mortified. Those who practise Islam and do not make any attempt to purify their inner devil, either they make up another sectarian faction or they end up becoming Osama bin Laden.

All the Muslims who have either rejected the existence of Sufism or they do accept the importance of Sufism, however they do not have the right knowledge of Sufism, they will always fall prey to the tricks of the devil.

One thing is very clear: do not attempt to study the Quran until, or unless, your inner devil is completely purified.

If you have not purified your inner devil, you are better off without studying the Quran. This is not something that I have fabricated myself. [It is very easy for Muslims to reject] anybody that gives them the right understanding of the Quran and Islam, who wants to tell them, ‘It is not just Muslims who are a nation of a prophet sent by God, but also the Christians, Jews, Hindus; the he Sikhs are also good people. Any spiritual mentor or prophet who came to help them came from God.’ It is very unfortunate that Muslims do to accept any other religion as a true religion.

Do not judge Islam by what Muslims do or say. Islam is totally different from what Muslims practise and say today. It is very unfortunate that 99.999% of Muslims do not know true Islam.

Only the Muslim preachers who were Sufi and spiritual preachers were reliable.

Whether a Sufi was in India, Egypt, Pakistan, or any other country of the world, you would see one thing in common: they all loved humanity. They did not hate anybody and they did not condemn sinners.

They invited sinners. Sinners flocked around them and in their very company, the sinners repented truly and their hearts were enlightened. Their inner devils were purified. They found the straight path that initiates from their heart and goes directly to God.

The Quran is a very complicated book. Sometimes it appears as if the Quran is contradicting itself. This is not because Quran has a problem, it is because those who collected it did not put the verses of the Quran in the right, chronological order. You will oftentimes notice that a new chapter begins in such a style as if it is the continuation of something that is missing. The first message delivered to the Prophet Mohammad by Gabriel is found in 96:1 of the Quran, not the first chapter of the Quran [as it should be]. This is where the problem lies.

Before the Quran was revealed, the seed of the Quran was implanted in the heart of Prophet Mohammad. The seed of the Quran was the name of God. The name of God in spirituality is used to produce divine light.

Given a very special spiritual methodology, when God’s name is spiritually transmitted into the beating system of the heart of the disciple, God’s name is repeatedly mentioned inside the chamber of the heart. When God’s name strikes against itself, it generates divine light, divine energy. This is how the production of divine energy takes place in the heart. Therefore once the heart is activated, the production of divine energy will not stop again. Your heart will become a generator of divine energy. That divine energy will have all the attributes of God enclosed in it: compassion, love, forgiveness, blessings. One day, when your entire bloodstream is enriched with divine energy, your entire body has been purified and the souls within your bod have become enriched with divine energy, that is the moment when the attributes of God will manifest through you. A time will come when God will speak through your mouth. You’ll become a true embodiment of love on two legs.

The religion of Islam, if it is accompanied by spirituality and Sufism, is the religion of compassion, love, forgiveness. However what we see today is not Islam. The wrapper is Islam but inside it, there is a fire.

Whatever is inside you, that will come out. Most crows are black. Painting a crow white to make it look like a pigeon won’t actually change it into a pigeon. Even if you paint the crow white, it will not have the attributes of a pigeon. It’ll look like a pigeon but it won’t behave like a pigeon.

This is what is happening today in the guise of Islam. These are evil, barbaric, brutal, hateful creatures in the guise of Muslims today. Don’t take them as Muslims; they are Satans. They can be anything, anyone but Muslims. If you are a Muslim, you must imitate Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Nizamuddin Auliya, Prophet Mohammad. How come in the Islam of [modern Muslims], Prophet Mohammad has no value? In this contemporary, Saudi-funded and Saudi-carved Islam, Prophet Mohammad has no place.

Zakir Naik of India has been recorded saying that according to him, believing in Prophet Mohammad is prohibited in Islam. To those who follow him: wake up! You’re following a wolf, a Satan. He is not a Muslim. Just think about it: how can this be Islam in which believing in Mohammad is prohibited? People should study the Quran and find out what it says about Prophet Mohammad and what he says about himself.

The Wahhabis say, ‘If you want to love God, become a Jihadist and God will love you. If you want to love God, put on an explosive jacket or drive a truck and run over 120 people and God will love you.’ This is nonsense; this is not Islam.

Islam is this: Quran said 3:31, ‘O’ Prophet Mohammad, tell them, if they want to love God, they must imitate you.’

[In contrast to what the Quran teaches] Zakir Naik says believing in Prophet Mohammad is prohibited.  He is an enemy of Islam, Prophet Mohammad, humanity and God. He is not a human being. There is no such thing in Islam which gives you the freedom of doing whatever you want to do and not follow Quran and Prophet Mohammad. Whatever your opinion is you cannot declare it to be the Quran and Islam.

Islam is Islam in which your opinion has no value. Islam is what comes from Prophet Mohammad and God. If you pollute it with your thoughts and opinion, it is not worthy of acceptance by anyone. This is the case today: Islam is completely polluted with opinions of people like Zakir Naik.

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Syrian Refugees: A Growing Problem
25th July 2016|Articles

Syrian Refugees: A Growing Problem

Syrian Refugees: A Growing Problem

Who knows how many of the ISIS recruits may be there among those Syrian refugees?

It is not easy to recognise a radicalised individual from among those Syrians who fled their country in an effort to save themselves from the atrocities of evil ISIS.

The Germans should examine all refugees and sort out all those who share the same ideology as those of ISIS. Trust me, it will help.

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Failed Coup in Turkey Ended Atatürk Secular Revolution
23rd July 2016|LecturesVideos

Failed Coup in Turkey Ended Atatürk Secular Revolution

Recently there was news of a military coup in Turkey. After a few hours, it was learnt that the coup failed and 3000 army personnel were arrested. 2500 army personnel were killed in an ISIS-style beheading. Everything happened in a weird way which does not suggest to common intelligence that this was a genuine coup attempt.

I raised my voice in favour of the military coup because I was sniffing danger. That danger was that if Turkey did not go under the military control, Turkey would become another ISIS country.

The world leaders made a blunder by supporting democracy in Turkey. A form of democracy which gives rise to extremism, fanaticism should not be applauded by world leaders. Although dictatorship by the military is in no way good, given the circumstances and as a matter of survival, a military coup was urgently needed in Turkey.

However, the government of President Erdagon was supported by world leaders. Now, after the failed coup, he is reshuffling all officials and the departments. Turkey, now under the rule of Erdagon, is going through a very rapid process of Islamisation.

Turkey is not running; Turkey is flying towards Islamisation. Turkey is in the making of a newer, extremist, fanatic, brutal terrorist country.

The Washington Post says ‘Turkey declares a state of emergency for three months.’

The world leaders are going to regret the way they supported democracy in Turkey. They cannot see how this scene was dramatised, how it was planned and who was going to be the beneficiary. By showing people the attempted coup, Erdagon is going to do many things. He is doing many things.

According to the Washington Post, ‘Turkey declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, a move that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said would enable the state to act faster against those who plotted a failed coup.

‘In a late-night televised address, Erdogan, who has been carrying out a large-scale purge of the country’s institutions, sought to reassure the country that the measure — which would be in force for three months — will protect democratic freedoms. But the move consolidates more power in the president’s hands, allowing him to rule by decree.

‘The United States and Europe have urged Turkey to follow the rule of law and maintain democratic order in the wake of the attempted power grab that saw a renegade part of the armed forces hijack aircraft and attack key military and government buildings last week. Turkey’s countermeasures have affected more than 50,000 people — judges, civil servants, military, police and others — as the country’s leaders seek to root out opponents and perceived internal dissent.’

The West — including United Kingdom, United States of America and Canada — is now urging Turkey to stop doing it or they will cancel its NATO membership.

However, now Turkey is on the way to becoming another Syria. This is alarming.

Erdagon is talking about Islam and he lives in a palace owned by him, worth £500 million. The world leaders should have supported the military coup. If they had done this, they would have nipped the devil in the bud.

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Turkish Coup
16th July 2016|Uncategorised

Turkish Coup

Turkish Coup

It is such a pity that yet another man, President Erdogan, is dreaming of becoming an Ottoman Sultan and establishing an Islamic Caliphate!

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic Sultanate in itself, and the Saudi King is believed to be the Muslim Caliph. Taliban also considers itself to be an Islamic Sultanate.

Daesh/ISIS also promotes Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as their Caliph.

So many Islamic States, and so many Caliphs! That is exactly what is known as mischief within Islam.

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The Nice Attack
15th July 2016|Uncategorised

The Nice Attack

The Nice Attack

Messiah Foundation International gives condolences to the people of France during yet another terrorist atrocity, this time in Nice. The Nice Attack is a reminder of what happens when Wahhabism is allowed to spread unchecked. It is time to take firm action against the radical Islamists and the poisonous ideology of Wahhabism.

Younus AlGohar’s statement in the aftermath of this deplorable incident:

‘The Muslims must denounce [the Nice attacks] and march against this atrocity! Voicing against tyranny discourages the tyrants. The Muslim leaders had better stand up against Islamism and Wahhabism now. Condemn this in fuller meaning of the phrase. The world had better declare a full-fledged war on ISIS and Radical Islam.’

To prevent a similar atrocity from occurring in the United Kingdom, please sign the petition to ban Wahhabism.

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RE: How Can One Hear God?
12th July 2016|LecturesVideos

RE: How Can One Hear God?

In reply to Mohammad Shahid Ahmed from Jersey City, NJ, USA, Younus AlGohar explains how one can hear God’s voice through the spiritual sciences.

Main points:

– In order to verify everything in spirituality, you need to enlighten all your souls in the breast. Per the spiritual system, your thoughts travel to your heart and then the Obscure Soul (Akhfah), which is directly connected to the tongue. When thoughts cross the enlightened heart and the Obscure Soul, by the time you speak, the words will be enlightened and they won’t harm anyone.

– Mevlana Rumi said that God speaks through saints. He sends words to the heart. Then the heart transmits those words or thoughts to the Obscure soul, Akfah, which pushes them onto the tongue. This is how God speaks through saints.

– You cannot hear God’s word with physical ears. You cannot see God with physical eyes. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with God at all. The system in which God communicates with people is dependant on enlightenment of souls of the breast. Our voice is dense, but God’s voice is made of light. To communicate with God, you’re meant to send him the ethereal voice of your heart.

– Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi is the ultra-contemporary spiritual scientist. He explains that the spiritual heart, which sits atop the fleshy heart, is like a telephone operator between man and God. A phone runs on electricity and the spiritual heart runs on divine energy. If there is no power in your phone, you can’t use it to communicate. Similarly, if your heart is not awakened with divine energy, then you cannot connect with God. In order to be able to communicate with God successfully, you need to awaken he soul which will turn this fleshy heart into a divine telephone.

You can watch the live recordings of these videos every day at 22:00 GMT on

Can’t access this video? Watch it on Daily Motion.

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Why Don’t Common Muslims Denounce Terrorism?
11th July 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Why Don’t Common Muslims Denounce Terrorism?

Why in the West do the majority of non-terrorist Muslims not do more to stop ISIS? Many Muslims protest in the streets, but they are protesting against the ‘infidels’ and non-Muslims, but never against terrorism. Why do you think this is the case?

I and my institution, Messiah Foundation International, do not practise any religion and we do not represent Islam. Therefore, we do not know why Muslims do not do that. However, I live in the same society and I can see things; I can understand certain things. The reason why most Muslims in the UK do not come out and denounce terrorism is because most of the Muslims in the West practise the same ideology of radical Islam as ISIS and Saudi Arabia do.

They come from the same faith – but you have to be very precise in saying this: it is not Islam; it is radical Islam which has nothing to do with original Islam.

Very discreetly and secretively, the plague of Wahhabism has been promoted in the entire Western sphere of the world. In the West, we have religious freedom – every citizen is allowed to practise their faith. In Pakistan, and any other Muslim country, non-Muslims may be allowed to practise their faith; however, they are not allowed to preach it. However, in the Western sphere of the world (meaning Europe, North America, Australasia, etc.) you’re allowed to practise your faith and preach your faith. In [most] Western countries, religion is separate from the state; they’re secular governments therefore, so there is no scrutiny over any religious material. Therefore, whatever you are practising and preaching, the Western countries did not seem to be bothered.

Saudi Arabia, under the banner of serving Islam and Muslims, continued to build mosques and Islamic and culture centres. They gave financial help to these institutions. The religious leader of the community was given a lot of fringe benefits. On top of his salary from the mosque, a lump sum of many thousand dollars a month was placed in his pocket [by Saudi Arabia]. Then came, under the banner of preaching the religion of Islam, a discreet, monstrous and cancerous ideology of hatred and bloodshed: Wahhabism.

I haven’t heard of the existence of any Sufi mosque in England. I don’t believe there is any Sufi mosque in the USA either. This is likely the case for Europe as well. There are no Sufi mosques because Sufis do not build mosques. These are the things which Western countries should scrutinise and monitor.

[Governments] talk about money-laundering and where funds are coming from. Do you know that every Friday, there is a donation box passed to every single worshipper in the mosque and he has to contribute? It is done under the label of extending the mosque. People are told, ‘We have more worshippers. Now the mosque is not big enough to accommodate every single worshipper.’ In some mosques in the UK alone, the donation received from the Friday prayer exceeds £50 000.

In England, we have charity organisations. When you are a registered charity organisation, you have to keep account of every single penny that goes in and out. Any expenditure and any money donated to the charity have to be shown in documents which you submit at the end of the year. If there is a deficit, you need to tell the government, ‘This is what was purchased.’

In a month, the profit from donations exceeds £200 000-300 000 in every mosque. Where is that money going? With that much money, if a mosque were really being extended, it would have turned into the Empire State Building by now. This money is going towards buying weapons!

In Pakistan, the culture is different. [People don’t expect receipts in return for the money they donate to mosques]. When we came to [the West], we brought with us our culture – vices and everything. A box is taken to every single individual in the mosque. There is no record; people simply throw in cash. There are occasions when the priests in the mosque are eager to get extra money. They incite the women by telling them, ‘This is God’s house. You live in a wonderful house. You have everything nice in your home. Don’t you want God’s house to be at least at the same level as your house? If you don’t have money, don’t worry. Give us your gold and silver.’

So the reasons for mosques to ask for donations can be made up. In every mosque that I went to in my time 20 years ago, they would ask you for donations every Friday. The mosque would be completely fine. It wouldn’t need any refurbishment or extensions; however, they would ask for donations non-stop. The Muslims have some kind of discreet blindfold on their eyes, ears, hearts and brains They cannot tell whether the mosque actually needs an extension; even then, they keep giving away money. They don’t ask the cleric to show them where their money is going.

We have charity organisations like Helping Hands, Muslim Hands, etc. Who knows whether the people running charity organisations are sending the money to buy food, blankets and clothing for the needy people or they are buying weapons and giving it to the terrorists? Nobody knows!

I demand from the UK government to scrutinise the donations collected every Friday in the mosques. If you get a hold of the money which is collected every Friday, the pound will bounce back.

How is it that people who do not have food to eat are holding American and Russian weapons?

There is a place near Peshawar in Pakistan. I heard it from my father: that place is known as Barah. Barah is a black market. Expensive cars are very cheap because there is no registration or tax on them. Any weapon – hand grenades, machine guns, G7s, Kalashnikovs, Assault Rifles – you name it and you have it there. How come ammunition for the use of the national army only, is available in the black market of Pakistan? This is the question.

Some people in the UK who call themselves Sufis or peaceful, moderate and liberal Muslims may come forward and say, ‘We denounce terrorism and Radical Islam.’ Ironically, it is so unfortunate to see that a majority of Muslims who live in the UK practise the Wahhabi ideology of Islam. Even if they do not carry out any physical atrocity, they are discreet sympathisers of ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban because they practise the same ideology of hatred and death: Wahhabism.

Here we are. We are a group of multicultural, multi-religious, divine Sufis. We respect all faiths and religions. We love all. We do not specifically practise any religion because we understand the gist of all religions is God’s love.

We respect all religions, but we preach divine love. Whether or not you’re a Muslim or Christian, you still believe in God, don’t you? We’re talking about God. When we talk about prophets and messengers, then comes religion. All the messengers came and left; they were mortal. They came and did what they were supposed to do; they attracted a small minority of people towards God’s message. They struggled all their life.

Adam lived for at least 1000 years and Noah lived for 960 years. They left. Then came Abraham; he too left. Then came Moses; he did what he was supposed to do and left. Then came Jesus. His ministry couldn’t last more than 32 months in total; he had to rush back to God. Then came Prophet Mohammad. Nobody was able to receive what he had to offer. The people he was anointed among were a different species: a breed without brains or human values.

Do you see any charm in Islam, Christianity or Judaism now? Everything is gone. They’re all mortal. God is immortal; therefore, we practise, preach and advocate divine love.

We understand: any violence due to any reason is abhorred and deplorable. We denounce it from the core of our hearts. We do not do this in order to please others but to say the truth and exhibit our heartfelt pain. Our hearts cry when innocent people are killed, whether these innocent lives are lost in the USA or any European country; whether they’re lost in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Israel or India.

We are trying our best as human beings, unassisted. We don’t have assistance offered to us by any governmental or non-government agency or any type of media. We do not see any help from any side. This is not a complaint. This is a sorrow that when leaders of the world – who show as if they care about human values and life – are offered a spiritual and intelligent remedy so that the problems of the world can be solved, they turn a deaf ear on it. Their attitude is so diabolical.

It becomes so vividly evident that these people are just counting on phraseology. They don’t mean what they say in their lengthy speeches. They’re not into saving lives of humanity. They’re in the business of point scoring and photo sessions. Sometimes I am really shocked: within seconds after any untoward incidents take place, there are messages of condolences from all sides of these organisations and leaders. Every time I want to say something, I realise that I am three hours late. They tweet within seconds after the incident happened. This is what they are for; they believe in verbal diarrhoea. [We don’t].

We’re not bothered if the media pays attention because we believe, truly, in the fact that what we are saying to the world today, the time is not far when every single soul on Earth will observe and experience it with the eyes of utter certainty. This is what the world is going towards.

This is a very dark hour; but before dawn, there is always a dark hour. You are going to travel from this dark hour to a darker one. Then from that darker hour to the darkest. Once you are in the darkest of hours, there will be a glad tiding that dawn is about to break. It is will get really nasty before it gets really good.

[Sadly right now], everything is scripted. Nothing is, unfortunately, coming from the heart. If you really genuinely asking me a question why these people do not denounce terrorism, do you denounce terrorism in the fuller meaning of the phrase?

What is about the youth who join ISIS? What is the reason behind that?

[It happens] when people want to do bad and they can’t do it, and then suddenly somebody comes and tells them, ‘Do everything you want to do and you’re still good.’ That is why they are joining ISIS. ISIS is not for Islam; it is for lust, power and women.

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MFI Awards Abdul Satter Edhi Sainthood
10th July 2016|LecturesVideos

MFI Awards Abdul Satter Edhi Sainthood

Messiah Foundation International is deeply saddened to hear of the loss of humanitarian and philanthropist, Abdul Sattar Edhi. He devoted his life to the servitude of humanity. We pray that his soul rests in peace. In his honour, we ask the Pakistani government to declare July 8th as Edhi Day.

Younus AlGohar, the CEO of Messiah Foundation International and the representative of the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, issued this statement on behalf of MFI:

‘Messiah Foundation awards sainthood to His Highness Abdul Sattar Edhi. Hail St. Edhi!’

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Heart, Intentions & How To Bring God’s Name Into The Heart
7th July 2016|ArticlesLecturesVideos

Heart, Intentions & How To Bring God’s Name Into The Heart

There is a question from someone who lives in Egypt. There are many questions within this one question. The first part of the question demands for the description and the difference between the heart and the intentions.

Intention is something that you plan for, then you want to execute it. However, intention does not necessarily have to be from the heart; sometimes the intentions come from your mind. Sometimes intentions are created from the cloud of desires.

God is concerned about the intentions of your heart. Intentions of the heart are important in the eyes of God; if the heart is impure, the intentions therein must be impure. When the heart is purified the intentions therein also become purified.

When you have the presence of God in your heart, then all the intentions of the heart will be about God and his love. This intention of the heart after purification becomes so strong that no other desire can supersede the intentions of the heart.

The heart itself, in nature, is not impure. However, one soul out of the seven souls in your body belongs to Satan: the Nafs. The Nafs dwells at your navel point and its diet is negative energy (Naar). When the souls are placed inside your body at the time of your birth, 180 000 layers of negative energy are placed around you heart like a web. These layers of negative energy make the heart impure.

In order to become a true believer (Momin), the Declaration of Faith (Kalima) must enter your heart. Given the normal practice, when somebody is not born in a Muslim family and he studies Islam and later on wants to be a Muslim, he verbally recites the Declaration of Faith three times and thus becomes a Muslims.

However according to the Quran, the Declaration of Faith must enter the heart before you become a true believer.

The Quran said, ‘The Arabs said that they were true believers. Say, “You are not true believers; you should rather say that you have accepted Islam and have become Muslim. Faith has not yet entered your heart. How could you call yourself a true believer?”’ (49:14)

So in order to become a true believer, the Declaration of Faith, divine energy (Noor), faith must enter the heart. There are 180 000 layers around your heart and you do not know how to take the Declaration of Faith inside the heart. you do not know that, nobody does.

Perhaps this is why the Quran said that if God intends to leave somebody astray, God does not provide them with a spiritual guide (18:17).

If you do not have a spiritual guide, how will you be misled? You will continue to recite the Declaration of Faith with the tip of your tongue and you will have no clue how to take this Declaration of Faith inside your heart. You will be engaged in different forms of physical and verbal worship and you will think that you have become a very religious person.You will think that now you have God’s love inside the heart. Since you go to mosque five times a day, you recite the Quran, you worship God at the appointed time allocated by God and that you practise every custom and ritual of your religion, you will assume that now you have become a true believer. However you are not a true believer according to the Quran until and unless the Declaration of Faith enters your heart. You do not know the art of taking the Declaration of Faith inside the heart.

If God wanted to guide you, then he would provide you with a spiritual guide.

That spiritual guide would tell you that, with the authority and power that God has invested in him, he would remove all those layers in which your heart has been entrapped. With the authority and permission of God, he would implant the seed of God’s name inside your heart.

This is not a new thing. This is exactly what happened to Prophet Mohammad. One day when Prophet Muhammad was in the Cave of Hira, he was visited by Gabriel and Gabriel said ‘Admit.’ The Prophet replied I will not.’ This happened three times; then Gabriel did not say anything for the fourth time, rather he hugged the Prophet tightly. This is how the name of God – that God had entrusted Gabriel with for a short period of time – was transferred from his chest into the heart of Prophet Mohammad.

As soon as the name of God entered the heart of Prophet Mohammad, he said, ‘Now when the name of God has been received, I admit.’ (96:1)

This is what happened in the Cave of Hira when Prophet Muhammad was visited by Gabriel. Gabriel brought with him, inside his heart, God’s name. He transferred God’s name into the heart of Prophet Mohammad.

Obviously, Gabriel will not visit every single Muslim. This was the appointment and anointment made by God. As a result, now Prophet Mohammad was responsible for transferring that name from his heart to all the deserving souls of his nation. Whosoever obtained the name of God from Prophet Mohammad became a true believer.

Salat (a form of prayer) was made obligatory one those who became true believers. This is why Prophet Mohammad said, ‘Without the presence of the heart, there is no concept of Salat.’

This is very ironic and very unfortunate that the Muslim nation has totally become oblivious to the truth, although it is clearly mentioned in the Quran. If those who understand Arab translate this, they will understand what I am saying is 100% true. However [the Muslims] have their own agenda. This knowledge of the Quran does not fit well in their agenda – which of course was carved by their inside evil – but his is how you become a true believer.

When your heart is not purified, not articulated with the commemoration of God, not introduced to divine energy, then you are not on the right path.

There is another verse from the Quran that I would like to present here for your help.

According to the Quran, if you want to enter into the religion of Islam then Opening of the Heart (Sherh-e-Sadr) is your first step. Quran (39:22) says, ‘In order to enter into Islam, whosoever has acquired Opening of the Heart, only that person will obtain divine energy from God.’

Those who assume themselves to be Muslims – even without acquiring Opening of the Heart – they deny Prophet Mohammad having divine energy of God, forget about themselves.

If they followed the Quran in its true spirit, first of all to enter into Islam, they would acquire Opening of the Heart. Once their hearts were open, God would have allowed his name to pulsate in the throbbing system of their heart. As a result of this repetitive mention of God’s name, the commemoration of God’s name inside the heart, divine energy would start to be generated.

However, people in Egypt follow Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is part of the Wahhabi sect. They have rejected spirituality, they have rejected the core of the Quran. They have rejected the fact that Quran has seven Batoon.

Prophet Mohammad advised humanity by saying, ‘O’ progeny of Adam there is a lump of flesh in your body; if it is reformed, your entire body will be reformed. If that lump of flesh in your body is corrupted, your entire body will be corrupted. Remember well: this is your heart.’

Today’s Muslim does not follow the Quran. If they do claim to follow the Quran, why don’t they look for Opening of the Heart?

They have assumed themselves to be true Muslims, but this is a grave misunderstanding. Before they discuss the necessity of Jihad today, they better become Muslims first. Take advice from the Quran in order to acquire the true spirit of Islam. You have to obtain Opening of the Heart, only then your Lord will give you divine energy.

Some people kiss Prophet Mohammad’s name and you call them Mushrik. They sing a song for Prophet Mohammad and you call them Bidati, you call them them the misguided ones, the misled ones. However that is not how God understands misguidance to be. In the eyes of God misguidance is something else.

Let’s ask the Quran what misguidance is. ‘Doomed, destroyed and tormented are those whose hearts have become so hard that Invocation of God’s Name (Dhikr Allah) does enter them.’ (39:22)

When you do not have Opening of the Heart, rather your heart has become so hard that Invocation of God’s Name does not enter it, in the eyes of God this is a kind of misguidance which has no doubt. It so vivid, so evident; you should look for no other reason to declare one as an infidel.

It is not just that you are a true infidel, but God has gone further to explain who you are. God said, ‘Those who do not have invocation in their hearts are equal to animals.’ Even if you do look like a man but your heart is void of invocation, in the eyes of God, you are like an animal that eats, sleeps and excretes; you are never in contact with God.

This is the explanation and answer to the question ask by the gentleman from Egypt.

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The Medina Bombing – #AskYounusAlGohar
7th July 2016|Articles

The Medina Bombing – #AskYounusAlGohar

The Medina Bombing – #AskYounusAlGohar

The following is Younus AlGohar’s response to a question posed by a viewer about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the bombing attack in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

These bomb explosions in Saudi Arabia are very deceptive. In Medina, there was a bomb explosion near the mosque of Prophet Mohammad, however no human life was lost. It appears to me as if that was a controlled bomb explosion. This is not possible that Wahhabis could strike against Wahhabis.

It was just a fake message, a fabricated terrorist incident in which a message has to go across the western world that Saudi Arabia is also suffering at the hands of terrorists, so do not say that Saudi Arabia is a terrorist country.

Of course there have been many terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia, but you must note: only Muslims of other sects, namely Shia, were killed. Shia mosques have been targeted, not Wahhabi mosques.

The point is you cannot blame non-Muslims for this explosion. Mecca and Medina are two most sacred cities in the Muslim world in which no non-Muslims are admitted. Those who carried out these explosions did not have any respect for Prophet Mohammad and his mosque.

Even the religious scholars within Saudi Arabia do not revere the Prophet Mohammad. Time and time again, these extremist, fanatic Wahhabi religious scholars in Saudi Arabia maintain to publicly say that this mosque of Prophet Mohammad is not part of their reverence to Islam. They don’t value or respect it.

They say that showing any reverence to either the Prophet or the mosque of the Prophet is not any act of Islam, rather it is something which is totally un-Islam, unholy – and doing so would only ignite God’s wrath and anger.

The featured image is sourced from Wikimedia commons.

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